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PARISH FINANCES Weekend: 26th-27th December: Loose 742.03. Envelopes 334.20.
Standing Orders 446. Total 1,522.23. Many thanks for your generosity
GRATEFUL THANKS from Fr Andy for your very generous Christmas offering, gifts, cards and
good wishes. Thank you to all who helped in the preparations that went into the Christmas
Masses in so many different ways. Finally Thank You for your support during 2015 in many
numerous ways week by week. Wishing you all Gods blessings for the coming year. Fr Simon,
Deacon Marek and Yvonne also wish to thank you for your gifts, cards and good wishes.
CONGRATULATIONS to the following who were recently Baptised:
Elsie Lucetta Carvalho on Sunday, 20th December.
Emily Rose Maureen Teresa Wilks on Sunday, 27th December.
Oscar Mikolaj Makosz and Cezary Sandecki on Monday, 28th December.
Darcey Elizabeth Smith; Iga Julia Karasinski and Patrick Dariusz Karasinski; Zain Albie
Sadsad and Zakariya Brandon Sadsad on Saturday, 2nd January.
Please pray for their parents, Godparents and Grandparents.
CONGRATULATIONS to Jeremy Saxton and Julia Davies who were Married on Tuesday, 29th
December. We wish them every blessing.
PLEASE REMEMBER the sick of our Parish: Peter Gummer, Maisie McFarlane, Simon Holwell,
Florence Peters, Larry and Linda Pritchard, Mo Malone, John Norman, Ron Shaw, Sharmaine
Deans, Ronald Deans, Raul Khan, Becky Warren-Heyes, Angela Brown, Hilton & Mary Hughes,
Jane McMahon, Abid Ali, Joan Langer, Caroline Tembe, Mena Trethewey, Joanna Deverill,
Sabah Ali-Marat, Samina Jalal, James Deegan, Joe Gartland, Deacon Douglas Denny, baby
Matthew William Davis, Annie Dias, Michele Di Gangi, Daisy Wingrove, Mary Morrissey, Cedrica
Lobo, Mary Green, Michele Deluca, Marian Bellamy, Demetri Mackri, Charlie Young, Lynn
Arnold, Graham Loudon, Ann Cronin, Mabel McCulloch, Phyllis Wallbank, Joanna Glowski,
Rocco Seagrove, Rosemary Conry, Ann Gurrie, Kathleen Jemmett, Fr David, Jerry Ellis, Francis
Cashell, Jim Scott, Kathleen Richardson.



2nd January
Our Lady of Peace


Danny Smith RIP (Kathleen)
Arthur Warley RIP (Gloria)


3rd January
St Gilberts
Our Lady of Peace


St Andrews


Janet & Pat Rowe Intentions (Rosary Group)
Michael Burbridge RIP (Anniv) (Burbridge)
Thomas Hayes RIP (Bradford)
With grateful thanks for the Prayers (Marian)
People of the Parish


4th January
Our Lady of Peace


Our Lady of Peace

Deceased Leone family (Leone)

Thanksgiving (Almeida)
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament


5th January
Our Lady of Peace

Lily Connolly RIP (Anniversary) (Foster)


6th January
Our Lady of Peace

Service of Word and Holy Communion


7th January
St Andrews


8th January
Our Lady of Peace


9th January
Our Lady of Peace
Our Lady of Peace


Jack & Maura Walsh RIP and In Thanksgiving


10th January
Our Lady of Peace


St Andrews


Michael & Patricia Daly RIP (Bradford)
Jerzy & Grazyna Slocinscy RIP
Thanksgiving (Forya)
People of the Parish

Marian Bellamy Intentions (P&C)

Edward Agjabe Intentions (Rosary Group)
Val Corcoran RIP (Anniversary) (Corcoran)
Rose Conry RIP (Lawrence)

Morning Prayer is prayed before every weekday Mass and the Rosary is prayed after
Mass: all are welcome to join us

EAR-RING found in Our Lady of Peace Church, to claim please contact Yvonne on 01628
CHRISTMAS RAFFLE Many thanks to all who supported our Christmas Raffle, the amount
raised for Parish funds was 520. The winning tickets are as follows : First prize : Christmas
food hamper Green ticket number 493, serial number AW7A 6D44, Tracy Morello. Second
prize : Homemade Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding Pink ticket number 234, serial
number AC 897653, Julia OShea. Third prize : Bottle of Prosecco - Green ticket number 423,
serial number AW7A 6D44, Connie. Thank you again.
CHURCH LINEN Many thanks to all who help with the Church linen throughout the year. If you
would like to help with this Ministry please speak to Denise, we urgently need more volunteers.
Saturday 6.00pm Sue Vaughan and Mike Connolly
Sunday 9.45am Readers : Maura Potter and Alexcia Ossei-Williams.
Eucharist Ministers : Maureen Waters, Georgia Clark, Barbara Bryant,
Audrey Truman, Melissa Whatley.
11.30am Kieran and Anita
16th 17th January
Saturday 6.00pm Patsy Murphy and John Barry.
Sunday 9.45am Readers : Robert Bryant and Madeleine Bowron.
Eucharist Ministers : Jennifer Ossei-Williams, Maura Potter, Andrea Barry,
Lisa Mennone, Pearl Eatwell.
11.30am Kay and Cydney
SLOUGH FOODBANK thank us for our donation which they received on 23rd December. This
weighed 9.4 kgs and this is equivalent to about 11 individual meals. Your generosity and continued
support is greatly appreciated. They would very much welcome products on their wish list: these
are: pasta and curry sauces, sponge puddings, long life fruit juices, long life milk, rice 500g or 1kg.
They have more than enough to meet their needs of all types of pasta, tins of baked beans,
breakfast cereals, please do not include them in your donation at the present time.
LANDINGS The Landings programme gives Catholics who have been away from the Church a
chance to explore their faith and to consider their future with the Church. A few parishioners
welcome potential returners in lay-led meetings that are gentle, entirely confidential, and
enriching for all who take part. A Landings workshop at St. Teresas Beaconsfield is planned for
early in the New Year (date to be fixed) to enable all who may be interested to find out more,
both those thinking of renewing connections with parish life and those who might like to act as
welcomers in their own parishes. New recruits are always welcome but you will not be asked for
any definite commitment. For more information contact Maggie Millrain or Ian Johnson on 01753
482496 or via The following website is well worth a visit...
USED STAMPS collected for the Missions, boxes available in the Church porches.

THE SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION will be conferred by Bishop Peter

NEXT year on Tuesday, 21st June 2016 at 7.30pm. If any young person
from Year 8 onwards would like to receive Confirmation next year, then
please will they themselves write to Fr Andy as soon as possible to request to
receive this Sacrament and to join the course. All applications need to be in
by Friday, 15th January 2016 please.
MISSIO - RED BOXES On behalf of MISSIO, many thanks for a record banking of 1,807.34.
for 2015. Many thanks also for MISSIO donations by direct debits etc. This figure is not yet
known (Office on leave) but will be advised soon. New Red Boxes will be available for collection
after Masses this weekend. Please ensure you take your NOMINATED box.
CATHOLIC WOMENS LEAGUE will meet in St Andrew's Shared Church on Monday, 4th
January at 2.00pm, and also on Monday, 1st February at 2.00pm. All ladies are welcome to join
us for a cup of tea and biscuits - you do not have to be a member.
FIRST HOLY COMMUNION CLASSES If you have registered your child(ren) to make their First
Holy Communion in May 2016, there will be a meeting for the Parents on Thursday, 7th January
at 6.30pm in Our Lady of Peace Church. The books we shall use with the children will be
available at this meeting so please bring an envelope with your childs name written on it
containing the cost of the books, which you have been advised by letter/email. The childrens
sessions will then commence on Saturday, 9th January from 9.30am11.00am at St Andrews
Church, Cippenham. Further information on the full programme will be explained at the meeting
on 7th January, therefore please attend with your child. Please pray for our children so that they
will grow in their appreciation of the sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion.
ST VINCENT DE PAUL meet at 2.00pm on Tuesday, 12th January in the Sacristy at Our Lady of
Peace. New members would be welcome. If you know of anyone who would like a visit from the
SVP please advise Yvonne.
LUX MERCY Friday, 29th to Sunday, 31st January. NYMO will have its annual LUX
retreat weekend in Northampton in the Kings Park Centre. It is for youth aged between 11-18
years. LUX is a residential weekend retreat, which consists of games, activities, prayer, Mass
and faith formation. The theme this year is mercy. The cost is 90 per person and includes bed,
board and food. There are bursary places available if money is a problem for some families.
Closing date for bookings is Friday, 8th January 2016. Booking forms are available to download
from the NYMO website.
ST PATRICK'S NIGHT An evening of music, dancing and celebration,
complete with a licensed bar and appropriate refreshment. DIARY NOTE
NOW! The date is Friday, 18th March 2016 in St Andrews. The proceeds of
this event, 10 per ticket to include Irish stew supper, will be shared equally
between Our Lady of Peace and St Andrew's.