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Priority Travel Reservation Agreement

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$350k $375k

Preferred Initial Deposit

(within 2 weeks)









Have you been in Dubai before?

First time


Several times a year

Have you purchased property abroad, if so where?

Who makes the decisions about property purchases in your family?

Myself only



I confirm that i have been advised to take with me a reservation fee of $10,000


I have read and agreed to Terms and Conditions stated overleaf

I confirm that I have been advised about my dedicated Customer Relations Executive based in TFG HQ, Dubai

TFG Property Consultant

Manager Authorisation



For and on behalf of TFG Real Estate LLC




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TFG Real Estate LLC 22nd Floor, Tameem House, TECOM, PO Box 24573, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: (+971) 4 455 0100
Email: . Registered by Government of Dubai Land Department. Registration No: 642

Terms and Conditions


In order to be eligible for The Priority Trip Package only two guests may travel for a total of 3 nights with the property investor
being a minimum of 34 years of age.


The subsidized package offer once confirmed by both parties is non-refundable; and valid for 30 days only from the date of the
Priority Travel reservation.


All travel related documents and travel dates should be submitted to The First Group within 7 days of booking and paying forthe
Priority Travel package.


Accommodation is on a Bed & Breakfast basis only. All other meals and any other optional hotel expenses are payable by the
client at their own cost.


The First Group Property Consultation must be attended by both members of the party if applicable. In the event the client is
unable to attend the client will be liable to pay the full cost of the trip.


The First Group will not be responsible for any failure to meet flights booked for the client by The First Group if correct flight
details were provided to the client in advance.


Should a client withdraw from the tour after a booking has been made, they will still be liable to pay the full cost of the trip. If the
client requests amendments to the schedule after the booking is confirmed the client shall be liable for any costs incurred. i.e.
Accommodation, flights, entertainment and other activities are subject to availability.


Should the subsidized package offer not be utilised within 30 days from purchase date then the client has a further 30 days
in which to complete their Priority Trip however they will be required to pay an additional sum equivalent to the subsidy prior
to their being able to travel. In the event the client fails to travel within 60 days from the date of the Priority Travel reservation
then all monies paid by the client in relation thereto will be forfeit and non-refundable as an agreed pre-estimate of liquidated
damages and costs incurred by The First Group. In the event that the client is deemed to be non-eligible under the terms of this
offer then The First Group reserve the right to cancel with no refund due.


In the event that the client is paying the full deposit to reserve a specific unit before their trip and the client decides
not to proceed with purchase of the reserved unit at the end of the Priority Trip and does not sign a binding
reservation contract, but fulfills all other Priority Trip conditions, the client will receive a refund of the deposit paid
less the cost of the trip which will be charged.

10. Travelling from some countries or during peak year periods (New Year, Christmas, Easter, Eid etc) may be subject to additional
package price surcharge; which if applicable will be advised at the point of the booking and before final confirmation of the trip.
The First Group reserves the right to withdraw the availability of Priority travel package during above mentioned peak dates.
11. Visas arranged through The First Group are only valid whilst staying at the pre-arranged hotel accommodation and will be
cancelled by the company immediately after the departure date as previously agreed with our Travel Department. There
can be no changes made to the agreed travel dates and clients must exit the country on the day they check out of the
accommodation. If there is an emergency situation which may result in a change to the date of exiting the country then the client
must inform The First Group Travel Department immediately. Should you continue to stay in the country without notification
to The First Group, we will be compelled to charge your credit card with an amount of AED 10,000 (ten thousand dirhams).
Nigerian national are issued 14 days single entry visa only.
12. This subsidized travel package is offered with the undertaking of a genuine interest in property investment with
The First Group by the recipients travelling on the trip. The recipients confirm that they have sufficient financial
resources available, a minimum of $10,000, to make a reservation fee payment during the trip, should The First
Group property investment opportunity meet their requirements. Should the client pay the full required deposit for
a specific unit before or during their trip, the cost of the Priority Trip will be covered by The First Group.
13. The First Group Priority Trip must have all decision makers present and in the event of an individual client travelling alone on the
priority trip, the client must have the sole ability to reserve the chosen property without having to consult any other party not



For and on behalf of TFG Real Estate LLC



Client signature

We look forward to meeting you again!