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Light fixture specifications


Location: Relay and Telecommunication rooms, Control rooms and Offices

Recessed mounted, 600X600mm luminaire suitable for 4X14W tl5 lamps. Fixture shall be zinc coated sheet steel housing with white lacquer. The reflector shall be made of pure aluminium contributing to a light output ratio of 93%, protected to IP20 with a high frequency electronic

control gear. The luminaire shall comply to green norms on RoHs.

The master luminaire shall

have an integrated motion/movement sensor.

5.2.2 Location: Storage Rooms, Kitchen, Corridors.

Recessed Luminaire suitable for 600x600mm grid system, with 2/4x14W TL5 lamp, with high frequency control gear. The luminaire shall be equipped with prismatic cover and protected to



Location: HV/LV Switchgear rooms, Air-conditioning rooms, Battery Rooms, Cable shafts, Cable basements, Workshops.

Dust and moisture protected surface luminaire for 2x49W TL-5 lamps with high frequency Electronic ballast. Fiber glass reinforced polyester housing, impact resistant U.V. stabilized polycarbonate smooth outer surface and internal prisms. Diffuser shall be fixed to the housing without requirement of clips for ease of installation. Fixture shall be ENEC approved, CE marked and with IP66 rating.

5.2.4 Location: Toilets, Stairs.

Wall Mounted/Ceiling mounted luminaire suitable for 2x18W Compact fluorescent lamp driven by high frequency electronic control gear. Body made of Die cast aluminium protected to IP65 and with an impact resistance of IK10.

5.2.5 Location: Mirror light

1X18W fluorescent fixture with sheet steel housing and built in switch. The fixture shall be with opal diffuser and complying to IP44 requirements.

5.2.6 Location: HV Switchgear Hall

Highly efficient low-glare Surface/suspended mounted luminaire with high light output light output ratio (LOR) deep drawn aluminium housing, injection moulded aluminium base plate, thermally hardened safety glass, IP-65. The fixture type shall be suitable for Metal Halide lamps from 150W to 400W.

5.2.7 Location: Gate Areas

Floodlights 150/250W metal halide with high grade symmetrical/asymmetrical reflector with highly efficient beam, rugged corrosion resistant housing with integral gear box, and compensated electrical control gear for constant performance. Non-corrosive die-cast aluminium housing with low copper content. Pre-anodised (2 micron) high purity aluminium reflector with 4 mm thick toughened front glass. All external fixings shall be in stainless steel. The fixture shall be with silicone or neoprene gasket to ensure IP65 protection.