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Maskinfabriken IRON A/S

Monday, August 23,1999
Volume 1,Issue 1

The QT IRON Anti Heeling System (AHS)

Through the last half decade we have
seen the number of heeling pumps being
delivered by Maskinfabriken IRON A/S
increase drastically. With this unique
product Maskinfabriken IRON A/S has
managed to find a niche within the need
of the marine industry.
Co-operating with manufacturers of advanced electronically controlsystems ensures the delivery of complete system
covering everything from heeling control,
tank level gauging, stability calculations
as well as advisory assistance to Customers all over the world.
For the growing market of smaller vessels Maskinfabriken IRON A/S has , in
corporation with N.J. Elektro, developed
a less sophisticated Anti Heeling System,
the Iron-AHS and IRON-AHPS systems.
This system consist of Starter, Controlpanel, slave-control-panel (s), a Heeling-

pump, a Butterflyvalve with pneumatic actuator and position-indicator as well as

The AHPS system allows for the usage of
preset list angle.

The above Schematic drawing (which is

the mimic diagram from the master control panel) shows the operation of the
IRON-AHS system. Being equipped with
light emission diodes the panel enables
the user to evaluate the system by a

The QT story
The IRON propeller pump, known under
its type name QT, was, like many of the
products contained within the Maskinfabriken IRON A/S product-program,
developed to suit the needs of a valued
In this case the customer was the Danish
State Railways (DSB), who in 1954 was
facing problems, when designing a new
type of Railroad ferries. The problem
was that the ferry, when loading the
trains onboard, would list more than allowed in order to continue the loading

process. Consequently a simple and reliable system for overcoming this problem
was needed.
IRON, being a long time partner and supplier to DSB, was asked to investigate
the possibilities and the QT pump, a
QT400, was designed and successfully
installed onboard M/F Kong Frederik IX.
Through the Years the QT design has
been improved and the range enlarged to
meet the ever increasing demands of the
Marine Industry.

Inside this issue:

IRON AHS Elec- 2

trical Diagrams
IRON AHS Electrical Panels



QT Details
The QT-pump
comes in DN
250/300/350 and
DN 400 executions
Capacities from
150m3/h to
1800 m3/h
Wide Selection of
Simple heeling
control system

IRON AHS System Electronic components

The IRON-AHS system is electronically controlled . The electrical system consist of the following parts:
- Motor starter, suitable for reversible operation
- Master Control panel
- Slave control panel(s) - optional
- Bridge control panel (optional)
- Heeling transducer panel

System Overview Cable plan

Master Control Panel

The electric panels are manufactured using the latest microprocessor technology and high quality components.
Major components are of make Siemens or similar.
Simple Mimic Design Panel facilitates the readings.
The AHS system controls:
- Start/stop angel for heeling compensation
- Start angel for heeling alarm
- Time delay for pump start
- Manual operation
The AHS-P system supplementary allows pre-heeling control
by pre-setting of a list.
System sensitivity: 0,5 degree
Slave Control Panel
The QT News

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IRON AHS System Electronic components - Panels

Control Panel Inside view

Master Control Panel

Heeling Transducer Panel

Control Panel for Bridge Console Mounting

Volume 1,Issue 1

Motor Starter Panel inside view

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IRON AHS System Mechanical Components

Following Mechanical Parts are included in the
IRON AHS system:
- Reversible Propeller Pump Type QT.
- Butterfly valve , for mounting between flanges.
- Pneumatic Actuator mounted on Butterfly valve,
spring return (normal closed)
- Position Indicator mounted on Actuator.
- Solenoid -valve mounted on Actuator.
- Level switches (for side- or top mounting)

Reversible Propeller Pump

Single or Two-stage
Butterfly valve with Pneumatic Actuator

Level Switch, side mounted

The Mechanical Components used in the IRON AHS

system are all selected to perform under the most difficult situations.

Pneumatic Actuator

Materials and Design have been chosen to fulfil the

requirements of the Customer.

Schematic Arrangement for Anti Heeling System

The QT News

Specific types subject to change without notice

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Maskinfabriken IRON A/S

For further details and information

please contact:
Maskinfabriken IRON A/S
10, Generatorvej
DK 2730 Herlev
Phone: +45 44 91 67 88
Fax: +45 44 91 16 44

1906 was the year of the foundation of Maskinfabriken IRON

A few years later the first pump was developed. It was a wing
pump, which was a big success for years. It was installed in
the Worlds first Ocean going diesel motor vessel
M/S Selandia.
The development of the wing pump had an important influence on the companys later product programme and today
the concentration focuses almost completely on pumps.
The maritime sector, off-shore industry, power stations, district heating plants, water works, irrigation, water treatment
plants and a wide range of industrial installations are areas
in which Maskinfabriken IRON A/S is involved.

Maskinfabriken IRON A/S Key Figures:

Number of Employes : 107 (97/98)
Sales : DKK 99.7 mio. (97/98)
Result: DKK + 2.4 mio. (97/98)
Pumps produced : Approx. 2,450 (97/98)
Owners : The IRON Foundation
Share Capital: DKK 5.5 Mio.

Maskinfabriken IRON A/S Dealership . :

See List of Agent

Maskinfabriken IRON A/S

Volume 1, Issue 1

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