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Website: www.barusahib.


Baru Sahib: International Non Profit Organization

The Kalgidhar Society Baru Sahib is charitable organization and is dedicated for social transformation.
We are an international nonprofit organizationwith presence in India and abroad. We have established
129 schools covering 6450 villages. Besides this we have offices in United States, Canada and United
Our society is the first Sikh organizationto dedicate itself to cause of social upliftment. We are also the
leading Sikh organization for education.
We intend to be the Gurukul of modern India and dream to build 500 low-cost English Medium schools
by 2020. We are putting earnest effort in promoting moral based quality education for underprivileged
rural masses in far-flung rural areas of North India.
When we established Eternal University it was the natural step forward at Baru Sahib, in rural area, and
it carries the mission of service to humanity to the next level.
With these three colleges we have become the educational organization which continues to change
lives of students and prepare them for modern India.
The objectives of the university are to disseminate, create and advance knowledge, wisdom and
understanding, and to offer education of the highest standards by teaching, research, training and
extension programs.
The Society has established an International Center for Comparative Religious Studies as a part of Guru
Kanshi AKAL UNIVERSITY with special emphasis on the Teachings of Guru Granth Sahib and establishing
centers to translate Guru Granth Sahib in original ragas in different languages of the world.
We are also the leading healthcare nonprofit organizations Foundations in India.We have established
hospital to provide free of cost healthcare facilities to underprivileged rural and hilly people, virtually at
their doorsteps. Our intention is to set up Center for healthcare & Medical Research under the umbrella
of Guru Ki Kashi (Akal University).
Our rehabilitation center is established with the mission of curbing the evil of Drugs and Alcohol from
Punjab and North India.

Our contribution towards society is visible by the fact that we have established home for widows and
destitute, senior citizen homes, orphanage, and contributed significantly for rural economic upliftment.
Hence when it comes to transforming the society we are the front-running Sikh organization with focus
on education and health.
We believe in working for underprivileged complete dedication and we invite all companies from small
businesses to large corporations to partner with our programs to help make a difference by donating
with an open heart. As a leading international nonprofit organization,these contributions and
donations provide the value based education to the rural underprivileged and other humanitarian
services to the people we serve.
Address F-3, Rajouri garden, New Delhi 110027
Phone Number 91 1142434229