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Right now, youre sitting in a magick circle in the center of the universe.

You've become a master of your reality. You sit cross-legged, in a position of power, as mantras run
through your mind and you watch the future change to fit your Will. The more magick you've
learned, the more ecstasy you've felt. The more magick you've learned, the more you've learned to
dance with the Universe, and all of its Gods and Goddesses. And far more than that: The more
magick you've learned, the more you've now learned to fully use your brain. You've learned to use it
in the way that shamans throughout history have. Even more, you've started to use your brain the
way all successful people in all walks of life are, and you can fully tap that power now. That's
because you're the rarest kind of human. Psychology asks us to dwell on the negatives of
the mind. But Magick dares us to find the limits of what's possible. And those limits have not yet
been foundtheyve barely even been tested. It takes brave pioneers like you to truly begin to push
the limitsyou're truly one in a million, or more. These e-mails will help you learn to do
magick. This mailing list is going to take it much, much further. Every week, youll get a magical
experiment to try. Theyll be very simple at firstbut they'll build on each other, giving you a solid
introduction to what magick is and how to use it. For free. Of course, our online school, Magick.Me,
offers over sixty hours (and growing) of video instruction in magick. If you decide youre ready to
jump in and get serious, Magick.Me will be there for you. In the meantime, please make either a
dedicated word processor file or get a blank journal to record your experiments in. Youll be
referring back to this throughout this course, and even more as you progress with Magick.Me
classes. Write down the exercises you do, how you feel when you do them, and what the results are.
Be skeptical and scientifically precise. Heres your first exercise, if youre ready: Every day, as you
wake up and as you go to sleep, tell yourself: I am becoming a magician to empower myself to live
a truly great life, and to help humanity. See you in a week. What is Magickand what can
it do for You? So you've signed up for this list. You probably have one question: Why should I
care? What is this "magick" silliness? And is this actually going to do anything for me? Is it going to
improve my life? Yes. Yes it is. Here's how. Magick is the martial arts of the mind. As martial arts
trains the body, magick trains the mind, honing it daily into becoming more focused and efficient.
Most people live their lives in a state of constant confusion. They're pulled this way and that by the
desires of their conscious mind. They go from one object of fascination to the next, never finding full
focusand what's worse, they constantly second-guess and even undermine their own efforts. They
live with only a fraction of the power they would possess if they could harnass their mind.
Meditationwhen done correctlystills your conscious mind, and focuses 100% of its power on
whatever you turn it to. Ceremony and ritualmagickawaken the vast world of the unconscious
mind, giving you access to the full spectrum of human possibility. Until you're using the full
power of both your conscious and unconscious mind, you're not fully living. Magick.Me's courses
steadily train you in both tracks, aiding you in awakening your absolute, full potential.
Whatever you do in lifein your career, relationships, your business, your art, anythingthis is the
one set of skills that has the potential to rapidly develop your ability. Meditation and magick will not
only radically improve your ability to navigate life, they will radically accelerate your development
as a human beingemotionally and spiritually. I can think of no greater gift. Below, check out a blog
post I wrote that's full of useful information about what Magick is, its history, and how I'm working
to express it in a new, updated form for the modern world. Is Magick dangerous? When
people first get into magick, a funny thing can happen. All of their unconscious associations from
bad movies, books and comics start bubbling up to the surface. They might think about scary horror
movie imagery, Satanism and people "dabbling with things they're not supposed to." But... isn't that
dangerous?, they may ask. No. It's not dangerous. Because it has nothing to do with ANY of that
silly stuff. Magick can be as healthy, positive and wonderful as you make it. At Magick.Me, I
teach you 100% positive practices meant to help you turn yourself into the best version of you.
Meditation, positive visualization, and aligning yourself with the eternal truths of the universe
that's what magick is to me. (And by the way, if you *are* looking for negative magick, I recommend
unsubscribing now. You won't find anything negative in this list or at Magick.Me.) OK... but are
there actually any real pitfalls in Magick? Yes, there are, just like there would be in learning martial
arts, yoga or an academic subject in school. You can get off-track, take magick (or yourself!) too
seriously, or slow yourself down with ineffective beliefs you might be holding about magick. It's very
important to be aware of theseyou might save yourself years by not making the usual
mistakes that most people do when they get into magick! For your use, I've put together an article,

below, that explains the 7 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Learning Magick. I know you'll
enjoy itclick below to read, and be glad you're on the right track! 4 reasons why Magick.Me
is the most advanced and best possible way to learn magick. When I was first
learning about magick, I had a very daunting task ahead of me. First, even finding out about real
occult practices was quite a feat. I had to scour the underground press, and search for clues in what
seemed like a million musty old books. Next, I had to teach myself how to do it, by slow trial and
error. Then, I travelled the world in search of mentorsfrom New York to London to Kathmandu
and back. That was a great experience that I wouldn't give up for anything. But it was also a slow,
expensive and sometimes painful process, because I had to make a lot of mistakes to get on the right
track. This is why it's been a personal passion to create a better way. It gives me great happiness to
be able to use this experience to serve youto coach you in making much faster, highly enjoyable
progress. In creating Magick.Me, these are the big advances I feel I've made in doing that: 1.
Privacy and comfort. When you're learning magick online, you can do it on your own timeline,
and fit it into your schedule. You can do it in a way that works for you. And you can do it privately.
2. Huge savings of time and money. While nobody can do the work of magick for you, I can
certainly show you the right way to do it. This could save you decades of reading, fumbling, and the
inevitably huge expenses that come from trial-and-error learning from books or groups. 3. A
practical structure. If you're like me, you don't have time to slog through old books written in
goofball language and waste time with non-working techniques. You want a practical, step-by-step
learning structure that puts you in the driver's seat NOW. 4. Safety, ethics and inclusiveness.
When you seek out training in the real world, you tend to have to wade through a lot of BS: cults of
personality, group hierarchies, nutty people, unethical demands and a lot of other nonsense that is
totally superfluous to learning magick. Magick.Me is specifically designed to slice away all of these
embarrassing and time wasting distractions, and just give you the goods, in a measured, safe,
ethical and inclusive way. It's one of my passions to bring magick to a wider audience, without all
the cosplay nonsense that has marginalized it in the past. I hope you'll allow me to serve you by
showing you how much the core skills of magick can benefit you in every area of your life. Selfdiscovery. Self-actualization. Knowledge. Freedom. Power. What else can you
achieve with magick? Everybody wants an edge in life, a way to make their dreams reality. But so
many fail. Why? Lack of access to the right tools. Magick is that set of sacred tools, drawn from
shamanic traditions all over the world. It gives you that edge. Its so much more than a self-help
program: It can unlock the dormant spiritual power deep within you. Now that youve
learned the basics, heres your call to go even deeper. Magick.Me contains over 60
hours (and growing) of recorded instruction in Magick, all from company creator Jason Louv.
Jasons life passion has been exploring nearly every world magical and shamanic tradition, and he's
distilled the best of what hes foundthe best of Eastern and Western Magickinto the courses at
Magick.Me, so that you can learn and begin practicing the most potent and effective techniques
right away, immensely accelerating your development and progress towards your goals. Courses are
outlined by subject and organized into short units, so that you can learn at your own pace, on your
schedule. Theres no fluff, no superstition, no spookiness: Just the pure, raw techniques,
clearly and succinctly explained. Manifest money with your mind. For fun. Ready to start
stretching your mental muscles? Once a week, I'm going to start sending out magical exercises to
try. You'll want to make sure to get a subscription to Magick.Me to fully understand and use them in
content! The following magick exercise comes from Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007), one of the
most influential, funny, and well-loved magicians of the 20th century. Wilson spent his entire career
experimenting on his own consciousness and writing down his findings, always coming back to a
very critical point: What we believe about reality can literally change reality for us. This is one of the
core secrets of all magick. Wilson regularly suggested that his readers experiment with reality by
changing their beliefs, to see if reality changed along with them. As Wilson put it: What the thinker
thinks, the prover proves. Here's one of his most famous exercises, from Prometheus Rising. Try it
out! Robert Anton Wilson's Quarter Experiment 1. Visualize a quarter vividly, and
imagine vividly that you are going to find a quarter on the street. Then, look for the quarter every
time you take a walk, meanwhile continuing to visualize it. See how long it takes you to find the
quarter. 2. Explain the above experiment by the hypothesis of selective attentionthat is, believe
there are lots of lost quarters everywhere and you were bound to find one by continually looking. Go
looking for a second quarter. 3. Explain the experiment by the alternative mystical hypothesis that

mind controls everything. Believe that you made the quarter manifest in this universe. Go looking
for a second quarter. 4. Compare the time it takes to find the second quarter using the first
hypothesis (attention) with the time it takes using the second hypothesis (mind-over-matter). 5.
With your own ingenuity, invent similar experiments and each time compare the two theories
selective attention (coincidence) vs. mind controls everything (psychokinesis). 6. Avoid coming
to any strong conclusions prematurely. At the end of a month, re-read this... think it over again, and
still postpone coming to any dogmatic conclusion. Believe it possible that you do not know
everything yet, and that you might have something still to learn. Have fun, and make sure to write
down your experiments and findings in your journal. See you in a week! Open the Book of
The Magical Record is the most potent tool in the magicians entire arsenal. Metaphorically
speaking, the book represents the record of your deeds in this life, but literally it can be anything
from a text file on your computer to a simple blank notebook to a giant leather-bound tome (I like
simplicity and functionality). This book (which over time may become a pile of filled-up books)
should contain several things: 1. Your dreams. Every morning, the very first thing you should do
upon awakening is write down your dreams in as much detail as possible. The more you do this, the
more vivid your dreams will become. 2. Records of the magical experiments you undertake.
Every time you formally meditate or do a magical ritual, you should record what you did in detail
within the bookas soon as your ritual is done. This way, you can look back later to see if you got
results. You should be as scientific and detailed as possible in your notes, as if you were a highly
skilled laboratory technician. You should write intelligently and legibly, so that others may one day
benefit from your notes. How to start your Magical Record. This week, I want you to
choose a book that will work as your ongoing record. You can use the following format to record
your experiments (thanks to Aleister Crowley and Donald Michael Kraig): Date:Time:Location:
Weather Conditions:Physical Condition:Emotions and Mindset:Name of Rituals Performed:
Performance:Results: For the astrologically inclined, you may also wish to record the phase of the
moon, current sun and moon signs, and ascendant sign(s) during the time of the ritual. But this is
not necessary, and may add too much confusing extra information at first, unless you already know
astrology well. This is a bare-bones approach that you can customize and embellish as you like. You
will find that your note-taking methods evolve over time. Heres a sample of a days record:
Monday, October 12, 2015. Dreams. Dreamt I was flying over the city. Down below I could see
my office. It looked like a cage. I flew down and was trying to open the windows so that I could
escape. I saw my body insideI looked hypnotized in front of my computer, working on a
spreadsheet. I started yelling at myself. Eventually my body noticed, and together we flew away
from the office. 8:30 AM.Location: My bedroom.Weather: Overcast.Physical Condition:
Groggy after waking up, had shower and coffee.Emotions and Mindset: Hopeful after my dream.
Excited about starting to practice magick!Name of Rituals Performed: 5 minutes meditation.
Performance: Sat cross-legged and focused on the point between my eyebrows for five minutes. I
was fidgeting a bit at first, trying to find a comfortable position. After a bit of discomfort I found my
center and relaxed into the meditation.Results: Brief feelings of clarity and focus. At one point I
felt bigger, like I felt my body was expanded and taller. Weird. It went away as soon as I opened
my eyes. Looking forward to trying again! A few wise words from the past. There is one
final step. On the first page of your record, please include the following quote (from Aleister
Crowley). Read it, understand it and make it a regular reference point: In this book it is spoken of
the Sephiroth and the Paths; of Spirits and Conjurations; of Gods, Spheres, Planes, and many other
things which may or may not exist.It is immaterial whether these exist or not. By doing certain
things certain results will follow; students are most earnestly warned against attributing objective
reality or philosophic validity to any of them. The advantages to be gained from them are chiefly
these: a. A widening of the horizon of the mind. b. An improvement of the control of the mind.
The student, if he attains any success in the following practices, will find himself confronted by
things (ideas or beings) too glorious or too dreadful to be described. It is essential that he remain
the master of all that he beholds, hears or conceives; otherwise he will be the slave of illusion
There is little danger that any student... will fail to get some result; but there is great danger that he
will be led astray, obsessed and overwhelmed by his results, even though it be by those which it is
necessary that he should attain. Too often, moreover, he mistaketh the first resting-place for the
goal, and taketh off his armor as if he were a victor ere the fight is well begun. It is desirable

that the student should never attach to any result the importance which it at first
seems to possess. Translation: Dont take it too seriously. :) See you next week! Magician,
Know Thyself. Its time to get acquainted with your greatest ally, and your greatest enemy:
Yourself. Magick is a technology for changing yourself. It goes like this: The universe is theoretically
infinite. It contains infinite experiences. You've made a finite map of the universe that you have
built up throughout your lifea set of beliefs and assumptions about life that determine the life
you're living. If you change the map, you can seemingly change the entire universe, because you've
changed the way you perceive it. Change yourself, and thereby change the universe: As above, so
below. But before you start changing yourself with magick, you need a good, clear sense of who you
are. Here's a few exercises to complete this week. 1. Write down your goals: How
do you want your life to change through the practice of magick? Be as clear, detailed, and precise as
possible. Really think about it, because it may well come true for you if you really commit to it. What
kind of life do you want to be living? 2. Write down what you consider to be your greatest
strengths. 3. Write down what you consider to be your greatest weaknesses. For the
brave, you can also ask people you trust what they consider your greatest strengths and weaknesses.
Just be prepared! Spend some time deeply reflecting on these exercises and questions, and include
your work at the front of your journal. It will form the raw material for the magick to come. See you
next week! Why I Created MagickMe 23 JUNE 2015 Since the beginning, brave
seekers have aspired to touch the unknownto reach out for something greater than
themselves, to transcend the world of the five senses and grasp the numinous. This
primal, undefined impulse gave birth to both religion and scienceone seeking to
control humans by limiting the spiritual (and sexual) instinct; the other constraining
exploration merely to the material plane. Magicka catch-all term denoting humanity's
efforts to grasp eternal truths and remold itself by the light of those truthswill not be
circumscribed by the ultimately limited goals of either of its children. It merges the aim
of religion with the method of science. The phrase "magick" is deliberately absurd. It
immediately offends the ideologues of both religion and materialist scientism, turning
them away from the Temple, a temple not owned by any specific religious sect,
philosophical school or otherwise definable dogma, though symbols and ideas from all
branches of world knowledge may be found therein. And this is a key: We have
inherited an incredible wealth of knowledge and technique from the world's religious,
philosophical, logical, mathematical and scientific modes of inquiry. What if all of this
could be put to use, not in the service of dogma but as a set of experimental tools for
assessing the development of human consciousness, with all of the empirical rigor of
the scientific method to keep us from falling into sentimental delusion or sectarian bias
along the way? This has been the goal of the Western secret societies since at least the
Age of Enlightenment, clandestine associations of free-thinkers who maintained silence,
mystery and misdirection at peril of their own lives. But we live in a different time now,
a more free time, one not so afraid of an Inquisition. What is needed is a reliable set of
tools for altering consciousness. We have them. Higher yoga, for instance, can produce
physical ecstasy and liberation from conditioned identity, on demand, for free. It takes
considerable training, but it's possible. "Magick" itself, the historical and technical term
for the techniques of applied Qabalah and consciousness-altering ritual, can immensely
improve one's concentration, focus and intellectual ability. In decades past, this
information was largely inaccessible outside of covert groups, private collections and
university libraries; simply finding it was a major hurdle to surmount. Now, with all of
the secrets out and easily accessible via the Internet, we have a new problem:
identifying the truly important information in the vast sea of utter nonsense. Magick is
a complex subject, and in its more vulgar forms appeals to, shall we say, the not
particularly intellectually clear. That means that there's just a lot of wrong information
out there. For every set of The Equinox, we have ten thousand New Age books, edgy
faux-grimoires and trumped-up, absurd individuals claiming "special" knowledge and
powers. Even the most sincere teachers of mysticism or meditation may be marred by
their own incomplete understanding, cultural baggage or the all-too-common
temptation to patch holes in technical instruction with sentimentality and truisms.

What's needed is a proper presentation of this material, with the central instructions
isolated and offered in a clear, no-nonsense fashion so that students can quickly absorb
and apply the experimental techniques in their own lives. No spookiness, obfuscation,
dress-up, pretention or imposed hierarchy. If something is truly to be kept secret, it can
easily be hidden in plain sight, as the genuinely secret information in magick cannot be
understood except by those who are ready to understand it, and who are therefore
already fit to receive it. Ignorance and ineptitude provide their own blinds. The clear
and immediate benefits of magick are: 1. The clarification of one's life Path. 2. The
improvement of analytical Reason. 3 The development of the Intuition. 4.The
strengthening of the Will. 5. The hard-won ability to transcend the individual Ego. 6.
These correspond, in sequence, to the elements Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit.
Subsidiary benefits include: 1. The ability to master the body and mind through Yoga,
and produce states of ecstasy. 2. The cultural and intellectual benefits of a classical
education. 3. The ability to make substantial changes in one's personal reality through
ceremony and ritual. In a profoundly meaningless culture, it can come as an even more
profound shock that not only does a system to attain higher consciousness exist, but
that it can be methodically and precisely taught. Spirituality should not be the realm of
accepted dogmas and priesthoods, nor should it be the realm of predatory snake-oil
salesmen, nor should it be defined as an aberrant chemical spasm of the brain. It
should be the domain of exploration, experiment and empiricism, just like every other
branch of the human intellectual project. Unfortunately, this (as of yet) hasn't
happened, because: 1. A major portion of the mainstream religions want a monopoly on
consciousness and the spiritual dimension of life, and they have fought each other for
this monopoly for thousands of years. It was a miracle that science ever escaped their
persecution. The magicians have been far less lucky, and have always been too low in
number and too disorganized to resist the pogroms, Inquisitions and Crusades of
religious despots. 2. Science, even though it was born out of magick and alchemy, has
limited itself to the purely material, and tends to deny the existence of that which
cannot be objectively measured. While this is absolutely necessary to maintain the
integrity of the scientific discipline itself, it unfortunately leaves out the wholly
subjective phenomena of consciousness, which is assumed to be merely the product of
an incalculable equation of conditioning and chemicals, to be understood only as much
as it can be influenced towards consumer or political decisions. 3. Magick takes far too
much study and discipline for it to be of any appeal whatsoever to the average first
world consumer, who wants her or his desires satisfied in the same time it takes to
order Chipotle. 4. The groups of practitioners that have guarded the Western Esoteric
Tradition have kept a veil of secrecy on their work to secure themselves from
persecution and misunderstanding by the agents of religion, science and consumerism.
While I will not so much as question the choices of my elders, who carried magick
through conditions of unbelievably punishing hardship that I will never understand, I
will also point out that we are left with a tradition that has progressed far more slowly
than it might have, and which continues to operate on major breakthroughs made in
the Renaissance by magicians like Trithemius and Dr. John Dee. Later developments,
from Crowley to Chaos, have been far more eclectic, building on consolidated
Renaissance and Enlightenment knowledge by adding new insights and porting in
techniques from other cultures. Yet we are still left with an endangered, non-funded
body of knowledge with no cultural or institutional support, and certainly none of the
peer review that characterizes the rest of the sciences. We inherit a well-preserved but
dying fieldsimply because our culture does not recognize or care about magick (or,
truly, anything that cannot be quantified in immediate monetary reward, but I digress).
In our society, the only place that magick is given space to exist tends to be in the arts,
where it can be written off as a harmless eccentricity or matter of style. Unfortunately,
a matter of style is generally what it remains. Beyond that, the public feeds off of

techniques cribbed from the notebooks of magicians and taken out of context to suit
the quick fix and the quick buckcorporate mindfulness seminars, NLP,
commercialized yoga, and the like. I have no great hopes of rehabilitating the image of
magick in the public eye. However, I can rehabilitate the way it is perceived by a small
group of truly committed people prepared to do the work and reap the benefits. I can
teach it, and teach it clearly. Liberty, Equality, Fraternitylet the new order spring from
those capable to assess the work, no longer constrained by non-access to instruction,
or by elitism, exclusivity or prejudice. Let the pressures of the work and the nighinsurmountable labor of overcoming the mind itself be the only hurdle, for it is hurdle
enough. May a thousand wizards bloom. Magick and Art: Sacred Techniques, Sacred
Quest. On August 8, join us in an Online Webinar on how occult and shamanic techniques
can unlock the fount of artistic inspirationfor any artist, writer, musician, actor or creative
person of any kind. Since the first cave paintings, magic and art have been inseparable. While
modern society treats art as a commodity item to be traded like stock futures, art has always served
a broader purpose in human society: to inspire, revitalize, and nourish the soul of a tribe or culture,
or even to cause direct changes in reality. This sorceric history of art has largely been lost, or rather
co-opted by the advertising industry. But in a world in which art has been devalued, and artists and
writers can at best hope for a few seconds of fragmented attention in a dumbed-down media
landscape, how can we reclaim the shamanic function of art? How can artby which I take the
broadest definition, meaning not just fine art but writing, theater, filmmaking, music, sculpture,
creative social media or any discipline imaginablebecome a spiritual and sacred practice? It's no
accident that artists of every type have been drawn to magick and spiritualitywriters like William S.
Burroughs and Alan Moore; fine artists like Austin Osman Spare and Max Ernst; filmmakers like
Alejandro Jodorowsky. And it's no surprise that the occult remains such an enduring interest of
musiciansfrom rock icons like the Beatles, Stones, David Bowie and Led Zeppelin to the more
studied industrial musicians of the 80s like Psychic TV and Coil to the many bands and
underground collectives of the modern occult revivaleven current megastars like Damon Albarn,
Die Antwoord and Aphex Twin. Magick is the science of creativity and imagination, and offers a
battery of techniques for accessing and drawing inspiration from the unconscious mind. But how to
start? In this class, we'll examine: The history of magic and art, and how magic and meditation
played a role in their craft of artists throughout history. A full range of methods for accessing the
unconscious font of inspiration, including: Astral travel and scrying, Unlocking and tapping
dream states for inspiration, How to use synchronicity and your environment for creative
breakthroughs, The incubation technique of sending requests for inspiration to your
unconscious, The lost Renaissance art of constructing Memory Palaces, as practiced by the
Hermetic tradition and used to utmost effect by modern artists like Stanley Kubrick, How to use the
Gysin/Burroughs cut-up to let the future leak through and find incredible inspiration, Developing
the discipline to hone and force your art into existence, Art as a sacred quest and sacred path,
and how to face the cold realities of the modern economy while creating And finally, and most
potently of all: Techniques for charging art with magical intent and how to use art to effect reality,
not just mirror it. You'll walk away with a full toolkit for gaining inspiration for your art, and infusing it
with otherworldly qualities inaccessible to mostthe tools to become a truly magical artist. This
course will be conducted in a live Webinar on August 8, from 10 AM 1 PM Pacific Standard Time.
You'll be able to fully participate by asking questions and helping to shape the dialogueif you can't
make that time, don't worry; the recording of the live stream will be made available to you after the
course is doneand put up on Magick.Meso you'll be able to review it whenever you like. This is

not a recording! It's a new, better version of the previous Magick and Art class we taught, and will be
of immense interest to anyone who has previously taken the course.