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(Voter Registration Project)

When I participated on the November 7th election, I worked helping the Democratic Party
by making calls to encorage the people to go and vote for the democratic candidates. I also
walked to the neighborhood to deliver brochures and encorage the voters to assist to the polls.

When I volunteered for the campaign I did not know how a party tried to encorage people
to vote, but after the campaign was done I learned many things on they methods they use to
encourage the people. I learned that there are a lot of people who don’t go to the polls and they
do not make use of their right to vote for a change in their community. The campaign also
helped me to develop my communication skills when talking in the phone and when talking to
people in person. The campaign helped me to make new friends of all ages. I met young people
of my age and we shared thoughts and opinions. I also met older people; it was really interesting
to hear the opinion of adults about the elections. It was interesting to see how all the people
participating in the campaign get excited about victory. I learned by statistics used when calling
people the number of people who voted for democrats on previous elections.

At first I was pretty sure that democrats were going to win the state elections but I was
noticing that a lot of people who voted for democrats on previous elections were not voting for
democrats this time. I learn that a lot of people were not going to vote for democrats when I
asked them about their opinion on the democratic candidate for governor. A lot of people would
say that they were democrats and they were going to vote for the candidate but they were a lot of
people who would hang up or treat the caller bad or would say bad words. When hearing all this
opinions I thought and hypothesized that the other party would win the election.

During the time I spent calling people, I learned that many people don’t go to the polls
because they don’t know a lot of information about each candidate. I think most of the people
who don’t go to the polls don’t want to participate because they don’t like any of the candidates.
Many people don’t go to the polls because they find other things to be more important than

Participating on the campaign was a fasinating experince because I learned many things
about politics and about the opinion of other people who volunteer to persuade people to vote for
a specific party or candidate. I think it is important to participate in the campaigns and it doesn’t
matter the party you are helping but the good thing is that you learn about other people in your
community and they propositions that are being presented. When I participated on the campaign
I got a lot of information on each candidate and propositions that helped me to add more
information to my election project on my history class. The campaign helped me a lot.