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Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 Fundamental | ACU Exam

Sesi 01

Lesson 1: Getting Started with AutoCAD

Starting AutoCAD

AutoCADs User Interface

AutoCAD Toolbars, Command Line & Drawing Status Bar

Working with Commands

Using Dynamic Inputs

AutoCADs Cartesian Workspace and Coordinate System

Viewing Your Drawing, Zooming and Panning

Units and Limits Command
Lesson 2: Basic Drawing & Editing Commands

Drawing Lines, Rectangles, and Circles

Erasing Objects

Drawing Lines with Polar Tracking

Sesi 02

Lesson 3: Drawing Precision in AutoCAD

Using Running Object Snaps

Using Object Snap Overrides

Polar Tracking at Angles

Object Snap Tracking

Drawing with Snap and Grid

Snap From and Controlling Auto Snaps
Lesson 4: Making Changes in Your Drawing

Moving, Copying, and Rotating Object

Scaling and Mirroring Objects

Editing with Grips

Sesi 03

Sesi 04

Lesson 5: Organizing Your Drawing with Layers

Layer Concept and Layer States

Changing an Objects Layer

Grouping Object

Lesson 7: Getting Information from Your Drawing

Base of Object Properties

Working with Object Properties

Inquiry Commands and Measuring Objects

Match Properties command
Lesson 8: Advanced Editing Commands

Advance Object Selection Technique

Quick Selection of Object

Trimming and Extending Objects

Stretching Objects

Creating Fillets and Chamfers

Osetting Objects

Creating Arrays of Objects

Sesi 05

Sesi 06

Lesson 6: Advanced Object Types

Drawing Arcs

Drawing and Editing Polylines

Drawing and Editing Multylines

Drawing Polygons and Ellipses

Point, Point Style, Spline, and Revcloud

Lesson 9: Blocks and External Reference

Defining and Inserting Blocks

Block Editor

Block Attribute

Dynamic Blocks


External Reference
Lesson 10: Setting Up a Layout

Working in Layouts

Creating Viewports

Lesson 11: Printing Your Drawing

Printing Concepts

Printing from the Model Tab

Printing from Layouts

Export Drawing to PDF and Image Format
Lesson 12: Text

Working with Annotations

Adding Text and Multiline Text in a Drawing

Modifying and Formatting Multiline Text

Text Style

Sesi 07

Lesson 13: Hatching

Hatching and Filling Object

Editing Hatches
Lesson 14: Adding Dimensions

Dimensioning Concepts

Adding Linear, Radial and Angular Dimensions

Editing Dimensions

Adding Notes with Leaders to Your Drawing

Dimension Style

Adding Text Field

Sesi 08

Lesson 15: Drawing Templates

Project and Exercise
Final Exam