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City of Sioux Falls Municipal/School Board Election


Instructions to the Voter: FOR CENTRAL DISTRICT The following amendments to the
To vote for a person FILL IN the CITY COUNCIL MEMBER Sioux Falls City Charter have been
oval ( ) next to the name. Use (Four-year term; you may vote proposed by either the City’s
only a pencil or pen. If you make for one or leave it blank) Charter Revision Commission or
a mistake, give the ballot back the Sioux Falls City Council.
and get a new one. DO NOT cast
more votes than are allowed in
each race.
Instructions to the Voter:
Theresa Stehly
To vote on a ballot question,
FILL IN the oval ( ) next to
Michelle Erpenbach “Yes” or “No.” DO NOT cast
For the School District: more votes than are allowed in
James Milne each race.
(Three-year term; you may vote Michael Hemmer
for up to two or leave it blank) Charter Amendment A
Shall Section 5.04 be amended to read:
The budget shall provide a complete
Julie A. Westra financial plan of all city funds and activities
FOR SOUTHEAST DISTRICT for the ensuing fiscal year and, except as
Jenay Hallickson CITY COUNCIL MEMBER required by law or this charter, shall be in
(Four-year term; you may vote such form as the mayor deems
Kent Alberty for one or leave it blank) appropriate. The city council may require
additional information or details about the
mayor’s budget proposal. The budget shall
begin with a clear general summary of its
For the City: Ryan White contents; shall show in detail all estimated
income, indicating the proposed property
FOR MAYOR Bob Christensen tax levy, and all proposed expenditures,
(Four-year term; you may vote including debt service, for the ensuing
for one or leave it blank) Sue Aguilar fiscal year; and shall be so arranged as to
show comparative figures for actual and
estimated income and expenditures of the
Bill Peterson current fiscal year and actual income and
expenditures of the preceding two (2) fiscal
Vernon Brown years. It shall indicate in separate sections:
City Attorney’s Explanation of
J. Pat Costello
Amendment A:
Kermit L. Staggers The proposed change, as approved and
submitted by the Charter Revision
Mike Huether Commission, clarifies that the mayor will
determine the appropriate form or format of
Janoct Ajda the annual budget submission to the city
council and also specifies that city council
members may thereafter inquire and obtain
FOR AT LARGE (A) any necessary information about the
CITY COUNCIL MEMBER mayor’s budget proposal.
(Four-year term; you may vote
for one or leave it blank) Shall the City of Sioux Falls adopt
Amendment A?
Rex Rolfing
Charles Gaetze
Jesus Ramirez

Clara Hart

Clarence Kooistra


(Four-year term; you may vote
for one or leave it blank)

James Entenman

Michael Jones


City of Sioux Falls Municipal/School Board Election

Charter Amendment B Charter Amendment C

Shall Subsections (1) and (4) of Shall Subsection (c) of Section 6.01 be
Section 6.02 (b) be amended to read: amended to read:
(b) Districting commission; composition; (c) Conduct of elections. All elections
appointment; terms; vacancies; provided for by the charter shall be
compensation. conducted by the election authorities
(1) There shall be a districting commis- established by law. Candidates shall
sion consisting of five (5) members. run for office without party designation
No more than three (3) commission and shall declare whether seeking an
members may belong to the same at-large or district seat. Candidates for
political party. The city council shall district seats must reside within the
district. No person shall be eligible for
appoint five (5) members, one
elective municipal office unless a
member from each of the city’s five nominating petition is first filed.
districts. These five (5) members Nominating petitions shall conform in all
shall, with the affirmative vote of at respects to the provisions of South
least three (3) members, choose Dakota state law, except that the
one of their members who shall deadline for filing shall be no later than
serve as chairperson. 5:00 p.m. on the last Friday in February.
..... The mayoral and at-large council
candidate nominating petitions shall be
(4) In the event of a vacancy on the signed by not less than 200 registered
commission by death, resignation, voters of the city. The council district
incapacity or moving out of the district nominating petitions shall be signed by
within 30 days of his or her not less than 50 registered voters of the
appointment, the city council shall city. Council district nominating
appoint a new member enrolled in the petitions shall be signed by registered
same political party and from the voters who shall reside in the council
same city district from which his or her district thereof, and who shall be
predecessor was selected, to serve eligible to vote for the nominee. For the
the balance of the term remaining. conduct of city elections, for the
prevention of fraud in such elections,
City Attorney’s Explanation of and for the recount of ballots in cases of
Amendment B: doubt or fraud, the city council shall
The proposed change, as approved and adopt ordinances consistent with law
submitted by the Charter Revision and this charter, and the election
Commission, would require that in the authorities may adopt further
future each appointed districting regulations consistent with law and this
commission member would have his or her charter and the ordinances of the
council. Such ordinances and
home residence in a separate city council
regulations pertaining to elections shall
district in order to allow for representation be publicized in the manner of city
of each of the five (5) city council districts. ordinances generally.
In addition, Subsection 4 further clarifies
how a vacancy on the districting City Attorney’s Explanation of
commission may occur and/or be filled by Amendment C:
the city council. The proposed change, as adopted by
ordinance and thereby submitted by the
Shall the City of Sioux Falls Sioux Falls City Council, would provide that
adopt Amendment B? council candidates seeking to run for city
council district positions would no longer be
Yes required to obtain 200 registered city voter
signatures on their nominating petitions.
Instead, city council district nominating
No petitions would only be required to have at
least 50 signatures of registered city voters
residing in that respective city council
district. The proposed change is offered
since there is a smaller pool of available
registered city voters to sign nominating
petitions in each council district as
compared to that which is available to
mayoral or at-large council candidates. The
charter requirement for mayoral and
council candidates seeking to run for
at-large city council positions would remain
unchanged in requiring 200 registered city
voter signatures for their nominating

Shall the City of Sioux Falls adopt

Amendment C?