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Newell Roofing Products

About Us

Newell Roofing Products have been in the business

of supplying roofing and cladding materials to the
Irish market for nearly 30 years. In this time Newells
have developed numerous products and systems
for all areas of the construction sector including
agriculture, commercial, industrial and domestic.
Continuing investment in the latest plant and
equipment has ensured that Newells are able to

offer what the customer needs, when the customer

needs it. Over a 30 year period Newells have
developed strong relationships with key suppliers
of top quality materials that meet and exceed the
requirements of the sector. Newells have made a
decision to have three core values, Quality, Value,

Our Suppliers

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Newell Roofing Products

About Us


Roofing and Cladding

Superspan Purlins

8 - 10

HR2000 and Accessories

12 - 13

Kaliko Flat Roof Membrane

14 - 15

Struga Metal Gutter System

16 - 17

Standing Seam Roofing

18 - 19

Lightweight Roofing System




Fixings and Accessories


Graph Paper


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Roofing & Cladding

32/1000 Profile
Newell 32/1000 offers a solid roofing and cladding
sheet with 252mm (10) centres from centre of
crown to centre of crown. Newell 32/1000 offers
affective one metre cover when lapped and can be
produced in any length required by the customer

(we recommend a maximum of 9.5m but have

formed up to 15m. It should be noted that sheets
over 9.5m require special delivery by articulated
truck and may incur additional delivery charges).
*26/900 also available.

32/1000 Profile



Useful Information:
Newell 32/1000 can be rollformed as a roof or
cladding profile. This is sometimes referred to as
forward and reverse profiling. Reverse profiled
sheets can only be applied in vertical

applications due to its lapping detail while

forward profiled sheets can be installed on roof
or wall applications.
Material thicknesses from 0.4mm to 0.9mm can
be produced. Newell 26/900 is an ideal sheet for
metal decking applications in roof build ups.

32/1000 Reverse Profile



Crimped/Curved Sheeting
Newell Roofing Products can produce curved/
crimped sheet in 32/1000 or corrugated to customer

Uses: Ridges, Eaves and Curved Roofs.

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Roofing & Cladding

Corrugated Sheeting
The traditional semi-circular profile that has stood
the test of time still offers an attractive and authentic
look and feel. Rollformed in plain galvanise and
offering a low cost option for particular markets to
rollforming in the latest metallic finishes this profile
is truly universal. Corrugated profile is Rollformed

in various cover widths from 610mm (2), 750mm

(26) and 996mm (33) and in all available material
types. Newell Corrugated profile can be curved
to any specified radius with a minimum radius
being 610mm. Curving can only be carried out on
materials 0.6mm or heavier.


10 - 3

13.5 - 3

Useful Information:
Newell Roofing Products offer a unique service
with the ability to produce bespoke profiles for
our customers. In addition obsolete profiles
on old buildings can be reproduced where
the profile on the building is no longer being
manufactured or supplied. This is especially
true where rooflight replacement is required
on old factory roofs or where panels have been
damaged. Any profile can be reproduced in a
variety of materials and in a rage of thicknesses
from 0.4mm to 2mm.
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Roofing & Cladding

Vented Sheeting

Our vented sheet, the Supervent 350, has received

the highest possible rating for any vented sheet on
the market having undergone vigorous windtunnel
testing under the supervision of the department

of agriculture. All these factors add up to make

Supervent 350 the best possible choice of product
for new agricultural buildings or refurbishment of
existing ones.


External metal sheet

Polystyrene insulation
Metal sheet base

Thermacon is a site assembled insulated sheet

made by assembling a metal sheet base, a
polystyrene insulation sheet and finishing with a
metal sheet exterior. The metal sheets used are box
profile sheets are manufactured by Newell Roofing

Benefits of Using a Built-Up Metal Roof:

Thermacon offers a viable solution and alternative
when insulated panels are required, particulary
where there are minimum order quantities.
Thermacon is readily available from Newell
Roofing Products and there is no minimum order

e: w. t. 091 790 475 f. 091 790 477

Roofing & Cladding

Available Colours


Goosewing Grey

Merlin Grey


Slate Blue

Vandyke Brown

Juniper Green

Olive Green

Moorland Green

Ocean Blue

GRP Rooflights, Polycarbonate & Flat Sheets

These rooflights offer a simple and cost-effective
solution for providing daylight in a building and are
most commonly used in simple, low cost structures
where there is little or no roof access required after
installation. All GRP Rooflight sheets are supplied
as standard with the Superlife enhanced UV
protective finish.
Useful Information:
Newell Roofing Products provide a bespoke
profiling service for rooflights.

Newell Roofing profiled polycarbonate sheet is

engineered for use in rooflight and side-light
applications. Combining strength and impact
resistance with high optical clarity and light

transmission, this lightweight rooflight material

is ideal for industrial, agricultural, horticultural,
leisure and DIY applications which require its high
performance characteristics.

Galv Flat Sheets

Newell Roofing Products manufacture and supply
flat sheets in Polyester, Plastisol, Galv and Kaliko in
the following sizes:
.7mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm**
3m x 1.250 (10 x 4)
2.44m x 1.250 (8 x 4)
Also special sizes to order
*GRP Roof Sheets for Corrosive
**Only available sizes in Galv

e: w. t. 091 790 475 f. 091 790 477

Newell Roofing offer a standard range of flashings
to wholesalers or resellers of materials. Standard
Flashings are available in 3m lengths and in 3
standard colours. We also offer a range of cleader
rails, top-hat and mini z profiles in lengths up to 8m

as standard and to a maximum of 2mm thickness.

Newell Roofing can offer a rapid turnaround on
most orders. With over 50 colours in stock at all
times and the ability to have flashings powder
coated we can offer the complete service.

Cleader Rails






Mini Z Profiles





Parapet Capping


Standard Ridge Capping

To Order

To Order










Standard Barge







Top Hat Sections



















e: w. t. 091 790 475 f. 091 790 477



Newell Roofing offer an unrivalled just in time service

for flashings to roofing contractors and installers
on their exact requirements on any given day. With
our investment in the most modern equipment we
can offer a rapid turnaround on most orders. You

simply fax/email in your requirements to our sales

team who will quote you and all being agreed we
can commence production to have your flashings
available as soon as possible.

Useful Information:

Quick turnaround times on flashings

Nationwide delivery
Huge choice of colours and materials
No job too big or too small

*We have capacity to manufacture flashings from 0.4mm

to 4mm in thickness and lengths up to 8m long. Newell
Roofing can offer a rapid turnaround on most flashing
*Maximum thickness 3mm steel up to 3m and maximum
2mm up to 8m.

With in-house welding capabilities to compliment
our flashings department Newell Roofing can offer
the building designer unlimited possibilities for
flashings and aluminium flashings or architectural
features. Bullnose flashings and bespoke gutter

detailing along with facia and soffit options position

us to offer the complete service. With capacity to
fold and fabricate material up to 4mm in thickness
we are sure we will be able to cater for your needs.

e: w. t. 091 790 475 f. 091 790 477

Insulated Gutter
Having invested in the latest Jorns 8m folder Newell
Roofing can deliver flashing and insulated gutters
up to 8m long with ease. With the new machinery
turning or handling of the material has been
eliminated once the cylcle has begun. This means
a much quicker production cycle time which in turn
means quicker delivery.

Gutters are all manufactured to exact customer

requirements and details and can be fully assembled
with insulation included. We also offer fully lined
gutters with a PVC lining allowing all joints to be
hot air welded. This reduces the need and reliance
on sealants and provides peace of mind to the
contractor and owner alike.

Useful Information:
Insulated gutters are used to avoid the dew point
of the warm internal air being reached when it
meets the gutter and forming condensation. If
the gutter is not insulated this will cause drips of
water causing poor thermal performance of the
building and reduction of gutter life. Why use
insulated gutters?:
Increase the thermal performance of the
Increase the life of the gutter
Can be made up to 8m in length
A continuously sealed gutter

PVC Laminate

Liner Sheet

Louvre Panels

Louvre panels control light

Provide screening
Provide ventilation

Provide rain defence

Aesthetically pleasing
Manufactured to customer requirements

e: w. t. 091 790 475 f. 091 790 477

Superspan Purlins
SuperSpan Purlins are ideal for use on all types of
modern roof cladding systems including standing
seam, metal composite panels and insulated
membrane panels.




*Ask a member of our sales team about our

new material for aggressive, high humidity




Cleats, Eaves Beams & Diagonal Bracing

manufacture and supply cleats
in sizes 145 - 300 to suit the
SuperSpan Purlin Range.

Newell Roofings Eaves Beams are

fully compatible with our Superspan
Purlins and suit various roof pitches.
Newell Eaves Beams sections are
designed to combine the function
of the purlin, cladding rail and gutter
support at eaves position.

Diagonal bracing provides stability to the Purlins on

higher pitched roofs and wall applications.

Sleeves provide additional strength at the Purlin
joints, especially on longer Purlins in a single span
layout. They should also be used in higher load
bearing situations.

e: w. t. 091 790 475 f. 091 790 477


HR2000 & Accessories

HR2000 Ridge Capping
Newell Roofing Products Ltd have found the
combination that provides the high degree of
corrosion and abrasion resistance with all the
properties needed to withstand the harshest of
climates. HR2000 Ridge Capping was developed
by Newell Roofing Products Ltd as a labour saving,
cost-effective, alternative to conventional ridges
on slate roof buildings. HR2000 Ridge Capping
comes in a range of colours and pitches that are
both functional and aesthetically correct.
Fixing HR2000 Ridge Capping is quick and easy
using the 2 following methods:

100mm nail at 475mm centre

fixed directly through crown into
the ridge board. (Manufacturer
Recommended Method)
Using a 38mm Self Tapping Tech
Screw and Cap fix at 500mm
centres along both sides of
the ridge and 50mm from the
bottom edge.

Benefits of HR2000:

Quick and Easy to install
Minimal risk of damage
3 metre length eliminates wind uplift
Neat lapping detail
Choice of 4 colours, blue /black, black, brown
and terracotta
Available in all required pitches
IAB Approved Cert #02/0159
Can be installed in all weather conditions

TE2000 Tile Edge

Installation of TE2000 is incredibly quick, simple
and hassle free. No mortar or timber guides are
required, just nail TE2000 to your baten and it
becomes a permanent maintenance free part of

your roof. TE2000 protects your edge of roof tiles

from the elements and eliminates the possibility of
lifting and damage to the roof underlay.

Benefits of TE2000:

3 Metre Lengths
Integrates perfectly into the roof installation
Made from highest quality substrate
Available in a range of colours to suit all
Eliminates the need for mortar
Durable, tough and designed to last
Incredibly light and easy to transport

e: w. t. 091 790 475 f. 091 790 477

HR2000 & Accessories

SE2000 , TPG2000 & Soakers
SE2000 patented slate edging from Newell
Roofing Products Ltd. is a simple yet ingenious
solution to any slate edging job. The unique 5mm
offset drainage channel, on our large Slate Edge
helps to eliminate the risk of leakage and damage

to your roof. SE2000 works with all conventional

roof designs and is manufactured from the same
specially developed substrate as our HR2000
Ridge Capping System.

Benefits of SE2000:
Neat, dry verge every time
Fits perfectly into any slate roof installation
Patented 5mm drop on large edge version
helps avoid seepage and damage to the roof
Prevents wind uplift at roof edge
Eliminates need for pointing
Available in large and small slate edge
This simple yet effective system allows consistently
accurate pointing of gables while simultaneously
removing the need for nailing guide laths that have
to be removed when finished. TPG2000 removes

Small Slate Edge

Large Slate Edge

the risk of damage to the underlay from mortar and

additional water damage by creating a uniform and
permanent pointing guide that is designed to last
the lifetime of the roof.
Benefits of TPG2000:

Spanish Tile Roof

Flat Tile Roof

Incredibly simple solution for the pointing

of gables on tiled roof buildings
Completely eliminates the need for the
fixing of timber guides
Available in 3 metre lengths
Matches standard tile colours, TPG2000
comes in blue/black, slate, brown and
Easy to handle, store and transport

Soakers eliminate the risk of leakage and

damage to your roof.
They are neat, dry and ready to use.
Soakers create superior corrosion and abrasion
resistance combined with exceptional colour

e: w. t. 091 790 475 f. 091 790 477


Kaliko Flat Roof Membrane

Kaliko Multiplan membranes offer a flexible and
lightweight waterproofing solution with a proven
track record. Mulitplan is a flexible PVC single ply
membrane offering excellent characteristics of
strength, elongation and weathering, making it
ideal for new build or refurbishment projects.

All Multiplan membranes are reinforced and are

available with or without a fleece backing providing
scope for all methods of application, such as
mechanically fastened, adhered or loose laid and

Useful Information:
Multiplan membranes have been successfully
installed on a range of commercial and domestic
projects including some of the following building
Schools/Universities Offices
Private Residences Retail Developments
Factories and Warehouses

Multiplan FG, Multiplan V & Accessories

Thickness: 1.2mm / 1.5mm/ 1.8mm / 2.0mm

Width: 1.10m / 1.65m / 2.12m
Roll Lengths: 15 m (for 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm
Multiplan V is a homogeneous roofing membrane
with a non-woven fabric-backed of syntheticon
the bottom of the sheet. The factory laminated
polyester backing allows the membrane to be fully
or partly adhered to the underlying substrate using
a compatible cold applied adhesive and can be the
ideal solution on curved, steep or undulating roof
designs that prove challenging for other systems.

Prefabricated Corners

Multiplan FG is a polyester reinforced membrane

designed specifically for use within mechanically
fixed application. The polyester fabric gives the
membrane inherent tensile strength which is
required to facilitate the use of steel fasteners to
restrain the system against wind uplift. Mechanically
fixed systems can be cost effective solutions and
are ideal where lightweight constructions are

Thickness: 1.5mm + fleece

Width: 1.10m / 1.62m

Standing Seam Profile

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Kaliko Flat Roof Membrane

Methods of Application
Mechanically Fastened System
This method of application involves the use of
fasteners fixed at pre-determined centres and is
a fast and cost effective method of installing the
single ply membrane which is less dependent upon
amicable weather conditions.

Multiplan FG membrane
Washers & fasteners
Thermal insulation
Vapour control layer
Structural deck

Multiplan V membrane
Fleeceback adhesive
Thermal insulation
Insulation adhesive
Vapour control layer
Structural deck

Partly or Fully Adhered System

Adhered systems are more commonly used above
concrete substrates where the process of installing
mechanical fixings is invasive and labour intensive.
Adhered membranes can also provide a superior
surface finish.

Inverted Ballasted Roof System

Inverted roof systems offer an excellent solution for
situations where access or recreation are a priority.
Ballasted systems also provide maximum resistance
against membrane damage, UV degradation,
thermal shock, fine or noise.

Paving on supports/round washed ballast

Water reducing/filter layer
Thermal Insulation
Protection Fleece
Structural Deck

Paving on supports/round washed ballast

Protection fleece
Thermal insulation
Vapour Control Layer
Structural Deck

Warm Ballasted Roof System

The membrane is loose-laid and welded together
at the overlaps prior to the application of the ballast
which holds the membrane in place. This method
offers maximum restraint to wind uplift and fast
application times, while providing protection from
mechanical and solar/UV damage.

Green Roof System

The use of a Green Roof system adds another
dimension to a Multiplan roof system. In ballasted
or inverted build ups the green roof will act as the
ballast to secure the system. Additional ballast may
be required around perimeters depending on wind

Green roof system

Protection fleece
Thermal insulation
Vapour control layer
Structural Deck

e: w. t. 091 790 475 f. 091 790 477


Struga Metal Gutter System

About Struga
The Struga range of rainwater goods is manufactured
from SSAB Prelaq RWS material. SSAB Prelaq
RWS material provides an outstanding level of
performance. Intelligent design of the downpipes

give a watertight yet seamless look to the system.

The male to female interlocking joints on downpipes
are cleverly contained as a part of the downpipe
giving a clean and seamless finish to junction.

Benefits of Struga:

Good resistance to corrosion

Good mechanical properties
Easy to install
Long useful life
Limited maintenance requirements

Paint Coating & Colours Available

35 um lacquer coat
coat primer layer
passivation layer

RAL 9005

Dark Silver
RAL 9007

RAL 7011

RAL 9010

Dark Bronze
RAL 8003

RAL 8017

RAL 3009

*Brick Red
RAL 8004

RAL 6020

*Non-standard colours but are available to order


** Colour displayed may vary to actual

e: w. t. 091 790 475 f. 091 790 477

Struga Metal Gutter System

Struga Elements
Gutter (2 or 4LM)


Gutter stiffener

Drop outlet

Fascia bracket

Elbow 700
Rafter hook
Downpipe 1m


Gutter bracket

Elbow 700

Downpipe Toe
Downspout (3 or 4LM)

External Corner

Internal Corner
Bolted downspout bracket
e: w. t. 091 790 475 f. 091 790 477


Standing Seam Roofing

Prelaq Nova PLX

Prelaq Nova PLX is a high quality roofing and

cladding material produced by SSAB Swedish Steel
and distributed across the UK and Ireland by Newell
Roofing Products Limited. The material is used for
Standing Seam roof or wall cladding (also called
Long Strip Roofing) and to produce interlocking
cassette panels. Prelaq Nova PLX has been used

extensively across Europe and in its home country of

Sweden where it has been developed to withstand
the Nordic climate where the summers are warm
and the winters are cold. Such low temperatures
and harsh environment do not compromise the

The Material

1. Plastic film
2. Top coat
3. Primer
4. Pretreatment
5. Z350 zinc coat
6. Mild steel sheet

Prelaq Nova PLX has a coating thickness of

50um which is optimized for:
Weathering resistance
Consumption of resources
Better resistance when exposed to people
walking on the roof
Excellent gloss retention
Good resistance against corrosion
Wear resistance
Colour fastness


Prelaq Nova PLX can easily be formed into a variety

of facade panels including vertical standing seam
panels, shingle (square or diamond) and rainscreen
panels (sometimes referred to as cassette or
reveal panels). Using Prelaq Nova PLX gives you
the freedom to vary the cassette panels width,

height, length and size of shadow gap (the joint

between each panel). This, combined with a choice
of diagonal, horizontal or vertical installation and a
wide colour palette offers architects and designers
endless possibilities to achieve any desired look.

e: w. t. 091 790 475 f. 091 790 477

Standing Seam Roofing

Benefits to the Architect

Colour Choice
Prelaq Nova comes in a choice of colour including
matches to Zinc, patinated Copper (Verdigris) and
Bronze. See colour chart under Related Articles on
the right of this page.

Technical Support
Detailing, installation guides and advice are
available from this website. Further project specific
advice and site or design meeting attendance is a
phone call away

BBA Certification
See BBA Cert under Related Articles on the right
of this page.

Maintaining Industry Standards

Newell Roofing is an associate member of the FTMRC
and only works with carefully approved installers
virtually all are part of the FTMRC or demonstrate
consistently high standards of installation.

Tried and Tested

Architects in Sweden, France, Germany and
across Europe have been specifying and using
Prelaq Nova PLX for generations. For example, a
significant proportion of roofs in Stockholm city
and Stockholm old town benefit from standing
seam material produced by SSAB Swedish Steel.
With newly developed coatings and metal
grades, the life expectancy of Prelaq in its normal
environment is expected to far outperform its
maximum guarantee period of 30 years.

Prelaq can be manufactured into shingle panels,
cassette panels, and flatlock tiles. This, combined
with the various colour options give the architect a
wide spectrum of opportunity.Prelaq Nova PLX has
a high level of flexibility which allows the material to
be easily combined with other buidling materials
Prelaq offers exceptional value for money,
particularly when compared to Copper, Lead or

Available Colours

Antique Copper

Brick Red

Dark Bronze

Dark Silver

Light Grey



e: w. t. 091 790 475 f. 091 790 477


Lightweight Roofing System


The Ultratile panel consists of an Aluzinc and

galvanised steel panel, profiled and granule coated
to give the appearance of conventional clay on
concrete roof tiles, each tile panel is one tile deep

and eight tiles wide, making it quick and easy to

install. The Ultratile can be installed over an
existing roof, quickly and efficiently, vastly reducing
the time and costs.

Benefits of Ultratile:

Designed to give a traditional tile appearance

Minimum pitch 10
Good vandal resistance (0.9mm steel base)
Easy to handle
Offers reduced sub-structure
Quick installation
Less labour intensive
Cost effective
Virtually maintenance free
Extensive range of accessories and flashings
Fully dry-fixed
Guaranteed for 40-years against weather
Full technical support available
Ultratile is Suitable for:


Converting flat roofs to pitched

Non traditional/traditional housing
Prefabricated buildings
Lean to
Holiday centre accommodation

Acrylic Top Coat

Galvanised Steel Panel

Stone Granules

Epoxy Primer

Acrylic Base Coat

Polyester Coating

Epoxy Primer

Community centres
Re-roofing of schools/prisons
Garage roofs
Over-roofing of asbestos/ felt/ industrial
Barn conversions
House extensions

e: w. t. 091 790 475 f. 091 790 477

AlphaFlex is a high quality lead replacement
roofing tape made from EPDM rubber, reinforced
with aluminium mesh in order to provide easier
adjusting and forming on roofs. It is ideal for
valleys and can be installed in full valley lengths
with no joints required. Available in fleece back, self
adhesive or plain.
Characteristics of AlphaFlex:

Very durable,
Thickness of 2.5 mm
Form easily

*Adhesive available to bond in situ

e: w. t. 091 790 475 f. 091 790 477


Fixings & Accessories

Screws & Fixings
A wide range of screws and fixings are available for
fixing to timber of steel.
Sizes available:


CT1 will successfully bond:
Metals (including lead)
Most stones (without staining)
Most synthetic materials
Plastic (Excluding Polypropylene)
The list is endless!
Unique adhesion on virtually any material in most applications without the need for additional fixings.
CT1 is the ultimate solution for sealing.


Excellent resistance to chemicals

Prevents fungal growth
UV resistant
Excellent resistance to vibration
Food safe - conforms to ISEGA Standards
ETAG 022 Approved
EC1 and A+ Certified
Works in wet or dry conditions
Perfect for marine and boating maintenance,
accident and emergency repairs
Can be used in all salt-water environments

Does not shrink

Can be painted
Contains no solvents
No isocyanates
Unique flexibility
Environmentally compliant
Instant repair and bonding with fibre glass
and carbon fibre materials
For application advice on powder coated
substrates contact powder coating

e: w. t. 091 790 475 f. 091 790 477




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