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Teacher: Mike and Kimber

Class: MEP 3 -

Week: 11

Dates: 11/01/16-15/01/16

Sitapatr School

Anuban Weekly Outline

This week we are learning:

English prep



This weeks in Maths we are going to

introduce bigger than smaller than
and equal to in words and symbols.
Using the story of the alligator eating the
bigger number, we will use the pre-made
symbols and practice examples with the
students until they fully understand each
concept. We will use number and
symbols, as well as number words and
symbol words in full sentences to
express the equations. The students will
practice the equations in the maths

This week in English preparation we are going to review classroom objects and make
sure the class are ok to read, spell and write the vocabulary as well as using the
sentences: What is it? It is a/an We will play some spelling game to practice
this. We are then going to move onto studying plurals. We are going to focus on
adding s to the end of certain nouns to make it into a plural. We are also going to
learn that a or an means the same as one when used before a noun and we will
use these three pronouns interchangeably. We are also going to link up number
practice when we change singular nouns into plurals eg. One dog Ten dogs. We will
use numbers 1-20 and the class will be asked to write out the full instead of the
numeral. We are then going to complete some exercises in the prep book, which
involves changing singular words into plurals by adding s to the end and also writing
the correct numbers out.

This week in Science we are going to
continue with living and non-living
things. We will practice this vocabulary by

playing some games, such as the clap,

New (letters/sounds/vocabulary
clap game, the aim being for the class
Topic: pen pencil book eraser ruler crayon chair, desk, sharpener, scissors,
to be able to read, spell, pronounce and
understand each word as well as the
Science: Living, non-living, alive, dead, live, die.
concept of what makes something living Breath, breathing, air.
or non-living. We will review the 5
Eat, food, drink, water.
differences between living and non-living Animals, plants and people are living things.
things (move, grow, eat, breath, senses). Maths: add, subtract, equals.
We will then complete some exercises in
Writing Practice
the booklet which involve looking at a
The children will continue to practice
picture then listing the items that are
handwriting with attention being
This, that, these, those
living and non-living.
Parent Follow Up / Useful Websites / Homework:
punctuation this week.
Hello parents, please encourage your child to revise for the spelling test and to practice the new vocabulary and sounds in this
weeks lesson with them. Many thanks, Teacher Mike and Teacher Kimber.