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Kelly AdamsHello Arun. How may I help you?

11:33 pmArunHi
11:34 pmIam looking for binary options trading
11:34 pmKelly Adamshi
great, you have found it
11:35 pmwe are the top binary
option company in the world
11:35 pmArunIam new to binary options
11:35 pmKelly Adamsok, we have many tools for new clients to
assist them
11:35 pmArunI wanna know more
11:36 pmDo you operate managed trading
11:37 pmKelly Adamsno, you will need to trade on your own
11:37 pmArunwill you provide tips
11:37 pmKelly Adamsyou can trade in currencies, stocks, indicies
and commodities
we have wonderful
educational tools to assist you
free demo accounts
free training video/webinar courses
facebook with the market updates
in addition
you will have a financial account manager
for you
to assist you with the trading platform
you can contact him via phone or email
11:38 pmArunHow much you charge for each trade
11:38 pmKelly AdamsThe minimum amount per trade is 24
(GBP/USD/CHF/EUR) for all trading methods. The maximum
amount per trade is $100,000 USD/ 75,000 Euro. The maximum
exposure allowed is $150,000 USD/ 112,500 Euro.
Keep in mind that the Min/Max amount per trade may change
according to your account level.
11:41 pmArunCorrect me if Iam wrong...suppose I invested 1000$ on
Googleon Call option..predicting it will increase after the expiry
whatwill be my net return
11:41 pmKelly Adamsbefore you place a trade, you can see the
return of the trade
24option's return on investment is known to be the highest in the
industry, ranging between 83% to 89% depending on your
account level.
11:42 pmArunplease advice my net return on above example
11:43 pmKelly Adamslets say that you placed $1000 on the trade
and the return is 70%
1000x70=$700 profit on the trade if you win
11:44 pmArunIam located at United Arab emirates
Can I open an account
11:45 pmI dont have a dolloraccount
11:45 pmKelly Adamswe accept the following currencies
The minimum deposit is adjusted to the base currency related to
the account:
USD/EUR/GBP/CHF - 100 min. deposit amount

ArunWhat is the charges for opening an accopunt

Adamsjust the deposit amount
no charges
11:47 pmfor this you will need to speak with your bank
if they charge you for sending money
depending on your method of deposit
11:47 pmArunwhat about credit card paymet
11:48 pmany extra charges
11:48 pmKelly Adamsno, this you will need to ask your credit card
please keep in mind
that all clients need to have a verified account
by providing documentation
The documents required for verification are:
1. A valid passport/national ID OR a drivers license -- both front
and back
2. A Utility bill OR bank statement (dated within 6 months,
showing name and address)
3. (if you deposited via credit card) The credit card used, both
front and back showing the last 4 digits, your name and expiry
4. (if you deposited via moneybookers) The Moneybookersl email
that was used to deposit.
11:46 pm

11:46 pmKelly

Simply send digital photos of these verification documents to