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Minor ailments in pregnancy

Pregnancy and becoming mum are such wonderful life

changing experiences, that the majority of women
wouldnt swap them for even the most glamorous of
lifestyles; which is just as well because, as miraculous and
joyous as motherhood might be, there . Certainly nothing
particularly glamorous about some of the body issues
some of us experience along the way.

Problems which are commonly seen in

1. Nausea and vomiting
2. Constipation
3. Fatigue
4. Muscle cramps
5. Gum bleeding
6. Hypotension
7. Varicose veins
8. Acidity and heartburn

1.Nausea and vomiting

50% women have nausea and vomiting specially in

the morning,soon after getting out of bed.

Why is it so???
Changes in mother hormones like estrogen and
Glucose from mothers body is utilized by

How can u manage???

Dietary changes:
Try to make food at time.
Fatty foods should avoid
Avoid heavy spicy foods.
Take dry toast ,biscuits and protein rich
Try small and frequent diet
Behavior modification:
Avoid personal triggering factors.

Its quite common ailment during

I. Progesterone hormone cause atonicity
of gut(intestine)
II. Poor physical activity
III. Pressure of uterus on pelvic colon

Follow regular bowel habits

Take 12 to 15 glasses of water.
Include fruits and vegetables in diet.
Avoid gas forming foods like potato.

Fatigue is very common during the
early days of pregnancy. It is because
body cannot meet the energy
demands for metabolic activities.

What to do???
Proper rest
Take rest in between the work
Avoid strenuous activities
Should sleep at least 10 hours a
day(8 hrs night and 2 hrs day)

4.Muscle cramps
It is associated with decrease in serum
calcium and increase in serum
Supplementary calcium
therapy(tablets and syrups)
Massage legs and arms before sleep
Include vitamin B12 rich diet like
Application of local heat over the
affected part
Avoid cold drinks and carbonated
beverages as it increase phosphorous .
Avoid high heeled sandals.

Elevate the extremities while sitting.

5.Gum bleeding
Because of the increased
production of hormones, blood
circulation and pressure in the
gums also get increased leads to
gum bleeding.
How to manage???
Use soft toothed brush
Include vitamin c rich fruits in
diet like orange,lime,gooseberry
Maintain oral hygiene.

In late pregnancy, gravid uterus produces a compression
effect on the inferior venecava when the patient is in
supine position.
How can you manage???

The normal blood pressure is quickly

restored by turning the patient to left
lateral position.

7.Varicose veins
Varicose veins in the legs and vulva
(varicosities) or rectum (hemorrhoids)
may appear in pregnancy.
It is due to obstruction in the venous
return by pregnant uterus.
Why is it so???
o Increase in body weight
o Influence of estrogen hormone
How to manage???
Take rest in between work
Use elastic crepe bandages
during movements
Elevation of limbs during rest

8.Acidity and heartburn

Heartburn is common in
pregnancy due to relaxation of
o Avoid over eating as well fasting
o Not to go to bed immediately
after meals
o Avoid spicy foods


In the last 6 months of pregnancy the mother will be
stressed both mentally as well physically. The
physiological changes during pregnancy might be in its
peek point. Mother should be anxious about delivery, and
how to manage the baby and to deal with her mothers
Can we make a look on the major disturbances during the
last 6 months of pregnancy?

pregnant mother may develop disturbed sleep pattern
during the last few months.
What may the reasons for this?
Psychological stress is one factor, as mother is very
anxious. And also physical disturbances like frequent
urination, breathing difficulty because of the gravid uterus
can cause sleeplessness

.how can we manage these all situations?

Provide psychological support to pregnant lady from the
Clarify all the doubts and anxieties regarding delivery and
newborn care from experts.
Share your feelings with partner or family members
Avoid stressful situation
Engage with music,yoga,and meditation.
Physical illness also may develop,for
the wellness of mother
Avoid sternous activities
Take rest after lunch,
Should sleep at least 10 hours a day(8 hrs night and 2 hrs
day) Minimize day time nap only for 2 hours
Bath in warm water before go to bed which induce a
sound sleep
Take one glass of milk before sleep.milk promotes good
Avoid coffee,tea before sleep.,which can disturb your

Frequent urination:
You may noticed that more frequent need to urinate
during pregnancy. .more often during the night in
hormonal changes causes blood to flow more quickly
through the kidneys,and filling the bladder more
often.and also blood in the body rises 50%more than pre
pregnant stage.
the pressure exerted by the gravid uterus over the urinary
bladder also cause the same.
What to do???
You cant avoid your daily intake of water because of this
o Take 12 to 16 glasses of water per day to avoid the
risk of infection.this is essential for the wellbeing of
mother as well the baby.better you take more water
during day time.
o Avoid caffeine containing drinks
o While urinating lean forward for the complete
emptying of the bladder.

The gravid uterus in pregnancy leads to a posture
of lordosis which leads to backpain.the influence of
endocrine hormones also causes the same by joint
ligament laxity.
some other modifiable causes behind this pain are
o Weight gain
o High heel shoes
o Muscular spasm
o Urinary infection or constipation

How to manage this???

Try to maintain normal posture,as lordosis is
seen in late pregnancy. (lordosis is the form of
spinal curvature wth abnormal forward curve
of the lumbar spin.)
Excessive weight gain should avoid
Avoid prolonged standing
Rest with elevation of legs
Avoid high heeled shoe
Massage the back muscles

Ankle edema
During the last months of pregnancy you may
develop some signs of edema over the body arts

specially over the ankle. Its because of the

excessive fluid retention by weight gain during the
pregnancy days.but sometimes it may the evidence
of preeclampsia(seen in late pregnancy with
proteinuria,hypertension and edema)
How can we manage this situation??
Avoid prolonged standing or siting
Take rest in between the work with slight
elevation of limbs

Vaginal discharges
Normal vaginal discharges of odorless or
mild smelling milky discharges changes to
more in amount during pregnancy due to
increased estrogen production and greater
blood flow to the vagina.this discharge is
secreations from the cervix,vagina and old
cells of vaginal walls.
Ensure about local cleanliness.
Take daily bath and use clean cotton
Always wipe the area from front to
back to reduce the risk of infection.

Presence of any infection should treat


Increased pressure inside the brain in
pregnanacy may develop as headache.
How to manage?
Avoid strain to eyes
Relieve stress by yoga and meditation

The pressure exerted by gravid uterus over the
lungs and diaphragm leads to breathlessness.
What to do?
Elevate the head end at 45 degree angle
Avoid strenuous activities
steam inhalation
Take adequate rest

Skin irritations, itching

Elevated hormone levels causes
irritations and itching during pregnancy

What to do???
o Use vitamin e containing creams and
o Avoid soaps which make the skin dry
o Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water
o Maintain personal hygiene