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Diamonds Worthless Deception

We have been taught (brainwashed) to believe that diamonds are a rare, precious jewel. They are used to show
the amount of love we have towards our significant othermainly advertised for a womans affection. This
document will show the truth and real significance of a girls best friend.
Diamonds have been found in India for many centuries, but were first commercially discovered on the two de
Beers brothers property in Kimberly, South Africa. Cecil Rhodes bought the diamonds and all the brothers
land and went on to establish the De Beers Mining Company in the 1880s. The two brothers ended up being
poor because they didnt get any of the rights. The De Beers Company went on to capture 90% of the
WORLDS supply of diamonds (and still maintains about 75% today).
Diamonds are crystalized carbon that can be found in countries around the world. A diamond is formed when
extreme heat (temperatures of 2200 degrees Fahrenheit) and extreme pressure cause carbon atoms to crystallize,
typically about 90 miles below the earths surface, in what is known as the Earths mantle. They are then
pushed up through volcanic pipes/tubes from a deep source eruption and deposited in sedimentary areas on the
surface. However, diamonds are not rare and they are not only found in Africa. They can mainly be found in at
least the following top 10 countries around the world (in order by production, starting from least to greatest):
Brazil / Ghana / Kalahari desert in Namibia / Angola / Canada / South Africa / Australia / Democratic
Republic of Congo / Botswana / Russia
Contrary to popular belief, Sierra Leone is not the top diamond producing countrythat title goes to Russia.
However, Sierra Leone is the country notorious for the story of blood diamonds. Do your own research on
that gruesome fact of human atrocity in Africa. (YouTube or Google: Blood Diamonds Documentary)
Credit goes to Maximilian, the Archduke of Austria for originally giving a diamond to Mary of Burgundy in
1477. However, the ancient tradition of giving a diamond engagement ring wasnt actually started until the
De Beers cartel launched a massive ad campaign in 1938. The first campaigns advertised buying a diamond
worth one months salary. When profits were low, they raised this to two months salary.
De Beers Chairman Nicky Oppenheimer once said Diamonds are intrinsically worthless. (The Independent,
13 Feb 1999) The only reason they are expensive is because of the global monopoly De Beers has on the
supply. Thus, they artificially raise the price and advertise a diamonds value as a display of love. This means,
a diamond has virtually no resale value. Dont believe me? Take your diamond ring to multiple jewelry stores
and ask how much money you can get for just the diamond. The jewelry stores will give you money for the
GOLD in the ringthe diamond will be worthless to them. (Dont feel bad, I had to find out the hard way, too)
And why do we even wear a diamond wedding ring on the left ring finger, as opposed to the thumb, or even
the right hand? Ancient Egyptians (at least 2,800 B.C.) were buried with a gold ring on what is called the ring
finger. They knew of the vena amoris the vein of love. This vein goes from the (left) ring finger directly to
the heart. This was supposed to be used in the afterlife.
Charles Lewis Tiffany didnt develop the 6-point setting until 1886. The engagement of Humphrey Bogart to
Lauren Bacall in 1946 is what started the trend of men wearing diamond engagement rings. These points, along
with the artificial inflation of a diamonds value by the De Beers Corporation through advertising campaigns,
have led to the deception we follow today. This diamond deception (money making scheme) was not present
before the 1900s.
Adam Ruins Everything - Diamonds (YouTube) Warning: explicit language