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local newspaper

For Five Consecutive Years

St. peter Baptist Catholic
Mass Media awards

vol. XXiii, no. 9

reGional eXponent for proGress

bicol, the philippines

december 13-19, 2015

Celebrate Christmas
safely - bmC director


NAGA CITY --- The hospital director of the Bicol Medical Center(BMC)
based here underscored anew the need to be safe this Christmas by avoiding dangerous firecrackers to celebrate the season.

Use instead the torotot to

make noise. Lets cultivate a
culture of safety, Dr. Marla
Litam said during a brief
press conference over the
weekend at her office.
While noting the drop in
the number of injuries caused
by firecrackers, Litam said
there is still a need to inform
the public about the dangers
of firecrackers, as evidenced
by a recent case of a boy in
Oas, Albay. (see separate
Litam said the Department
of Health, along with the Department of Interior and Local Government, the Depart-



Naga to honor best

performing barangays

NAGA CITY --- Pursuant to Ordinance No. 2014008, this city government will award outstanding barangays that have excelled in their performance as
legislators and have fostered transparence, good governance and have encouraged participation from its
City Vice-Mayor Nelson Legacion, during the press
conference held yesterday at Caf Frederico here stated
that the awards is meant to empower the barangays and
encourage them to continue pursuing innovative programs
for their constituents. The awarding will be on December
14, Monday.

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Top officials of the Bicol Medical Center led by Dr. Marla Litam appealed for the help of the
local media in disseminating its campaign to against dangerous firecrackers and keeping safe
on the road this Christmas season.

Boy, 11, injured in firecracker explosion

Legazpi City -- A top official of the Philippine National Police Bicol regional office
on Wednesday has issued a stern warning to all who never learn their lessons on
firecrackers after an 11-year-old is now
in critical condition due to firecracker injury.
Police Chief Supt. Agusuto M. Marquez

Jr., Bicol police regional director, disclosed

a report coming to his office said an 11-yearold boy is now in critical condition after the
unconsumed firecracker powder that he had
gathered after a fireworks display on Tuesday afternoon at Centro Poblacion, Oas,
Albay, particularly in front of Oas Parish
Church, exploded.
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5th District rinconada Congressman Salvio Sal Fortuno thanked his supporters and
constituents of brgy. balaogan, bula, CamSur where former Punong barangay Freddie
Dondon Francisco Jr. and organization president Myrna Francisco Guaves also thanked him
with a Certificate of Appreciation.

3rd floor, GerONiMO blDG., bArliN sT., NAGA CiTY Tel: (054) 475-62-62 CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766


bikol reporter

In the Jubilee
Year of Mercy
Last December 9, Manila Archbishop
Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle opened
the Holy Door of the Manila Cathedral
signaling the start of the Jubilee Year of
Mercy of the Catholic Church.
The Jubilee Year of Mercy is a special
period declared by Pope Francis which
began last December 8 and will end on
November 20 next year.
During this
period, Catholics are encouraged to do
more acts of mercy.
Among the acts of mercy raised by
Cardinal Tagle is respect, as he urged
the end to the exploitation and rape of
women and children.
His call is particularly resonant in the
recent revelation made by Camarines Sur
Provincial Police OIC- Provincial Director
SSupt. Walfredo Pornillos.
During the launch of the PNPs Oplan
Lambat Sibat campaign last month,
Pornillos expressed concern over the
disturbing number of incestuous rape
cases in Camarines Sur which reached
233 in October this year.
Certainly, 233 is more than just a
number. They are human beings whose
dreams perhaps, are now shattered to
Certainly, any right-thinking human
being should not only express anger
over this bestiality, but should also do
something concrete.
For us in the media for instance,
perhaps, we should extend and stretch
the 18-Day Campaign to End Violence
Against Women (which started last
November 25 and ended December 12),
to a year.
Every day, we should pound on the
consciousness of everyone, through our
news on air and on print, that there are
laws which protect women from all these
unnecessary violence.
Yes, we should pray for mercy and pray
that we will not eventually want of it.


Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

ed g. yu


Lee G. Dullesco II

Head, Advertising Associates


december 13-19, 2015

Campaigning Via Surveys

(Atty. APA chairs Acyatan &
Co., CPAs-DFK International is
past chair of ASEAN Federation of
CPAs, PICPA past president and
Hall-of-Famer, and ACPAPP Lifetime
Achievement Awardee).
MIND-SETTING: There should
be a law regulating the conduct of
and free release of political survey
results. Firstly, there must be strict
guidelines on how the surveys
are to be conducted, including the
type and manner of preparing the
questionnaires. These must not be
tilted to generate answers in favor
of the survey sponsors. Thus, the
survey firms must be required to
declare the name or the group which
commissioned the survey.
Just like the warning required by the
FDA in the sale of food supplements
(that there are no proven therapeutic
guarantees) release of survey results
must contain the same caveat. This
way the readers of surveys results
will be alerted on the potential sway
and bias of the release. The socalled margin of error can be logically
minimized if the minimum number of
respondents for every survey can be
required by regulation. The areas
where the surveys are undertaken
must also be revealed.
SCAMS: The Philippine Stock
Exchange, Inc. (PSE) advises the
public to exercise caution in dealing
with individuals who are not licensed
to solicit funds for stock market
investments. Reports of unscrupulous
practices perpetuated by scam
agents indicated that losses to stock
market investors are aplenty.
These practices do not only cheat
victims of their money but also
unduly stain the reputation of the
stock market especially among
retail investors.

The PSE reminds stock investors
to open their own account with PSEaccredited brokerage firms and
to transact only with said chosen
brokerage firm. SEC is also asking
the public to be wary of investment
solicitations offering share prices at
discounted prices. These schemes
may include supposed employee
stock option plans. While these may
be offered at discounted prices, the
PSE must first approve them and
provided distribution is confined to
company employees.
your money always!
One of the
most popular legal innovations in
contracting is the inclusion of an
arbitration provision (before engaging
in court litigation). Amid the growing
number of companies seeking
agencies, there is now a call for
the Philippine government and the
private sector to further scrutinize the
contracts being signed between them
to avoid conflicts that may eventually
lead to legal issues and finally court
arbitration cases against the
government could negate the flow
of foreign direct investments (FDI)
in the country, they also believe that

arbitration is a practical way for

companies to settle disputes. The
Intl Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
said companies are now seeking
arbitration from an international
court to settle disputes with
government. They include the rate
adjustment case of Maynilad and
Manila Water Co. vs. MWSS and
the P53B tax case between Shell
Philippines and COA.
world is now aware of the
adversities involving environmental
degradation caused by human
abuses against nature. During the
recent world confab in Paris Pres.
P-Noy presented the Philippine
Businesses were
urged to help communities to adapt
to climate change. From Filipino
coconut growers whose trees were
wiped out by Typhoon Yolanda
to palm oil prices squeezed by El
Nio-linked droughts, consumer
products are being affected by the
In the Philippines, industrial
giant Unilever has provided
storm-hit communities with new
tree seedlings. In Tanzania, the
multinational company is restoring
degraded land and supplying
higher-yielding tea plants to
growers, as well as setting up a
factory to buy excess production
that are thrown away. Currently,
there are excess banana harvests
in Mindanao and in some areas
in Luzon-Visayas. Government
must find ways to deal with surplus
harvests to insure continuing future
WISDOM: When truth becomes
uncomfortable to hear
inconvenient to bear, brute power
is resorted to!

No need for Death Squads like those

of Davao City, Death Penalty Law better
Its Christmas time, a time to
greet and honor Jesus Christ, our
Redeemer whose birthday falls on
December 25. Lets thank Him for
our loves and for the blessings he
has given us. I thank God for the
second life He gave me and for my
family and friends, my relatives,
my in-laws, doctors, nurses. I was
hospitalized for one week and now
I am back.
The birth of Jesus has made the
Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of
God and St. Joseph as his foster
father. Let us emulate their love,
care and respect for each other. I
have experienced the blessings of
having a family especially as sick
Mama. Lets thank God for our
family. Merry Christmas to all.
We do not need death squads like
those of Davao City that is linked to
Duterte in order to eradicate illegal
drugs in the country.
During the presidency of
Ferdinand E. Marcos, illegal drugs
was nil. It was not a great menace.

nenita fuentebella-peones
Why? Because there was Death
Penalty The big drug Lord at that
time was Lim Seng and he was
sentenced to death by firing squad.
Since then, drug Lords especially
those from abroad were afraid
to bring their drug trade to the
We only need to pass a law
imposing the death penalty on
those who violate the Anti-Illegal
Drugs Law.
It is true we have the 5th
Commandment of God Thou shalt
not kill. But God did not say we

cannot kill to defend ourselves.

The law I am thinking is a
protection or defense against the
consequences of the availability
and use of illegal drugs in the
country like the crimes committed
by drug addicts.
God will judge us on a case to
case basis. I believe Gods justice
will understand and will consider
this idea of a death penalty no as
a form of disobedience to Him but
only as a kind of self-defense and
to discourage illegal drug trade in
the country.
This is just thinking aloud
with this idea. It is better than
summary executions that are
happening and have happened in
Davao City without due process of
law as reported in the media.
Judgment should be made by
the court and not by anybody
else. Dutertes Dirty Harry Style
is not the right way to eradicate
criminality as it is not the legal
process. As the saying goes: The
end does not justify means.

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december 13-19, 2015

bikol reporter

bikol reporter

tip of an
homar murillo



Saro sa mga patok alagad medyo gasgas nang mga tema kan
pelikulang aksyon sa Pilipinas iyo an vigilantismo kun saen an
bidang aktor na arog ki Fernando Poe, Jr. o Lito Lapid naitutulod
na magin vigilante ta kaipuhan nindang magbalos sa mga nangabuso sainda o sa saindang mga padangat sa buhay.
Kadakli sa mga pelikulang ini nagpapahiling nin sarong
klaseng hustisya na iyo sa paagi nin venganza. Halimbawa ngaya
si agom, aki o magurang kan bida ginadan kan sarong grupo
nin mga kriminal tapos hahanapon kan bida si mga kagibo kan
krimen para magbalos. Makikilaban si bida sa mga kontrabida
(kaibanan na syempre si mga cheesy dialogues)sa paagi nin
suntukan saka badilan. Ugwa pang mga lamagan nin sasakyan
(kabayo, motorsiklo, kotse o helicopter) asin special effects na
pasabog. Sa kinatapos-taposi kan pelikula magagadan si mga
kontrabida pero minsan nagagadan man si bida sa huri.
Sa arog kaining tema nin pelikulang aksyon nagsikat asin
pinadangat si FPJ kan masa. Nabansagan pa ngani syang
action king kan pelikulang Pilipino. Minirar na bayani si
FPJ saka kadikit pa nganing mangana bilang presidente kan
Pilipinas. An papel sa peikula ni FPJ asin kan iba pang sikat na
aktor sa pelikulang aksyon garo minasalming kan kolektibong
kapahaan kan masa sa hustisya.
Minasimpatya an dakol na tawo sa mga vigelanteng bida sa
pelikula. Garo baga sinasabing inaako o akseptado kan mga
Pilipino an arog kaining klase nin paghanap nin hustisya. Siguro
ining klaseng mentalidad kan dakol na Pilipino an pinaka dahilan
kun tano ta matonog na marhay an pangaran ni Mayor Rodrigo
Duterte na posibleng magin sunod na presidente kan satong
Arog kan mga bida sa mga pelikulang aksyon dakol
kontradiksyon sa pagkatawo ni Mayor Duterte. Ini mga
kontradiksyon na garo mas nagparani sa saiya sa boot kan dakol
na botante. Inot iyo an pagigin matagas asin maisog nya laban
daa sa mga kriminal na ginaradan kan Davao Death Squad.
Aminado ngani si Mayor Duterte na dakol na daa syan nagadan
na mga kriminal. Inihahambog nya pa ngani na pwedeng magabot daa sa 1,700 na kriminal na an nagadan o naipagadan nya
sa Davao.
Minahanga man ngani an kadaklan ta garo man nangad
epektibo an kamot na batbat sa Davao ta matuninong daa saka
mauswag an syudad.Iniyong pagkakaigwa nin brutal na imahe
ni Duterte garo kabaliktaran daa kan pagigin malumoy an puso
sa mga pobre asin sa mga biktima nin kalamidad. Minsan ngani
naipahiling pa sa TV na napaluha si Duterte kan nagbisita sa
mga nagin biktima kan bagyong Yolanda.
An pangaduwang kontradiksyon sa pagkatawo ni Duterte na
nagustuhan sa saiya kan mga botante iyo an pagigin magaspang
nya sa pagtaram na kadalasan ugwang kaibang muda. Ini sa
balyo kan pagkakaugwa nya nin halangkaw na pinag-adalan
bilang sarong abogado. Dae man sya mahilig magtaram ni
Ingles asin nataram sya sa natural na ponto (accent). Mayong
duda na intilehenteng tawo si Duterte dawa garo pang istambay
sa kanto kun sya magtaram sa publiko.
An pangatulong kontradiksyon sa personalidad ni Duterte
na mas nagparani sa saiya sa boot kan mga botante iyo an
saiyang kawawaran daa nin ambisyon na magin presidente.
Itong garo napipiritan lang ta dakol nanganagpudan asin
nagtutulod sa saiya para magkandidato. Urong-sulong ngani
baga dati sa desisyon nya. Kun baga garo sarong bidang action
star sa pelikula na pahuri-huri asin padaog-daog na muna bago
minabanat nin toda.
Arog kan sarong bida sa pelikulang aksyon, hinuhuna kan
mga botante na tunay na bayani si Duterte na garo messiah
na masalbar sa nasyon. Alagad pano man maipapasunod nin
tultol an leyes kan sarong vigilante na dae nganing galang sa
bill of rights kan satonng konstitusyon asin dae man tataong
magsunod o nagtutubod sa due process?
Dakula an pinagkaiba kan vigilanteng bida sa pelikula asin
an sarong aminadong vigilante sa totoong buhay. An paragadan
na vigilante sa totoong buhay saro man na kriminal. Baka an
hinuhuna tang solusyon mas magpalala pa lugod kan problema
kan satong nasyon. Dae ta kaipuhan an klase nin vigilantismo
na minatumak sa satong leyes asin sibilisadong sistema nin
Kun arog man lang kaini an mangyayari sa nasyon ta, mas
marhay pang suluon na lang an konstitusyon asin mga law
books. Ipasara na an kongreso asin papaghadion ta na lang
an leyes kan kadlagan na nakasarig sa takot asin huma nin


Malilipot na Kaso
Ini an literal kong dakitaramon
kan cold cases, na diskripsyon
ni PNP Bicol Police Chieft Supt.
August Marquez Jr., sa mga
kasong nanririlipot na asin dai
Kabali sa mga kasong ini iyo an
paggadan kan lider estudyante kan
Bicol University na si Cris Hugo, an
saro pang estudyante na si Laesybil
Almonacid, an mga brodkaster na si
Anjo Julia asin si Romeo Olea.
Nagsugo si Marquez na kutkuton
liwat an mga kaso nganing
maresolberan na.
Marhay na
pamasko ini sato sa media asin sa
mga progresibong sector.
May isinurat akong rawit-dawit
kadto para ki Hugo, mantang si Olea
saro man kan mga amigo kong tagamedia sa Iriga.
Kapyestahan na gayo ni San
Antonio sa Iriga kan patoninongon
si Olea mantang pasiring sa saiyang
trabaho sa dwEB-FM sa Nabua. Si

Vidal P. Castillo, Elmer S.

Baldemoro and Esteban Greg
R. Abonal III.
Generally, our objective
here is to make our barangay
legislators much better and
to effect positive changes in
their respective barangays
thru the enactment of baran-

frank peones jr.
San Antonio pigtutubodan na patron
nin mga nawawarang bagay. Alagad,
abot ngonyan dai pa nakukua an
responsable sa saiyang kagadanan.
Tolo lang sa hiling ko an posibleng
rason kun tano pinatoninong siya.
An saro, huli sa mensahe niya sa
radyo. Kun may naligis siya huli
kan mensahe niya, halangkaw an
rason na an naligis niya an magisip
nin siring. An ika-duwa, iyo an kun
may naaaraman siyang malaag sa

delikado sa mga inbwelto digdi.

Kaya mayong ibang rekurso an
mga inbwelto na patoninongon na
lang siya. Sabi ngani, dead men
tell no tales.
An ika-tolo, iyo an personal na
rason na siring sa sarong parte
kan Johari Window, dai ta aram.
Sabi kan mga Tsino, an
paglakaw sa rinibong lakdang
na pagbaklay, minapoon sa enot
na lakdang. Nagtao na si Supt.
Marquez kan enot na lakdang.
Tibaad dai naman mag-abot nin
rinibong taon an mga kaso ninda
Hugo, Almonacid, Julia asin Olea.
Magbasa an mga imbestigador kan
mga istorya ni Sherlock Holmes
o magin si Inspector Closseau.
Katubuan, an saindang enot na
lakdang iyo an pasabong.
Ay ta tibaad dai man sinda
malubong na lang bilang mga
estadistika nin malilipot na kaso.

Ni: Jose Benosa Avila

Mayo na nin laog an sadit na bagasan

Pinasa na an alkansiyahan
Dai na ki pamplete an mga tugang pa-eskuwelahan
Mainit na tubig na sana an pamahawan
Maluwas malakaw-lakaw para makapangutang
Alagad an mga amigo asin sadiring tawo dai masoblean
Dai na maisihan kun sain maduman
Tinitios na sana an gutom asin kapagalan
Dati na man na nasasakitan maski kaito
Alagad nakakaraos man maski papano
Urog pang nagsakit kan matangkas sa trabaho
Mayo nang malaugan maski pa kwalipikado

Mayo nang nagkokompiyansang magpautang

Ta dudang sinda sakuyang mababayadan
Urog pang an mga pangangaipo nagdudugang
Dai nang nahahagadan nin tabang
Kan may trabaho pa, dakol an amiga asin amigo
Kan mayo na, anas na nagtatarago
Kadaklan takot na mautangan o mahagadan tabang
Dawa na dati man nindang pinakinabangan
Sa arog kaining pangyayari, dakol an nagsasapo
Mayo nin kakanon, mayo pa nin sentabo
Nagdadanay sa katikapuhan na dai man ginusto
Mga biktima pa kan urihon na panahon asin tawo.


in cooperation with NAGA CITY GOVERNMENT & DWNX

Alalayan Agila sa Pasko

December 20, 2015 (Sunday) @ 8:30 AM
Philippine Eagles Park, Panganiban Drive, Naga City

Ipadagos ta ang
marhay nindang gibo
asin pagtabang sa


sa PASKO 2015

Bicol Unied Eagles Club
Sarong Bangui Eagles Club
Naga City Eagles Club
Metro Naga Eagles Club
Isarog Eagles Club
Caceres Eagles Club
Uswag Riders Eagles Club
Metro Naga Lady Eagles Club
PNP Hotline Movement Eagles Club
PhilSky Eagles Club
Cam. Sur Phil. Army Reservist Assn., EC
Saver Sipocot - Sipocot, EC
NEWACS Pili Eagles Club
Kabalikat Civicom EC (Iriga City)
BFARPCIL 1st District CS, EC
BFARPCIL 2nd District CS, EC
BFARPCIL 3rd District CS, EC
BFARPCIL 4th District CS, EC
BFARPCIL 5th District CS, EC
Ateneo Sarong Bangui Jr. Eagles Club
Uswag Jr. Eagles Club (Ateneo Campus)
Naga City Science HS Jr. EC (Naga City)
USANT Jr. Eagles Club (Iriga City)
La Consolacion College Jr. EC (Iriga City)
Malawag Natl HS Jr. EC (Nabua, CS)
Partido State University Jr. EC (Goa, CS)
Colegio Del Santisimo Rosario Jr. EC (Lib., CS)

Naga to honor best performing barangays . . .

The city ordinance, otherwise known as an Ordinance
Promoting Good Governance
Practices at the Barangays of
Naga City, Establishing the
Empowerment and Advancement of Barangays on Local
Legislation (ENABLE) Program was authored by Hons.

december 13-19, 2015

gay legislations, either in the

form of a resolution or ordinances, preferably, which are
considered landmark legislations because these are supposed to have positive and
long lasting effect in the lives
of the residents in the barangay, Legacion added.

December 20, 2015 (Sunday) @ 12:00 Noon

Naga City Montessori School, Mayon Ave., Naga City

Tunay Akong Agila, Ika?



Kuya & Ate LINO C. CHAN
Kuya & Ate ELMER C. AURE
Mr. & Mrs. NIEL M. MARTINEZ (Asia Brewery)

Barangay Councils will

be adjudged based on their
efficiency, particularly in the
filing of their journals and
resolutions, submission of
documentary assessments and
giving its corresponding ranking and evaluation. Tasked
to check on these details are
members of the Sangguniang
Barangay Awards Committee

w/ Free Christmas Pa-Rafe

headed by Rene Gumba.

Winning barangays will
receive a plaque of appreciation and Php 1Million, Php750,000.00 and
Php500,000.00 worth of
projects for the 1st, 2nd
and 3rd place, respectively.
This acknowledgment is
in continuance of the good

name that the City of Naga

has earned for the past decades especially in terms of
transparency and accountability. This program is also
the result of the institutionalization of the various innovative programs of the city that
raised the standard of leadership down to its smallest

december 13-19, 2015

bikol reporter

Legazpi's migration, development program cited

By Emmanuel P. Solis

LEGAZPI CITY -- After a three-phase training

conducted by the Joint Migration and Development
Initiative (JMDI) and participated in by local government units in Bicol, the
JMDI has chosen the City
Government of Legazpi as
one of the best performing
cities in the entire Bicol region.
The measures of selection
are migration and development in local governance,
Mayor Noel Rosal said in an
interview Wednesday.
Rosal said the training focused on the mainstreaming
migration and development
(M&D) plans as well as building and strengthening local
M&D institutions and developing, implementing and sus-

taining M&D services.

The JMDI is an inter-agency initiative implemented by
the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in
collaboration with the International Training Center-International Labor Organization
and International Organization for Migration (IOM).
It aims to maximize the
potential of migration for local development through local authorities and non-state
actors by upscaling locallyled M&D initiatives through
financial and technical assistance and capacity building.
Rosal said Bicol University and the Social Action
Center have already organized
an Overseas Filipino Workers
(OFW) Family Association to
include them in a representa-

tion to the citys local development planning.

The city already has a desk
for OFW families and other
information campaign to prevent city workers from illegal
recruitment and other forms
of human trafficking.
"We will also localize the
Balikbayan website to pave
the way for information needed by the migrant families,"
Rosal said.

He said his office has

conducted training for OFW
families regarding financial
literacy, capacity building and
The city chief executive
disclosed that his administration will hold an entrepreneurial skills training and
implement a pre-migration
orientation seminar for those
who are interested to work
abroad in order for them to

make themselves ready for

any job opportunities.
Rosal said this will familiarize themselves with the
culture of other nationalities
in order to prevent any culture
The City Government of
Legazpi and the Department
of Education will also implement a school-based program
for the children of migrants to
inform them of the situation of

workers in other countries and

educate them on how to spend
their money properly.
He said his administration,
together with the Department
of Labor and Employment
and the National Reintegration Center for OFWs, will
implement the reintegration
program for displace OFW
by providing them a jobs and
other forms of livelihood activities.

Kamundagan Festival kicks off Yuletide season

NAGA CITY Hundreds
of city residents joined the
spectacle of the Kamundagan Festival here, unfolding a parade of lights from
non-traditional array of
Christmas parols made by
barangay officials from the
citys 27 villages and the
light switching of a 40-feet
Christmas tree at the Plaza
Quezon, which officialy

started the celebration of

the Yuletide Season in this
The Kamundagan a
Bicol word, which means
birth is annually celebrated
on Christmas to commemorate the citys inauguration, as
independent city.
Naga City Mayor John
Bongat and the Mayors wife,
Farah Bongat, Vice Mayor

Nelson Legacion, city councilors Gabriel Bordado and

other Sangguniang Panlungsod members led the lighting
of Christmas decors at the
Plaza Quezon, the highlight of
the Kamundagan Festival
staged in this city.
During talks with local newsmen, Mrs. Bongat,
who heads the committee on
(Turn to page 6)

december 13-19, 2015

bikol reporter

Joint launching of Oplan Lambat Sibat by CSPPO and PRO5

Camp Gen. Simeon A.
Ola, Legazpi City The Police Regional Office here invited some members of the
tri-media from Camarines
Norte, Albay, Catanduanes,
Sorsogon, Masbate, Camarines Sur and Naga City for
the launching and briefing of
PRO5s increasing crime
rate situation is already treated
by drilling down whats working, whats not and I wish approach on its anti crime campaign. From the traditional
status quo approach of Bara-Bara (Ad Hoc), KanyaKanya (Silos), and NingasCogon (Sporadic), the PNPs
anti crime campaign shifted to
The PNP, through the leadership of the SILG, started to
respond to the crime situation
in the country. This Pagbabago approach was put into
action through the integrated
Police Anti Crime Campaign
which launched a Deliberate,
Programmatic and Sustained
(DPS) approach with OPLAN
campaign had its first pilot test
in the National Capital Region
since it has a highest population
and biggest economic activity,
which transcends to a higher
crime rate compared to other
regions. The PNP also tested
this campaign in Region 3 and
Region 4A wherein at the presentation conducted by PSupt.
Jonathan O. Panganiban, OICROPD shows a great decline
on the number of crime rates
listed. It also shows that from
December 30, 2014 to August

2, 2015, the crime volumes

were reduced from 18% to
40%. PSupt. Panganiban also
says that they will implement
this campaign on Region 4B,
Region 5 and Region 13.
wide dragnet across the metropolis combined with HINDI PATSAMBA Operations
such as increased in CHECKPOINTS in those considered as
chokepoint or crime hotspot,
MOBILE PATROL within the
designated land based conveyance, BEAT/FOOT PATROLS
within the designated beat on
conduct saturation drive at the
Barangays especially in those
crime prone places, OPLAN
BAKAL/SITA on persons at
bar joints and/or areas considered crime prone or hotspots,
ARREST WARRANTS in targeting criminal suspects, gangs
and syndicates listed in the
PNP Watch List, OPLAN KATOK for physical verification
and accounting of registered
firearms through house visitation, OPLAN GALUGAD is
to conduct a saturation drive
at critical areas or place where
activities like illegal drug
pushing, illegal gambling and
other street crimes are rampant,
The PNP uses the term
LAMBAT to symbolize the
anti-crime strategies implemented within a particular area
or community with the purpose
of preventing and reducing


crime rates.
OPLAN SIBAT is an action
Intel-driven target focused on
arresting Most Wanted Persons
(MWPs). Oplan Lambat Sibat
also addresses murder, rape,
homicide, robbery, theft and
carnapping incidents. With the
mentioned campaign, the PNP
can now address the surging
crimes and generate more citizens information and cooperation.
The PNP uses the term SIBAT to symbolize the targeting
of a particular wanted criminal
or specific person of interest.
At the forum, PSSupt. Marlon Tejada, Chief, CIDG5 had
a presentation on cold cases
wherein he explains that these
numerous cases are those who
were not solved with in a period of six (6) months. This
is due to some reasons that
some of the cases are politically motivated. He also shares
that Masbate province has the
biggest number of cold cases.
He also mentioned that he focus on the Campaign against
Most Wanted Person, Campaign against criminal persons, Campaign against illegal
Drugs, Campaign against loose
firearms and private armed
groups. PSSupt. Jacinto Culver
N. Sison, OIC RCDS/Chief,
RIDMD made a presentation
on the comparative crime data
and situation report and PSupt.
Edwin DL. Portento, OIC
RID also made a presentation on the accomplishments
of Most Wanted Persons with
comparative reports.
PCInsp. Nannie Precy Alcala made the presentation for
criminality situation in Bicol

Members of the Guy Jesters International Fraternity recently met to light its marker at the
city park marking the onset of the Christmas season in Iriga. Founded in 1952, the group is
currently headed by businessman Froilan Abonite and counts former CBSUA president Atty.
Marito Bernales, Bikol Reporter editor Frank Peones Jr., and artist Al Oliva as members.

oplan lambat sibat

Second from Left: PSSupt. Lito Petillano Deputy Chief Regional Director, PRO5, PCSupt
Augusto M. Marquez Jr. Acting Regional Director of PRO5 gave his short briefing and inputs
on the launching of OPLAN LAMBAT SIBAT held at Police Regional Office 5, Camp Gen. Simeon A.
Ola, Legazpi City last November 26, 2015. At far right is PSSupt. Marlon Tejada Chief, CIDG5.

Region wherein it shows that

there is a bit increase of 5%
in Naga City for the crime
volumes from Jan-Oct 2014
at 5,993 to Jan-Oct 2015 at
6,313. (Source: PPO/CPO).
But the most alarming is the
crime against in person wherein rape cases increased by 8%
from Jan-Oct 2014 at 14% to
Jan-Oct 2015 at 22%. Camarines Sur has a total of 241 rape
cases followed by Albay with
173, Masbate 107, Cam. Norte
98, Sorsogon 64 and Naga City
57. (Source: PPO/CPO). It also
shows that Naga City has the
most number of theft at 1,275
cases from Jan-Oct 2015.

Kamundagan Festival . . .
the Christmas festivities explained, this years motif of
the Christmas dcors were
white and gold, white signifies the citys advocacy, as
center for good governance
and gold for its achievement,
as the most competitive city
for 2015, she noted.
City governments events
and promotions office head
Allen Reodanga said, the
Christmas festival was actually started by the late Mayor
and DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo
during his long term as Naga
Citys chief executive, to


commemorate every December the citys inaugural rites as

an independent city on Dec.
15, 1948.
Reondanga also said that
the Kamundagan festival has
also drawn facebook inquiries
and well-wishers mostly from
Nagueos abroad every time
it is held in December. In this
years preparation, the city
budgeted some P1.5 million
for lights, Christmas decors
and gift giving to poor city
dwellers dubbed as Pasko sa
Barangay from Dec. 1 to 20th
this year. -- SONNY SALES


Members of the local media take their oath officiated by Brig. Gen. (CBGEN) Ferdinand F.
Quidilla-Division Commander of the 9ID (9th Infantry (Spear Division) Philippine Army at Camp
Elias Angeles, San Jose, Pili, CamSur.

for november
Name of Deceased

Date of Interment

November 4, 2015


November 6, 2015


November 8, 2015


November 8, 2015


November 9, 2015


November 19, 2015 RUBEN M. ANTONIO

November 20, 2015


November 21, 2015


december 13-19, 2015

Use technology - DOST . . .
Presidents call for more focused programs of assistance
to MSMEs.
It aims to reduce poverty
by encouraging and assisting MSMEs in developing
innovations to enhance operational efficiency and boost
productivity and competitiveness.
She said that this year two
projects are for funding release for the upgrading fabrication of muffler/exhaust for
motorcycles and cars in the
amount of P625,800 and for
the upgrading of metal shop
business in the amount of
P753,500. The beneficiaries
of the projects will pay the
same without interest.
Belgado said that there are
other five (5) project proposals on process for approval
and funding.
The priority sectors covered by the SETUP are food
processing; furniture; gifts,
housewares, decors; agriculture, marine, aquaculture; metals and engineering; including
information communication
technology and pharmaceuticals; and health products.
She said that they assist
MSMEs through the provision of technology, product
testing, packaging and label-

ing design and execution.

Any firm or company,
cooperative, association, or
individual firm based in the
Philippines and majority
owned by Filipino citizens or
any micro, small and medium
scale business firm classified
under the identified priority
sectors as well as individual
firm who are willing to apply
technological improvements
in its operations can apply to
the program.
She also informed that
they are now open for a new
scholarship program for junior college students aside
from their regular scholarship
for high school students at
the Philippine Science High
School and college students
starting freshman.
Meanwhile the DOST is
also encouraging the Local
Government Units (LGUs),
Non-Government Organiza-

bikol reporter
tions (NGOs) and Educational Institutions to put up
first Philippine Science Digital Library.
Science and Technology Academic and ResearchBased Openly Operated Kiosk
Station known as STARBOOKS contains thousands
of digitized science and technology resources in various
formats like text and video
and audio. These resources
are placed in specially designed pods set in a userfriendly interface.
The DOST will install the
kiosk for free and will provide training for clients designated focal person.
In the province there
were already four STARBOOKS particularly in Camarines Norte State College
(CNSC), Sta. Elena Community College, Mabini
Colleges and Labo Science
High School.

Sto. Domingo Albay vies . . .

P500.00 has been allocated
for this purpose giving priority to the poor as identified at
the database.
Aguas said the LGU is firm
in the issuance of the Certificate of Indigency especially if
it will be used for legal mat-

ters of which the Listahanan

list of poor households is the
primary tool used for such
The Gawad Listahanan is
an award given to Local Government Units (LGU) for providing services and assistance
to the Listahanan-identified
poor families.
It aims to promote the
convergence of all social protection stakeholders on the
identified poor to effectively
address the different aspects
of poverty.
The competition is classified into municipal, city and
provincial categories. The
winner for each category will
receive a plaque and a cash incentive of P50, 000.
The winners will receive
the award on January next
year in time for the DSWD
The sub-committee for Gawad

Celebrate Christmas safely . . .

ment of Trade and Industry,
the Department of Education,
Philippine National Police,
the Bureau of Fire Protection
and EcoWaste Coalition have
joined hands in launching an
anti-firecrack campaign along
the theme: Sa Ingay Walang
Sablay, sa Paputok Goodbye
Last year, the BMC admitted at least 4 patients injured
by firecrackers, compared to
6 in 2013 and 9 in 2012.
Nationwide, the Fireworks-Related Injury Surveillance recorded zero death
last year and a total of 860
cases, 16% lower than the
2013 record of 1,018 injuries.
Of the 860 cases, 840 were
due to firecrackers, 13 from
stray bullets, and 7 were due
to firecracker ingestion. Piccolo with 32% caused most
of the injuries, followed by
kwitis (15%), unknown firecrackers (11%), luces (7%),
and fountain (5%).
In a related story, Police
Senior Supt. Augusto M.
Marquez Jr., acting Philippine National Police Bicol
regional director, on Friday
directed all the provincial
directors to launch a massive and thorough inspection
of all the establishments in
their respective areas of responsibility that are selling
Done in pursuit of "Oplan
Ligtas Paskuhan 2015,
Marquez also ordered the
confiscation of all banned
firecrackers like the Watusi,
Piccolo, Super Lolo, Atomic
Triangle, Large Judas Belt,
Listahanan of the National Project
Management Office has conducted validation visit on November
28-29, 2015 to screen and review
the program documents submitted by the LGU and hold random
interviews to their beneficiaries.


All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ROWENA ASPE
PAWNSHOP, P. Burgos St., corner J. Hernandez Avenue, Naga
City, pawned from JULY 1-31, 2015 whose terms have expired
will be sold to public auction sale on JANUARY 4, 2016 from
9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.
Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the
above-mentioned date will be honored until DECEMBER 28,
2015 only.

Published: DECEMBER 6 and 13, 2015

Large Bawang, pillbox,

boga, Goodbye Philippines,
Bin Laden, Mother Rockets, Lolo Thunder, Coke-inCan, Kwiton, Atomic Bomb,
Five Star, Pla-Pla, Og, Giant
Whistle bomb, Kabasi, and
other unlabeled and imported
The order aims to bring
down or possible eradicate
the number of injuries, fatalities and destruction to properties as a result of using pyrotechnics.
Marquez also banned indiscriminate firing during
the traditional celebrations
of Christmas and New Year
He said that in buying
firecrackers, one should look
for the PS mark and check
if the fireworks are properly
labeled with the name of
firework, classification and
intended use, brand or trade
name, name and address of
manufacturer, and the words
"Made in the Philippines".
This is part of the minimum labeling requirements
under the Philippine Consumer Act.
Those who are found

guilty of buying, distributing

and using illegal firecrackers
and pyrotechnics will be punished by a fine of not less than
Php20,000 but not more than
Php30,000 and imprisonment
of not less than six months
but not more than one year or
both tantamount to the charges he/she is facing.
The PNP, as mandated in
Republic Act 7183, regulates
the sale, manufacture and
distribution of fireworks.
Under the law, any person
who desires to manufacture,
sell or distribute fireworks
and other pyrotechnic devices shall file his application
for the issuance of license
or business permit with the
Chief PNP through the provincial director.
But before the PNP can
grant a permit, he should
secure first a Fire Safety Inspection Certificate from the
city/municipal fire marshal
having jurisdiction on him.
The law also prohibits
the sale of imported finished
fireworks and only Department of Trade and Industrycertified manufacturers are
allowed to import chemicals
or explosive ingredients for
the production of fireworks.

Boy, 11, injured in firecracker . . .

Marquez said victim JayAn Antonio De Vera, a student and resident of Iraya
Norte, Oas, was rushed to the
Bicol Regional Teaching and
Training Hospital (BRTTH)
in Legazpi City.
The fireworks display was
done at about 2 p.m. in celebration of the feast of the
Immaculate Conception, the
patroness of the town.
After the event, De Vera
and his two companions decided to gather the unspent
powder of the explosives,
place these in a can and ignited the contents.

The burning powder exploded, causing burns in De

Vera's face and body.
He is now being treated at
the BRTTH.
The victim's two friends
were spared as they were able
to run when the powder was
still burning.
"This should serve as a lesson to those who still plan to
use firecrackers in the celebration of Christmas and New Year
despite our strong warning and
strict implementation of the
firecracker ban," Marquez said.
Authorities are investigating
the incident. -PNA

DOH CamSur now hiring . . .

with their application letter addressed to DOH Bicol
Regional Director Emilia
P. Monicimpo, MD,MPH,
CSEE through Rey J, Millena
MD, Provincial DOH Office,
Camarines Sur.
Only HRHs with official
and validated PRC license are
eligible to apply. Although

Public Health Associates

(PHAs) are not required to
be licensed, they must be a
graduate of any 4year related course. They must also
submit a certified true copy
of their diploma.
For further inquiry, applicants may contact mobile no.
0917-506 6501.





All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE EXPLORER PAWNSHOP, Ground Floor, Bichara Complex, Abella St.,
Igualdad, Naga City, pawned from JULY 1-31, 2015 whose
terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on
JANUARY 4, 2016 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.
Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the
above-mentioned date will be honored until DECEMBER
28, 2015 only.

Published: DECEMBER 6 and 13, 2015

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at R. M. ASPE

PAWNSHOP, Cor. Panganiban & Elias Angeles Street, Naga
City, pawned from JULY 1-31, 2015 whose terms have expired
will be sold to public auction sale on JANUARY 4, 2016 from
9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.
Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the
above-mentioned date will be honored until DECEMBER 28,
2015 only.

Published: DECEMBER 6 and 13, 2015





All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE IGUALDAD PAWNSHOP, Cor. Igualdad Ext. & J. Hernandez Ave.,
Igualdad, Naga City, pawned from JULY 1-31, 2015 whose
terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on
JANUARY 4, 2016 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.
Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the
above-mentioned date will be honored until DECEMBER
28, 2015 only.

Published: DECEMBER 6 and 13, 2015

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE CROWNJEWEL PAWNSHOP & JEWELRY STORE, Bichara Mall
corner J. Hernandez & Gen. Luna Sts., Naga City, pawned
from JULY 1-31, 2015 whose terms have expired will be
sold to public auction sale on JANUARY 4, 2016 from 9:00
A.M.-12:00 NOON.
Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the
above-mentioned date will be honored until DECEMBER
28, 2015 only.

Published: DECEMBER 6 and 13, 2015

DOH CamSur now hiring doctors,

dentists, medtechs

local newspaper

For Five Consecutive Years

St. peter Baptist Catholic
Mass Media awards

paGe 8

reGional eXponent for proGress

bicol, the philippines

december 13-19, 2015



Members of the Committee on Literary Arts of the National Commission on Culture and the Arts
conducted a forum, Orolay: The State of Philippine regional Literature, which was attended by
students and teachers of the Camarines Norte State College and Mabini Colleges at the Daet
Heritage Center where host Mayor Tito S. Sarion received in behalf of the Municipal Library,
books published by the NCCA. The forum was organized by Frank Penones who represents
Southern Luzon in the NCCA literature committee.

use technology - DOST

Cam. Norte urges entreps
by rosalita b. Manlangit
DAET, Camarines Norte The Department of Science and Technology
(DOST) Camarines Norte urged entrepreneurs to avail of the assistance under the Small Enterprises Technology
Program (SETUP) for the development

of the micro small medium enterprises

DOST science research specialist Marilou
Belgado said during the Talakayan sa PIA on
Monday, Dec. 7, aired over DWCN-Radyo
ng Bayan that the SETUP is an initiative
launched by the DOST in response to the
(Turn to page 7)


PILI, Camarines Sur --The Department of Health

(DOH) Camarines Sur office has opened opportunities for 21 medical doctors,
four dentists and five medical technologists to work for
the agency and willing to be
assigned in the different localities in the province.
Dr. Rey Millena, DOH
Camarines chief, said the hiring of medical practitioners
is line with the implementation of the DOH Human
Resource for Health (HRH)
Deployment Program for
2016 to fill in the need for
Universal Health Care (UHC)
implementers in line with the
Nurses Deployment Project
(NDP), Rural Health Midwives Placement Program
(RHMPP), Dentists Deployment Project (DDP), Medical
Technologists Deployment
Project (MTDP) and Public
Health Associated Deployment Project (PHADP).
Millena said that accepted
HRH personnel will be assigned in Rural Health Units
(RHUs) birthing homes and


barangay health stations, particularly to identified areas

with no medical doctors. Priority will also be given to fifth
and sixth class municipalities
in Camarines Sur and under
the 44 focus geographical areas or FGAs which are in the
provincial outskirts.
Per DOH Administrative
Order No. 2015-026 signed
on June 2015 by Health
Secretary Janette P. LoretoGarin, areas for deployment
will also include Accelerated
and Sustainable Anti-Poverty
(ASAP) areas, Whole of Nation Initiative (WNI) and
Bottom-Up budgeting (BUB)

The filling up of these vacancies aims to address the

growing health needs of the
community especially in far
flung areas.
Millena furthered that the
program focuses on the realization of the over-all goal
of Universal Health Care or
pursued by the adminisration
of President Benigno Aquino
III in order to uplift the health
condition of communities.
may download the application form at
ph. They may attach the accomplished application form
(Turn to page 7)

Sto. Domingo Albay vies for nat'l award

local government of Sto. Domingo, Albay has been nominated as the entry of the
Bicol region to the Gawad
Listahanan program of the
Department of Social Welfare and Development.
Sto. Domingo Mayor Herbie Aguas said the municipality was nominated for using the Listahanan database
in selecting beneficiaries in
the implementation of social

protection programs in their

It serves as an arm in
crafting more effective and
efficient services to the people
of Sto. Domingo Aguas said.
The municipality used the
Listahanan database for the
implementation of Aid to Individuals in Crisis Situation
(AICS) which provides burial,
medical, transportation, food
and educational assistance.
Mayor AGuAS

(Turn to page 7)

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