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Assignment and analysis of

Week 8
Business School
Kathmandu, Nepal
Bishnu Dhamala
International American University
To: Prof. Raj K. Sharma

Bishnu Dhamala
Bus 700 Capstone
Kings College

Company Profile for Final Short Paper

Name of the organization: KFA
Year of Establishment

: In 2001

Executive Chairman

: Resta Jha


: Kishu Jha

Type of Business

: Services: Education

Head Office

: Mid Baneshor, Kathmandu

Contract No: 977-4-491414, 4-482290

Interest for report regarding the KFA

With the innovation, increment of skilled manpower, moreover in some
circumstances, unemployment leads to more competition in the business day
by day. If you want to sustain in the competitive environment, you need to
come up with new strategies that is suitable for your business. For that, you
need to consider for the growth strategies where the business is increase
with the period of time. For example, if you sold two units in yesterday, then
you should try to sell more than two units in today which is essential for any
types of the business.
In the context of Nepal, as we have different types of organization in
society, we dont need to go with foreign organization for the study. Last time
I did research regarding the factor that affects investment behavior on Nepal
Stock Market. For now I need to make report for the fulfillment of course
study of Capstune, MBA 5th trimester, I have chosen the organization named
KFA, is one of the educational institutional which is established with very
small amount of investment.
When I was at the class of 3, I found it rented first floor for the
operation of its business. In the past one decade, I found it has done
everything what it required. It is one of the best examples among the
successful business for the society. It clearly shows that business can be
successful, no matter how much you invested at the starting level. For that,
only the owner needs to have clear direction in terms of mission, where they

want to go. For this whole report, I have taken the help of website, social
media like facebook page of the college; moreover I have taken some help of
personal facebook page of management who are the part of this success.

Established as a Training Institutes

This, KFA, was established in the early 2001 as a banking training
institutes. Within very small span of time, 2004 to 2009, there were different
commercial banks were established and in the mean time, many of other old
banks were also expanding their branches in various reasons. The job market
in the banking sector was raised dramatically due to increase in the number
of commercial banks. As a result, the banks want to hire the person who has
little bit knowledge regarding the banking and finance, through this, they
dont need to segment any financial number for the basic banking training.
On the other hand, the benefit which an employee getting from the
banking sector were also best as compare to the other sector of the country.
There were huge opportunities for the training institution to expand the
business of the organization. Hence, it knew the demand in the market and it
launched KFA General Banking Course (KFA-GBC). It is one of the milestones
for the success of the organization.
Turning Point of the Business

With the job market shift to the financial sector, KFA has launched a 2Year MBA courses specialize in banking and insurance and college is also
claiming this was first time in the Nepal. After completion of the 2 years, the
participants will get degree from Indian university, Vinayaka Missions
University (VMU).
The fundamental objective of this program is to produce world class
human resources as needed in the Nepalese financial sector. To join course,
the student should got 50 percent marks in their bachelors levels.

Leadership of the organization

When talking about the leadership role, Resta Jha, the executive
chairman, has key role for the success of the KFA. He, himself is one of the
renowned person in the financial sector. Due to strong public relationship of
the Mr. Jha also helped organization to contribute for the financial sector and
also got a way to make goodwill.
From the institution to college, it is not a small thing, its needs hard
efforts, dedication, sincerer. At the initial stage of the organization, it was
providing only the banking course, and then they entered into the other
course like leadership, insurance, motivation. And recently before 2 years
ago, they also started the class of Bachelor and master which is affiliated
with the Indian university.
Past Strategy of the organization

In this, as we can found stability strategy, where the organization
doing same business and same objective as well. Up to almost half of one
decade of its establishment, it was focused only on the banking training.
Then after, it enhance its business by stretching training and started to
provide the leadership training which is, basically for the top level
management of the organization. Its about 4 years ago, it also planned to
enter into the training of insurance but due to lack of participants, it didnt
get success on this path.
Before 3 years, it adopted the growth strategy. It was converted
training institute to business school where college offered bachelor degree
and master degree as well. The area of business was changed. From that
date, they were more focused on the business school instead of focusing on
training institutes. This is one of the best strategies to sustain for long period
of the time in the competitive environment.

Present Strategy of the organization

Now, training institution has completely changed into the business
school. Just recently, they bought the school to enter into the school level
education as well. Now they are offering education of school level to the
master level. That is what the best for the business. From the facebook
status of the executive chairman, they are also searching strategic alliances
with foreign business school which is also one of the best of part of the

Through their efforts, they are also adopting the strategic of
prospector, where they are searching new business and come up into the
existing and new market as well. First they were entered into the training,
and stretch their product to the business school.

SWOT Analysis of the Organization

Strength point of the organization
Normally, its shows that, competitive advantage over its competitors,
first it has already got good reputation as a training institutes. One of the
great strength is involved high level of person associated with in the
management. Mr. Jha, himself was Chief executive officer in the prime life
insurance, and he was also involved in banking sector as well. Due to that
reason, it is very helpful for the efficient placement of the student which is
critical factor of this 21st century.
On the other hand, the facultative are also highly qualified; as a result
they will be a great source to learn for the student. The whole course of the
MBA is targeting to those who are working in the corporate level. The
comprehensive Program of the MBA is focusing on the presentation rather
than in a traditional study.

Weakness of the organization

Normally, it shows that any type of fault in the business either in the
operational level or managerial level. When it comes to the KFA, there are
huge numbers of weak point of the college. Among them, one of the most
important is the affiliation with distance learning university. The schedule of
the study is also not appropriate as it require. The cost of MBA also seems to
be higher when it compare to the other renowned university.
The top ranked university from foreign would not like to start their
operation in the least developed countries like Nepal, there are so conscious
about the qualities what there are giving to their student. Till now, most of
university who is giving affiliation in Nepal is low level of university in the
world and in their home country as well. In the society, many of the people
think that the college which is affiliation with foreign university is just there
to sell the certificate. Due to low acceptance in the market, low level of
competent student, as a result, least level of presence in the market of
graduated student.
Opportunities of the organization
Now, most of national university is criticized time to time due to
political reason, corruption. Due to that reason, people start to think for the
college which is affiliated with foreign university. KFA has also good chance
to expand their business due to lack of alternative to the student.
From the student perspective, first they would like to do from the
Tribhuwan University if they were unable, then from Kathmandu
University, again if they were unable then Pokhara University. There is high

demand for the program of MBA in the market. But alternative for the
student is very low. For that reason, it has wide area of its operation to

Threat of the organization

As I earlier told, that most of the people think that college which is
affiliation with foreign university is just there to sell the certificate. The level
of acceptance of foreign university is very low. Expanding the operation in
these types of people is the huge challenge for the college. For that, first
they should try to change their views through the qualities of the education.
On the other aspect, the college which is affiliated with foreign
university is increasing day by day. For example, for the MBA degree, there
are almost 40 colleges which are affiliated with national and foreign
university. As a result, if you are able to come up with new strategies to
compete than definitely, you have lots of thing to do, otherwise its very hard
to be in the society; even you can lose your existence. Unstable government
policy, unfavorable environment are the significant area to think and
research for the college which is affiliated with foreign university like KFA.


Recommendation / Conclusion
As the Nepalese market is shift towards the financial market, there is
huge prospect of the business school. There are almost 250 companies listed
in the Nepal Stock exchange and more than, 40,000 thousand people are
engage with the financial sector, it all shows that how big it is as compare to
the job market of Nepal. To enhance its reputation in the market, it should
cope with these changes.
Without acceptance of large number of people in the society, whatever
you do that seems to be impossible to what you want to achieve. For that,
affiliated university should be accredited from the authentic / authority body,
it as consider as one of the most important for all types of college. Because,
before joining any college, student first, would like to go for this subject
matter. Than only they like to see the course of study, facultative,
infrastructure etc.
In Nepalese, it is popular and said Bolne Ko Pitho Pani Bikcha,
Nabolneko Chamal Pani Bikdaina. It is one of the best things to describe in
the competitive market. The market is going to be complex day by day. The
75% course of study should focus on the whole presentation module and rest

of 25% should be regarding the case study. This leads them to present their
idea, more efficiently.
As to answer for changing market, there should be 4 workshops/
interaction program in the course of study thats need to be done by each
and every student instead of thesis. On this types of workshop, the student
has full responsibility to organize, when, how, whom to be invited for the
workshop or interaction, only the college needs to finance for that workshop
or interaction program. This can be converted them to sell in the competitive
market and also play significant role to enhance the public relation (PR).