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Established non Dimensional Number

Encountered in Fluid Mechanics

There are few numbers named after scientists to calculate the value of any fluid in accordance
the number is dealing with. These number can be used in findings and calculations of (densities,
flow type etc.)

Archimedes Number:
In viscous fluid dynamics, the Archimedes number (Ar) (not to be confused
with Archimedes' constant, ), named after the ancient Greek scientist Archimedes is
used to determine the motion of fluids due to density differences.

Atwood Number:
The Atwood number (A) is a dimensionless number in fluid dynamics used in the study
of hydrodynamic instabilities in density stratified flows. It is a dimensionless density
ratio defined as.

Bejan Number:
In the context of thermodynamics, the Bejan number is the ratio of heat transfer
irreversibility to total irreversibility due to heat transfer and fluid friction: where is the
entropy generation contributed by heat transfer is the entropy generation contributed by
fluid friction.

Bingham Number:
Generalized Brinkman number definition for laminar pipe flow of a. Bingham fluid,
when viscous dissipation effects are relevant.

Biot Number:
The Biot number (Bi) is a dimensionless quantity used in heat transfer calculations. It is
named after the French physicist Jean-Baptiste Biot (and gives a simple index of the ratio
of the heat transfer resistances inside of and at the surface of a body.

Marangoni Number:

The Marangoni number (Ma) is a dimensionless number named after Italian scientist
Carlo Marangoni. The Marangoni number may be regarded as proportional to (thermal-)
surface tension forces divided by viscous forces.

Morton Number:
In fluid dynamics, the Morton number (Mo) is a dimensionless number used together
with the Eotvos number or Bond number to characterize the shape of bubbles or drops
moving in a surrounding fluid or continuous phase, c. The Morton number is defined as.

Pressure coefficient:
The pressure coefficient is a dimensionless number which describes the
relative pressures throughout a flow field in fluid dynamics. The pressure coefficient is
used in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. Every point in a fluid flow field has its own
unique pressure coefficient.

Rayleigh Number:
A dimensionless parameter that is a measure of the instability of a layer of fluid due to
differences of temperature and density at the top and bottom.

Reynolds Number:
A dimensionless number used in fluid mechanics to indicate whether fluid flow past a
body or in a duct is steady or turbulent

Schmidt Number:
Schmidt number (Sc) is a dimensionless number defined as the ratio of momentum
diffusivity (viscosity) and mass diffusivity, and is used to characterize fluid flows in
which there are simultaneous momentum and mass diffusion convection processes.

Weber Number:

The Weber Number is a dimensionless value useful for analyzing fluid flows where there
is an interface between two different fluids. The Weber Number is the ratio between the
inertial force and the surface tension force, and can be expressed as.

Bond Number:
A dimensionless number expressing the ratio of gravitational forces to surface tension

Brinkman Number:
he Brinkman number (Br) is a dimensionless number related to heat conduction from a
wall to a flowing viscous fluid, commonly used in polymer processing.

Drag Coefficient:
In fluid dynamics, the drag coefficient (commonly denoted as: cd, cx or cw) is a
dimensionless quantity that is used to quantify the drag or resistance of an object in a
fluid environment, such as air or water.