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RDAM 2015-006
December 31, 2015
All UP Student Councils
SUBJECT: KSUP 2016 National Councils Meet Travel
----------------------------------------------------------------------------PANGIYAK KI
University of the Philippines Mindanao | January 5-7,
Traveling from Davao International Airport to UP Mindanao
Public Transport
Via Taxi
Upon exiting the Davao International Airport, taxis are readily
available. Ask the driver to take you to UP Mindanao via
Diversion Road (C.P. Garcia National Highway). Fare estimate:
Php 400-600
Via jeepney
1) To ride a jeepney from the Davao International Airport, exit
the compound by taking the exit on the left side. Take the
underpass to cross the street. Ride any jeepney that will go
southbound to take you to Buhangin. Ask the driver to drop
you off at Milan or near Orange Grove Hotel. Fare estimate:
Php 10.00
2) Ride Buhangin jeepneys which will take you to Quirino
Avenue or Bankerohan.
a) Via Mintal Jeep
i. Tell driver to drop you at Bangko Sentral.
i. Ride a jeepney that heads towards Mintal. Tell the
driver to
drop you at Holy Spirit Hospital-Mintal. Fare
estimate: Php

b) Via L300 van

i. Tell driver to drop you near the L300 Terminal
Phoenix Gas Station). Pay at the terminal
counter and ride an
L300 van to Mintal. This is only
available until 10:00PM.
Estimated fare: Php23
c) Via Annil Bus
i. Tell driver to drop you near L300 Terminal (Landmark:
Phoenix Gas Station). The Annil Bus parks near the
Phonex Gas
Station on the left side. Bus trips are only
until 7:00 in the evening. Estimated fare: Php 16 -- student
3) You will know if you have reached Mintal if you have
passed by the Philippine Science High School Southern
Mindanao Campus. Tell driver to drop you at Holy Spirit or
4) Cross the street and ride a tricycle ("sidecar" or
"princess") to take you to UP Mindanao Administration
Building. Tricycles are available 24/7. Estimated fare: Php 20
for solo
Traveling from the UP Mindanao Campus to the Davao
International Airport
Public Transport Via Taxi
1. Taxis are available along the National Highway near the
corner of Chow to Go (Landmark: Siopao Factory). The flag
down rate in Davao City is Php 40.00 and a succeeding
charge of Php 3.50 per 250 meters and taxis only allow a
maximum of 4 passengers per taxi. The taxi meters issue
receipts. Taxis are available 24/7 (Fare estimate: Php 400600).
Via Jeepney, L300 Van or Annil Bus
1. You can ride any jeepney, L300 van or Annil bus to go to
Roxas Avenue. Tell the driver/conductor to drop you off at
Ateneo de Davao University (locally known as ADDU)
located at Roxas Avenue. Fare estimate: Php 20 via jeep or
L300; Php 16 via bus)

2. Go to the side of the road facing the City Triangle across

Ateneo de Davao. Ride a Landmark 3 jeepney which shall
pass along the Davao International Airport. You could also
take any jeepney that will pass by Buhangin and Panacan (ie.
jeepneys with signboards BuhanginPanacan). Fare estimate: Php 14-15
1) Smoking ban is strictly implemented in Davao City.
2) Please do not forget to bring hygiene/sanitary
items, pillows, bed sheet or blanket, sleeping bag or
malong, clothes for three days, personal medicine.
3) Note that the registration fee has been decreased
to Php1,050.00 to be paid upon registration.
For any concerns, contact KASAMA sa UP Secretary
See you in Davao!
In service of the people,


National Chairperson