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Vocabulary Extra

Upper Intermediate 1 (Unit 1, p9: Skills)

1 Add the twelve skills to the correct columns, depending on whether they follow be, have or be able to.


1 the ability to compromiseB2

be able to

2 a good sense of balanceB2

3 well-organisedB2
4 think logicallyB2
5 good eyesightB2
6 a good listener
7 delegate
8 quick reflexes
9 focusedB2
10 physically fitB2
11 manage groupsB1
12 a lot of self-disciplineB2
2 Cover exercise 1 and complete these job descriptions.
Roofer For this job, you need
to be p
have q
. You also
need to have a very good
of b

Market analyst For this position,

you must be able to
. You need to be
and w
at all
times. You have to have a lot of
to handle a career
in this field.

Counsellor You should be

able to m
also d
when necessary. You need to
be a g
and have
the a
to c

3 a Read the job advert in a local newspaper. What kind of person is the editor looking for?

POSITION available: Staff journalist. We are looking

for enthusiastic writers with a passion for local news.
You must possess excellent writing and communication skills.

Apply: Marcus Singh, Editor

Vocabulary Extra

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Vocabulary Extra

b Read parts of three interviews Marcus does. Which expression means:

a showing great interest in something am enthusiastic (about)
b brave, not nervous
c feel similar to people and understand them
d encourage people to do or feel something
e talk and do things with people
f able to make decisions quickly and easily
g have new, imaginative ideas
h accepting the facts of a situation
i willing to help or do what people ask
j continue to do something even when its difficult
Marcus: Why do you think youre suitable for this job, Kristina?
Kristina: Well, I have a BA in English so I have very good writing skills. I also have good communication
skills because Im able to identify with peopleB2 and interact well with peopleB2. Im quite decisiveB2
and independent, yet Im also cooperativeB2 and enjoy working as part of a team.
Marcus: Youve got very good writing and communication skills, Masoud, but do you think you could
handle the pressures of daily reporting?
Masoud: Yes, Im quite realisticB2 about the pressures of the job. I have steady nervesB2 and can
handle stress well. In fact, I have a lot of determinationB2 and would do this job with total energy and
Marcus: Im impressed with your skills. Now, how do you feel about reporting on local news stories?
Alan: Im very enthusiasticB2 about it. I grew up in this town and am aware of the issues that concern
people. I know the facts behind many stories but Im also able to think creatively.B2 Actually, Id like to
be able to inspire peopleB2 to see the issues in new ways and make better and more informed choices.

4 Add the ten expressions from 3b to the correct columns in Review 1.

Vocabulary Extra

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Vocabulary Extra
Upper Intermediate 2 (Unit 6, p47: Crimes and justice)
1 Find twelve words about crimes and justice in the word puzzle. Write them in the correct spaces below.

Words go:

m m u

n m

2 Complete the short news items with: to

1 Ice Cream Van Theft

A man is accused
He was arrested






stealing an ice cream truck because he was tired of walking.

vehicle theft on Saturday and is awaiting trial.

2 A Messy Case
a month of community service after refusing
A woman has been sentenced
to clean up after her dog in a park and arguing with a police officer who stopped her.
3 Fore!
A man who drove onto a golf course to escape police is suspected
drunk at the time. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a crime that carries a fine
$1000 and could also carry a sentence
up to a month in prison.
4 Fake Game Pair Jailed
prisonB1 for two months.
A couple who sold fake computer games have gone
local law , this is a serious crime and police have been very strict about
pursuing this kind of criminal activity.

Vocabulary Extra

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Vocabulary Extra
3 Match eight new crime expressions with their definitions ah.
1 bring to justiceB2 2 break the lawB2 3 investigate a caseB2 4 be charged withB2
6 be a criminal offenceB2 7 have a criminal recordB2 8 be found guilty/innocentB2

5 appear in courtB2

a do something illegal
b examine a crime in order to discover the truth
c be judged guilty or not guilty in court
d be a crime
e police have an official record of someones crime
f catch a criminal and put them on trial
g be accused officially of a crime
h come before a judge because you are involved in a crime
4 Some lines in these news stories have one grammar or one vocabulary mistake. When you find an error,
correct it. If the line is OK, tick the space at the end of the line.

1 A man who already has a criminal record decided he

2 would return to a life of crime March. Entering a bank
3 in Pemberton, he demanded $5000 from surprised
4 bank cashier. He then rushed out of bank and down
5 the street, leaving a trail of $100 notes as he stuffed the
6 cash into her pockets. He was caught by two passersby,
7 who held him until police arrive. He was charged with
8 robbery. The man, who appeared court yesterday,
9 was found guilty and sent to prison for two year.

in March

10 Police are investigating a case theft in which two

11 teenagers broke into a mobile phone shop. In their haste,
12 they took the first phones they came across but this
13 turned out to be hollow model phones, make of cheap
14 plastic. However, police say they have broken the law
15 and must be brought to justice. Breaking into a shop
16 is criminal offence even if nothing of value is stolen.

Vocabulary Extra

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Vocabulary Extra
Upper Intermediate 3 (Unit 9, p73: Describing roles)
1 Match 18 with ah.
1 I work

a ofB2 classroom assistant at my daughters school.

2 Ive taken on the role

b ofB1 two tennis players, Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal.

3 Im a member

c for a charity called Sports Kids.

4 I play an active part

d asA1 an architect in a housing development organisation.

5 At work, I act

e inB2 local politics because I want to improve things in my area.

6 I belong

f asB2 a kind of informal team leader to ten sales people.

7 I do voluntary work

g ofA2 a band that often plays at local events like street festivals.

8 Im a supporter

h toB1 quite a nice sports club not far from my house.

2 Read the three job adverts and complete them with a suitable expression. Sometimes theres more than
one possible answer.
Assistant events co-ordinator
You will 1
assistant to the
Events Co-ordinator. You are
expected to 2
all events
held by the community centre.
Full time position. Monthly salary.

Charity shop worker

Would you like to 3
charitable organisation? Do you
want to 4
a friendly, active
team of people? Then contact us.
Positions available unpaid.

Football Coach: Kids Team

Ideally, you should 5
Greenwood Junior Football Team. We
need someone who has a strong interest
in our local team to 6
coach to
twenty children aged 12-14. Starting
immediately. Salary to be discussed.

3 Marcia, assistant general office manager in a sales firm, describes her responsibilities. Complete the
expressions with: in with to of on
a Sometimes I assist
interviews, particularly those regarding general office jobs. When someones
hired, I help out
their training a little. Afterwards, I keep an eye
them for a couple of
weeks to make sure theyre OK.
b Recently I was asked to cooperate
Human Resources more closely. I had to take charge
two inexperienced new employees, and train them one-to-one. I havent had to participate
in-depth training sessions before. It was a bit tiring, actually.
c However, I suppose Im contributing
their future careers, which is good. Still, I really look forward
to the weekends when I can be at home and devote time
my own family.

4 Test your spelling. Cover exercise 3 and complete the eight new expressions with vowels.
Write the words in the spaces.
a cntrbt t

d ssst wth

g prtcpt n

b kp n y n

e tk chrg f

h hlp t wth

c cprt wth

f dvt tm t

Vocabulary Extra

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Vocabulary Extra
Upper Intermediate 4 (Unit 11, p91: Keywords: up, down)
1 Complete the sentences with: up


a Tom, I think you need to clean



your room. Its a real mess!


b The other day, city workers came and cut


c I love it when the sun comes

in the morning. Its so cheering.


d You should have seen how fast he ran

e I think we need to tone
g Im trying to build

my papers. Ive just put them in order.

more experience by working in a supermarket at weekends.


h Could you please come

i Hey, slow

that hill. It was amazing!

the colour of the kitchen walls. Its too bright.


f Be careful not to mix


several old trees on our street.

here for a moment? I want to speak to you.

a little. Weve got plenty of time.


j The label says we have to use

this milk by the end of the week.

2 Read the clues and complete the crossword puzzle with two- or three-word expressions.

1 start (a hobby or sport)


2 eat less of (something)

3 completely stop (an activity)

4 refuse

5 end a relationship
6 start (a business)
7 come to be (somewhere)
8 shut (a business)

Vocabulary Extra

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Vocabulary Extra
3 Match 110 with aj.
1 Dont you think we should take downB2

a late, Im afraid.

2 Now that Ive lost a bit of weight,

b the computer before you left?

3 I wonder who ate up


c our email address.

4 As for these onions,

d could you chop them upB2 thoroughly, please?

5 OK, everyone, please note downB2

e the tent? We have to leave in a couple of hours.

6 Did you remember to shut downB2

f have opened upB2 in this area recently.

7 All that driving has really worn down

g all the biscuits that were here this morning.

8 Martin? Well, he tends to turn up


9 Its amazing how many businesses

h I intend to keep it down.B2

i the tyres.

4 Which verbs from 3 can go with these things?


blood pressure / heart rate / prices / taxes

a picture / party decorations / a Christmas tree

a shop / a bank / a fast food restaurant

carrots / meat / wood

a definition / a telephone number / a few ideas

Vocabulary Extra

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Vocabulary Extra
Upper Intermediate 5 (Unit 12: Health and treatments; Healthcare)
Health and treatments
1 Match the words 110 with their denitions.
1 a treatmentB2
2 a remedy

7 painkillers


3 symptoms

8 vaccinations


9 surgeryB2

4 a placebo
5 an illness

10 hypnosis


11 physiotherapy

6 antibiotics

12 acupuncture

a medicines that destroy harmful bacteria and cure infections

b a treatment in which thin needles are placed at nerve centres around the body
c something you do to try and cure an illness or injury, usually suggested by a doctor
d drugs which reduce pain
e a mental state like sleep in which your thoughts can be influenced

the signs of an illness

g a treatment in which you practise moving parts of your body

h something that makes you better when youre ill

e.g. a sugar pill

when a doctor cuts you open to repair or remove something

k a disease of the body or mind


a drug given to stop you from getting a certain disease

2 Complete the expressions in 13 with the correct word.










Unfortunately I dont have

insuranceB2 right now because Ive just moved here, but Ive applied for
it. Its quite good because it covers various
, including dental work. Also, this country has a very
efficient medical system. They treat
right away, with no waiting time. Geoff
check-ups although Im quite busy. I tend to ask my doctor a lot of questions and he
I try to have
discusses everything
withB2 me. In my grandparents day, people were never given
medical information but now were
to see our own medical records. Theyre quite interesting to
read, actually! Miki
because they help to save lives, but even though
Where I live, doctors and nurses have a high
theyre important, they have a friendly
towardsB2 their patients. Another good thing is nurses dont
have to help
with cleaning because hospitals have lots of cleaning staff. That means nurses can
focus totally on patient care. Farida

Vocabulary Extra

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Vocabulary Extra
3 Match 110 with aj.
1 Kims expectingB2
2 She plans to give birth toB2
3 My grandmother faintedB2
4 She was only unconsciousB2
5 I came down withB2
6 I even lost my voiceB2
7 Roberto had an allergic reaction toB2
8 In fact, he was lucky to get overB2
9 The doctor took an X-rayB2
10 I guess I just strainedB2
a of my back but said there was no problem with my spine.
b for a few days. It was pretty quiet around our house!
c in the heat last weekend.
d quite a bad cold last winter.
e for a few minutes but we were really worried about her.
f the baby at home, not in hospital.
g it without serious consequences.
h a muscle when I was lifting boxes last week.
i her second child in March.
j penicillin once and refuses to take it again.
4 Put the words of each sentence in the right order.
a Ive with terrible just come cold down a
b Have to allergic had ever you an reaction aspirin?
c Tim and first summer baby Rena their are expecting this
d Theyre X-ray my an going ankle of take to
e He his he cant voice has speak because lost !
f Ive leg in strained a muscle right my
g It that so almost was hot I fainted
h She Friday gave baby last to boy a birth
i I ten for was about unconscious minutes
j Mike over has got flu just the

Vocabulary Extra

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Vocabulary Extra
Upper intermediate Answer Key

3 Describing roles

1 Skills

1 1d 2a 3g 4e 5f 6h 7c 8b

1 be: 3, 6, 9, 10
have: 1, 2, 5, 8, 12
be able to: 4, 7, 11

2 1 act as / work as / take on the role of

2 play an active part in 3 do voluntary work for
4 be a member of / belong to 5 be a supporter of
6 work as / take on the role of / act as

2 Roofer physically fit, quick reflexes, good eyesight,

sense (of) balance
Market analyst think logically, focused, wellorganised, self-discipline
Counsellor manage groups, delegate, good
listener, ability (to) compromise
3 a Hes looking for enthusiastic writers with a
passion for local news, who have excellent
writing and communication skills.

3 a assist with, help out with, keep an eye on

b cooperate with, take charge of, participate in
c contributing to, devote time to
4 1 contribute to 2 keep an eye on
3 cooperate with 4 assist with 5 take charge of
6 devote time to 7 participate in 8 help out with

4 Keywords: up, down

b a am enthusiastic (about) b have steady nerves

c identify with people d inspire people
e interact well with people f am decisive
g think creatively h am realistic (about)
i am cooperative j have determination

1 a up b down c up d up/down e down

f up g up h up/down i down j up

4 be: decisive, cooperative, realistic (about),

enthusiastic (about)
have: steady nerves, determination
be able to: identify with people, interact well with
people, think creatively, inspire people

3 1e 2h 3g 4d 5c 6b 7i 8a 9f

2 Crimes and justice

1 1c 2h 3f 4i 5k 6a 7d 8l 9j 10e 11g 12b

1 accused, arrested, crime, fine, law, murder, police,

prison, sentence, stealing, suspected, theft

2 1 have health insurance; covers various

treatments; treat people
2 have regular check-ups; discusses everything
openly with; given access to; are entitled to
3 have a high status; have a friendly manner
towards; help out with

2 1 is accused of, was arrested for

2 has been sentenced to
3 is suspected of, carries a fine of, carry a
sentence of
4 gone to prison, Under local law
3 1f 2a 3b 4g 5h 6d 7e 8c
4 1 2 in March 3 a surprised 4 the bank
5 6 his 7 arrived 8 in court 9 years
10 of theft 11 12 these 13 made 14
15 16 is a

Vocabulary Extra

2 1 take upB1 2 cut down onB2 3 give upB1

4 turn downB2 5 break upB1 6 set upB1
7 end upB1 8 close downB2
4 a keep down b take down
d chop up e note down

c open up

5 Health and treatments, Healthcare

3 1i 2f 3c 4e 5d 6b 7j 8g 9a 10h
4 a Ive just come down with a terrible cold.
b Have you ever had an allergic reaction to aspirin?
c Tim and Rena are expecting their first baby this
d Theyre going to take an X-ray of my ankle.
e He cant speak because he has lost his voice!
f Ive strained a muscle in my right leg.
g It was so hot that I almost fainted.
h She gave birth to a baby boy last Friday.
i I was unconscious for about ten minutes.
j Mike has just got over the flu.

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