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16; LONDON AUGUST 22, 1973

Prabhupada explains about sat and asat. Sat means something which is permanent and asat
means temporary. He gives the analogy of sky and the clouds. Clouds come and go, they cause
rainfall and leads to new vegetation, crops, fruits and vegetables, but everything vanishes over a
period of time, whereas sky is permanent.
So the material world is present it is not false, but it is temporary. Mayavadis claim that this
world is false. if everything emnates from the Supreme truth , how it can be false, it has to be
temporary. We have to come to the platform of sat, that should our consciousness.
Lord Krishna is not speaking something nonsense. Great personalities like Madhavacharya,
Ramunajacharya have stressed upon the importance of Bhagavat Gita.
Prabhupada further explains about importance of Vyasaasana, person sitting on Vyasaasana is the
representative of Vyasa Deva. Just as the high court judge is the representative of the executive,
he should be respected.
India was materially rich about 500 years ago, because there were plenty of jewels, gold, silk and
butter, but still people were enquiring about sat, how to overcome this entanglement of three
modes of material nature, how to become immortal and perfect his life.
Even if we live for billions of years, still we have to die, this material body is temporary. We
need to think that as we are soul we existed in the past, we exist now and we will exist in the
future. This life is not meant for sense enjoyment but to elevate ourselves to spiritual life.
Just like diseased men we are suffering due to our entanglement with the three modes of material
nature. Self: just as one is bound by chains one by gold, silver or iron, still he is bound. He is not
free; similarly even if we are in the mode of goodness we are entangled.
The more we enlighten the value of life the more we become liberated. The more we become
liberated the more we progress spiritually.
We must rise early in the morning, by 2 o clock, not in the afternoon but in the morning. The
more we sleep, the more we enjoy, that is our conception, as of Sunyawadis, no activity. This is
not life. We must be active not in sense gratification but in Krishna consciousness.
Material sense gratification is simply a waste of time and hard labor. Prabhupada discusses the
nine kinds of services, the more we are engaged, the more we become elevated, and the more we
are engaged in sense gratification the more we become degraded.
There are two kinds of prakriti, para and apara. Para is spiritual whereas apara is material or
inferior energy. We must endeavor for para prakriti not apara. Para is the real life.

Prabhupada gives special emphasis on tattvatah. It means the absolute truth. Those who knows
this absolute truth are called tattva. It is sometimes called as Brahman, sometimes Parmatama
and Bhagavan. The last word is Bhagavan. Even great personalities like Vyasa Deva wrote Sri
Bhagavan Uvvaca, to emphasize the importance that these are spoken by the Supreme
Personality of Godhead. He is simply writing it. Self: We must learn a lesson that we should not
concoct our own philosophy, not what we understand or what we think, but what Bhagavan is
saying and what our previous Acharyas convey the message. No speculation. The authority is
Lord Krishna himself or his representatives not me.
Minds business is to accept something and reject it later. We should not make mind our
authority. We can think but under the authority, that is tattva. The last word of tattva is