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Persians: SS Homework, due Friday, November.


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1. Read pages 122-126 in Human Heritage: A World History. You do not need to read the whole chapter. Take notes on each question below as or after
you read. Your notes do not need to be in complete sentences.
How Persians Treated Countries they Conquered (be specific)

Reasons why Darius Wanted to Conquer People

Ways the Persians Improved Trade in their Empire

Products Persians Produced
Summarize the Zoroastian beliefs in a sentence or two.

Three Facts About Rich Persian Children

Specific Tasks Government Officials (Governors, Secretaries and Generals) Did
Three Facts About Poor Persian Children

Why Persians Thought They Shouldnt Be Traders

Specific Tasks Inspectors Did

Three Jobs Persians Thought They Should Be

Part Two:

Woo-hoo! It's a Persian/Assyrian essay!

Essay Question: Compare and contrast how Persians treated people in countries they conquered to how Assyrians treated people in countries they
conquered, and tell which approach you think is better. Use lots and lots of details from the chapters. You can type or handwrite your essay on a
separate piece of paper. Staple it to Question 1 before handing it in.
Here: I broke down the essay into little pieces for you.
Step 1: Write an intro. Feel free to steal the question.
Step 2: Give specific examples of how Persians treated conquered people. (This can be your second paragraph. If you have lots to say, you can split it
into more than one paragraph, of course.)
Step 3: Give specific examples of how Assyrians treated conquered people (This can be your third paragraph. If you have lots to say, you can split it into
more than one paragraph, of course.)
Step 4: Explain in detail how these approaches are similar and different (I recommend separate paragraphs, one on similarities and one on differences.
If you have lots to say, you can have more than one paragraph on each.)
Step 5: Which approach is better? Why? (Try not to use "I" in your essay. Leaving yourself out of it is better writing, more convincing, and more
Step 6: Conclusion: Sum up what you already said, steal the question again. You can use "This is why", "The above reasons explain" "In
conclusion," etc.
e) Make sure you answer ALL parts of this question. You can use the five-minute essay format, but add lots of extra details and make it sound good
since I'm hoping (hint, hint) you'll spend more than five minutes on this question.
PLEASE make your writing interesting and creative. Show some style and personality.
If you follow these steps and do what we did in class on the five-minute essay, it's not as scary as it looks you'll see once you get rolling.
3. When Mr. Mucha returns this, staple it, glue it, or tape it into your social studies notebook.
Possible HW based on Persia and Assyria in Human Heritage:
Imagine you are interviewing people who are subjects of the Assyrians and the Persians for a newspaper article. Using all of the following words, write about
which people are happier and why. Empires, provinces, caravans, astronomers, smelting.
1. How did geography influence the Assyrians' willingness for war?
2. How did it become possible to make iron into weapons?
3. In what way did the system of provinces help the Assyrian kings to rule?
4. What caused the end of the Assyrian empire?
5. What did the Chaldeans contribute to other civilizations?
6. Why were the Persians opposed to becoming traders?
7. List two contributions of the Persians to the world.
Possible homework comparing Assyrian laws and Hammurabi's Code: "Chapter 7 Chart and Graph Skills Activity"