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Continuous casting. 1: Ladle. 2: Stopper. 3: Tundish. 4: Shroud. 5: Mold. 6: Roll support. 7: Turning zone.

Shroud. 9: Bath level. 10: Meniscus. 11: Withdrawal unit. 12: Slab.
A: Liquid metal. B: Solidified metal. C: Slag. D: Water-cooled copper plates. E: Refractory material.

Continuous casting (Tundish and Mold). 1: Ladle. 2: Tundish. 3: Mold. 4: Plasma torch. 5: Stopper. 6: zone.

Ladle Transfer Car, Flame Guard Trolleys of various capacities along with stands to handle ladles up
to 300 MT capacities have been supplied complete with gear box, motors and electric panels.
Steel ladle transfer car used in steel plants to carry liquid steel ladle from one bay to another for





REMSO focus on mill-proven ladle and tundish transfer car technology and heavy industrial wheel
assemblies on your current materials handling problems for greater efficiency, reliability and durability.
Our Cars can handle the full range of your mill-duty transfer car needs, whether you need a 250-ton
capacity slag pot transfer car, a 300-ton capacity ladle transfer car or a scrap box transfer car. Each of
our designs can be customized for your specific application, and include the specific power source,
control, weighing and safety features of your choice.

Ladle Transfer Cars

Tundish Transfer Cars

Scrap Transfer Cars

Slag Pot Transfer Cars

Coil Transfer Cars.

Tundish Car

The tundish car is mainly used to support the tundish. And the tundish can travel on it to change the
tundish rapidly.

Tundish Car Structure

The tundish car is box-shaped, welded steel plate construction. The four idler wheels are mounted
under the car to support it and the tundish car can travel along the two railways at the same level.
The Speed Reducer with Cycloidal Gear drives the car right and left by the chain wheels and chains.

Feature of the Tundish Car

This type of tundish car do not equipped with the weighing system and the lifting device for simplicity
and practicality. This tundish car has two manually controlled devices, one for adjusting the tundish
car right or left movement, the other for the tundish moving forward and back (70mm), centering
the tundish nozzle with the mould. It is easy for the technicians to maintain the car

From ladle to continuous casting tundish, REMSO supplies a full spectrum of advanced products for all
pouring, casting and steel treatment application. Thanks to his expertise gained over the
years, REMSO has consolidated the widest flow control technology panel.
1. Ladle Gate
2. Ladle Shroud Manipulator
3. Tube Changer with Stopper
4. Tundish Sliding Gate
5. Tundish Sliding Gate with Tube Changer
6. Calibrated Nozzle Changer
7. Stopper Control Systems
8. Mold Level Control
9. Global Systems Automation
Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit), T/T (Bank Transfer)
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Port of Dispatch: JNPT
Production Capacity: 100
Delivery Time: 15 DAYS
Packaging Details: AS PER STANDARD