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Treated Worse Than Dogs: Cochran Firm Clients

The Neals sing about Gods deliverance and pray for those who spitefully use us, just as the Lord
instructs exploited people to do.

Before Johnnie Cochran died, he partnered with an Alabama law firm. Former Cochran Firm
attorney Shawn Chapman Holley stated in her interview with National Public Radio (NPR) that she
and most other attorneys and staff who worked with Johnnie Cochran were fired or forced out of the
firm after his death. Some sued for race discrimination and fraud. Holley spoke to NPR about the
firms unethical, racist agenda to deliberately deliver substandard legal services to its minority
clients. Holleys interview is online. Listeners can hear Holley explain how she and other ethical
attorneys who worked with Johnnie Cochran were unwilling to go along with the firm's new agenda
against its clients. She said that Cochran strongly objected to the firm offering criminal defense.
Google "Controversy at The Cochran Firm - NPR" to hear Holley's interview. Unfortunately, the
Neals did not hear Holley's report in time to avoid being victimized by The Cochran Firm. I suspect
that Cochran objected to the firm doing criminal defense work because he knew his new partners
had strong connections with the private prison industry and may willie gary lawyer be tempted to
channel clients into incarceration. The same cyberstalkers who censor my online advocacy against
private prison profiteering and the death penalty also censor my information about The Cochran
Firm fraud.
[October 2011 Note: My efforts to expose The Cochran Firm fraud against minorities are censored,
and consumer protections agencies such as Better Business Bureau refuse to document complaints
against the firm. Therefore, The Ramapough People of New Jersey also became The Cochran Firm's
victims. The African/Native American mixed tribe was "represented" by The Cochran Firm frauds in
a lawsuit against Ford after decades of environmental racism claimed the health and lives of some
tribal members. The Ramapough's plight was the subject of an HBO documentary that aired in July
2011: Mann v. Ford. The lawsuit's value was over $2 billion, but The Cochran Firm had its clients to
settle its lawsuit against Ford for less than $14 million, which was a great relief to Ford. See details
at my online article, "Cochran Firm Defrauds Native American Clients to Save Ford."]
Johnnie Cochrans reputation for successfully representing clients in wrongful death and police
brutality civil actions continues to draw disenfranchised people to the firm, and the injustice system
now exploits the trust that is misplaced in The Cochran Firm to limit or eliminate damages to the
government after heinous deaths such as the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal, a lifelong
schizophrenic heart patient who suffered for weeks and died in Memphis Shelby County Jail while
his social worker and family searched for him as a missing person. Police repeatedly denied Larry
was incarcerated in order to deprive him of his vital heart drugs and be rid of the nuisance mental
patient. Larry may have also Tasered, beaten, or killed in a restraint chair, but his family is denied
records on his fatal incarceration by both Shelby County Jail and the United States Justice
Department, which had overview of the jail following suit by the USA due to the jail's pattern of
abusing inmates. Unfortunately, The Cochran Firm worked for the jail behind its clients backs and
secretly held our lawsuits regarding Larrys negligence and wrongful death inactive while
Tennessees statute of limitations ran.
David McLaughlin, our assigned attorney, a "super lawyer," wrote to Larrys family about legal work
that was not really being done while the statute of limitations passed. That is U.S. Mail fraud as well

as malpractice and fraud. Since The Cochran Firm fraud ensured that by the time the Neals
discovered no work was done to bring suit about Larry's secret arrest and murder, it was too late to
sue Shelby County. Therefore, Larrys elderly mother and sister sued The Cochran Firm, but courts
blocked the case from going to jury. The Cochran Firm simply denied it had any law offices in
Georgia, where Larrys sister and mother live and their client intake interview was conducted, or in
Tennessee, where Larry was murdered and Hattie Neal signed contract with The Cochran Firm for
legal services. Courts and Tennessee State Bar allowed the perjury without censure. After
discovering numerous other cases where The Cochran Firm worked for its clients' defendants to the
detriment of its clients without censure from any regulatory agencies, this writer became convinced
that The Cochran Firm is actually a pseudo-government agency that is used to reduce or eliminate
payouts by government entities and certain large corporations when minorities are wronged.
In addition to the Neals betrayal by Larrys wrongful death attorneys being censored, our family is
terrorized in order that The Cochran Firm-government conspiracy against justice for minority
citizens across America might continue. Survivors of Atlantas 92-year-old police murder victim
Kathryn Johnston were also defrauded by The Cochran Firm attorneys. [November 2010 NOTE:
Attorneys who checked the Dozier vs. City of Atlanta United States District Court docket (civil action
no. 1:08cv0007-MHS) immediately after I published this information in August 2010 should look
again. Telisha Blackshear and other court clerks in State Court who made an exhaustive search for
the Dozier case they could not find on record in August 2010 should also look again. Things
CHANGED after my reports. I believe the Georgia State Court records were accurate in August 2010
and that the Dozier case was never filed. But, I found that court records sometimes change. In fact,
pleadings in cases filed by or against The Cochran Firm appear and disappear just as the law firm
itself does when its defrauded clients sue. It is nicknamed "the transFIRMer." See "Cochran Firm
Fraud 1 and 2" at YouTube.]
The Cochran Firm contracted to represent Sarah Dozier, Johnstons niece, immediately after
Johnstons murder. According to a records search by court clerks conducted on August 19, 2010, the
lawyers lied to its clients and the world on a televised press conference and its website, claiming to
have filed an $18 million lawsuit against the City of Atlanta for Kathryn Johnstons murder on
November 21, 2007. The Cochran Firm pretended that it filed suit on behalf of Kathryn Johnstons
estate, but no lawsuit was actually found to have been filed in court and served to defendants
according to a records search in Georgia State Court and Georgia Superior Court. Because The
Cochran Firm defrauded the Johnston estate like it did Larry Neals family, the City of Atlanta was
free to pay whatever sum it chose to for Kathryn Johnstons home invasion, murder, and the
slanderous cover-up by police officers who falsely labeled their elderly victim a drug dealer in order
to excuse the no-knock warrant. Without concern for censure, the devious Cochran Firm lawyers
filed fraudulent documents in federal court in January 2008. It claimed to remove the Johnston
lawsuit to United States District Court (USDC) from a lower court based on constitutional issues.
Judge Marvin Shoob presided over the Dozier case in USDC (father of Judge Wendy Shoob, who
dismissed the Neal's lawsuit against The Cochran Firm six months before Kathryn Johnston's death,
falsely claiming there is no Cochran Firm office whatsoever within the State of Georgia). Exhibit 1 in
the federal court file is/was the complaint that lead attorney Hezekiah Sistrunk represented as
having been electronically filed in November 2007.State Court records were searched repeatedly in
August 2010 after this suit reportedly settled, but no Dozier vs. City of Atlanta lawsuit was listed on
State Court's computer system. Neither State Court nor Superior Court had any record of Dozier's
lawsuit ever having been filed in August 2010. Removing a case to federal court does not purge the
lower court's records. No attorney can remove a lawsuit to federal court that had no record of
actually filed and served. It was interesting that Sistrunk claimed Dozier's lawsuit was filed in State
Court when that type of civil action is usually filed in Superior Court. However, it might not be

reasonable to return to represent Dozier in the same court where The Cochran Firm was
pronounced nonexistent in Georgia six months before Dozier's aunt's murder.
[October 2011 Note: Presently, I believe Exhibit 1 is a Certificate of Removal from State Court to
USDC. It is signed by Sistrunk in what I presume is his handwriting. I was glad to see that change,
because it gives the opportunity to check Sistrunk's signature against the endorsement on an $80
check I paid Michael Moon for computer repair when he presented himself to my home pretending
to be the repair company I called. Moon actually sabotaged my computers and had me to write a
check to "AHS" rather than to him or the business on the card he presented. We wondered if "AHS"
meant "Attorney Hezekiah Sistrunk," especially after Moon's secretary said she had no idea why I
was told to write a check to "AHS." She had no familiarity whatsoever with those initials although
she processed payments for Moon. Immediately after Moon's secretary hung up from speaking with
me, he called and fired her, stating that she told me too much. She wondered how Moon knew what
she told me on the phone while he was out of the office until I explained that my phone has been
tapped for years. Read more about it online at "Home Invasion" by Mary Neal. There were other
interesting changes to the Dozier USDC court file when I checked in September 2010. Then I
checked Neals v. The Cochran Firm and found the court record on that case had also changed since
Judge Batten and another USDC judge who had previously recused himself issued an order
dismissing the case in February 2009 on the basis that The Cochran Firm fraud against our family
was "immaterial." One might think that judges who recuse themselves should stay recused, but that
must be optional. We received no notice before the case's dismissal that the judge had gotten "unrecused". Lawyers I asked about it said they never heard of a judge being un-recused, but the Neals
v. The Cochran Firm case is full of things that defy law, reason, and decency.]
As usual, the media did not investigate or report the fraud against Kathryn Johnstons family in order
to protect The Cochran Firm from lawsuit and guarantee that more minorities in will be victimized
by The Cochran Firm fraud in the future, which happened to the Ramapough People, an
African/Native American tribe in New Jersey - Mann v. Ford. Racist media practices is a legendary
problem in the United States. When my family called a media company in 2006 to complain that
commercials for the court-declared nonexistent Cochran Firm Atlanta office were running its
television channel, the person who answered the call said, "So what?" I wrote to all the major media
companies that ran Cochran Firm commercials for its Atlanta office, and none cared. In fact, the
fraud against minorities could not continue without complicity by the media. These things happened
before this writer understood how much racism still exists in America, especially in the justice
system and mainstream media. At the time, that response from major media companies was as
shocking as Larry's secret arrest and murder, lawyer fraud, and the USDOJ helping the jail hide
Larry's death.
Since I began advocating for the incarcerated mentally ill and prison reform, I have learned that my
family's mistreatment is not rare in American courts. I initially thought decision makers would be
embarrassed by having such hypocrisy exposed and improve justice. Instead, the decision was to
censor my reports by destruction of my PCs, have me followed when I leave home to use computers
elsewhere so that those machines could be monitored and controlled, and send us cyber terror.
When it became evident that replacing my PCs is futile (it only takes their hackers minutes to take
over a new computer), I tried talking to people in person. But police are sent to threaten me with
arrest for revealing my handicapped brother's lynching and The Cochran Firm fraud against our
family and other minorities. Reporting the crimes to authorities is useless and only results in
increased terrorism and stalking. Police say it is not illegal to treat the Neals this way, and the
United States Department of Justice, which is supposed to protect citizens' rights to federally
protected activities, refuses to respond to our complaints about the censorship and terrorism.

When USDC ruled that The Cochran Firm's fraud against the Neals was "immaterial," we began to
suspect that slavery and Jim Crow were only abolished on paper, not in fact. When Troy Davis was
executed on September 21 without evidence of his guilt, I finally realized how prejudice the justice
system is, especially in Georgia. Without any expectation of fairness in the case, I filed an intent to
sue the USA for racism September 21, the day Davis was executed. Google "Mary Neal v. USA." That
lawsuit will at least give another opportunity to place in public record the collusion that black and
white justice officials engage in to prevent justice for certain people. We will publish all pleadings as
fast as they are filed in court since we know now that court records Change. It is incongruous for
Davis to have been executed for an unproved murder by people who refuse to answer a single
question about Larry Neal's murder in secret government custody, deny his survivors due process of
law, then persecute us for believing and acting on the lies we were taught since early childhood
about "liberty and justice for ALL."
I did not see any more Cochran Firm ads for its Atlanta office on MARTA trains after notifying transit
company officials that The Cochran Firm and Judge Shoob had effectively called those ads
fraudulent in a court of law in order to dismiss my family's righteous lawsuit against the unethical
lawyers. It was not until I checked the docket in August 2010 that I discovered MARTA had become
a party in the Neals v. Cochran Firm lawsuit. That information and any documents in its regard was
not provided to pro se plaintiffs while the case was active. Apparently, people who carried ads for
The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office were concerned about the lawyers prevailing in court against the
Neals' lawsuit by calling their own advertising lies. Either The Cochran Firm (and attorneys who
represented the frauds against the Neals) lied to the court, or the firm lies to millions of people daily
through online advertising,commercials, legal search ads, telephone books, billboards, etc. Most of
the firm's clients at the time were black or brown, so that was acceptable to decision makers.
Thousands whites now depend on the integrity of Cochran Firm attorneys because judges gave
lawyers from that firm key positions over the BP oil spill litigation and the class action lawsuit
against Johnson & Johnson re faulty DePuy implants. I suppose the outcome for clients of those cases
depends on whether the government is for or against the companies being sued.
It was interesting to note how many names of law firms Hezekiah Sistrunk listed for just one law
firm office in attorney willie gary accused of sexual assault the Dozier case. The name game is still
ongoing, apparently. When the Neals sued The Cochran Firm in Superior Court, The Cochran Firm's
Atlanta office wore a "P.C." behind the name "Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk." "P.C."
means "professional corporation." That designation cannot be used for corporations that are not
registered with the Secretary of State's office, and no law officer or any other company was
registered in Georgia with that name. (Perhaps laid-off people should consider adding a "DDS"
behind their names and start pulling teeth. It is apparently allowed.Considering the public outrage
about the 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston's murder and attempted cover-up by police, subsequent
guilty verdicts and imprisonment of officers involved, and the racial makeup of Atlanta's jury pool,
there was no reason for Johnston's family to accept such a small settlement.
The worst thing about The Cochran Firm fraud against the Johnston estate is not that her survivors
were pressured to accept less than a third of the amount The Cochran Firm claimed to have
demanded. I was offended to find that the Dozier vs. City of Atlanta complaint put forth the already
disproved claim that Ms. Johnston's home was a drug house. Dozier's lawyers used the murdered
elder's lawsuit as an opportunity to place in court record the falsehood about "Suspect X." Police
attempted to excuse Johnston's home invasion and murder by claiming that an informant bought
drugs from Johnston's home, leading to her home invasion and murder. That lie was exposed over a
year before The Cochran Firm supposedly filed the Dozier lawsuit. The police informant who police
expected to lie about purchasing drugs at the elderly woman's home instead went to the media and
FBI and exposed the planned cover-up. He did not pretend to be "Suspect X" for the Atlanta police

department. He had too much integrity to help cover-up the elder's murder although he was afraid
that revealing the police cover-up conspiracy would endanger his life. It was shocking to find that
debunked lie written into Dozier's complaint. It brought back horrible images of the 92-year-old
black lady who lived alone, handcuffed and bleeding on her floor while police hid drugs in her home
to excuse her home invasion and murder. I may check and see if the Complaint was Changed in that
respect after I wrote about it.
Although The Cochran Firm may have tricked its client and the public about filing lawsuit for Dozier
on November 21, 2007 (according to State Court records during the clerk's August 2010 records
search), too many people knew about Kathryn Johnstons murder for The City of Atlanta to avoid
paying damages altogether like Shelby County Government did when Larry Neal was killed under
secret arrest in Memphis. Larrys murder occurred behind bars under yet undisclosed circumstances,
but Johnstons neighbors heard the 36 shots that Atlanta police officers fired in her home. Whereas
Larrys murder was hushed-up from the day he died when his sister made contract arrangements
with The Cochran Firm to be his wrongful death attorneys, news of Kathryn Johnstons murder and
the attempted police cover-up that followed was headline news worldwide. Therefore, The Cochran
Firm fraud could not completely shield The City of Atlanta from exposure. The best that Dozier's lead
attorney Hezekiah Sistrunk could do for Atlanta, his real client, was withhold lawsuit in Johnstons
murder and minimize the amount of the payout to his client. Therefore, on August 17, 2010, The City
of Atlanta offered to settle the Johnston case for less than five million dollars, and Dozier accepted
that sum on her attorneys advice. Ironically, Dozier may have to pay her backstabbing attorneys over
40 percent of the small settlement, which was less than a third of the $18 million The Cochran Firm
pretended to demand in the lawsuit that it never really filed, according to State Court records search
in August 2010.
Three of the police officers involved in Johnstons murder and attempted cover-up were sentenced to
prison in 2009, so there is no doubt about the heinous crime. Any jury convened in Atlanta would
have been sympathetic to the plaintiffs. Hopefully, Sarah Dozier will learn about The Cochran Firm
fraud and sue her treacherous lawyers for at least the $13.1 million shortfall which the Johnston
estate would have been awarded if Doziers attorneys had worked in her interest instead of working
for the City of Atlanta behind her back. Unfortunately, if Dozier does discover the fraud and sue The
Cochran Firm for its malpractice, Sistrunk may simply instruct the court to pronounce the law firm
nonexistent to be sued. That happened when my mother and I brought suit against The Cochran
Firm after learning that the devious lawyers withheld Larry Neals wrongful death and negligence
lawsuits to protect Shelby County Jail.
Many crimes are committed to prevent the Neal family from sharing information about The Cochran
Firm fraud so minorities across the country will continue to fall victim to the diabolical scheme of
using Johnnie Cochrans name to defraud bereaved families and other victimized people and protect
assets for government and certain corporate entities. (Google "Mary Neal v. Cointelpro Continues.)
The Cochran Firm frauds success is dependent on censoring this news and intimidating Larrys
family, apparently in hopes that terrorism will make Larry's family stop seeking justice (like crosses
burning on victims' lawns in the 1940s). Therefore, the media will not publish the 2006 court order
by Georgia Superior Court granting The Cochran Firms Atlanta office nonexistence, which was
handed down six months before Atlanta police killed 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston in the worlds
worst no-knock warrant case and her survivors also fell victim to The Cochran Firm fraud. The
Cochran Firm pleaded nonexistence in Georgia, a state where FOX5 airs frequent television
commercials to help corral elderly blacks seeking legal assistance for social security claims to the
law firms clutches. That seems entirely appropriate to racist elitists in the media who refuse to
publish one word about The Cochran Firm fraud. (Racist elitists applies to all who victimize
minorities, without regard to elitists DNA. ) FOX5s Cochran Firm commercials urge elderly blacks to

trust The Cochran Firm attorneys like Kathryn Johnstons relatives who The Cochran Firm defrauded
with its fake lawsuit. Such misleading commercials go out unhampered while my reports are
censored. My computers are attacked to prevent my reporting this online, my emails to African
American groups and individuals are curtailed to prevent my communicating this information to
minorities. Blacks, including my own family, are trimmed from my Twitter list of followers. It is
awesome to consider the amount of money and effort that apparently goes into keeping The Cochran
Firm as a CoIntelPro agent, but I suppose it is worth it to have such an informant/collaborator.
Numerous homes in my immediate vicinity were vacant (with no "for sale" or "for rent" signs) until
immediately after USDC dismissed our lawsuit saying what was done to us is "immaterial." Then
they were all occupied by people with an inordinate interest in our home. See "Citizens Police, My
New Neighbors and Yours."
In June 2010, I stood outside of The Cochran Firm's court-declared "nonexistent" Atlanta office at
127 Peachtree Street to ask the public for help getting accountability for the secret arrest and
wrongful death of Larry Neal and to request fairness for Kathryn Johnston's family. Nearly four
years had passed since Johnston's murder, the police officers were found guilty and sentenced a year
before, but the only restitution for her family was the judge's order that the police officers must split
the $8,000 funeral expenses. The City of Atlanta did not want me to expose The Cochran Firm's
fraud against minority families, especially in the Johnston matter, which was still pending.
Therefore, two police officers were dispatched after a 911 call to violate my First Amendment rights.
I was told that if I did not immediately stop telling the public about The Cochran Firm fraud against
the Neal family and my suspicions of fraud against Kathryn Johnston's survivors, I would be
arrested. For years, my computers have been attacked and cyber censorship done to prevent my
revealing my sick brother's murder under secret arrest, which The Cochran Firm's fraud helped to
cover-up. But in June, I learned that censorship in America regarding this law firm victimizing
minorities includes jailing people who tell. For all I know, the City of Atlanta could be facilitating the
online censorship and inperson stalking that my family and I endure along with The Cochran Firm.
Much evidence, including videos of real-time cyberstalking, is available at my YouTube channel jkempp703 - and in my FreeSpeakBlog. Affidavits from witnesses to my stalking and cyberterror are
on file in Neals vs. The Cochran Firm, filed in USDC on August 15, 2007 in Judge Timothy Batten's
I was sad for America when Atlanta Police officers violated my free speech rights to hide The
Cochran Firm fraud and continue the cover-up regarding my disabled brother's murder in Memphis
Shelby County Jail. I also felt very sorry for myself. Cyberterrorists have destroyed thousands of
dollars worth of my computer equipment over the years since Georgia Superior Court dismissed
Neals vs. The Cochran Firm, ruling falsely that our suit was served wrongly since there is NO
Cochran Firm law office in Georgia (six months before police killed Kathryn Johnston and the
"nonexistent" Cochran Firm contracted with her survivors). Replacing and repairing my computers
became too costly for me, especially since it was all in vain. No matter what anti-virus and malware
programs technicians loaded, cyberstalkers took control via remote access within an hour. After I
gave up using computers at my home, it was horribly frightening to be stalked in person to public
libraries and computer rental locales so I could continue to ask online for fairness for my family and
for the 1.25 million mentally ill Americans who are wrongly incarcerated instead of hospitalized or
placed in community care programs (depending on their offenses and their levels of competency).
People who monitor our home phone (and filter calls they do not want us to receive) heard me speak
to a computer forensic firm about tracing the people responsible for cyberstalking through my hard
drives. Since then, the cyberterror they send includes arson threats. Pray that they do not burn us
out, because my elderly mom has had mobility problems ever since the day I took her to sign
contract with The Cochran Firm right after police killed poor Larry in 2003. At age 80, my mom fell
in the lobby of the Memphis Cochran Firm building because of tears in her eyes we left the building

after the contract appointment, and she was trying to hurry to exit the building (as we were
instructed) during the building's fire drill. Lord, have mercy and God bless America!
To live in fear for asking how one's mentally and physically disabled brother was murdered is not
anything I ever imagined happening in this country. I planned to attend the Veterans Day parade in
Atlanta, but hesitate to do so. I wanted to tell our veterans that their job securing democracy under
the Constitution must continue on the homefront when they return from foreign battlefields. They
promised to protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. It is wrong to have
used my brother during the Viet Nam War and use my nephews during the Iraq conflict, but deny us
the right to ask how and why our loved one was murdered under secret arrest and deprive me of the
opportunity to help others like him by promoting Congressional Bill H.R.619. If the bill passes, it will
resume Medicaid insurance for psychiatric inpatients. The loss of that insurance coverage caused
Larry's death and many others, including acute mental patients and some victims. I wrote to Atlanta
Mayor Kasim Reed about the Atlanta Police officers telling me to shut up about The Cochran Firm
fraud or go to jail, but he did not respond. Most police officers are well-meaning and benign to
citizens who are not breaking laws, but there are some like the ones that Larry and Kathryn
Johnston met, so I was too afraid to go to the Veterans Day parade in Atlanta. I will postpone any
further picketing at The Cochran Firm until I have bail money ready and someone to film my arrest.
I became physically ill when USDC did not help me when Cochran Firm attorney Angela Mason filed
a pleading wherein she claimed that no Cochran Firm attorney had arranged for a Caucasian man in
a WHITE truck to follow me home from my job in 2008. I had never told anyone the color of the
vehicle that followed me most often, but Mason knew and supplied the color to the court. After that,
Mason withdrew from the case, and Judge Batten did not address the violations against me under
U.S. Code 18, Sections 242 and 245. I was a legal secretary at a large Midtown Atlanta firm at that
time, and my stalkers also unnerved guards in my employer's building. They felt endangered walking
me to my car each evening. The stalking started right after LexisNexis successfully served the Neals
lawsuit against Cochran Firm partners (which was no easy feat). Ironically, service of process was
effected in January 2008 - the same date that The Cochran Firm allegedly "removed" Kathryn
Johnston's wrongful death lawsuit to federal court. There are many more - too many wrongs to
address in articles I write online. Therefore, I hope to publish my manuscript which is tentatively
called "Cochran Firm Fraud," of course. We plan to include CDs containing hundreds real-time
cyberstalking videos in the book flap. It is difficult to communicate with agents and publishers about
the book manuscript because of phone tapping as well as computer interference. We have no doubt
that God will facilitate publishing with the company and agent He chooses despite the embargo
around our communication. America must learn how minorities, poor whites, and mentally disabled
people fare in the injustice system so that positive CHANGE can happen.
This document is an example of cybercensorship. This is actually my rough draft, which
cyberstalkers were alarmed to see. I had completed the article on my laptop, which they monitor
through illegal remote access but prevent from going online at my home address. Saboteurs were
apparently so concerned about this article being published that they shut down my laptop
altogether, and I was unable to access the final copy of this article. Repetitious text had been deleted
and it was fully written in the first person. Once again, I must either buy a new computer or have my
laptop wiped clean and Windows reinstalled. I have asked for help from police, the FBI, USDOJ, and
courts during and after our lawsuits against The Cochran Firm, but we receive no assistance
regarding illegal attacks against our First Amendment rights.
Update 10-22-10: I viewed this article on a cellphone and discovered that in the paragraph
explaining The Cochran Firm's fraud against Kathryn Johnston's family, the dollar amount that
Dozier had been dupped into accepting had been changed from FOUR POINT NINE MILLION to

NINE MILLION DOLLARS. This illegal editing was apparently done to give the appearance that
Dozier had been cheated of less than she actually was. Cyberdogs are able to make parts of anyone's
online articles, blogs, and websites invisible, deactivate or redirect links. Additionally, I have
frequently noted differences in the text of my articles and blogs when viewed through cellphones as
opposed to computers. I film examples of such cybercensorship and show some at my YouTube
channel - jkempp703 - and wrote about such criminal attacks on First Amendment rights in an online
article entitled "Internet Censorship American Style."
The featured video, "Because He Lives," is another example of cyberstalking. I uploaded a
description for the film at YouTube, but it was not allowed to post or was removed after I posted it.
Although endangered and persecuted for doing so, I notify the public about The Cochran Firm fraud
in my FreeSpeakBlog, Mary Neals Care2 Sharebook, articles at, and my KoffieTime
Twitter account as well as other Internet sites. Links to most of my Internet sites are available by
accessing Mary Neal Google Profile. Sometimes my Google profile is rendered invisible by the
powers that be to prevent public access to the information, and a false LinkScanner pop-up warns
that my blog is dangerous to peoples computers. FreeSpeakBlog is a Google Blogger blog, and
Google is the largest, most trusted Internet company. The LinkScanner warning is not to protect
visitors PCs, but to protect The Cochran Firm's government alliance.
EVIDENCE: I film the stalkers who are assigned to follow me and videotape some of the cyber
attacks used to censor my Internet input. Around 20 of my cyberstalking films are published at
YouTube channel jkempp703, and CDs with numerous others were hand-delivered to the U.S.
Attorneys Office, DeKalb County Sheriffs Office, DeKalb County CEOs Office, and distributed to
various other officials, and community and religious leaders. Some of the cyber censorship and
terrorism videos are reserved to be released in a CD and published with my unpublished manuscript,
Cochran Firm Fraud. Thus far, my offer from a publishing company did not include a book advance,
and the family is desperately poor because offers for employment are prevented from reaching the
Neal family by telephone or email. It is difficult to send out queries to publishers and agents because
of illegal Internet attacks. Records of the Neals lawsuits against The Cochran Firm and the law firms
repeated denials before the court that it has Georgia and Tennessee law offices are available to the
public as court records. Neals vs. The Cochan Firm records are in Georgia Superior Court of Fulton
County where suit was filed August 1, 2005 (Judge Shoob presiding). United States District Court for
the Northern District of Georgia (USDC) has records for Neals vs. The Cochran Firm (suit was filed
August 15, 2007 with Judge Batten presiding), and Dozier vs. The City of Atlanta (fraudulent removal
of lawsuit to federal court - January 9, 2008, Judge Shoob presiding). District court records are
online and available to everyone who applies for a free PACER account. Many of the Georgia
Superior Court records are under the DOCUMENTS tab at the website called Wrongful Death of
Larry Neal. In fact, proof for every allegation I make is on public record, verified by affidavits and
videos, and already in the hands of officials, some of whom are parties to The Cochran Firm fraud
against minority citizens either by actual participation or by reneging on their oaths of office to
uphold citizens constitutional rights and protect people who participate in federally protected
activities such as petitioning government for a redress of grievances, suing when wronged, and
exercising First Amendment privileges to report their victimization, ask for help, and warn about the
trap set for minorities who seek open disclosure and justice after police violence. Dogs rights are
protected in America, but the Neals and other disenfranchised people are treated worse than dogs.
Reading about The Cochran Firm/government/media conspiracy to defraud minority families after
their handicapped and elderly loved ones were killed by police and cover-ups were arranged should
help elected officials appreciate what it really means to be treated worse than dogs. Kathryn
Johnston was born around 1914, and Hattie Neal was born in 1922. Hatties father, who was a middle

aged minister before his children were born, told his children about the day he was freed from
slavery. Rev. Nelson said a bell sounded, and his parents and brother assembled with the other
slaves in the dusty yard outside their huts on a Mississippi plantation. A Union soldier mounted on a
black stallion read them the Emancipation Proclamation. Johnston and Neal lived through Jim Crow
when they needed passes to walk the street, sat at the back of the bus, and had to explain the whites
only signs to young ones. The elderly women were grateful that God blessed them to see a time
when black people held responsible positions in government and private enterprise, and they
probably expected that to make a significant difference. They could not have known that much of
what is and was interpreted as racism was actually classism. Victimizing the disenfranchised
happens even in countries where the officials and populace are the same race. Black people were in
enforced servitude for centuries. After slavery, economic progress was curtailed by segregation and
racial prejudice that continues today. Therefore, a disproportionate number of blacks comprise the
underclass in America and are victimized by elitist no matter what the race decision makers are. To
the elders hopefulness for an end to Jim Crow in Americas justice system, Americas response is, No
Black people in America have been mistreated for so long that it is a double shame that elite blacks
are engaged in defrauding minorities whose family members are killed by police. When black men
and women were lynched in the South during the 1940s, everyone involved, including law
enforcement who withheld justice and those who burned crosses in the yards of people who dared
protest the murders, were white. Having ones relatives killed and being intimidated and denied
recourse is painful, especially when the victims are disabled or elderly like Larry Neal and Kathryn
Johnston. But the pain is more excruciating with black people in authority participating or ignoring
the crimes because of the added element of betrayal. Life is short and full of trouble, as the Bible
says, especially for disenfranchised people who are still treated worse than dogs by their "own" as
well as others in authority. The participation of blacks in victimizing other minority people is not
Racism in the United States has always had black supporters and participants. Two black officers
were among police who killed Sean Bell, an unarmed New Yorker who police shot on the eve of his
wedding. In June 2010, two black police officers threatened me with arrest and Tasering for
exercising my First Amendment right to protest The Cochran Firm fraud in front of the firms courtdeclared nonexistent office on Peachtree Street. A significant number of Shelby County
Commissioners who conspired with The Cochran Firm to defraud Larrys survivors to keep his
jailhouse lynching out of court and away from the public forum were black. Memphis mayor was
black, and so was the managing partner of The Memphis office of The Cochran Firm, Julian Bolton.
No other law firm was ever declared nonexistent by the court while it continues advertising and
remains open and operating every day like The Cochran Firms Atlanta office was in 2006 to dodge
the Neals lawsuit. That office is managed by Hezekiah Sistrunk, another black man. Mainstream
media has many black reporters, and there are media companies owned and operated by blacks. But
they do not report that The Cochran Firm had its Atlanta office declared nonexistent by Georgia
Superior Court because that would negatively impact the firms ability to defraud other clients when
police kill blacks like Kathryn Johnston, who was murdered six months after Judge Shoobs ruling.
Black Christians and media owners are just as guilty of these injustices as Caucasian churches were
to condone slavery and Jim Crow through their silence. The Cochran Firm was able to sign contract
with Johnstons survivors and defraud Sarah Dozier on behalf of The City of Atlanta only because
media elitists agreed to withhold the important consumer news from disenfranchised blacks. Black
people who knew about The Cochran Firms fraud against the Neals after Larrys murder led Sarah
Dozier to that law firm after Kathryn Johnstons murder. When I went to Atlanta City Hall to the City
Attorneys office after the Johnston case settled out of court for less than a third of the amount The
Cochran Firm pretended to demand in a lawsuit that was never filed, everyone I spoke with about

the Dozier vs. City of Atlanta lawsuit was black.

Racism against blacks in the 21st century is not limited to white supremacists, and it never was.
Many of the members of Memphis Shelby County Commission when Larry was secretly arrested and
murdered were black people. No white family was ever deprived of records and investigation when a
disabled family member was secretly arrested and killed in jail like the Neal family is, and this
continues under the present administration. Certainly, Caucasians would not be persecuted for
asking about murdered relatives. No captain and small crew could raid African villages and load
hundreds of future slaves on the miscreants slave vessels. Plantation owners did not tread through
dark swamps and risk snakebites and crocodile attacks to capture runaway slaves or strain their
muscles delivering severe beatings to freedom seekers who were apprehended. Whites did not
institute the paper sack test that was used at some historical black colleges and certain black
churches to eliminate applicants whose complexion was unacceptably dark. Some blacks owned
slaves, and many blacks served in the Confederate Army. Not all of them were coerced to defend
Dixie. During the civil rights movement, American history courses were condemned as being
incomplete. But the whole truth needs to be told not only about white racism, but about elitist blacks
racism against other blacks. Black history courses and Black History Month celebrations are just as
one-sided as people accuse pre-civil rights American history books of being. Harriet Tubman,
Frederick Douglass and other great freedom fighters are praised, but little mention is made about
the active participation that slavery and Jim Crow necessarily had from the black elite and apathy
from the black populace that allowed those conditions to continue. Neither do Black History courses
and celebrations adequately cover the risks and sacrifices that many white Southerners, Quakers,
and Jewish families took to end overt racism by assisting the Underground Railroad and financing
abolitionists during slavery. We must also extol those who marched with Dr. King and other freedom
fighters during the civil rights movement. Like every other evil, racism in America is not now and
never was a simple black and white issue. The alarming rate of 1 in 9 young black men being
prisoners was reached AFTER the Voters Rights Act was passed and many high offices were filled
with black officials. Today, there are more black people imprisoned in American correctional
institutions for nonviolent offenses than there were slaves at any given point during slavery.
Improvements in justice for minorities do not necessarily follow elections of black people to high
offices. Troy Davis, an innocent man, remains on Georgias death row under a gag order although a
black man could pardon him. Nightmares Larrys elderly mother has about possible scenarios about
his murder continue despite the fact that America has a black attorney general who has a sworn
duty to uphold open disclosure laws and assure the rights of Americans with disabilities, minorities,
and institutionalized persons.
Average people who marched with Dr. King and everyone who attended KKK meetings during that
period and before would be surprised to know how little it matters in the justice system to have
blacks in key positions. It is outrageous that the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ)
ignores Larrys murder in a facility that was already under its overview after a 2000 lawsuit against
Shelby County Jail by the United States due to the jails atrocious record of human and civil rights
violations. It was criminal for the USDOJ to allow Shelby County officials to enter fraudulent
documents and testimony in federal court proceedings in 2006 when the jail sought release from
federal overview. Records Shelby County officials submitted to the federal judge omitted Larrys
arrest and murder, which the DOJ already knew about through communications with his family.
However, the DOJ under Eric Holder, a black man, refuses to address Larrys murder cover-up or tell
his elderly mother and family whether Larry died only because police lied about his arrest for weeks
to deprive him of vital heart drugs or if his death also as a resulted of Taser, restraint chair, or
beating. A black man was sheriff of DeKalb County, Georgia when my 911 emergency call was
ignored on September 27, 2008. My grandson and I were followed for six miles by a USDOT truck
leading four other cars of men and waylaid at the neighborhood Chevron station by the stalkers for

one hour. Such intimidation would be unlikely to happen to a white woman for asking about her
murdered relative and suing attorneys for fraud and malpractice, but having blacks in high positions
in law enforcement and government has prompted no response to the illegal online and in-person
stalking that is done to punish the Neal family and dissuade me from publishing these and other
injustices against my family and other disenfranchised persons, including whites who lack wealth.
It is not known how frequently The Cochran Firm attorneys pretend to file their clients lawsuits but
do not, and perhaps that firm and other private companies perform other services for this
government that has serious ethics problems. People who believe they have a lawsuit filed in court
by The Cochran Firm should contact the perspective court clerks offices and verify that their
lawsuits are really filed, especially if government agencies are adverse parties. Cochran Firm
attorneys only pretended to file suit for Kathryn Johnstons survivors after her murder by Atlanta
police, and they withheld legal work for the Neals following Larrys murder in the Memphis jail while
claiming it was underway. The managing partner in The Cochran Firms Memphis office, Julian
Bolton, was himself a Shelby County Commissioner, and the Shelby County Commission owns and
operates the jail where Larry died. The Cochran Firm contracted with the Neals, having no intention
of actually working on behalf of the bereaved family. Proclaimed super lawyer David McLaughlin,
the Neals assigned attorney, secretly held Larrys wrongful death case inactive while Tennessees
statute of limitations passed. It is astonishing that The Cochran Firm is so assured of its impunity
when defrauding clients that it actually claimed nonexistence as a defense against the Neals lawsuit
against the firm for helping the jail hide Larrys murder.
The Cochran Firm fraud is carried out against other minorities. A Latino client in Florida recently
sued The Cochran Firm for malpractice. The lawyers failed to recover $22.1 million she had already
won in a judgment against Cuba, which they contracted to do. She was awarded less than $300,000
in mediation, less than 15 percent of the money she lost by trusting The Cochran Firm. But at least
the Latino woman got something. As former Black Panther Party member Assata pointed out in her
autobiography, Negroes in America who have been here for generations are treated worse than dogs
more often than any foreigners, including the countrys newest immigrants. That is why Attorney
General Holder sued Arizonas sheriff for offenses related to Mexican immigrants, but ignores my
pleas for justice for Larry Neal. We are a black family, descendents of slaves who worked to clear
the land, helped build the country, people who served in wars for generations and pay taxes. Yet,
Holder considers the Neals unworthy of the justice that he demands for Mexican immigrants,
whether or not they have green cards. He believes Larrys secret arrest and murder is unworthy of
the investigative effort he applied to Michael Vicks dog abuse charges on behalf of the NFL.
Washington shows concern about Muslims right to freedom of religion and to build a mosque at
Ground Zero but ignores many violations against my First Amendment rights to freedom of speech
and press and Larry Neals right to life. Assata is right: Homegrown Negroes get treated worse than
dogs in America.
I believe prejudice is greater against slaves descendents because a guilty conscience makes people
hate and fear their victims, even if victims are willing accept a reasonable damage settlement and
forgive crimes. Race and class bigotry made the idea of The Cochran Firm paying damages to the
Neals seem ridiculous to elitists just as reparations for slavery and Jim Crow is considered a
preposterous notion by people who experienced neither. Congress apologized for slavery and Jim
Crow, but the idea of reparations for centuries of enforced servitude and ongoing lynchings like
Larry suffered in 2003 is considered absurd. Contrarily, awarding Japanese Americans $1.6 billion
after four years of captivity during WWII was considered logical and just, and so was well-deserved
restitution for Jewish survivors of Hitlers horror. Why pay reparations to blacks? Like Minnie Pearl,
Were just so glad to be here! where minority parents feel anxious when their sons reach adolescence
because our young men suffer injustices from so many directions, including from other young blacks

as well as police officers. Writing about overdue reparations that did not accompany the apparently
insincere congressional apologies may seem inappropriate during the current economic crisis that
negatively impacts everyone whose income is not augmented by a substantial private prison stock
portfolio like many elected officials, but repaying people for wrongs is Biblical. The Old Testament is
filled with stories illustrating the horrible situations Gods people could have avoided by obeying
Him. Ignoring Godliness has a price, and there is no doubt that the economic crisis in America would
not be as severe if elitists were less me, myself, and I oriented. More than a few Christians believe
they can treat people any way they please and get forgiveness from God. But the Bible says that if
one comes to Gods alter and has an unresolved dispute with his brother, he is to first go and make
amends with his brother before giving gifts at the alter. Those who believe no brotherhood can exist
between people of different races, social or economic status are mistaken. Brotherhood is not
determined by race or other distinctions among men, because everyone has one common Creator. It
is absurd to believe that entitlement programs that people must stay poor to qualify for and the
opportunity to be oppressed by blacks in government are equivalent to reparations.
The Cochran Firm fraud proves there is no clear us and them determined by race or party lines.
Victimized people of all races suffer when their relatives are cruelly imprisoned for inappropriate
conduct caused by mental illness. Persecution increases when I publish stories about tribulations
middle class and indigent families experience because loved ones are incarcerated or live under the
threat of prison due to severe mental illness. Sick people need and deserve hospitalization or
community care instead of jail, depending on their offenses and ability to function in society. The
mentally ill are the only Americans who are arrested for having a chronic disease. Hundreds of
people who care about human and civil rights joined our effort to end discrimination against
mentally challenged people at Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, the online advocacy group
she hosts. Opposition to the advocacy to decriminalize mental illness is fierce because success in
that endeavor would hurt prison profits. I am also censored because exposing Larrys murder coverup embarrasses officials who falsely swore to uphold liberty and justice for all, including citizens
who have mental dysfunctions and emotional problems.
The most discriminated people in America today are the mentally ill from poor and working class
families of any race. Roughly 1.25 million mentally ill people are incarcerated like Larry was. Many
mentally ill inmates are abused, kept in unsanitary, inhumane conditions and suffer tortuous
isolation for months or years. All too often, mentally ill people like my unfortunate brother, Larry, die
of abuse and/or neglect both in prisons and on our streets. Authorities refuse to address Larrys
demise in government custody despite the presidents Executive Order requiring open government.
They apparently plead the 5th Amendment regarding an occurrence that used to happen only in
communist governments secret arrests of citizens who emerge from custody as naked corpses, last
effects not returned.
Crime and punishment should never have become a business to fill private correctional facilities.
Regardless of contracts municipalities signed with prison owners guaranteeing them X number of
inmates and no matter how much revenue is invested in prison profiteering, the nation was at one
time just as economically dependent on slavery. America survived when slavery was abolished. Or
did slavery really go underground behind prison walls? Jim Crow is certainly not dead; he is in the
prison gym pumping iron. And unfortunately, more mentally ill people are jailed on any sunny day
during this enlightened 21st century than were kept chained in dank, rodent-infested dungeons
throughout the Dark Ages. Sometimes the accused and their family are the only people in a
courtroom who do not stand to gain by illegal bribes or valuating prison stocks when defendants are
sentenced to prison and substantially more for death row prisoners, whether guilty or innocent,
mentally ill or sound-minded. Greed and self-centeredness led to the U.S. becoming the prison
nation that it is today, with the largest number of prisoners in any country in world history. That is

why so little money is appropriated for public defenders and the congressional bill that Rep. Eddie
Johnson (D-TX) introduced in January 2009 to resume Medicaid for psychiatric inpatients H.R.619
has received no media coverage. This is another reason for my censorship. Candidates do not wish to
be asked by informed constituents whether they support using public funds to treat mental patients
in hospitals or prefer to incarcerate them for being sick, although secure hospitals would protect
society from dangerous patients in an environment that would hopefully be less stressful and more
humane than prison, just like they used to before jailing sick people became big business.
Furthermore, Kendra Law results prove that mandated community treatment and subsistence
assistance for nonviolent offenders save money and promote public safety while restoring mentally
challenged people and drug offenders to wholesome lives. There is no security or budgetary reason
for continuing to criminalize mental illness, but candidates cannot say to millions of stakeholders, I
dont want my investment portfolio to decline. Therefore, the elitists in mainstream media refuse to
report the fact that mental hospital insurance was omitted from the nations health care plan
Congress approved in March, and my online posts about H.R.619 are frequently attacked or my
computers are rendered useless.
The Department of Justice refuses to respond to the Neals Freedom of Information Act requests
about Larrys secret arrest and death. People who consider themselves above laws that they use to
execute lesser men and women wont answer our queries about Larrys death, perceiving themselves
to be too important to explain anything to a family of poor and middle class black citizens about a
useless eater like Larry Neal. Having blacks in important government positions brought no increased
assurance of fairness to black people in America. A black mans voice answered when I called the
Bureau of Prisons to see when I could expect an answer to our Freedom on Information Act request
about Larrys secret arrest and murder, but I received no return call. Apparently, authorities 5th
Amendment right not to incriminate themselves and avoid the need to prosecute elitists who are
deemed to be useFUL eaters trump my 1st Amendment rights to freedom of speech and press as
well as decencys requirement that my elderly mother and the rest of Larrys relatives finally learn
how the lifelong schizophrenic heart patient, a useless eater by Hitlers definition, was eliminated.
Did Larrys heart attack result from police lying repeatedly for weeks, denying that the missing man
was incarcerated to prevent his access to vital heart and psychiatric drugs, or was Larry also
Tasered, beaten, or placed in some deadly restraint device? The Cochran Firm fraud against the
Neals was intended to deny Larrys survivors answers and restitution for his suffering and death. So
far it worked for seven years, but I did not let my brother go peacefully into that premature
goodnight, and freedom-loving Americans of all races should also refuse to condone such injustice.
We owe it to the freedom fighters in Americas past and idealistic young soldiers in peril today to at
least PRETEND we care about democracy. I am censored because authorities realize that most
people would not condone racism or discrimination against Americans with mental disabilities.
It is unfortunate that many people who are vocal about dog abuse are apathetic about injustice to
their fellow man. Silence from the masses authorizes solitary confinement torture, Taser deaths, and
inhumane restraint being inflicted on the mentally ill, this nations most vulnerable citizens, because
these are prophetic days when men shall be lovers of themselves rather than servants of God.
Private prisons pay huge dividends to investors, and human trafficking of America's mentally ill into
prisons is profitable. There is surprisingly little protest against the congressional bill to erect six
FEMA camps in America (H.R.645 the concentration camp bill). The bill was introduced in January
2009 by Alcee Hastings, a black representative, and the bills co-sponsors are so indifferent to the
horror of their proposed legislation that they dare seek reelection. Rep. Artur Davis, another black
man who sponsored the concentration camp bill, campaigned to become Alabamas governor. Many
politicians, black and white, rely on voters being too lazy to review their voting record instead of
supporting candidates based on their race and political parties. Silence condones capital punishment
for possibly innocent inmates who are denied DNA tests like Hank Skinner, a white man in Texas,

and the Supreme Court will not acknowledge that executing innocent people violates their
constitutional rights. Condemned Georgia black man Troy Davis is under a gag order lest he
convince millions more of his innocence, and Thomas Arthur, another condemned white man,
remains on Alabamas death row more than a year after being eliminated as contributor of DNA at
the crime scene. Arthurs DNA test results indicating his innocence were sealed by the court and
ignored by the media, but news reports now say he may get a judicial hearing before execution (like
Troy Davis just received). Just as this nation tolerates cruelty to disenfranchised people, the elderly,
infirmed, the wrongly convicted, and justice advocates, Jesus Christ was abandoned despite His
innocence. Jesus repeatedly warned, Woe unto scribes, Pharisees, and hypocrites. God loves justice.
Many prisoners were excessively sentenced or wrongly convicted but denied DNA tests or JURY
trials with substantial new evidence because innocent or guilty, black, white or other, each new
inmate increases prison stock. My poem about my familys need for DOG JUSTICE is applicable to
everyone for whom justice is denied. Some officials may have reason to complain about being
treated bad by political opponents, but Larrys family and other oppressed people know what it is
truly like to be treated worse than dogs. Victimized people of all races suffer unduly in Americas
classist, racist, cruelly mercenary, unjust justice system. To their hopefulness, the system said, No
change. People have forgotten the significance of Dr. Kings words, An injustice anywhere is a threat
to justice everywhere. They dont remember being warned, First, they came for the Jews. They are
unmoved by Kwanzas rule to consider ones neighbors problems as ones own. The Neal family and
others who endure long suffering must believe that just as evildoers and apathetic onlookers
increase in these Last Days according to Biblical prophesy, Gods Kingdom will come soon and His
will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Hattie Neal and other mothers have children who were
murdered, excessively sentenced like Mississippis Scott sisters, wrongly convicted like Sean Isbell
and Darrell Lomax, or are included among the mentally ill left untreated and without subsistence
assistance to comprise half of Americas 2.3 million inmates. Although their loved ones are treated
worse than dogs, every dog has his day.
Animal Farm is a book that should be read periodically by everyone in decision making capacities,
including voters. Problems regarding integrity in leadership cannot be resolved by changing the skin
color of officials any more than conflict can be eliminated entirely just by erasing or changing
borders between nations. That did not prevent atrocities in Iraq that supposedly led to what is
happening today an occupation that is blessedly has an expected end. Entirely too many people are
being treated worse than dogs attorney willie gary accused of sexual assault in America and
throughout the world. I respect animals and have loved a few, but people are more than a higher
form of mammal. We were created in the likeness of God. No citizens should feel jealous of pit bulls
like I did while watching investigators comb Michael Vicks ranch in pursuit of dog justice while my
handicapped brothers murder was swept under the rug. No one should be condemned to execution,
especially by a justice system that refuses to acknowledge innocent peoples right to life on a par
with pit bulls. Government administrators salaries are paid by taxing citizens of every race or
economic and health status. Taxation without representation is still unacceptable, and discrimination
based on race or any other distinction is not supposed to happen.
Having no excuse for the wrongs I report, elitists in government, The Cochran Firm, and media do
what elitists did during the official Jim Crow period. Officials chose not to correct the wrongs
inflicted on the disenfranchised masses of black people, and media reports about black men being
lynched or families swindled during the official Jim Crow era were few to none. People who were not
active participants consented to systemic racism through their silence. Victims knew it would be
useless and dangerous for them to file a complaint with police about their persecution. Poor and
working class Americans who expect justice, particularly blacks, are still in trouble regardless of
what race decision makers are. It feels no better to be stepped on by boots encasing black feet

instead of white ones. Disenfranchised people of all races suffer unduly in Americas classist, racist,
cruelly mercenary, unjust justice system. To their hopefulness, the system said, No change.
News about The Cochran Firm/government conspiracy is a closely guarded secret. I believed black
men stopped being openly lynched in America in the 1940s until I quit relying on mainstream news
coverage. When mainstream media said so what about The Cochran Firm denying its Georgia office
and the court issuing the law firm an Order of nonexistence in 2006, I recognized that some
conspiracy theories are not theories. Whether or not news reports are presented by mainstream
media is does not evidence reliability. Censorship and malicious prosecution are used against some
whistleblowers who report news that mainstream media agreed to block. Sometimes accidents and
questionable suicides happen. I thank Jesus for every day and use it to His glory. The Neal family is
gangstalked and censored to contain news about Larry Neals murder and limit the effectiveness of
advocacy for others who, like Larry, suffer and die in jails and prisons due to mental illness or
because of other injustices. The familys plight is reminiscent of slavery or the Jews condition in
WWII Nazi Germany. Since suing The Cochran Firm, their home is surrounded by houses listed as 9public utility-gov in DeKalb Countys Tax Assessors office. Computers are prevented from going
online from the Neals address. Cyberstalkers apparently use remote access to take over their PCs,
and their phone is tapped. Calls are frequently intercepted and directed straight to voicemail, then
erased without reaching the family regardless of how many times the Neals change their service
providers and phone number, which is presently (678) 531-0262. Phone calls from potential
employers and others are not permitted to reach the family for fear that the Neals might find
assistance broadcasting and addressing horrible injustices toward Larry and his survivors. The
family is terrorized for asking What happened to Larry Neal? I have even been followed to the post
office, and my outgoing mail is sometimes destroyed or redirected if it contains discs that record
proof of cybercensorship.
I hate being stalked, censored, and prevented from communicating with potential employers (which
increasingly demands Net freedom), but the Bible says, Be happy with bread. It is not up to
advocates alone to ensure that changes are made, but all right-minded people have an obligation to
protest wrongs and support solutions to human suffering regardless of possible negative responses
from miscreants. Many elected officials, political candidates, and other decision makers are good
ground, receptive to ideas for positive change. God will bless people for promoting justice, even if
persecution results. Jesus Christ called John the Baptist was the greatest of all of Gods prophets
although John never raised the dead or called down fire or water from heaven. He did not lead
thousands across the Red Sea on dry land. John simply did something every person in this land of
free speech should do: He stood fearlessly before the king and other rulers and said, Wake up! Its
Koffietime! Am I censored and help requests to Internet providers for relief go unanswered because
Im black and poor in this racist, class-conscious society that pretends to be democratic, or am I
targeted for something I wrote, like Love thy neighbor? That concept is probably even less popular
now than it was over 2,000 years ago when Jesus issued the directive. He made it a new
commandment, not a suggestion. I am thankful for people who pray for me. I admire John but would
prefer to be like human rights hero, Dorothea Dix, whose advocacy decriminalized mental illness in
the 1800s. She lived to be nearly a hundred years old, and God used her in mighty ways. She filed
several lawsuits and wrote many reports on the condition of mentally ill inmates that moved
legislators hearts to do what they knew was right for sick people who suffered wrongly as criminals
because they needed treatment and care. The story about the Sunday school teachers dedication
that resulted in replacing prisons with hospitals for the indigent mentally ill is featured at the online
group, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill.
Only people who are blinded by their own prejudice lump everyone in a certain classification
together. Not all people in the justice field agree with injustice. America has many fine judges and

elected officials. Although there are injustices in the system, some prosecutors are careful to protect
the integrity of the court process; many judges show leniency when they are not encumbered by
mandatory sentencing and three-strikes laws; and most lawyers in criminal and civil matters work in
the interest of their clients within the law, not against them. Over half of Americas inmates are truly
guilty of the offenses for which they were sentenced and have no mental illness to excuse their
conduct. Improvements are happening in some of the justice systems problem areas, and the 111th
Congress introduced numerous bills that are still being considered or already passed to address
needed changes. Nevertheless, people must be more diligent about protecting liberty and justice in
this country, especially for the disenfranchised, and always demand accountability for every
incidence of governmental misconduct lest it proliferate.
Only by exposing problems and insisting on equal justice can Americans reduce police violence and
government cover-ups. Although abuses happen often, many people in criminal justice work in the
interest of the public trust, including police officers and jailers. In fact, former Shelby County Jailer
Earley Story contacted me after reading about Larrys secret arrest and wrongful death in citizens
journalism and informed me that he was fired from his job and framed as a drug dealer for refusing
to join in a conspiracy to cover-up the murder of another mental patient who died in Shelby County
Jail in 1995, a few years before Larrys fatal incarceration. Ironically, The Cochran Firm refused to
represent Story in his civil action to be rehired after his criminal charges were dropped because
Julian Bolton, Esq. was managing partner for The Cochran Firms Memphis office and also a Shelby
County Commissioner. Bolton was still in both positions when The Cochran Firm signed contract to
represent the Neal family against the jail, but that conflict of interest was kept secret from the
Larrys family while The Cochran Firm claimed falsely to be conducting vigorous discovery process
regarding Larrys murder in preparation to sue the jail. But the Neals Cochran Firm file was empty at
the end of the one-year statute of limitations that Tennessee has for filing a wrongful death lawsuits.
No medical and police records were ordered for Larry; no interviews were conducted with other
inmates and jail personnel or family members and friends; and no lawsuit was filed or even drafted.
Most lawyers would be too careful of their reputations and concerned about being censured by the
state bar to defraud clients under secret conflicts of interest. But the lack of appropriate response by
officials, the media, and numerous human/civil rights advocacy organizations indicates that The
Cochran Firm is intended to repeatedly carry out such frauds against minority clients without
exposure and reprimand, particularly when clients seek recourse against government entities.
Citizens journalism is useful to publish censored material. Some people in positions of authority
(including voters) will take note of this article and make changes, because peoples hearts are still
influenced by stirring songs, graphic novels and films, or moving sermons. Some who read my
articles place a call or write an email or letter, and others share links with their online friends and
groups. Many people have republished my blogs to help overcome stifling censorship. Someone may
even make a donation to continue advocacy for the least of these, His brethren, through AIMI,
although AIMI does not have non-profit status. Perhaps some righteous attorneys will help AIMI
become a non-profit organization or represent the Neals in our next attempt to get justice for The
Cochran Firms fraud. If change were impossible, Jesus would have wasted His time and blood by
suffering crucifixion for people to have the opportunity to turn from wickedness and be saved.
Working around censorship to get important news disbursed through citizens journalism is not as
fast as mainstream media can publish, but I am encouraged by the fact that the Gospel traveled
worldwide by word-of-mouth. It is up to man to labor, but results are up to God.
Readers who are not too afraid of losing favor with the Pharaohs who rule this land of liberty and
justice for all are invited to submit comments below or by emailing .
Sometimes emails addressed to me are captured by the censorship force in this nation that is
sustained by freedom fighters a nation where people throughout centuries incurred disabilities or

died to pursue and protect true democracy and justice, including slavery abolitionists, Native
Americans, labor organizers, women suffrage advocates, police officers, civil rights activists, and
millions of soldiers in domestic and foreign wars. I thank God and courageous revolutionaries past
and present for freedom of speech and press, however limited mine may be. I use these privileges to
say to our leaders Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and Love your neighbors as
yourselves. When one dares to join Jesus Christ in saying that, he may be inviting persecution as I
have by taking a bold stance for justice. But I am reminded of a song Must Jesus bear the cross
along and all the world go free? There is a cross for everyone there is a cross for me. Freedom to
shut up and take it or watch mutely while others are victimized is not the brand of freedom I mean
when I solute the flag or consider the verse She who the Lord makes free is free indeed. Some dogs
flunk obedience school and always will. People who care but lack the motivation to do anything else
about the injustices presented in my articles, emails, and tweets are invited to pray for my continued
safety and deliverance from oppressive poverty which is inflicted because I love justice like my
Father and obey His instruction: Bow to no man but only to thy Father who is in Heaven.
Fear not those who can take your life, but fear Him who can cast both body and soul into everlasting
damnation. ~ Holy Bible
NOTE: Non-Christians should not be offended by my references to Gods expectations for mankind. I
recognize that other religions and secular philosophers give useful guidance for human
relationships. I write from my own experiences and conclusions, which do not clash with any sound
doctrine where respect and peace are valued above ruthless materialism and an unquenchable, vain
thirst to manipulate and dominate others through misinformation and raw strength. Such people
lure others into destructive conspiracies that they are ashamed to have exposed. What is done in the
dark always comes to light, and wrongs are always punished. Some call it God's vengeance; others
call it "karma."