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Gregory Schmid

C (216) 548-6170


Senior financial professional experienced in financial analysis, accounting, and Non-Profit operations.
Seeking a CFO or Controller position in a team-oriented, progressive company with the ability to help
direct the profitable growth of the company.
Managing multiple projects simultaneously.
Managed the demands of a commercial loan portfolio of 36 customers with loan commitments
over $400 million, and continued to look at new business opportunities.
Worked collaboratively with sales and product partners, analyzed and documented commercial
loans and other products, and monitored credit quality and financial performance.
Performing detailed financial analysis and modeling realistic budgets and projections.
Assessed the key performance variables and modeled a financial model for a rapidly growing
company with two diverse business models, which led to the syndication of $95 million in credit
Developed a detailed business analysis and acquisition model to determine the valuation of a
clients potential business partner.
Designed a flexible credit structure for a rapidly growing international service company which
helped the company increase its public market capitalization by over 300% in an 18-month
Developed programs for an interstate banking acquisition strategy and for tracking and
collecting charged-off loans.
Mentoring and training staff members.
Mentored and trained 12 individuals as interns, credit analysts and accounting clerks, with all of
them assuming more responsibility as underwriters, branch managers, commercial bankers, and
accountants. Developed training modules on cash flow, liquidity, budgeting, and projections.
Accounting and software knowledge.
Managed relationships with a family-owned contractors bankers and other professionals,
prepared financial statements, cash flow forecasts, and tax documents, and supervised all of the
accounting functions. Selected and implemented accounting software for the company.
As Treasurer of three Non-Profit organizations, Reconciled bank statements, and prepared
financial statements and budgets. Selected and implemented QuickBooks for all three entities.
Documented and implemented accounting processes, trained the companys employees in
QuickBooks, and prepared financial statements and tax filings for a start-up restaurant venture.
I am proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Moodys Financial Analyst, QuickBooks, and other
software programs.

W. Gregory Schmid

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Developing Strategic Plans

As Vice President of Project Learn, an adult literacy agency, designed and developed a group
school plan which was implemented by the agency and is still active after 15 years. This plan
allowed the agency to address an imbalance between volunteers and students, which enabled
the agency to expand its services.

Participate in various fundraisers and campaigns within local community.
Vice President of a local adult literacy agency and founded a similar agency in Northern
Kentucky. Recognized as United Way Spotlight Volunteer of the Year, 1999. Helped plan
benefits which raised more than $250 thousand over a 7-year period, including one year as DJ
and one year as Benefit Chair. Taught five adults to read, with two of them subsequently
earning their GEDs.
President of Cleveland Metro Ski Council (CMSC), an organization consisting of 24 ski clubs in
Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, with over 2,500 members. Was Treasurer of CMSC for two
years and Delegate for two years. Served as Treasurer and President of Hi Rise Ski Club for two
years each, and Chairman and Vice President for one year each.

Self-employed financial consultant, 2015.

Senior Underwriter, JPMorgan Chase Bank, 2002-2014.

Regional Commercial Credit Administrator, Credit Department Manager, Underwriter, US

Bank, 1992-2002. Efforts led to a $150 million increase in portfolio.

Relationship Banker Trainee, Banker, Assistant Vice President, Credit Department Manger,
Huntington Banks, 1987-1992

Investor Relations Representative, Financial Analyst, Huntington Bancshares, 1985-1987.

Designed and edited 1985 Nicholas Award-Winning Annual Report to Shareholders.

Controller, Marinas Internationale, Ltd., 1982-1983.

Cleveland State University. Certificate in Non-Profit Management. 4.0 GPA.
Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia. MBA. Developed case studies for
Center for International Banking Studies.
Point Park College, Pittsburgh, PA. B.S. Summa Cum Laude Accounting, B.A. Summa Cum Laude
Journalism. Earned PICPA Award for Outstanding Accounting Graduate.