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The nursing profession interesting and challenging

Who are nurses?

They are the hospital staff whose specialized tasks are to care and support patients to do daily
activities. They support and provide care services which contribute to the recovery and health
Nurses have to care for patients both physically (health, pathology) and mentally under the
instructions and specific requirements of the doctors. A nurse at the same time often takes
responsible of caring for different patients. Depending on the conditions of each hospital, the
volume and content of the work for nurses is different. After the internship time, the nurses also
have to participate in training courses at work, learn and update knowledge about a particular
The nurses are under management and administration of direct guidance from the dean and head
nurse. They also perform the professional requirements of the doctors.

Main tasks of nurses

The nurses are divided into two different levels depending on the degree of training of each
person, including:
Intermediate Nurse
They are the main nurses carrying out the basic tasks such as planning; doing care services;
emergency aiding
Senior Nurse (Bachelor)
Performing complex care techniques; training; managing and using medical facilities in
Each nurse has different tasks, depending on the work environment and the specific patient.
However, in general, their main job per shift usually consists of:
Subscribe to the problems of pathological body, accomplish the request such as medicines,
injections, bringing patients to get tested...

Nurses have to care for patients from physical side (guiding diet, rest, exercise during the
hospitalization, essential demands...) to mental side (encourage, console, talk with patients...)
Including shift work handover as well as admission - discharge procedures for patients such as
insurance approval, guidance for departments or hospital fees payment...
The workload of a nurse requires that they should be able to:
Working independent
Make sure of caring for patient within the scope of their knowledge by actively meeting the
needs of the patient (from the essential demands such as rest, personal hygiene to higher
demands such as participating in some entertainment activities,...)
Following medical treatment ordered by the doctor
Make sure that the medication and other interventions for patients are adequately performed. The
nurse is considered a collaborator with doctors, unlike the limited notion that the nurse is just an
assistant of doctors. It cannot be denied that the lack of nurses in any hospitals will cause many
serious troubles.
Career opportunities
The nurses after basic training can do different types of work related to health care services. In
addition to working in hospitals, clinics, they can take care of patients at home; propagandize of
disease prevention and health education in the administrative units, medical institutions;
scientific research on nursing. If highly qualified and experienced, they are even able to
participate in training courses on the nursing profession... Besides, the nursing profession are
currently concerned by the developed countries such as Taiwan, Japan, Singapore... You can
work in hospitals, nursing homes, home care... in these countries.