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The Life Of One

Kid 6
By DeYtH Banger
Maybe you have already heard about the book Life Of Kid this
was the first version of the book some people maybe have
already heard other haven't but this books aren't from this
which you read and you say at the end bullshit or this is false or
whatever. This is book is very different, everything which
happens in this book is true. It's about my life!

What will happen, if you here you find out more interesting stuff.
In case in the The Life Of One Kid 5 which was viewed 27
times, The Life Of One Kid 4 was viewed 15, the 3, 7 times,
the second 11 times, the first 8 times. Its not a lot of, its very
low result no matter if we calculate it or we dont, its useless to
do this. But the more important is to ask you, did you learn
something new???
Im now working as fast as possible and here is whats new 166
films I have watched until 12.12.2015 even little more, but I
dont remember the names!
I also spend more time on watching some videos with facts, I
have watched somewhere 110 videos I have watched which
contained facts which are true and very interesting like for
example codes which are unbreakable, like the facts which I
share in the books Facts which will blow your mind 1,2,3 and
even and more films which have predicted the future and many
such kind of stuff. I think that it sounds interesting does it??
Did up to here you had problems like not likeing
something..?????? No?
Im sure on 97% that there isnt such type of stuff. Im sure that
you have also and some favourite topics, like books or facts, or
films or whatever. Here you will also will have the chance to find
out some interesting stuff. ALso dont forget to checkout
some topics like Books, Films, there is chance to be added

and some other things there like new films, new books
discussed, the same is for the other topics also!
Which will mean to be careful, one skip or miss you can lose a
lot of!
So, Good luck, read careful and watch the road maybe it can
happen car crash, you dont want to happen this!
DeYtH Banger

1. Dont touch this book - By Jan Van Helsing
(We already made two-three discussions, but this isnt
enough. I just said the things which have made me an
impression, maybe there are other things which havent
made me any impression. Its good to read more
details about the book. Its one great book). - We have
talked a lot of on this book the only thing which has left
is to read it!

2. Pain and Gain - By Marc Schiller

(We havent discussed it, but I will try as soon as I can
to discuss it. But it will be great to check it out this book,
for everything. Because to understand my points of
3. Carrie - By Stephen King
(One great and wonderful book, you must check it out
its like the Pain and Gain, both books are on true
stories, but with the different that in the Carrie book
there is added little fantasy. But the main idea can be
said to be a thing which can be saw or can happen in
real life).

4. It - By Stephen King
( Carrie is a great book, however the write two is a
great one in the first book he amazed me with the thing
which he has write. The book It, exceed more than
1000 pages the other one book is about 300 pages
rough said.). We have talked a lot of on this book the
only thing which has left is to read it!
5. The Age Of Reason - By Thomas Paine
(I dont know does somebody paid attention that I said a
lot of about the book The Age Of Reason, that I
discussed it a lot of times. It will be great to check it out,
if you havent!). We have talked a lot of on this book the
only thing which has left is to read it!

6. The Life Of One Kid 1,2,3 - By DeYtH Banger

(Maybe you have, maybe you havent who knows or you
have started now from here from this book?, nobody
knows 50 to 50. Of course if you want it will be great to
check out the 3 volumes of the book. A lot of things are
discussed, the only thing which you must do is to go and
to read this books). - I dont need to repeat my words,
maybe some things I will repeat, but not everything!

7. BirdMan - By Mo Hayder
(I made one discussion about BirdMan, but you must
go and check out what is about the book. Its very
interesting you will loved it!).
We have talked a lot of on this book the only thing
which has left is to read it!

8. The Lightning Thief - By Rick Riordan

(You must check out this book, if you have ever
wondered whats the feeling to be not guilty, but the
people to think that you are guilty. This is the perfect
book about this question.).
9. Hamlet - By William Shakespeare
(For the book there is a film, I didnt liked the film. But I
read the essay its said everything the essay was 14-15

pages everything said everything analyzed. Its good

people to know about things in the past!).
10. Need For Speed - By Brian Kelleher
(Everyone likes differenet things, for example some
cars, other books, othe people games and so on. I dont
know will you like this book or not, but its one great the
book already have a film. Its not important what will you
do, will you watch the film or you will read the book, If I
must choose I will choose to watch the film, because
everything is showed. I just only need to concentrate on
the film and thats all. But some people like the old ways
not to watch film, but to read the book from the
beginning, up to the end. Its not a problem, but you
dont need to read the book and then to watch the film,
the one thing is enough!).
11. Mistakes - By BR Sunkara
(I wont again pay attention on this, but there is a book
available on this topic, but I can say about the book this
This is one great work by one great author. However, a
lot of your works are instructive, I tolerate it. I have read
a lot of books, a lot of them are instructive which, some
of them aren't instructive. I have always says to my mind
to make a mistake isn't normal I mustn't mistakes, but I
see in this book that the mistakes are something
normal, even Mr.Perfect has done mistakes, he isn't
really perfect. Noone is perfect, every guy who is
successful now, before was a guy who makes mistakes,
I think that its enoug.).

12. Don Quixote - Miguel de Cervantes

(- The book Don Quixote which is type Adventure is one
great novel. The novel is by Miguel de Cervantes
Saavedra, the book was first was wrote in Spanish
language. However, to don't forget that here I have gave
you the novel as English!
The novel starts with showing an old memory of an
elder man, in which he is a boy and he is playing with a
wooden stick in the cane. Then it shows the elder man
as an faddist of books or let's say an addicted. However,
to don't forget that he take a look at one picture in one
book and it cames in his mind to became a knight and to
fight for justice...After a while, he goes to talk with one of
his friends for the journey. Then in the same day night
they go at the journey.....
At first side you might say that he is one crazy elder
man who want's Adventures. But he isn't he is just
enjoying his life.
Second, The end isn't happy, As normal in one book the
old or somebody young dies. But here the Don quixote
13. The Man In Iron Mask - By Alexsander Dumas
(This is one wonderful, amazing, incredible book by
Alexandre Dumas. Alexandre Dumas is one great
author, as know as the writer of the book The Count of
Monte Cristo, The Three Musketeers and many more.
The amazing books which have blasted the people are

this 3 books. The greatest thing for this 3 books are that
they have sayings!
The Man in Iron Mask, starts with showing a main in
Mask and locked in prison, because his brother hates
him and the subjects and advisers to remove this fight
between this two brothers they make that the one to be
caged the other to be the king of France (Lui 14)
(However, the book is based on facts). To don't forget
that the kind which was control the Kinddom (I'm talking
about the brother which wasn't in the Iron mask), was
one terrible example!
He used the women for his plesure. From plesure, I
mean that he goes sleep with one on the other day
other, but he hasn't ever ask his self as Dartaniam says
why doesn't he sleep with one woman forever.
In the book the autor is describing also and the Three
Muskeeters. The book shows how does leave poor
people and he the kind, that the kind eat fresh foot the
people eat spoiled foot. However, shows impudence of
the kind(How does use the people). Overall the book is
very interesting and instructive.).
14. Fifty Shades Of Grey - By E.L.James
( I have repeated so many times, so many times I have
used it for example. That this book must be read,
because to understand my view points!).
-We have talked a lot of on this book the only thing
which has left is to read it!

15. The Enigma - By Alan Turing

(You should check out this book. Its one real story and
very interesting, there is already a film based on the
Have you ever asked what's does means Enigma?
Or do you know about enigma?
Or do you know about Adolf HItler?
If you are interest in such questions and you want the
answer, so this book is for you guys.
Enigma by Andrew Hodges book has already a film
which is in 2001 published. The film is based on the
book. This book is one of the best, it is about Adolf Hitler
and the Germany Machine Enigma which is used to
send messages for the war.
In the book is showed everything how happens, it strart
everything from universe in in which Alan find a friend
and with the time this friend start to showing him the
machine language. One day his friend die, and then he
is alone. After couple years the country (I don't
remember the name of the country), search the 5 genius
people to hack enigma. In the hacking in the beggining
there are some problems, with the team with the people
around Alan. Alan use the idea or the suggest which is
to hack the machine with a machine. But everything
changes when the machine is ready, one test, second
test all the test can't finish with success in case that the
Enigma machine changes password every 24 hour.

One day the machine is hacked everything is

understand and the information is spread to the amry.
The amry is prepared for the fight and they win.).
16. Facts Which WIll BLOW Your Mind 1,2 and 3 - By
DeYtH Banger
(I dont know how much people like facts and how much
doesnt like facts. All people are different, if this for me is
truth, for the others wont be. If you are interested in
such things check out the book, it will amaze you!).
17. Dracula - By Bram Stoker
( I hope that you like Horor books, with vampires!
- Wow, wow, wow this is one incredible, amazing and
wonderful book. I have always hate such books to read
or to watch films on such topic, but this book changed
my way of
viewing the things. I don't write just this book to be
viewed, but on the reason to show it that it's a great
horror novel. My last book which I read for such topic
was Vampire tooth which was anti-vampire so the book
wasn't something so on this topic but whatever I don't
want to be bad with the author.
So let's go on the topic, the book is great I have
watched a lot of films on such topic. The films were
starting from accidental the things happen. Just from the
thirst for taking money, not money but thinking that in
the coffin there are a lot of money and gold and so on.
But their thoughts were false, there was one vampire

which waited to be unlocked, as usual the people which

knows a lot of about the vampire die in beggining. That's
great, it's interesting to look people which don't know
what to do or how they will solve the problem.
-From films you learn that one gun can't kill a vampire it
just make the vampire more furious and wrathful. To kill
a vampire need to kill the vampire by driving a sharp
object in the heart or by cutting the vampire head.
So if you read the book you won't make a mistake.
However I want to announce that there is a film
based on the book!).
Some books are already discussed and wont be
again discussed others arent, so have in mind that
the books which arent now, will be discussed later!
18. The Vampire's tooth
(...You gave me this book in one group, I haven't
touched I Just thought for reading it so, today I read it,
so I can say some advantage and disadvantages.
I heard that the girl from the group says that you are a
great author of books, so logicallymy question will be.
Why few books or more, from last or the previous aren't
wrote??? In sense, that they are with pictures + the text
can't be read it. Whatever, I won't go so far from the
First - disadvantage, how can this happen "When you
kill one vampire you are in safe, I think that here you
exaggerating, logically it's impossible. The vampires

don't have bosses, which command about the hunting

and so on....
Second - disadvantage, almost in the end of the book
you start analyze, I think that for such a story or this
type of books they don't need analyze. If you will
analyze, I suggest to make a new book and in this book
to start analyzing.
Third - Missing the name of the bar, which were the
heros in. In the end you said, but before you haven't!
Fourth - Some places little you go far or thread breakes.
Fifth, Missing details for example, to describe the
picture. In the films the picture is described you see it,
the same must be done with one book. I have read a lot
of books and I have also watched a lot of films....
Everysingle thing begans from the "0", which means
nowhere from going in one book deep and even more
deep you start adding to this black hole elements.
The same is in the film, in the beggining you don't know
anything in the average place you know a lot of and you
can fill your black hole with elements....
The story isn't bad, it can be updated.).
19. Changeling
(I think that we already discuss this book, but whatever!
- The book is one wonderful like the book sleepers.
Maybe and the two books are about the same thing, I'm
talking about the cops. In the two books are shown as
bad. For example in sleepers book, they show the

guards like people which attack, swearing and raped

children in pension, the same is here but here they lie
Christina Collins, they lie with that her son is found, but
here son isn't found. This is just a kid which responsible
on the details, but he isn't. Maybe in this film, the main
idea is to show what are really some cops, first they lie,
second in the book sleepers they are showed as people
which beat, harass and rape, third in the book
Changeling the cops are showed as people which which
terminated the case with lies, also as people who punish
people who overdo. In this case Christina Collins, has
lost her kid and want's to be found and says the cop has
make a mistake, but he doesn't says that he has. He
just end this case with lying the people.
- However, he also make everything to lie and the
woman, by hue a doctor which will look this kid. Despite
this, the woman doesn't transmitted, she starts
searching her son. Maybe this book is with the main
idea to show how the women are strong, also to show
them that they won't give up.
The end of the book ends with that she has a hope from
one kid which has explained that three boys are fled
from the guy who has locked them. This boy gaves to
the woman, hope which is that her boy isn't killed (That
he is still alive....).
- The beggining of the book starts with one normal
family, not exactly a family but maybe. We don't know
does this woman has someone who is close to her, like
her mother or her husband. In the book she is described

as alone mother with her kid. In going deeper and

deepe, we start understanding that the cops are corrupt.
Maybe this word is too powerfull to describe this cops,
maybe this cops are from this which want to end the
case with lying.
The Advantages of the book is that first is a real story
like the book sleepers, which is wonderful. Second is
that almost in the ending or somewhere in the middle
Christina Collins founds one cop and he helps her.).
20. Hunted Girl
(The book can be read fast, I enjoyed reading it. This
book is again from this small books, or let's stories with
1-2 page, but maybe one page like total is. The action is
fast, I like book's with action fast, but I will be great this
story to be finished. For now the book is good!).
21. Two Patients
(I little hard understand the book, because some playes
the thread you lose in case that you started with so
many details. I think you must skip some 1, 2 details are
enought you describe everything, as I know for now
such books with so many describes aren't adopted. I
don't see the book to be bad as you said, it's one nice
book needs more work, I hope when you have time you
will workout on the book. Btw, I forgot to say that your
other book too needs update.
Good Luck!).
22. So You Want To Change The World?

(It's very interesting topic, reality I had some words

which I didn't new, but this isn't a problem, this is normal
thing. But this isn't the main reason to be here after a
shower and now in bed. I want to pay attention that the
book was short 11 pages epub format, which is very
new and strange. In case he has few books with pages
653 like this and now 11, very strange. He don't just say
like some others information after information and you
feel like an idiot. He guess, like me and Jan Van
Helsing. Also he explain easy for understanding, not like
the guy called Joe Blow, which explains the things more
complicate, or for people which English is their native
language or for people which be big level to read it. I'm
talking about "How to be free" book. Alan Macmilliam
Orr is different in the writing, it isn't because they are
different inviduals, but is that Alan is more a writer which
can explain not so complicate....It's sounds crazy idea
as Alan would say to write in the book at time 01:47 a.m.
But whi gives a shit?, I decided to write and share my
opinion now because too feel free to think, to clean the
memory from information and to sized then to put it in
category check it! I was worried to don't forgot
something in case so many information reality can't be
remembered like to remember two pages from student
history books can yoy, there is chance to can but you
must have image memory am I right?
So let's start with the book, it wasn't only the impression
this it was rhat, he said that we mustn't give up to
change, we must think free not like caged which are

wired from tv and outside..., however it's showed and

results which happens in the end, but in such way in
which he shows one thought, how become a word, then
sentence, then a habit, which is on the way of success.)
23. My Story By God
(What more awesome than a book 28 pages? But it isn't
only this the book pay attention on 13 chapters rough
said in which are discussed topics, which can be read
fast. The book can be read and for one day onw gour is
enough for 28 pages. Alan Macmillian Orr, again is here
with new power and discribes things, which must know
like the book "Don't touch this book", like you can say
for the trees or other places that they aren't our, this are
god creation. God wears a cloak which makes him
invisible, we are a pawn in someone hands. We mustn't
be like god as others says, but when is about "GOD", he
luves in place in which is endless there isn't time like
past and now. We play in playground with a sun which is
in the middle...).
24. How to be Cool in 5 seconds
(Nice book, If this is true I don't see this book for
category humor. In case that this life, exist for some
people. However, "How to be cool in 5 seconds", I don't
see anything on the topic. I just only see one girl with
normal problems!
The story is Great!)

25. The Adventures Of Pinocchio

(Maybe you have already read this book or you haven't?
If you haven't I suggest to take a look to this book it is
one great novel.
- Pinocchio is one great story by Carlo Collodi. I think
that this is story is suitable for the kids which don't
understand the world. Because here, the autor almost
everything which happens is real. I will say that this
book is a book with proverbs. However some things are
not real for example the magic - which makes the boy
from a wooden doll to real boy or the fairy. The book has
little fantasy, but whatever one book to be great needs
fantasy, true and white lie. This is like a recipe for
making food or whatever.
Apropos, the book has some moments which aren't
changed which are saved. Like making the grandfather
happy - for seeing that his created wooden doll is alive,
however the goodness of the people which make
everything for saving the lost Pinocchio.
The wonderful moment is when is showing what
happens to the kids which doesn't listen.
Btw, I have read this book when I was small and I still
remember it!)
26. A Chance Meeting
(It's really a chance of meeting. The story is one great, it
shows how one lady helps of one eldery man. The one
of the best things is that the action is fast!

But, I still can't understand why the first 5-6 pages are
with words and their meaning what's the main idea???)
27. Haters (Narrative)
(I know that we disscused this topic about Haters on the
first volume I wrote about it. However I made a book
about it, but this book too can be usefull check it out.
Very interesting and also saying the truth!)
28. Sugar Lips
(Do you like to read a books with truth??? Showing how
people bahave, hided problems and so on and so on,
something like my book, but short one volume about 90
pages?? Do you have physical strength to styris this?? I
dont hear anything, said it louder- louder- louderlouder-louder-louder-louder-louder-louder-louder, more
louder, louder, more, more, because I dont hear you.
Oh,oh Now I hear you, you showed that nobody cant
control you!)
29. A Stranger Among Us
(I will only say Strong and powerfull words! You go and
check out for what is it, I think that you will love it!)
30. Fear the Night
(It sound like fear from the night or to have a fear from
the night, both are correct. When we are talking about
fear, below you will see and hear things which can
change you as a person or to make you a crazy a guy
with mental illness as Jan Van Helsing said. Im too
scared from this things, but I try it to defeat the fear so I

dont have such fear. I prefer to listen to the truth, not to

some bullshits in school which you cant say agree in
case you havent saw it with your eyes, this its just a
image created by someone who you dont know!
I cant doubt about that Im scared to be free on such
level in which Im now look me, saying a lot of things
and analysis a lot of things, is it allowed??? Will I go in
jail?? For Freedoom?? For rights??? Better come and
kill me I cant live anymore like this, I feel like caged in
which there is isnt choices. Did I hear that you asked
me which day is it?? Its sunday?? Did I hear which year
is it?? Its 2015, Did I hear the question which month is
it? its 11th September, did I hear right you asked me
which grade am I?? Really?? Im 10 grade, can you
imaginate a guy like me which 10 grade to have such
big biography in case Im 16, what will happen If Im
Its difficult question, If I say something, Im not sure will
this happen, I cant promise I will left it as empty place.
Did I hear that you asked me what am I doing?? Eating
and writing somewhere in 22:20 pm! Did I heard right??
You asked me where do I live?? So you will come to kill
me,......(thank you, god, thank you for answering and
doing what I want)..I live in town Pussy, street
Fuck, building Your, floor Mother, Apartament In
31. Don Quixote - (EDITED # Little Update)

(Before I start with the update, I want to say that this

update will be on 100% different than the privous
discussion which was somewhere above
In school we discussed this book 4-5 weeks can you
believe writting bullshits, and the school wants from us
to know the book perfect and where is the courage to
want to know it, I watched the film and when 4-5 weeks
walking on this book I went totaly crazy, I cant believe
its totaly fucked, the other like this, the other this and
many, many, many, many details so much that why dont
she tell us (The Teacher), to read the whole book 5
times, it will be the same, as I said the book is about this
above, what more to say, this is enough + its the main.
The crazy bitch (Don Quixote, for me is a crazy bitch,
but dont tell this to your teacher you will go in trouble),
the eldery crazy guy, his reactions are like the crazy
people, I said some kind stuff like this and my result was
bad was it form the bad handwritting or because I said
- sides, not +. I dont get it!
The teacher also said that this book is after the bible a
lot of people love it, WTF, WTF, WTF - I dont believe it
looks like a book which when you buy it from amazon
you will want refund why??? Because doesnt deserv
and a $ for this book. I dont see wha to look,
something which I already know, or to look how a crazy
guy react or to go back in 8 grade in which there was a
guy like the character in book who was reacting like him,
saying bullshit and in other words crazy guy. Writting for
us comics which are with totaly bullshit, insults, a lot of

fantasy, abuse, offense and a lot of from the class hated

him. Or what to look the fat guy how much he is
hungry and the other guy is totaly crazy, the film is
under every level it was possible to make it little better
like putting monsters, giants and other such type of stuff
with other words little to modify the book and to make
the film more awesome To dont forget the author is
making the knights for a, wow the best of
everytime is a joke WTF!. or what to look the fucking
teacher which is totaly idiot. NO COMMENT, JUST
32. Hamlet - (EDITED # Little Update)
(What to say here??? Few weeks we talk about Hamlet
and nothing important it will be very useful if the teacher
read a essay based on this book and we to know more
about the book Watching a film, discussing the most
important events, many such type of stuff and Im sure
that the result which we will get on the essay of the most
important exam in shift 1 will be better than nothing, but
looks like now all teachers are like her to pay or not to
nothing the same result all teach us like this NO
Here is little information about the book
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, who shows him the ghost
of his father, King (named Hamlet also) on the night and
ask him to take revenge for his death, and succeed
Hamlet at the end of it after the liquidation of the family

in a series of tragic events, and injured himself fatally

wounded from the sword is poisoned too.
Lies his problem in making sure of the fact that the
ghost, was father of asked him already retaliation or
demon Sly Thaolh in the image of his father, and the
fact that the death of his father at the hands of his uncle
Claudius, the current king of the country of Denmark,
who married his mother (Gertrude), a wife who was
considered sinful and illegitimate in Shakespeare's time
and die Ophelia sad Mlcolmh after that infects the
madness that flooded itself after the death of her father
at the hands of Hamlet by mistake after it was
eavesdropping hiding behind the cover of the dialogue
between Hamlet and his mother about his father's death
and her marriage to the sinner from his uncle, the
current king, then he wants the brother of Ophelia fight
Hamlet to avenge him for his sister and his father in
front of Vtqatla Kolodius and uncle stood up in front of
everyone to give Cass a delicious drink for the winner
and put the poison because he knows that Hamlet will
Gertrude die (penalty on the relationship sinful) after
that I drank accidentally poisoned wine to drink basically
put Hamlet Hamlet arose after winning the killing of his
uncle, and cut off his arms and put poison into the
mouth of his uncle.
Hamlet Egerha Laertes duel between them during the
break insidious, knowing in advance that the agreement

according to the sword poisoned Claudius with Laertes

on the final liquidation of Hamlet.
Ophelia, Hamlet's sweetheart, the girl is not the kind her
father bless their relationship Bhammelt, damaged by a
lot of Hamlet after it was alleged insanity and that he
does not know (in his attempt to uncover the truth of his
father's death, and so hides his intentions to avenge
even sure of the truth)
How to discover the betrayal of his uncle Claudius
Hamlet? Established Hamlet ceremony marking the first
anniversary of the marriage of his uncle from his mother,
and the coronation of his uncle Kofa Ali Denmark
displayed on this ceremony, the story of betrayal known
by the ghost of his father, and appeared on his uncle
tension and went uncle and leave the concert Hence
make sure Hamlet of betrayal of his uncle Claudius and
decided to take revenge on him)
33. Joyland By Stephen King
(Stephen has never changed my opinion about him,
since when I started watching his films like Carrie 1,
then IT, then The GreenMile and The Running Men
(The film was with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is one
very interesting and awesome actor)..., the Green Mile
was with Thom Hanks, again famous and interesting
actor, all films until now I like them, I understand for
some awesome films from my English Teacher
Mr.GreenHollyWood, he said me to check out this and
this film, also and from friends, so mainly I found about

this by these people. Also and from some sources like

IMDB, this site always has information about 1-2 years
further than now, if we are now 2015, there will be
available projects about 2016, 2017, its kind a
interesting site. Also and the world awesome site
Zamunda.Unfortunately this book doesnt have a
film maybe in the early future somewhere there will be
available film for now, there isnt. But this book deserv to
be read, also and to be viewed in a film the book is
about entering gangster band!... check it out, its
available as a book and audiobook!...)
For the Curious
So I want nobody to have nightmares for this book so
here is a review of the book, enjoy!
F YOU'RE A SNOB, you might as well stop reading
The cover of the paperback features a woman in a tight
green dress, dcolletage bursting, shapely legs on
display, hair a flaming red, mouth wide open with alarm.
"Who dares enter the FUNHOUSE OF FEAR?" asks the
tagline, written in the nostalgic font of carnival posters
and pulp novels of yore. On the back, in the same
garish lettering: "Life is not always a butcher's game.
Sometimes the prizes are real. Sometimes they're
precious." Stephen King, the author of this clichbedecked book, is considered by many to be the master

of the American horror genre, having brought us The

Shining, Cujo, Carrie, The Dead Zone, and countless
chilling short stories. He is also the author of the classic
writing memoir On Writing, The Girl Who Loved Tom
Gordon, and, most recently, the time machine/historical
novel 11/22/63, all of which have a speculative quality to
them that alters what one might think of as Kings
brand considerably.
King belongs to an expansive tribe of writers who
produce both serious literature, the kind you might
encounter in a college classroom, and also what some
might call light reading, genre work, or even, less
euphemistically, trash. This group includes writers as
different as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Graham Greene. In
addition to The Great Gatsby and Tender is the Night,
Fitzgerald wrote magazine stories and screenplays for
financial survival. Greene produced wonderful
entertainments such as Our Man in Havana and This
Gun for Hire alongside more archetypally meaty works
such as The End of the Affair or The Power and The
Glory. Still another set of these double agents might
include John Le Carre, whose spy novels are often
recognized for their literary quality, or Henning Mankell,
who has published numerous serious novels alongside
his Wallander series of mysteries, garnering acclaim for
both. And then, in still another set of unclassifiables,
there are those writers who work steadily in one genre
but acquire wide respect because their writing has

qualities which transcend preconceived notions about

the genre they work in: Dashiell Hammett, Georges
Simenon, Raymond Chandler, Jim Thompson, Charles
Portis. What do we do with these writers? Some readers
sit uncomfortably with them because the word genre
hangs over their heads, shadowing them like a gray
Stephen King may be one of horrors most longrespected practitioners, but he himself doesnt sit with
the genre label quietly. When he received the Medal for
Distinguished Contribution to American Letters Award
from the National Book Foundation in 2003, King
expressed resentment at the lack of recognition his
fellow genre authors receive:
Honoring me is a step in a different direction, a fruitful
one, I think. I'm asking you, almost begging you, not to
go back to the old way of doing things. There's a great
deal of good stuff out there and not all of it is being done
by writers whose work is regularly reviewed in the
Sunday New York Times Book Review. I believe the
time comes when you must be inclusive rather than
Kings point is a valid one: literary skill should be
recognized regardless of ones opinion of its genre, as
difficult as it might sometimes be to transcend that

Joyland is as genre-foiling as its author. Devin Jones

has just finished his junior year in college, and he takes
a job at a North Carolina seaside amusement park
called Joyland. Shortly before he starts the job, his
girlfriend leaves him, throwing him into a pitch of crisis,
both romantic and existential: Will he find new love? Will
he ever love again? What will he do with the rest of his
life? Devin asks himself all of these questions, fairly
explicitly. As Devin hangs on at the park, he discovers it
has a dark history. Years ago, a girl was murdered
inside the funhouse, and since then, its said, her ghost
haunts the spot. Additionally, one of Devins fellow
boarders at a local rooming house, with whom hes
become friendly, does some detective work and finds
that the murder of long ago was one of several similar
murders, and the killer may still be on the loose. So we
have a ghost, a fun house, and a serial killer: Is this a
horror story? A crime novel? A mystery? Or some
combination of all three?
If Joyland were just a dry (dare I say joyless) mishmash
of clichs (a haunted funhouse? Surely you jest, Mr.
King), one would be justified in dismissing it as a quirky
side note in a writers lengthy career. But, fortunately,
King packs other dimensions into the books short
length, and these dimensions make all the difference.
The largest of these extras is the language. Kings
characters speak a tongue that is part carnie patois, part
King-invention, for which mixture he offers the following

defense in his afterword: Folks, thats why they call it

fiction. (A strong argument, when you think about it.)
King uses the lingo of Joyland liberally: a fump is a
perpetual complainer, a conie is a rubicund, nave
visitor, a point is a pretty young woman, a dommiker
is a bathroom, and so on. And then there are the rides
themselves: the Carolina Spin, the Moon Rocket. You
can almost sense, as you read, Kings pleasure in
naming these things and why shouldnt he enjoy it?
There is an almost delirious pleasure in reading the
words, savoring them, and, after a certain point, getting
used to them. As you read the dialogue, the book
becomes less a story about a summers mystery than a
tale of entry into another, coexisting world, one with its
own rules, codes, and language.
King strengthens his storyline with a rich cast of
supporting characters. Theres Erin, an ambitious, smart
young woman with whom Devin walks a subtle line
between friendship and attraction, and Tom, an allAmerican boy rattled and disturbed by what he ends up
witnessing in the funhouse. In a mansion owned by a
famous televangelist lives a divorced beachgoer (with
whom Devin has a near-romance) and her dying son;
the son is psychic but unpredictable enough, and
genuinely suffering enough, that you forgive him his
mildly corny insights. Many of Kings supporting
characters couldve walked out of a Chandler novel:
consider Rozzie Gold from Brooklyn, who plays the

fairs perceptive fortuneteller. Or Mrs. Shoplaw, Devins

landlady, who, in her somewhat dissipated form, is the
doubleness of the fair personified, with its constant
wavering between good cheer and darkness. In addition
to the vibrant cast, King sprinkles his narrative with
entertaining episodes. There are the odd rituals that
Devin has to do, such as Wearing the Fur, which has a
somewhat primordial significance to the Joyland
employees, despite the fact that it amounts to little more
than dancing around in a huge dog suit.
Joyland is quick reading, and its pleasures are simple
ones. And yet its just complicated enough to force us to
question the distinction between high and low literature.
The reason we continue reading Joyland, as with all
mysteries, suspense novels, thrillers, or horror novels, is
to find out what happens next: who murdered the girl in
the funhouse? Is there another murder on the horizon?
Just because these questions appeal to a broad spate
of readers, are we to judge these books differently? The
book has been released in paperback, and will
eventually come out in a limited hardcover edition a
move meant to hearken back to the days of dime store
novels. This move is also designed to make readers
more conscious of what it means to buy a paperback
rather than a hardcover, and especially this brand of
paperback: what they want out of it, what level of
satisfaction they think it can give them, and, ultimately,
what the experience is worth. In this case, the splashy

and aggressively sexy packaging is the tip of the

iceberg. Almost.
34. The Stanford Prison Experiment
(Did you here that there was a stanford prison
experiment in which they tested how people react in one
of his books from Philip G. Zimbardo ( Who is he??? For
the curious people! FORMERLY CHAIR OF THE
PRISONS: My most notable study was the 1971
Stanford Prison Experiment, which was a classic
demonstration of the power of social situations to distort
personal identities and long cherished values and
morality as students internalized situated identities in
their roles as prisoners and guards. The details of that
research are presented in the Stanford Prison
Experiment web site at Our prizewinning DVD of the experiment, "Quiet Rage: The
Stanford Prison Experiment," is widely used in
classrooms, civic groups and to train new guards at that
infamous prison.
Also see, which discusses
issues raised in my 2007 book "The Lucifer Effect:
Understanding How Good People Turn Evil" (Random
House, 2008 paperback), a New York Times bestseller

and winner of the William James Book Award for best

psychology book in 2007.
TIME: My current research on the psychology of time
perspective focuses on the ways in which individuals
develop temporal orientations that parcel the flow of
personal experience into the mental categories, or time
zones, of Past, Present, and Future, and also a
Transcendental Future (beliefs about a future life after
one's death). I am interested especially in temporal
biases in which these learned cognitive categories are
not "balanced" according to situations, contexts and
demands, but one or another are utilized excessively or
My new book (with John Boyd) is The Time Paradox
(Simon & Schuster, 2008) and its features can be
gleaned from our new web site:
Although I am primarily known as a "situationist," the
time perspective research utilizes one of the best
individual difference measures available, The Zimbardo
Time Perspective Inventory (ZTPI). It is presented,
along with scoring rules, on the web site. Researchers
can use it free with my permission and agreement to
share results. There are nearly 24 different translations
of the ZTPI around the world, with many researchers
finding significant effects relating TP scale scores to a
host of outcome measures.

Before starting a translation, please contact my French

colleague who can inform you of existing scales in each
language: Dr.Nicolas Fieulaine of Lyon
SHYNESS: My interest in the social and personal
dynamics of shyness in adults (and later in children)
emerged curiously from reflections on the Stanford
Prison Experiment, when considering the mentality of
the Guard (restricting freedoms) and Prisoner (resisting,
but ultimately accepting those restrictions on personal
freedom) as dualities in each of us, and notably in the
neurotic person and the shy individual. Since 1972, our
research team, composed mostly of Stanford
undergraduates, and graduates, Paul Pilkonis and
Susan Brodt, has done pioneering research on the
causes, correlates, and consequences of shyness in
adults and children, using a multi-method, multiresponse approach. Our findings of the extent of
shyness and its many negative consequences led us to
experiment with a shyness clinic where we tested
various interventions among students and staff at
Stanford University and then in the local community.
Now our shyness clinic is housed in the clinic setting of
the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology in Palo Alto,
where it is both a treatment and research center. See

MADNESS: I have been intrigued by the question of

how people who are functioning normally and effectively
first begin to develop the symptoms of psychopathology,
that may eventually lead to psychiatric diagnosis, but in
a general sense are termed as "madness." Utilizing a
paradigm of experimental psychopathology, we have
focused on the central role of personally experienced
significant "discontinuities" as triggering a search for
understanding (to be rational) and/or a search for social
comparison with comparable others (to be normal).
Those mental and situational searches are constrained
by the operation of various biases that focus the search
narrowly in specific domains and thus predispose to
finding or confining what one is looking for, rather than
to be the objective, global, unbiased search of the
scientific mind. This research is currently on hold.
VIOLENCE/EVIL: My interest in understanding the
dynamics of human aggression and violence stems from
early personal experiences growing up amid the
violence of the South Bronx ghetto where I was born
and raised. I have specifically focused however, on how
"good" people are seduced or induced to engage in
violent, or "evil" deeds by situational forces in which
they find themselves surrounded, and psychological
justifications and interpretations. I first developed a
model of deindividuation that specified a set of input and
output variables that predicted the triggering and
consequences of this temporary state of suspended

personal identity. Experimental and field research (on

vandalism and graffiti) have generally supported this
This research has broadened to include the psychology
of terrorism. I am a a professor in the Department of
Homeland Security Program at the Naval Postgraduate
School in Monterey. I am also Director of a new center
on terrorism, the Center for Interdisciplinary Policy,
Education, and Research on Terrorism, along with Dr.
James Breckenridge of PGSP as Associate Director.
PERSUASION: My graduate school training in the Yale
Attitude Change Program, headed by my mentor, Carl
Hovland, peaked a long sustained interest in the
processes of attitude and behavior change produced by
persuasion. In addition to a series of early experiments
on variables involved in the persuasion-attitude change
relationship, I broadened this interest into the global
category of Mind Control. I conceive of mind control as a
phenomena encompassing all the ways in which
personal, social and institutional forces are exerted to
induce compliance, conformity, belief, attitude, and
value change in others. After working personally with
several members of Jim Jones' Peoples Temple cult,
who had escaped the suicide/massacre in the Guyana
jungle in 1978, I became fascinated with the uniquely
intense psychological context and forces involved in cult
recruitment, identification, and internalization -- and how
they could be resisted.

DISSONANCE: From the time my Yale mentors, Bob

Cohen and Jack Brehm, introduced me to Leon
Festinger's manuscript on the Theory of Cognitive
Dissonance in 1957, I was excited by the scope of its
domain starting with such a simple set of initial
assumptions and principles, and leading to many nonobvious predictions. My dissertation pitted predictions
from dissonance theory against the more rational
expectations from Hovland and Sherif's judgment model
of latitudes of acceptance and rejection-and dissonance
won. Of all the research I have done, I am most proud of
the set of studies conducted with my NYU graduate and
undergraduate students that conceptualized dissonance
phenomena as the cognitive control of motivation, and
demonstrated the power of this approach in a series of
experimentally rigorous studies that used classic
research paradigms on classical and instrumental
conditioning (learned from another of my Yale mentors,
Neal Miller). This research is also on hold currently.
HYPNOSIS: I was trained in hypnosis at New York's
Morton Prince Clinic for Clinical and Experimental
Hypnosis, and am reasonably good at self hypnosis. My
primary interest in hypnosis has not been in this curious
phenomena itself, but in using it as an experimental
technique in my research arsenal to induce or modify
emotions, moods, motivational states, and beliefs, that
are assumed central mediators to demonstrating
specific predicted relationships in a variety of other

research domains, such as dissonance, time

perspective, and unexplained arousal (discontinuity)
research. I have been co-director, with Ernest Hilgard of
his Stanford Hypnosis Research Laboratory and
published with him a study on the remarkable stability
over years of hypnotizability scores. No current research
being conducted in this area.
OTHER RESEARCH: In addition to these major
categories of my research interests, I have recently
gotten involved in the domain of political psychology,
specifically the role of personality factors that
personalize politics. This work has been done in
conjunction with Gian Vittorio Caprara of the University
of Rome, and has been published in Nature, J. Political
Psychology, and recently in American Psychologist.
TEACHING: My love for classroom teaching spills over
to wanting to understand ways to improve teaching
effectiveness, for which I have turned to some field
research that combined experimental designs with novel
classroom practices. As a semi-retired professor, I
taught Stanford undergrads (half time for half salary),
but was inspired to teach more intensively than ever
before in creating a fabulous new course, "Exploring
Human Nature," a large undergraduate lecture course
with sections, experiential exercises and extraordinary
guests and topics. I now teach a similar course to
clinical graduate students at PGSP.


AND MEDIA OUTREACH: I am involved in founding the
Heroic Imagination Project, designed to do original
research, curriculum development and media
involvement in creative ways that together explore the
nature of heroism in its many manifestations. The first
ideas of such a project can be found in Chapter 16 of
The Lucifer Effect and on our web site:
Philip G. Zimbardo
San Francisco, California 94109
United States
Also he works in Deparment of Pshychology, I want to
highlight this!)
It sounds very interesting?? Does it?? In the film The
Stanford Prison Experiment 2015, is showed how
everything how it has happen!
Here is how the story begins
On a quiet Sunday morning in August, a Palo Alto,
California, police car swept through the town picking up
college students as part of a mass arrest for violation of
Penal Codes 211, Armed Robbery, and Burglary, a 459
PC. The suspect was picked up at his home, charged,
warned of his legal rights, spread-eagled against the

police car, searched, and handcuffed often as

surprised and curious neighbors looked on.
The suspect was then put in the rear of the police car
and carried off to the police station, the sirens wailing.
The car arrived at the station, the suspect was brought
inside, formally booked, again warned of his Miranda
rights, finger printed, and a complete identification was
made. The suspect was then taken to a holding cell
where he was left blindfolded to ponder his fate and
wonder what he had done to get himself into this mess.
What suspects had done was to answer a local
newspaper ad calling for volunteers in a study of the
psychological effects of prison life. We wanted to see
what the psychological effects were of becoming a
prisoner or prison guard. To do this, we decided to set
up a simulated prison and then carefully note the effects
of this institution on the behavior of all those within its
More than 70 applicants answered our ad and were
given diagnostic interviews and personality tests to
eliminate candidates with psychological problems,
medical disabilities, or a history of crime or drug abuse.
Ultimately, we were left with a sample of 24 college
students from the U.S. and Canada who happened to
be in the Stanford area and wanted to earn $15/day by

participating in a study. On all dimensions that we were

able to test or observe, they reacted normally.
Our study of prison life began, then, with an average
group of healthy, intelligent, middle-class males. These
boys were arbitrarily divided into two groups by a flip of
the coin. Half were randomly assigned to be guards, the
other to be prisoners. It is important to remember that at
the beginning of our experiment there were no
differences between boys assigned to be a prisoner and
boys assigned to be a guard.
To help us closely simulate a prison environment, we
called upon the services of experienced consultants.
Foremost among them was a former prisoner who had
served nearly seventeen years behind bars. This
consultant made us aware of what it was like to be a
prisoner. He also introduced us to a number of other exconvicts and correctional personnel during an earlier
Stanford summer school class we co-taught on "The
Psychology of Imprisonment."
Our prison was constructed by boarding up each end of
a corridor in the basement of Stanford's Psychology
Department building. That corridor was "The Yard" and
was the only outside place where prisoners were
allowed to walk, eat, or exercise, except to go to the
toilet down the hallway (which prisoners did blindfolded
so as not to know the way out of the prison).

To create prison cells, we took the doors off some

laboratory rooms and replaced them with specially
made doors with steel bars and cell numbers.
At one end of the hall was a small opening through
which we could videotape and record the events that
occurred. On the side of the corridor opposite the cells
was a small closet which became "The Hole," or solitary
confinement. It was dark and very confining, about two
feet wide and two feet deep, but tall enough that a "bad
prisoner" could stand up.
An intercom system allowed us to secretly bug the cells
to monitor what the prisoners discussed, and also to
make public announcements to the prisoners. There
were no windows or clocks to judge the passage of
time, which later resulted in some time-distorting
With these features in place, our jail was ready to
receive its first prisoners, who were waiting in the
detention cells of the Palo Alto Police Department.
Blindfolded and in a state of mild shock over their
surprise arrest by the city police, our prisoners were put
into a car and driven to the "Stanford County Jail" for
further processing. The prisoners were then brought into
our jail one at a time and greeted by the warden, who

conveyed the seriousness of their offense and their new

status as prisoners.
Each prisoner was systematically searched and stripped
naked. He was then deloused with a spray, to convey
our belief that he may have germs or lice as can be
seen in this series of photos.
A degradation procedure was designed in part to
humiliate prisoners and in part to be sure they weren't
bringing in any germs to contaminate our jail. This
procedure was similar to the scenes captured by Danny
Lyons in these Texas prison photos.
The prisoner was then issued a uniform. The main part
of this uniform was a dress, or smock, which each
prisoner wore at all times with no underclothes. On the
smock, in front and in back, was his prison ID number.
On each prisoner's right ankle was a heavy chain,
bolted on and worn at all times. Rubber sandals were
the footwear, and each prisoner covered his hair with a
stocking cap made from a woman's nylon stocking.
It should be clear that we were trying to create a
functional simulation of a prison not a literal prison.
Real male prisoners don't wear dresses, but real male
prisoners do feel humiliated and do feel emasculated.
Our goal was to produce similar effects quickly by
putting men in a dress without any underclothes.
Indeed, as soon as some of our prisoners were put in

these uniforms they began to walk and to sit differently,

and to hold themselves differently more like a woman
than like a man.
The chain on their foot, which also is uncommon in most
prisons, was used in order to remind prisoners of the
oppressiveness of their environment. Even when
prisoners were asleep, they could not escape the
atmosphere of oppression. When a prisoner turned
over, the chain would hit his other foot, waking him up
and reminding him that he was still in prison, unable to
escape even in his dreams.
The use of ID numbers was a way to make prisoners
feel anonymous. Each prisoner had to be called only by
his ID number and could only refer to himself and the
other prisoners by number.
The stocking cap on his head was a substitute for
having the prisoner's hair shaved off. The process of
having one's head shaved, which takes place in most
prisons as well as in the military, is designed in part to
minimize each person's individuality, since some people
express their individuality through hair style or length. It
is also a way of getting people to begin complying with
the arbitrary, coercive rules of the institution. The
dramatic change in appearance of having one's head
shaved can be seen on this page.

The guards were given no specific training on how to be
guards. Instead they were free, within limits, to do
whatever they thought was necessary to maintain law
and order in the prison and to command the respect of
the prisoners. The guards made up their own set of
rules, which they then carried into effect under the
supervision of Warden David Jaffe, an undergraduate
from Stanford University. They were warned, however,
of the potential seriousness of their mission and of the
possible dangers in the situation they were about to
enter, as, of course, are real guards who voluntarily take
such a dangerous job.
As with real prisoners, our prisoners expected some
harassment, to have their privacy and some of their
other civil rights violated while they were in prison, and
to get a minimally adequate diet all part of their
informed consent agreement when they volunteered.
This is what one of our guards looked like. All guards
were dressed in identical uniforms of khaki, and they
carried a whistle around their neck and a billy club
borrowed from the police. Guards also wore special
sun-glasses, an idea I borrowed from the movie Cool
Hand Luke. Mirror sunglasses prevented anyone from
seeing their eyes or reading their emotions, and thus
helped to further promote their anonymity. We were, of
course, studying not only the prisoners but also the

guards, who found themselves in a new power-laden

We began with nine guards and nine prisoners in our
jail. Three guards worked each of three eight-hour
shifts, while three prisoners occupied each of the three
barren cells around the clock. The remaining guards
and prisoners from our sample of 24 were on call in
case they were needed. The cells were so small that
there was room for only three cots on which the
prisoners slept or sat, with room for little else.
At 2:30 A.M. the prisoners were rudely awakened from
sleep by blasting whistles for the first of many "counts."
The counts served the purpose of familiarizing the
prisoners with their numbers (counts took place several
times each shift and often at night). But more
importantly, these events provided a regular occasion
for the guards to exercise control over the prisoners. At
first, the prisoners were not completely into their roles
and did not take the counts too seriously. They were still
trying to assert their independence. The guards, too,
were feeling out their new roles and were not yet sure
how to assert authority over their prisoners. This was
the beginning of a series of direct confrontations
between the guards and prisoners.

Push-ups were a common form of physical punishment

imposed by the guards to punish infractions of the rules
or displays of improper attitudes toward the guards or
institution. When we saw the guards demand push-ups
from the prisoners, we initially thought this was an
inappropriate kind of punishment for a prison a rather
juvenile and minimal form of punishment. However, we
later learned that push-ups were often used as a form of
punishment in Nazi concentration camps, as can be
seen in this drawing by a former concentration camp
inmate, Alfred Kantor. It's noteworthy that one of our
guards also stepped on the prisoners' backs while they
did push-ups, or made other prisoners sit or step on the
backs of fellow prisoners doing their push-ups.
Because the first day passed without incident, we were
surprised and totally unprepared for the rebellion which
broke out on the morning of the second day. The
prisoners removed their stocking caps, ripped off their
numbers, and barricaded themselves inside the cells by
putting their beds against the door. And now the
problem was, what were we going to do about this
rebellion? The guards were very much angered and
frustrated because the prisoners also began to taunt
and curse them. When the morning shift of guards came
on, they became upset at the night shift who, they felt,
must have been too lenient. The guards had to handle

the rebellion themselves, and what they did was

fascinating for the staff to behold.
At first they insisted that reinforcements be called in.
The three guards who were waiting on stand-by call at
home came in and the night shift of guards voluntarily
remained on duty to bolster the morning shift. The
guards met and decided to treat force with force.
They got a fire extinguisher which shot a stream of skinchilling carbon dioxide, and they forced the prisoners
away from the doors. (The fire extinguishers were
present in compliance with the requirement by the
Stanford Human Subjects Research Panel, which was
concerned about potential fire threats).

The guards broke into each cell, stripped the prisoners

naked, took the beds out, forced the ringleaders of the
prisoner rebellion into solitary confinement, and
generally began to harass and intimidate the prisoners.

The rebellion had been temporarily crushed, but now a
new problem faced the guards. Sure, nine guards with
clubs could put down a rebellion by nine prisoners, but
you couldn't have nine guards on duty at all times. It's
obvious that our prison budget could not support such a

ratio of staff to inmates. So what were they going to do?

One of the guards came up with a solution. "Let's use
psychological tactics instead of physical ones."
Psychological tactics amounted to setting up a privilege
One of the three cells was designated as a "privilege
cell." The three prisoners least involved in the rebellion
were given special privileges. They got their uniforms
back, got their beds back, and were allowed to wash
and brush their teeth. The others were not. Privileged
prisoners also got to eat special food in the presence of
the other prisoners who had temporarily lost the
privilege of eating. The effect was to break the solidarity
among prisoners.
After half a day of this treatment, the guards then took
some of these "good" prisoners and put them into the
"bad" cells, and took some of the "bad" prisoners and
put them into the "good" cell, thoroughly confusing all
the prisoners. Some of the prisoners who were the
ringleaders now thought that the prisoners from the
privileged cell must be informers, and suddenly, the
prisoners became distrustful of each other. Our exconvict consultants later informed us that a similar tactic
is used by real guards in real prisons to break prisoner
alliances. For example, racism is used to pit Blacks,
Chicanos, and Anglos against each other. In fact, in a
real prison the greatest threat to any prisoner's life

comes from fellow prisoners. By dividing and

conquering in this way, guards promote aggression
among inmates, thereby deflecting it from themselves.
The prisoners' rebellion also played an important role in
producing greater solidarity among the guards. Now,
suddenly, it was no longer just an experiment, no longer
a simple simulation. Instead, the guards saw the
prisoners as troublemakers who were out to get them,
who might really cause them some harm. In response to
this threat, the guards began stepping up their control,
surveillance, and aggression.
Every aspect of the prisoners' behavior fell under the
total and arbitrary control of the guards. Even going to
the toilet became a privilege which a guard could grant
or deny at his whim. Indeed, after the nightly 10:00 P.M.
lights out "lock-up," prisoners were often forced to
urinate or defecate in a bucket that was left in their cell.
On occasion the guards would not allow prisoners to
empty these buckets, and soon the prison began to
smell of urine and feces -- further adding to the
degrading quality of the environment.
The guards were especially tough on the ringleader of
the rebellion, Prisoner #5401. He was a heavy smoker,
and they controlled him by regulating his opportunity to
smoke. We later learned, while censoring the prisoners'
mail, that he was a self-styled radical activist. He had
volunteered in order to "expose" our study, which he

mistakenly thought was an establishment tool to find

ways to control student radicals. In fact, he had planned
to sell the story to an underground newspaper when the
experiment was over! However, even he fell so
completely into the role of prisoner that he was proud to
be elected leader of the Stanford County Jail Grievance
Committee, as revealed in a letter to his girlfriend.

I have reveal from 8 pages only 5, reveal the others

alone, I want to give you chance to check out and to see
by yourself, the film is based on this. You can check out
what is about the film and from there you can get the
main idea of the story. For me the film is quite very
interesting and very cool it shown how is the life in
prison, so my suggestion to all people is Go, go, go kill
somebody and enjoy the life in prison, its very
interesting, but the difference if Im right in prison you
eat once, in the film you have 3 times meal!
Here is some pictures!

Look the images, they say more than the text, look the
emotion, look how they just enjoy this film. In case it
was a very big drama there was, there were and
moments in which you can be scary, but look ow all.
They all without this guards or prisoners clothes they
are one of these, before they were one of these now
from different place different disguise, the disguise
which is more rare.
The most part which I liked was that they all were
disguise like the project which was before few years,
they all lookd like the black-white pictures There was
a lot of things done in this film in some parts I was
feeling like Im inside in the film, one time I choose the
side of the prisoners which want to lock theirself there

and not to let the guards and one time I was like the
guards which were just abuseing the people there by
offense, the film reminds me for a lot of films like the
films JigSaw 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 also Cube 1,2,3, also The
Helpers and other scary films!

I can do also the things in the film bring few American

people, then some other countries some females to take
and males and to test how they react it will be
psychological project, but I can do it and like a film and
like project the only way is to murder them, But I dont
want to go in jail, you go in jail not I!

New York Times Bestseller by Philip G. Zimbardo,
creator of the Stanford Prison Experiment
This is the book check it out, I will check it out I promise
and maybe I will spend time and I will find the important
So from me Good Night, sleep well!
35. Common Sense
(Well, well, well, good morning people, how did you
sleept?, what are you planning??? What time is it there
where you live reader, now here where Im writting and
reading is 23:00 oclock Now it looks like I have
finished the book common sense 53/53 also and looks
like here Im on 35 book now, which I think is very good
number, there are and other books, but I dont
remember their names kind a like a work for school like
remember this 5 lines perfect without any mistake, if you
have a mistake you will repeat the year it looks like little
fucked and in the same time you will go crazy, BUT
OR DIE MAKE YOUR CHOICE (JigSaw style)!...
I always was thinking that the people on the tv give us
the right things, but not everything, I found a information
somewhere where I went so much deeper that nobody
from tv or outside (not exactly nobody, but not
everybody), will know. Like the 10. Dangerous diseases,
which doesnt have medicine for cure and from which

have died 10000, 0000 people, diseases from America

and from many other places, I found out stuff like FOR
ABOUT HIM, THAT ARENT SAY, SO okay he is killer
(some people disagree with this fact other agree), okay
he has done this which is cons, then again cons, cons,
cons, cons, cons, cons, cons, cons. And this is
endless why they dont tell us about his wife or what he
has done like forbid womens to work or extra money
received for a child which all are +,they skip this and
only cons, totaly fucked!
Its really fucked first mistake, second on some films are
shown drugs nobody courage the parents to tal about
deadly drugs which make you to see fake things or unreal like in the desert when you are hungry and exhaust
or said in other words illusions! -nobody does this, my
mother spent maybe few times and not anymore on this
topic, but okay this something not nothing!
Which is better 100%, its not needed to see on the tv
(tv sound like treat the violence), useless things like
every year on the main channel Home Alone from 1-6
(Im not sure about six, was there such part???),
because roughtly said this happens maybe if I go and
check out the list I will find this, monday this, tuesday
this (...Hey fucking Mr.GreenHollyWood look I wrote the
days with small letters, what will do now fucking
idiot??????..... You dont know that this book exist, dont

Here is one suggestion fat, big, with glass sucker, go

and dont stop sucking your dick Yeah, I know that
you are our nightmare, but you arent here now, Im now
your nightmare do you want to tell you few things and to
make suck you dick because of scare Today I will
meet you with JigSaw and .. (You know whats
happening he is a killer I also want to be so we will test
the new traps and things on you)....
Yeah, I see European people copy from America films
and other stuff, but I still dont know a country which
repeats something every year, whats the purpose???
Lets all people check out home alone, lets everyone
know about him, do you know that the main actor in 1,2
has a band which is a pizza, also he has been in Jail!
For drugs!
I found this information not on tv, not outside, but on my
computer, whats the example of the film to watch a guy
who uses drugs nowadays??
There are plenty films for christmas which are on this
topic or to watch commedy, drama, horror or other kind
a stuff. For god sake every year people make a lot of
films 23 maybe and some years even and more, but we
know Home Alone, so we will watch home alone, if this
is big problem check out youtube write trailers and
check out films, it can bw translated by someone people
and turn on on TV. I dont see any wrong thing, by this
way you win more peoole as I have hear most people
have stopped watching tv and some people dont have

Tv, they have computer in replace.. So you,want

Lose??? No, win???
Okay, keep it or if you dont want check out my books
and you will find some of mine suggestions which have
good purpose, also pay attention the history, why to
study history to control us easy????
We can have some classmates in which we pay time on
books and discusd and read its a very interesting class,
Im sure that a lot of people will have the courage to join
and when they hoin they give money which are extra.
So you win!
However and other classes like the languages classes,
GAMES (like volleyball, basketball, football and such
kind of stuff)... and look without a problem you have
money in your pocket to go and buy a cookies!...
Btw in the book Cyber War XXI century Im on page 58,
the books up to 247 pages left 189 pages. Soon I will
finish this book too!...
You know that at oclock 00:42 pm, I can be in bed and
dreaming your doom and laughing at you, but Im not
doing it, I can be at school now, but Im on break Im ill
(but until Monday I was ill, now Im fine and I enjoy the
holiday or break
What way do you think this going to end??

Third world war will kill more people than the other wars,
for god sake now we are 21 century most of everything
is controled by computer so the next war will be with
computers famous as cyber war!
The things which now I will gove from Common Sense
and as you remember from the books Dont touch this
book - I said a lot of about this book and mainly it
happens the same in The Age Of Reason - and I have
talked and discussed this book a lot of but everything is
looked from everywhere people which are governments
and governments!
In common sense is talked about what must be changed
(but in the end it is said that its useless there isnt
anytime to be done this, nothing cant be changed), as
he said and most people will say what will happen in the
earlier future depends from the younger people which
are now born or which are on way to be born. In
common sense is showed the dirty work of
governments, like how are they choosen, how can you
be there, how they lie, what type of people can stay
there as he said there two types angry and liars, you get
Maybe between these types there are differences,
maybe not! Nobody exactly knows the truth, but I know
what type of people are more rare there falsity people
more (Thomas, will rather say this than something like
this, but the topic is looked very longer 53 pages,

discussed from the most, most smaller thing/s to the

most, most bigger thing/s.)...
I enjoyed the first book which I read and which is written
by him (The Age Of Reason), to highligh that the
books are forbidden and are from the forbidden bookshelf! So maybe this books which I told about before few
seconds have in mind that are from this book-shelf.
"Nothing can be more fallacious than this kind of
argument. We may as well assert that because a child
has thrived upon milk, that it is never to have meat, or
that the first twenty years of our lives is to become a
precedent for the next twenty. But even this is admitting
more than is true, for I answer roundly, that America
would have flourished as much, and probably much
more, had no European power had any thing to do with
her. The commerce, by which she hath enriched herself
are the necessaries of life, and will always have a
market while eating is the custom of Europe."
"The commerce, by which she hath enriched herself are
the necessaries of life, and will always have a market
while eating is the custom of Europe."
"In this extensive quarter of the globe, we forget the
narrow limits of three hundred and sixty miles (the
extent of England) and carry our friendship on a larger
scale; we claim brotherhood with every European
christian, and triumph in the generosity of the

"Our plan is commerce, and that, well attended to, will
secure us the peace and friendship of all Europe;
because, it is the interest of all Europe to have America
a FREE PORT. Her trade will always be a protection,
and her barrenness of gold and silver secure her from
This quotes are just mind blowing, my mind was blowed
from these quotes which you will see here!
- Pay attention on careful reading
- Read with understand
If you wont follow this rules is useless to go more far
than hers or to continue to read, thats my point
Btw, I checkout and read two more books Go The Fuck
To Sleep and You Have To Fucking Eat both books
written by Adam Mansbach and others
" But the injuries and disadvantages we sustain by that
connection, are without number; and our duty to
mankind at large, as well as to ourselves, instruct us to
renounce the alliance: Because, any submission to, or
dependance on Great Britain, tends directly to involve
this continent in European wars and quarrels; and sets
us at variance with nations, who would otherwise seek
our friendship, and against whom, we have neither
anger nor complaint."

" Europe is too thickly planted with kingdoms to be long

at peace, and whenever a war breaks out between
England and any foreign power, the trade of America
" As to government matters, it is not in the power of
Britain to do this continent justice: The business of it will
soon be too weighty, and intricate, to be managed with
any tolerable degree of convenience, by a power, so
distant from us, and so very ignorant of us; for if they
cannot conquer us, they cannot govern us."
" FIRST. The powers of governing still remaining in the
hands of the king, he will have a negative over the
whole legislation of this continent. And as he hath
shewn himself such an inveterate enemy to liberty, and
discovered such a thirst for arbitrary power; is he, or is
he not, a proper man to say to these colonies."
"...Let each colony be divided into six, eight, or ten,
convenient districts, each district to send a proper
number of delegates to Congress, so that each colony
send at least thirty. The whole number in Congress will
be least 390. Each Congress to sit and to choose a
president by the following method. When the delegates
are met, let a colony be taken from the whole thirteen
colonies by lot, after which, let the whole Congress
choose (by ballot) a president from out of the delegates

of THAT province. In the next Congress, let a colony be

taken by lot from twelve only, omitting that colony from
which the president was taken in the former Congress,
and so proceeding on till the whole thirteen shall have
had their proper rotation. And in order that nothing may
pass into a law but what is satisfactorily just, not less
than three fifths of the Congress to be called a majority.
He that will promote..."
"Ere she could hear the news, the fatal business might
be done; and ourselves suffering like the wretched
Britons under the oppression of the Conqueror. Ye that
oppose independance now, ye know not what ye do; ye
are opening a door to eternal tyranny, by keeping vacant
the seat of government."
"It is not in numbers, but in unity, that our great strength
lies; yet our present numbers are sufficient to repel the
force of all the world. The Continent hath, at this time,
the largest body of armed and disciplined men of any
power under Heaven; and is just arrived at that pitch of
strength, in which, no single colony is able to support
itself, and the whole, when united, can accomplish the
matter, and either more, or, less than this, might be fatal
in its effects. Our land force is already sufficient, and as
to naval affairs, we cannot be insensible, that Britain
would never suffer an American man of war to be built,
while the continent remained in her hands."

" Our land force is already sufficient, and as to naval

affairs, we cannot be insensible, that Britain would never
suffer an American man of war to be built, while the
continent remained in her hands."
"Were the continent crowded with inhabitants, her
sufferings under the present circumstances would be
intolerable. The more sea port towns we had, the more
should we have both to defend and to loose. Our
present numbers are so happily proportioned to our
wants, that no man need be idle. The diminution of trade
affords an army, and the necessities of an army create a
new trade.
Debts we have none; and whatever we may contract on
this account will serve as a glorious
memento of our..."
"... Can we but leave posterity with a settled form of
government, an independant constitution of it's own, the
purchase at any price will be cheap."
"A national debt is a national bond; and when it bears no
interest, is in no case a grievance. Britain is oppressed with a
debt of upwards of one hundred and forty millions sterling, for
which she pays upwards of four millions interest. And as a
compensation for her debt, she has a large navy; America is
without a debt, and without a navy; yet for the twentieth part of
the English national debt, could have a navy as large again.
The navy of England is not worth, at this time, more than three
millions and an half sterling."

"The navy of England is not worth, at this time, more than three
millions and an half sterling."
" The charge of building a ship of each rate, and furnishing her
with masts, yards, sails and rigging, together with a proportion
of eight months boatswain's and carpenter's sea-stores, as
calculated by Mr. Burchett, Secretary to the navy.
For a ship of a 100 guns | | 35,553 L.
90 | | 29,886
80 | | 23,638
70 | | 17,785
60 | | 14,197
50 | | 10,606
40 | | 7,558
30 | | 5,846
20 | | 3,710"
6 | 100 | 35,553 l. | 213,318 l
12 | 90 | 29,886 | 358,632
12 | 80 | 23,638 | 283,656
43 | 70 | 17,785 | 746,755
35 | 60 | 14,197 | 496,895
40 | 50 | 10,606 | 424,240
45 | 40 | 7,558 | 340,110
58 | 20 | 3,710 | 215,180"
85 | Sloops, bombs, and fireships, one with another, at | 2,000
| 170,000
Cost 3,266,786"
"Remains for guns | 233,214

Total. 3,500,000"
" A few able and social sailors will soon instruct a sufficient
number of active landmen in the common work of a ship.
Wherefore, we never can be more capable to begin on
maritime matters than now, while our timber is standing, our
fisheries blocked up, and our sailors and shipwrights out of
employ. Men of war, of seventy and eighty guns were built forty
years ago in New England, and why not the same now? Shipbuilding is America's greatest pride, and in which, she will in
time excel the whole world. The great empires of the east are
mostly inland, and consequently excluded from the possibility of
rivalling her. Africa is in a state of barbarism; and no power in
Europe, hath either such an extent of coast, or such an internal
supply of materials."
" The great empires of the east are mostly inland, and
consequently excluded from the possibility of rivalling her.
Africa is in a state of barbarism; and no power in Europe, hath
either such an extent of coast, or such an internal supply of
" In point of safety, ought we to be without a fleet? We are not
the little people now, which we were sixty years ago; at that
time we might have trusted our property in the streets, or fields
rather; and slept securely without locks or bolts to our doors or
windows. The case now is altered, and our methods of
defence, ought to improve with our increase of property."
" Common sense will tell us, that the power which hath
endeavoured to subdue us, is of all others, the most improper
to defend us. Conquest may be effected under the pretence of
friendship; and ourselves, after a long and brave resistance, be

at last cheated into slavery. And if her ships are not to be

admitted into our harbours, I would ask, how is she to protect
us? A navy three or four thousand miles off can be of little use,
and on sudden emergencies, none at all. Wherefore, if we must
hereafter protect ourselves, why not do it for ourselves? Why
do it for another?
The English list of ships of war, is long and formidable, but not
a tenth part of them are at any time fit for service, numbers of
them not in being; yet their names are pompously continued in
the list, if only a plank be left of the ship: and not a fifth part, of
such as are fit for service, can be spared on any one station at
one time. The East, and West Indies, Mediterranean, Africa,
and other parts over which Britain extends her claim, make
large demands upon her navy."
"If premiums were to be given to merchants, to build and
employ in their service, ships mounted with twenty, thirty, forty,
or fifty guns, (the premiums to be in proportion to the loss of
bulk to the merchants) fifty or sixty of those ships, with a few
guard ships on constant duty, would keep up a sufficient navy,
and that without burdening ourselves with the evil so loudly
complained of in England, of suffering their fleet..."
"In almost every article of defence we abound. Hemp flourishes
even to rankness, so that we need not want cordage. Our iron
is superior to that of other countries. Our small arms equal to
any in the world. Cannons we can cast at pleasure. Saltpetre
and gunpowder we are every day producing. Our knowledge is
hourly improving. Resolution is our inherent character, and
courage hath never yet forsaken us. Wherefore, what is it that
we want? Why is it that we hesitate? From Britain we can
expect nothing but ruin. If she is once admitted to the

government of America again, this Continent will not be worth

living in."
"Another reason why the present time is preferable to all others,
is, that the fewer our numbers are, the more land there is yet
unoccupied, which instead of being lavished by the king on his
worthless dependents, may be hereafter applied, not only to the
discharge of the present debt, but to the constant support of
government. No nation under heaven hath such an advantage
as this."
" We are sufficiently numerous, and were we more so, we might
be less united. It is a matter worthy of observation, that the
more a country is peopled, the smaller their armies are. In
military numbers, the ancients far exceeded the moderns: and
the reason is evident, for trade being the consequence of
population, men become too much absorbed thereby to attend
to any thing else."
"The city of London, notwithstanding its numbers, submits to
continued insults with the patience of a coward. The more men
have to lose, the less willing are they to venture. The rich are in
general slaves to fear, and submit to courtly power with the
trembling duplicity of a Spaniel."
" Wherefore, the PRESENT TIME is the TRUE TIME for
establishing it. The intimacy which is contracted in infancy, and
the friendship which is formed in misfortune, are, of all others,
the most lasting and unalterable."
" The intimacy which is contracted in infancy, and the friendship
which is formed in misfortune, are, of all others, the most
lasting and unalterable."

" The present time, likewise, is that peculiar time, which never
happens to a nation but once, VIZ. the time of forming itself into
a government. Most nations have let slip the opportunity, and
by that means have been compelled to receive laws from their
conquerors, instead of making laws for themselves. First, they
had a king, and then a form of government; whereas, the
articles or charter of government, should be formed first, and
men delegated to execute them afterwards: but from the errors
of other nations, let us learn wisdom and lay hold of the present
When William the Conqueror subdued England, he gave them
law at the point of the sword; and until we consent, that the seat
of government, in America, be legally and authoritatively
occupied, we shall be in danger of having filled by some
fortunate ruffian, who may treat us in the same manner, and
then, where will be our freedom?"
" As to religion, I hold it to be the indispensible duty of all
government, to protect all conscientious professors thereof, and
I know of no other business which government hath to do
therewith. Let a man throw aside that narrowness of soul, that
selfishness of principle, which the niggards of all professions
are so unwilling to part with, and he will be at once delivered of
his fears on that head. Suspicion is the companion of mean
souls, and the bane of all good society. For myself, I fully and
conscientiously believe, that it is the will of the Almighty, that..."
"Were we all of one way of thinking, our religious dispositions
would want matter for probation; and on this liberal principle, I
look on the various denominations among us, to be like children
of the same family, differing only, in what is called, their
Christian names."

"A set of instructions for the Delegates were put together, which
in point of sense and business would have dishonored a
schoolboy, and after being approved by a FEW, a VERY FEW
without doors, were carried into the House, and there passed
whole colony know, with what ill-will that House hath entered on
some necessary public measures, they would not hesitate a
moment to think them unworthy of such a trust.
Immediate necessity makes many things convenient, which if
continued would grow into oppressions. Expedience and right
are different things. When the calamities of America required a
consultation, there was no method so ready, or at that time so
proper, as to appoint persons from the several Houses of
Assembly for that purpose; and the wisdom with which they
have proceeded hath preserved this continent from ruin. But as
it is more than probable that we shall never be without a
CONGRESS, every well wisher to good order, must own, that
the mode for choosing members of that body, deserves
" Mr. Cornwall (one of the Lords of the Treasury) treated the
petition of the New York Assembly with contempt, because
THAT House, he said, consisted but of twenty-six members,
which trifling number, he argued, could not with decency be put
for the whole."
" FIRST--It is the custom of nations, when any two are at war,
for some other powers, not engaged in the quarrel, to step in as
mediators, and bring about the preliminaries of a peace: but
while America calls herself the Subject of Great Britain, no
power, however well disposed she may be, can offer her
mediation. Wherefore, in our present state we may quarrel on

for ever.
SECONDLY--It is unreasonable to suppose, that France or
Spain will give us any kind of assistance, if we mean only, to
make use of that assistance for the purpose of repairing the
breach, and strengthening the connection between Britain and
America; because, those powers would be sufferers by the
THIRDLY--While we profess ourselves the subjects of Britain,
we must, in the eye of foreign nations, be considered as rebels.
The precedent is somewhat dangerous to THEIR PEACE, for
men to be in arms under the name of subjects; we, on the spot,
can solve the paradox: but to unite resistance and subjection,
requires an idea much too refined for the common
FOURTHLY--Were a manifesto to be published, and
despatched to foreign courts, setting forth the miseries we have
endured, and the peaceable methods we have ineffectually
used for redress declaring, at the same time, that not being
able, any longer, to live happily or safely under the cruel
disposition of the British court, we had been driven to the
necessity of breaking off all connections with her; at the same
time, assuring all such courts of our peacable disposition
towards them, and of our desire of entering into trade with
them: Such a memorial would produce more good effects to
this Continent, than if a ship were freighted with petitions to
"Under our present denomination of British subjects, we can
neither be received nor heard abroad: The custom of all courts
is against us, and will be so, until, by an independance, we take
rank with other nations."
"Note 1 Those who would fully understand of what great

consequence a large and equal representation is to a state,

should read Burgh's political Disquisitions."
" Yet, as the domestic tranquillity of a nation, depends greatly,
on the CHASTITY of what may properly be called NATIONAL
MANNERS, it is often better, to pass some things over in silent
disdain, than to make use of such new methods of dislike, as
might introduce the least innovation, on that guardian of our
peace and safety. And, perhaps, it is chiefly owing to this
prudent delicacy, that the King's Speech, hath not, before now,
suffered a public execution. The Speech if it may be called one,
is nothing better than a wilful audacious libel against the truth,
the common good, and the existence of mankind; and is a
formal and pompous method of offering up human sacrifices to
the pride of tyrants."
"... they know NOT HER, and although they are beings of our
OWN creating, they know not US, and are become the gods of
their creators. The Speech hath one good quality, which is, that
it is not calculated to deceive, neither can we, even if we would,
be deceived by it."
"... very unfair in you to withhold them from that prince, BY
THING." This is toryism with a witness..."
"...who hath, not only given up the proper dignity of a man, but
sunk himself beneath the rank of animals, and contemptibly
crawls through the world like a worm.
However, it matters very little now, what the king of England
either says or does; he hath wickedly broken through every
moral and human obligation, trampled nature and conscience
beneath his feet; and by a steady and constitutional spirit of

insolence and cruelty, procured for himself an universal hatred."

"...become a reproach to the names of men and christians--YE,
whose office it is to watch over the morals of a nation, of
whatsoever sect or denomination ye are of, as well as ye, who,
are more immediately the guardians of the public liberty, if ye
wish to preserve your native country uncontaminated by
"It is in reality a self-evident position: For no nation in a state of
foreign dependance, limited in its commerce, and cramped and
fettered in its legislative powers, can ever arrive at any material
"... and the Continent hesitating on a matter, which will be her
final ruin if neglected. It is the commerce and not the conquest
of America, by which England is to be benefited, and that would
in a great measure continue,..."
"...discovered by necessity, will appear clearer and stronger
every day.
First, Because it will come to that one time or other.
Secondly, Because, the longer it is delayed the harder it will be
to accomplish.
I have frequently amused myself both in public and private
companies, with silently remarking, the specious errors of those
who speak without..."
"... happened forty or fifty years hence, instead of NOW, the
Continent would have been more able to have shaken off the
dependance. To which I reply, that our military ability AT THIS
TIME, arises from the experience gained in the last war, and
which in forty or fifty years time, would have been totally

" The argument turns thus--at the conclusion of the last war, we
had experience, but wanted numbers; and forty or fifty years
hence, we should have numbers, without experience;
wherefore, the proper point of time, must be some particular
point between the two extremes, in which a sufficiency of the
former remains, and a proper increase of the latter is obtained:
And that point of time is the present time.
The reader will pardon this digression, as it does not properly
come under the head I first set out with, and to which I again
return by the following position, viz."
" The value of the back lands which some of the provinces are
clandestinely deprived of, by the unjust extension of the limits
of Canada, valued only at five pounds sterling per hundred
acres, amount to upwards of twenty-five millions, Pennsylvania
currency; and the quit-rents at one penny sterling per acre, to
two millions yearly."
"It matters not how long the debt is in paying, so that the lands
when sold be applied to the discharge of it, and for the
execution of which, the Congress for the time being, will be the
continental trustees."
" He who takes nature for his guide is not easily beaten out of
his argument, and on that ground, I answer

" Legislation without law; wisdom without a plan; constitution

without a name; and, what is strangely astonishing, perfect
Independance contending for dependance."
" The property of no man is secure in the present unbraced
system of things. The mind of the multitude is left at random,
and seeing no fixed object before them, they pursue such as
fancy or opinion starts. Nothing is criminal; there is no such
thing as treason; wherefore, every one thinks himself at liberty
to act as he pleases."
"English soldiers taken in battle, and inhabitants of America
taken in arms. The first are prisoners, but the latter traitors. The
one forfeits his liberty, the other his head."
"The Continental Belt is too loosely buckled. And if something is
not done in time, it will be too late to do any thing, and we shall
fall into a state, in which, neither RECONCILIATION nor
INDEPENDANCE will be practicable. The king and his
worthless adherents are got at their old game of dividing the
Continent, and there are not wanting among us, Printers, who
will be busy spreading specious falsehoods. The artful and
hypocritical letter which appeared a few months ago in two of
the New York papers, and likewise in two others, is an evidence
that there are men who want either judgment or honesty."
" Do they take within their view, all the various orders of men
whose situation and circumstances, as well as their own, are to
be considered therein. Do they put themselves in the place of
the sufferer whose ALL is ALREADY gone, and of the soldier,
who hath quitted ALL for the defence of his country. If their ill
judged moderation be suited to their own private situations

ONLY, regardless of others, the event will convince them, that

"they are reckoning without their Host."
"I ask, as a reasonable question, By what means is such a
corrupt and faithless court to be kept to its engagements?
Another parliament, nay, even the present, may hereafter
repeal the obligation, on the pretence, of its being violently
"No going to law with nations; cannon are the barristers of
Crowns; and the sword, not of justice, but of war, decides the
suit. To be on the footing of sixty-three, it is not sufficient, that
the laws only be put on the same state, but, that our
circumstances, likewise, be put on the same state; Our burnt
and destroyed towns repaired or built up, our private losses
made good, our public debts (contracted for defence)
discharged; otherwise, we shall be millions worse than we were
at that enviable period. Such a request, had it been complied
with a year ago, would have won the heart and soul of the
Continent--but now it is too late, "The Rubicon is passed."
"And the instant, in which such a mode of defence became
necessary, all subjection to Britain ought to have ceased; and
the independancy of America, should have been considered, as
dating its era from, and published by, THE FIRST MUSKET
"We ought to reflect, that there are three different ways, by
which an independancy may hereafter be effected; and that
ONE of those THREE, will one day or other, be the fate of
America, viz. By the legal voice of the people in Congress; by a
military power; or by a mob:.."

" Should an independancy be brought about by the first of

those means, we have every opportunity and every
encouragement before us, to form the noblest purest
constitution on the face of the earth. We have it in our power to
begin the world over again. A situation, similar to the present,
hath not happened since the days of Noah until now...
The birthday of a new world is at hand, and a race of men,
perhaps as numerous as all Europe contains, are to receive
their portion of freedom from the event of a few months."
" We ought not now to be debating whether we shall be
independant or not, but, anxious to accomplish it on a firm,
secure, and honorable basis, and uneasy rather that it is not yet
began upon. Every day convinces us of its necessity. Even the
Tories (if such beings yet remain among us) should, of all men,
be the most solicitous to promote it; for, as the appointment of
committees at first, protected them from popular rage, so, a
wise and well established form of government, will be the only
certain means of continuing it securely to them."
"In short, Independance is the only BOND that can tye and
keep us together. We shall then see our object, and our ears
will be legally shut against the schemes of an intriguing, as
well, as a cruel enemy."
"... for there is reason to conclude, that the pride of that court,
will be less hurt by treating with the American states for terms
of peace, than with those, whom she denominates, "rebellious
subjects," for terms of accommodation."
"alternative, by INDEPENDANTLY redressing them ourselves,
and then offering to open the trade. The mercantile and
reasonable part in England, will be still with us; because, peace

WITH trade, is preferable to war WITHOUT it."

"On these grounds I rest the matter. And as no offer hath yet
been made to refute the doctrine contained in the former
editions of this pamphlet, it is a negative proof, that either the
doctrine cannot."
"WHEREFORE, instead of gazing at each other with suspicious
or doubtful curiosity, let each of us, hold out to his neighbour
the hearty hand of friendship, and unite in drawing a line,
which, like an act of oblivion, shall bury in forgetfulness every
former dissention. Let the names of Whig and Tory be extinct;
and let none other be heard among us, than those of A GOOD
Before we countinue with the others books I have few
questions, to you!
Do you think that by Reading my Books
Starting from The Life Of One Kid 1,2,3,4,5, then Haters,
Facts, Which Will Blow Your Mind 1,2,3 and one try for writing
a poem Poem & Song (The last one was just a try it isnt a big
deal, the big deals are The Life Of One Kid (all series), Facts
Which Which Blow Your Mind (all series). Do you think that
these all books, help you in one way or in other, did you
changed your way of thinking changed?? Do you think that you
will sleep well?? Do you think that more series are needed of
such important topics, in case in some books I add and other
books for example The Life Of One Kid, you see here and
from 2 or 1 volume I started doing this not only books, but and

films. Everything discussed paid attention on the important and

essential topics, which are useful!. And now the last book (but
this wont be the last which I will read), in which I added all
highlighted stuff, maybe this time I will have more obstacle. I
dont have free wi-fi at home so it wont be easy to update
everyday the book, but I will try to do it as often as possible!
As I said I have one very bad or fucked obstacle, which is that I
dont have in home wi-fi, its locked. The owner from free has
upgrade it to locked, the same things are in the wi-fi which will
mean the same fast of loading a site and everything else is it!
But its locked, for god sake and I wont have time to do the
upgrade., like before to be in the bus to write and when Im
home I put my phone and then just to wait to upload here, by
going in the application, openning the doc, to wait I just use the
time to play games or watch films and one moment I go there
and check out and look its ready. THATs HOW I WAS USED
TO WORK, now is without this!
LITTLE DIFFICULT, but I will try to do it straightforward
Wish Me Good Luck with this work!
36. The Walk 2015
(I watched the film, but the film is based on a true story,
this happens as in the review is said and as I see it in the film.
Im sure that there is available book on which the film is based
In the early 70s, a young French boy lost his heart to the Twin
Towers in Manhattan. He had already begun walking the wire,
stringing it up wherever he found space: between trees over a
shallow pond, between trees in Paris, honing his skills as he
went along. But his hearts desire was to get to New York, and
cross the space between the two towers.

The Walk begins slowly and more than a tad stodgily, as it

follows Phillipe Petits (Gordon-Levitt) journey from little boy to
young man, cast out from home because of his desire to do
what he wants, his passage through the hands of celebrated
high wire artist Papa Rudy (Kingsley), and his meeting up with
the beautiful musician Annie (Le Bon).
These two, and a bunch of others become his partners in crime
because what he was about to attempt was not only
dangerous but completely illegal which leads him to the
other greatest city in the universe (the first being Paris, of
course). The Twin Towers were coming up at the time, and we
feel a frisson when we see them, tall, rising to the sky, the light
shining from its hundreds of glass windows. That place is now
Ground Zero, and after 9/11, the world is a different place, but
back then, in August 1974, for Petit, it was paradise.
Gordon-Levitt turns in a showy if effective performance as a
man with an inexplicable obsession. His French sounds a little
exaggerated, lapsing into occasional flat American twanginess .
But given that there are so many people speaking in so many
tongues in this film Kingsley stops just this side of being a
ham with his extravagant gestures and a polyglot accent, and
Le Bon is charmingly and authentically French that it finally
doesnt matter.
What matters is the wire, and the man on it; the void below, and
his sheer infectious joy as he conquers it. The film, and
Gordon-Levitt, shines in this final act, as we watch, with our
hearts in our mouths (despite knowing that it is all computer
graphics and digital wizardry, even if the bulky 3D glasses
make everything too annoyingly dark), breath suspended,
waiting for him to come back safely to the other side.
But you cant help comparing this film to the 2008 documentary
Man On Wire featuring the man himself. That one, based on
Petits book To Reach The Clouds is all verite, all tight, with not

one wasted moment. This new one is a somewhat hokey

representation of that truth, but oh, that jaw-dropping walk.
Like the unbelievably fearless Petit, at this high point, you feel
you are soaring, weightless, high above the world.
About the guy in the film, Im talking the guy who has done this
job, the guy who has crossed the twin buildings, the original
character. The film is based on his story!
French daredevil Philippe Petit is best known for his 1974
high-wire walk between the twin towers in New York City.
Born in 1949, French daredevil Philippe Petit became famous
in August 1974 for his high-wire walk between the twin towers
of the World Trade Center in New York City. Called the "artistic
crime of the century," Petit's daring feat became the focus of a
media sensation. Petit has performed high-wire walks around
the world, and a 2008 documentary based on his twin towers
walk, Man on Wire, won awards and critical praise.
Early Life
Philippe Petit was born on August 13, 1949 in Nemours,
France, to a French Army pilot and his wife. Petit started
studying magic tricks at the age of 6. Some years later, he
learned how to juggle. He took his talents to the city streets,
performing for tourists. At the age of 16, Petit discovered his
passion for the high wire and spent a year training on the
tightrope. He incorporated this interest into his public
performances. This ever-creative soul did not fare well in the
academic world, having been kicked out of five schools by the
age of 18.

World Trade Center Act

In his teens, Petit learned about the World Trade Center
construction project in New York City. He read about the
project's proposed twin towers while waiting in a dentist's office,
and spent years planning to walk a high wire between the two
buildings. Before he went to New York, however, Petit took on
several other amazing tightrope challenges. In 1971, he
traveled between the towers of the Notre Dame Cathedral in
Paris on a wire. Two years later, he crossed the Sydney Harbor
Bridge in Australia. In each instance, he had the help of friends
in pulling off these impressive stunts.
In late 1973, Petit traveled to New York City. He spent months
studying the World Trade Center's twin towers. To visit the site,
Petit assumed a number of disguises, including being a
reporter and a construction worker. He took photographs and
made measurements. With help of friends, Petit started hiding
his equipment in the towers in early August. He and
accomplices then tucked themselves away in the buildings on
August 6, 1974, to prepare for the big event.
In the morning of August 7, Petit stepped onto the tightrope,
which was suspended between the two towers. A crowd of
thousands soon gathered to watch the man on the wire more
than 1,300 feet above them. For 45 minutes, Petit practically
danced on the thin metal line. He was arrested for his efforts,
and was ordered to give a performance in Central Park as his
sentence. His impressive feat was later featured in the 2008
documentary Man on Wire.
With his World Trade Center walk, Petit helped people warm up
to the then-maligned building development. Though the site's

famous twin towers fell during the September 11, 2001 terrorist
attacks in New York City, Petit said he was pleased about the
recent construction of new towers at the World Trade Center.
Other Projects
Since his famous New York City act, Petit has accomplished
other fantastical feats in the United States and Europe. Petit
still has one major walk on his wish list, howeverhe has been
trying to organize a walk over the Grand Canyon for years. He
has also written six books, including 1985's On the High Wire,
and a one-man show about his life and work called Wireless.
With his daring and creative acts, Petit has inspired countless
others. He shares his knowledge and insights as an artist-inresidence at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. He
also continues to train for several hours each day at his home
near Woodstock, New York, where he lives with his partner,
Kathy O'Donnell.
I looked how is made the film, backstage I locked its very,
different, but I like how is made the fillm with everything effects,
decoration and all other things. Im glad that I saw this film, btw
about the twin buildings
Hijacked Jets Destroy Twin Towers and Hit Pentagon
Hijackers rammed jetliners into each of New York's World Trade
Center towers yesterday, toppling both in a hellish storm of ash,
glass, smoke and leaping victims, while a third jetliner crashed
into the Pentagon in Virginia. There was no official count, but
President Bush said thousands had perished, and in the

immediate aftermath the calamity was already being ranked the

worst and most audacious terror attack in American history.
The attacks seemed carefully coordinated. The hijacked planes
were all en route to California, and therefore gorged with fuel,
and their departures were spaced within an hour and 40
minutes. The first, American Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 767 out
of Boston for Los Angeles, crashed into the north tower at 8:48
a.m. Eighteen minutes later, United Airlines Flight 175, also
headed from Boston to Los Angeles, plowed into the south
tower. Then an American Airlines Boeing 757, Flight 77, left
Washington's Dulles International Airport bound for Los
Angeles, but instead hit the western part of the Pentagon, the
military headquarters where 24,000 people work, at 9:40 a.m.
Finally, United Airlines Flight 93, a Boeing 757 flying from
Newark to San Francisco, crashed near Pittsburgh, raising the
possibility that its hijackers had failed in whatever their mission
There were indications that the hijackers on at least two of the
planes were armed with knives. Attorney General John Ashcroft
told reporters in the evening that the suspects on Flight 11 were
armed that way. And Barbara Olson, a television commentator
who was traveling on American Flight 77, managed to reach
her husband, Solicitor General Theodore Olson, by cell phone
and to tell him that the hijackers were armed with knives and a
box cutter.
In all, 266 people perished in the four planes and several score
more were known dead elsewhere. Numerous firefighters,
police officers and other rescue workers who responded to the
initial disaster in Lower Manhattan were killed or injured when
the buildings collapsed. Hundreds were treated for cuts, broken
bones, burns and smoke inhalation.

But the real carnage was concealed for now by the twisted,
smoking, ash-choked carcasses of the twin towers, in which
thousands of people used to work on a weekday. The collapse
of the towers caused another World Trade Center building to
fall 10 hours later, and several other buildings in the area were
damaged or aflame.
"I have a sense it's a horrendous number of lives lost," said
Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani. "Right now we have to focus on
saving as many lives as possible."
The mayor warned that "the numbers are going to be very, very
He added that the medical examiner's office will be ready "to
deal with thousands and thousands of bodies if they have to."
For hours after the attacks, rescuers were stymied by other
buildings that threatened to topple. But by 11 p.m., rescuers
had been able to begin serious efforts to locate and remove
survivors. Mr. Giuliani said two Port Authority police officers had
been pulled from the ruins, and he said hope existed that more
people could be saved.
Earlier, police officer volunteers using dogs had found four
bodies in the smoldering, stories-high pile of rubble where the
towers had once stood and had taken them to a makeshift
morgue in the lobby of an office building at Vesey and West
Within an hour of the attacks, the United States was on a war
footing. The military was put on the highest state of alert,
National Guard units were called out in Washington and New
York and two aircraft carriers were dispatched to New York

harbor. President Bush remained aloft in Air Force One,

following a secretive route and making only brief stopovers at
Air Force bases in Louisiana and Nebraska before finally
setting down in Washington at 7 p.m. His wife and daughters
were evacuated to a secure, unidentified location.
The White House, the Pentagon and the Capitol were
evacuated, except for the Situation Room in the White House
where Vice President Cheney remained in charge, giving the
eerie impression of a national capital virtually stripped of its key
Nobody immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks. But
the scale and sophistication of the operation, the extraordinary
planning required for concerted hijackings by terrorists who had
to be familiar with modern jetliners, and the history of major
attacks on American targets in recent years led many officials
and experts to point to Osama bin Laden, the Islamic militant
believed to operate out of Afghanistan. Afghanistan's hard-line
Taliban rulers rejected such suggestions, but officials took that
as a defensive measure.
Senator Orrin Hatch, Republican of Utah, told reporters that the
United States had some evidence that people associated with
Mr. bin Laden had sent out messages "actually saying over the
airwaves, private airwaves at that, that they had hit two
In the evening, explosions were reported in Kabul, the Afghan
capital. But officials at the Pentagon denied that the United
States had attacked that city.
President Bush, facing his first major crisis in office, vowed that
the United States would hunt down and punish those

responsible for the "evil, despicable acts of terror" which, he

said, took thousands of American lives. He said the United
States would make no distinction between those who carried
out the hijackings and those who harbored and supported them
"These acts of mass murder were intended to frighten our
nation into chaos and retreat, but they have failed," a somber
president told the nation in an address from the Oval Office
shortly after 8:30 p.m.
"The search is under way for those who are behind these evil
acts," Mr. Bush said. "We will make no distinction between the
terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor
The repercussions of the attack swiftly spread across the
nation. Air traffic across the United States was halted at least
until today and international flights were diverted to Canada.
Borders with Canada and Mexico were closed. Most federal
buildings across the country were shut down. Major
skyscrapers and a variety of other sites, ranging from Disney
theme parks to the Golden Gate Bridge and United Nations
headquarters in New York, were evacuated.
But it was in New York that the calamity achieved levels of
horror and destruction known only in war.
The largest city in the United States, the financial capital of the
world, was virtually closed down. Transportation into Manhattan
was halted, as was much of public transport within the city.
Parts of Lower Manhattan were left without power, compelling
Mayor Giuliani to order Battery Park City to be evacuated.
Major stock exchanges closed. Primary elections for mayor and
other city offices were cancelled. Thousands of workers,

released from their offices in Lower Manhattan but with no way

to get home except by foot, set off in vast streams, down the
avenues and across the bridges under a beautiful, clear sky,
accompanied by the unceasing serenade of sirens.
While doctors and nurses at hospitals across the city tended to
hundreds of damaged people, a disquieting sense grew
throughout the day at other triage centers and emergency
rooms that there would, actually, be less work: the morgues
were going to be busiest.
A sense of shock, grief and solidarity spread rapidly through the
city. There was the expectation that friends and relatives would
be revealed among the victims. Schools prepared to let
students stay overnight if they could not get home, or if it
emerged that there was no one to go home to.
There was also the fear that it was not over: stores reported a
run on basic goods. And there was the urge to help. Thousands
of New Yorkers lined up outside hospitals to donate blood.
As in great crises past, people exchanged stories of where they
were when they heard the news.
"There is a controlled professionalism, but also a sense of
shock," said Mark G. Ackerman, an official at the St. Vincent
Medical Center. "Obviously New York and all of us have
experienced a trauma that is unparalleled."
"I invite New Yorkers to join in prayer," said Cardinal Edward M.
Egan as he emerged from the emergency room of St. Vincent's
in blue hospital garb. "This is a tragedy that this great city can
handle. I am amazed at the goodness of our police and our
firefighters and our hospital people."

All communications creaked under the load of the sudden

emergency. Mobile phones became all but useless, intercity
lines were clogged and major Internet servers reported
The area around the World Trade Center resembled a desert
after a terrible sandstorm. Parts of buildings, crushed vehicles
and the shoes, purses, umbrellas and baby carriages of those
who fled lay covered with thick, gray ash, through which
weeping people wandered in search of safety, each with a story
of pure horror.
Imez Graham, 40, and Dee Howard, 37, both of whom worked
on the 61st floor of the north tower, were walking up Chambers
Street, covered in soot to their gracefully woven dreadlocks
caked in soot, barefoot. They had spent an hour walking down
the stairs after the first explosion. They were taken to an
ambulance, when the building collapsed. They jumped out and
began to walk home. "They need me; I've got to get home," Ms.
Howard said. Where was that? "As far away from here as
In Chinatown, a woman offered them a pair of dainty Chinese
sandals. Nearby, construction workers offered to hose the soot
off passing people.
The twin pillars of the World Trade Center were among the best
known landmarks in New York, 110-floor unadorned blocks that
dominated any approach to Manhattan. It is probable that
renown, and the thousands of people who normally work there
each weekday, that led Islamic militants to target the towers for
destruction already in 1993, then by parking vans loaded with
explosives in the basement.

There is no way to know how many people were at work shortly

before 9 a.m. when the first jetliners sliced into the north tower,
also known as 1 World Trade Center. CNN and other television
networks were quick to focus their cameras on the disaster,
enabling untold numbers of viewers to witness the second
jetliner as it banked into the south tower 18 minutes later,
blowing a cloud of flame and debris out the other side.
Even more viewers were tuned in by 9:50 a.m. when the south
tower suddenly vanished in swirling billows of ash, collapsing in
on itself. Then at 10:29 a.m. the north tower followed. A choking
grey cloud billowed out, blocking out the bright sunshine and
chasing thousands of panicked workers through the canyons of
Lower Manhattan. Plumes continued to rise high over the city
late into the night.
"The screaming was just horrendous," recalled Carol Webster,
an official of the Nyack College Alliance Seminary who had just
emerged from the PATH trains when the carnage began. "Every
time there would be another explosion, people would start
screaming and thronging again."
The scenes of horror were indelible; people who left from the
broken towers, people who fought for pay phones, people white
with soot and red with blood. "We saw people jumping from the
tower as the fire was going on," said Steve Baker, 27. "The sky
went black, all this stuff came onto us, we ran."
The timing was murderous for the armada of rescue vehicles
that gathered after the planes crashed, and were caught under
the collapsing buildings. Many rescue workers were reported
killed or injured, and the anticipation that Building 7 would soon
follow led to a suspension of operatios. The firefighters union
said that at least 200 of its members had died.

Mayor Giuliani, along with the police and fire commissioners

and the director of emergency management, was forced to
abandon a temporary command center at 75 Barclay Street, a
block from the World Trade Center, and the mayor emerged
with his gray suit covered with ash.
In the evening, officials reported that buildings 5 and 7 of the
World Trade Center had also collapsed, and buildings all
around the complex had their windows blown out. The Rector
Street subway station collapsed, and the walkway at West
Street was gone. World leaders hastened to condemn the
attacks, including Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat and Libya's
Muammar el-Qaddafi.
European leaders began quiet discussions last night about how
they might assist the United States in striking back, and
Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, joined in expressing support
for a retaliatory strike.
But in the West Bank city of Nablus, rejoicing Palestinians, who
have been locked in a bitter struggle with Israel for almost a
year, went into the streets to chant, "God is great!" and to
distribute candies to celebrate the attacks.
Many governments took their own precautions against attack.
Israel evacuated many of its embassies abroad, and nonessential staffers at NATO headquarters in Brussels were
ordered home.
In Afghanistan, the ruling Taliban argued that Mr. bin Laden
could not have been responsible for the attacks. "What
happened in the United States was not a job of ordinary
people," an official, Abdul Hai Mutmaen, told Reuters. "It could

have been the work of governments. Osama bin Laden cannot

do this work."
Apart from the major question of who was responsible, a host
of other questions were certain to be at the forefront in coming
days and weeks. One was the timing -- why Sept. 11?
The date seemed to have no obvious meaning. One of the men
convicted in the bombing of the United States Embassy in
Nairobi in 1998, in which 213 were killed, was originally
scheduled for sentencing on Sept. 12. But the sentencing of the
man, Mohamed Rasheed Daoud al-'Owhali, had been put off to
It was possible that Mr. Al-'Owhali and the others convicted with
him were close witnesses to the bombings, since terror
suspects typically await sentencing at the Metropolitan
Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan. Officials have not
confirmed that the convicted Nairobi bombers are there.
Many questions would also be raised about how hijackers
managed to seize four jets with all the modern safeguards in
place. Initial information was sketchy, although a passenger on
the United Airlines jetliner that crashed in Pennsylvania
managed to make a cellular phone call from the toilet. "We are
being hijacked, we are being hijacked," the man shouted at
9:58 a.m. As he was speaking, the plane crashed about eight
miles east of Jennerstown, killing all 45 aboard.
For all the questions, what was clear was that the World Trade
Center would take its place among the great calamities of
American history, a day of infamy like Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma
City, Lockerbie.

The very absence of the towers would become a symbol after

their domination of the New York skyline for 25 years. Though
initial reviews were mixed when the towers were dedicated in
1976, they came into their own as landmarks with passing
years. King Kong climbed one tower in a remake of the movie
In April, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which
ran the World Trade Center through its first 30 years, leased
the complex for $3.2 billion to a group led by Larry A.
Silverstein, a developer, and Westfield America Inc.
In recent years, the complex has filled up with tenants and
revenues have increased. In addition to the towers -- designed
by the architect Minoru Yamasaki, each 1,350 feet tall -- the
complex included four other buildings, two of which were also
gone, for a total of 12 million square feet of rentable office
So since 2001, this two towers are dead, the most biggest
buildings in the world!
About the character he is one inspiring guy, if you check out the
film or the book or the story or whatever, about him you will be
amazed like WOW, WOW, what he has done, Im the same,
when I was watching the film, my hands were turning wet and
more and more, I miss a school class in which I will be with my
class for last time this year which is 23.12.2015, just spending
to watchi this awesome, unique, terrific, gorgeous film. I
enjoyed watching it, he shown that we mustnt give up, if we
must go to A to B, lets go to dont lose time by saying
DEATH or WE WONT MAKE IT, dont be the fucking
wanker, be the genius and go and do it. IF you have purpose,
go and do it!


37. True Story
(One very awesome film and Im sure that the book is gorgeous
none, idiot will make a film a book which isnt gorgeous in one
way or in other way here is review of the book and from the film
TRUE STORY Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa. By Michael Finkel.
312 pp. HarperCollins Publishers. $25.95.
In February 2002, a talented freelance journalist named
Michael Finkel, who'd just been caught inventing a character in
an article for The New York Times Magazine, got a telephone
call. It wasn't one he expected. It wasn't asking him about the
episode, which was about to be made public in an editors' note
in The Times. Instead, it was a reporter at The Oregonian in
Portland, who called with the news that a man named Christian
Longo, accused of murdering his wife and three young children
in Oregon, had been arrested by the F.B.I. in Mexico -- where
he'd traveled under the name of a reporter for The New York
Times, Michael Finkel.
At the time, Finkel was coming to terms with the fact that he
would receive no more assignments from The Times Magazine,
where he had written a series of ambitious globe-trotting
features that made him a star in his early 30's. His fall came
after he created a composite character, a boy named Youssouf
Mal, in an article about Ivory Coast cocoa plantations.
With a ruined career and time on his hands, Finkel reached out
to Longo. "At the same time that you were using my name, I
lost my own," Finkel wrote in a letter to Longo. "I am sort of
seeking to find out who I really am." When the two eventually
talked, the author discovered that Longo had admired his work

for years and figured if he needed to mask his identity, why not
use that of a well-respected, adventure-seeking journalist?
Both exiled from the worlds they once knew, the two formed a
mutually beneficial relationship, talking at length over the phone
and in person. "I'd had a vague sense that the beginnings of my
redemption, both professional and personal, might somehow lie
with Longo," Finkel writes. It doesn't go so smoothly. Finkel
soon realized Longo was using him as a patsy to test out
defenses for his trial. "I was his dress rehearsal. I was his oneman focus group," Finkel writes. Finkel proved less than
adequate in that role. Longo was eventually sentenced to
death, found guilty of killing his family and dumping the bodies.
(Two children were found in a pond in Oregon; his wife and
infant in a nearby bay.)
Finkel deserves credit for attempting to tell multiple stories, but
he doesn't always succeed. The chapters in "True Story" move
haphazardly from Finkel's mea culpa to Longo's life story to the
men's pseudofriendship, and the reader is ultimately lost.
Even after hours of conversations with Longo, Finkel admits
he's uncomfortable "definitively answering" basic questions
about the crime. Where precisely were the Longos killed?
When? And why? Finkel leaves us with no insight into Longo's
motivations, only into his lies.
Through covering Longo's story, Finkel hoped to restore the
inner calm he'd lost during his brief stint at The Times, when his
friends and family said his success had turned him into a selfobsessed jerk. Longo, Finkel writes, made him "see how a
person's life could spiral completely out of control . . . how
these things could have dire consequences." He says he knew
he owed an apology to the editors, fact-checkers and readers

he had deceived, but feared it wouldn't seem "genuine." With

"True Story," he writes, "now, I hope, it will."
He can keep hoping. After Finkel created the composite, Adam
Moss, then the editor of the magazine, told him: "You're young.
You have a long career ahead of you. But not here." That may
be the case, just as Finkel might someday regain our respect.
But not here. "True Story" reads entirely too fast, as if Finkel
were racing through Longo's story to arrive at his own apology.
Like Finkel's composite African boy, Longo comes off not as a
human being, but as a plot device meant to tell a story.
Sridhar Pappu is a correspondent with The Atlantic Monthly.
From the film
You can check out the trailer of the film and also you can watch
it if oyu like book review. Its based on true story!
I will put this for last
and the other things, you must handle them!

38. Harry Potter 1,2

(One Increadiable film and book, as I have said it doesnt
matter did you
The Philosophers Stone is the first in J.K. Rowlings Harry
Potter series of seven novels that have made her the most
successful literary author of all time, selling in excess of 400
million copies world-wide. The books are read and enjoyed by
children and adults alike and have also been made into hugely
popular films.
Do the Harry Potter books live up to the hype? When I first
began reading the Philosophers stone I was immediately
struck by how good - and laugh-out-loud funny - the humour

was. You usually need to read a Terry Pratchett novel to ensure

constant laughter throughout but Rowling has managed to
infuse this book with a lovely wit and charm that will both
amuse and delight adults and children.
Here is an example, with the ending being particularly good:
"Harry was frying eggs by the time Dudley arrived in the kitchen
with his mother. Dudley looked a lot like Uncle Vernon. He had
a large, pink face, not much neck, small, watery blue eyes and
thick, blond hair that lay smoothly on his thick, fat head. Aunt
Petunia often said that Dudley looked like a baby angel Harry
often said that Dudley looked like a pig in a wig."
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone: The Vanishing Glass
There are characters in this book that will remind us of all the
people we have met. Everybody knows or knew a spoilt,
overweight boy like Dudley or a bossy and interfering (yet kindhearted) girl like Hermione. A large number of the younger
readers will also be able to easily identify with Harry, especially
with his initial feelings of isolation and not belonging, and then
through to his excitement at finally leaving that life behind in
favour of one where he belongs and will be happy.
When Harry begins his first term at Hogwarts (a wizarding
school) he is not alone in being overawed:
Yehll get yer firs sight of Hogwarts in a sec, Hagrid called
over his shoulder, jus round this bend here.
There was a loud Oooooh!
The narrow path had opened suddenly on to the edge of a
great black lake. Perched atop a high mountain on the other
side, its windows sparkling in the starry sky, was a vast castle
with many turrets and towers.
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone: The Journey From
Platform Nine and Three-Quarters
Hogwarts is a truly magical place, not only in the most obvious
way but also in all the detail that the author has gone to

describe it so vibrantly. It is the place that everybody wishes

they could of gone to when they where eleven. And there many
adventures befall the trio (Harry, Ron and Hermione) and the
stone in the book's title is centren to all that happens. The story
builds towards and exciting conclusion that has the ultimate
feel-good factor.
J.K. Rowling should be commended for getting so many people
reading and excited by books. The biggest surprise must be the
effect that this novel had on the adult population, both male and
female - at the time the books were published many a
commuting train was spotted with Harry Potter books providing
world-weary workers with a wonderful sense of escapism. This
book is highly recommended to anybody between the ages of 8
and 80.
Is all the hype about the Harry Potter books justified? In a word,
yes, the books are a joy to read and possibly the most
rewarding young adults book since The Hobbit. - The first is
about this, I just watched only the film I havent read the book. I
didn't wanted, I don't see purpose why to check out both in
case you reduce it like for example to check out the film and
from the film you will get the
main idea. In the book is the same, but with difference that the
book can take you a lot of time, but the film just 2-3 hours max.
The first 2, were so much. Somewhere 2-3
hours and if I check out the book what happens just one month
spending of thing which I have already check out. As I have
said The film is enough, in the book there are too many details
why we don't reduce them like for example. To watch film, in the
film are put the most important stuff in the book
there are lots of details which take time, for example one book
in about 253, take me 1 week to read. I haven't still read it. I'm
talking about the "For the Writting, Memoir and Craft"

by Stephen King. I started this week now is 1.8.2016 (Friday),

and I have reach somewhere to 122 page, so I'm planning, if I
will checkout something I will check out one thing from it like if
there is audiobook + film + book, I won't check out everything
and start compare. I must get the main idea the people have
put it in the film, the other is just details which are useless, for
example the buildings and people and so on, the cars, the
police station. The killer, names which are already in the film for
example in the film as I said in one of my books I'm talking in
this series "The Life Of One Kid", that in the film is shown
everything just it has left people to talk and to try to impresive
people which watch the film. That's all not big deal!
If you look deep as I have look in my books you will see it's not
like it's seen, for example most people have said that the film
isn't enough, that the film isn't based on the book, I also said for
end of the film isn't like it is said in the book, but what??? Just
one end and simple details, like not from the beginning, the
craziness must start, but from somewhere further like the
middle is a great place. However the ending
of the book is with fire, but in the film with ice, who gives a fuck
so much. It shown what people want, the crazy guy, the
woman, the boy, problems, the real killer. So that's all, as I have
found from reading "Memoir and Craft"
which is a biography book by Stephen King most of the stuff
which are shown in the books are already happen in Stephen
King life, in this book was described. Like for example he had a
moments writing and drinking alcohol. So the Shinning is the
perfect example
look how it is above the sea, it's like the salt and the oil. Let's
get it like this the most important stuff are above the water so
they are the oil, like the writer, like the problems with family and
the real killer, in one view

it looks like he has shown the devils from Hell. Like problems
with his teacher (1% just effects the work, as he said in his
biography book when he writes books he reads book so in
other way the books which he read effect his work), which will
mean that
he take this view from different sides, films, family, mother,
brother, school, teachers, book and look. There is so many
The salt is not needed and not so much hightlighted, for
example it wasn't highlighted so much attention on some
topics, I'm sure that in the book there are a lot of
details which in the film aren't shown. In other words the films
show the oil (Most cases), the salt stays in the book. Take it like
this! I think it's more easy, is it???
I'm very curious how just came in mind this though let's go and
watch this film or to read this book. I don't know some times it
comes, without wanting, just staying it came in mind something
and then look I'm watching it. Sounds strange, before I didn't
liked such types of films, was it because of the translated bad
or because of the subtitles. I still don't remember
it was in the past and now it's not the past. Let's take it like this!
So whatever, I'm hear and I'm discussing with you the topic, I
think that you are more interested in this!
Not on how and why, right???
"J.K. Rowlings series began with the Philosophers Stone and
The Chamber of Secrets continues the adventures of the young
wizard Harry and his friends at Hogwarts.
The Chamber of Secrets begins, as did the Philosophers
Stone, with Harry once again at home with the dreadful
Dursleys. The Dursleys are, to put it mildly, unpleasant and the
arrival of the house elf Dobby sets in motion a chain of events
that ends with Harry, thanks in no small part to a flying car,

happily back at Hogwarts. There are mysterious happenings at

Hogwarts and Harry, assisted by his staunch friends Hermoine
and Ron set about discovering the truth to the Chamber of
Secrets and look for clues to help them understand the attacks
on the children at the school.
All the ingredients that made The Philosophers Stone a muchloved success are once again here in abundance. This is a rich
fantasy tale, fuelled by J.K. Rowlings vivid imagination and full
to the spine with magic, spells, companionship and humour.
The humour, in particular, is once again rich in the narrative, a
humour that will make both children and adults laugh at loud.
Gilderoy Lockhart is a superb character that steals the spotlight
from Harry and his friends on more than one occasion.
Cynics may say that the success of the first Harry Potter book
made this success of The Chamber of Secrets inevitable. That
would, however, be extremely unfair as this is a fine book in its
own rights and deserves to be praised every bit as highly as the
original. The Harry Potter series is a must read for all children
as they are best enjoyed when the imagination is undimmed by
The Harry Potter series cannot lay claim to being the most
original as J.K. Rowling has drawn on many influences within
their construction. The lovely thing is that she pays homage to
these influences in her own style and this has made her stories
compellingly unique. The ability to completely immerse the
reader in a fictional world and make it seem so real is her
strongest card and her strong characterisation further enhances
this. This is a much darker and adult themed book than its
predecessor and this again is well played as the books mature
along with Harry Potter.
A delightful fantasy story full of magic, mystery and laughter."

I think that the review talks a lot of, check out the book or the
audiobook or the film and you will get it better. I strongly
suggest the film, I just started watching it from the 1,
it was shown how one boy with glasses was downtrodden by
people which he really don't know. People which have adapted
him, but there aren't his real mother and father, his mother and
father have died in other world from which he
was moved! WIth the help of the main teacher Dumbledoor and
one other teacher. However it was said that the first actor has
died the guy from 1 and 2 has died 2002, and it come in his
place a new one! I'm talking about the real person!!!
So whatever, the film and the book will talk more than this here,
this here is just the beginning! (TAKE IT LIKE THIS!)
However, remember this that he is child with problems,
checkout what happens in the 1-2 and then look what happens
then you will find that he is just normal person who can
make magic with the wand!
39. Rebecca
(Just fuck of, dont talk about this book, I will have essay on the
world boring story. How did I get from the English lessons with
GreenHolly Wood, in the book it starts and it ends with
unknown charachter (Kind a fuck off), also check out the review
and you will see how fuck of story is it. It looks in one side like
she the girl in the book didnt know what she wants, she say
something and other thing and look like planed. When I read
the book it looked like planed not like the other books or films
which are planed maybe or not, but they in both ways looks not
"When Daphne du Mauriers novel, which she subtitled a study
in jealousy, was published in 1938, it was an instant critical
and commercial success, leading one reviewer to observe:

Criticising the work of Daphne du Maurier is rather like finding

fault with hot buttered toast. Its more profitable and more
interesting to consider why it goes down so well.
You might say the same about the work of Emma Rice, who is
both adapter and director of this thrilling, almost hallucinatory
stage version seen through the eyes of the novels young and
inexperienced new Mrs de Winter, who in her husbands
Cornish manor house, Manderley, feels that she is constantly in
the shadow of her glamorous predecessor, Rebecca. With
Kneehigh, Rice has created a string of hits, and she is now
artistic director designate of Shakespeares Globe. There are
interesting times ahead.
Rebecca plays to all Rices strengths, operating at a point
where the real and the dream, the conscious and the
unconscious, intersect. The show reframes female experience
and how we perceive women and, like her earlier West End
success, Brief Encounter, Rice finds the heart-stopping passion
in a familiar story but also adds her own comic touches. Katy
Owens phone-obsessed teenage servant is a total delight.
Rice has often been at her most potent when dealing with
fairytales, and there is a strong element of that here in a
production where the second Mrs de Winter (Imogen Sage) is
like a sleeping beauty in a house stalled in time. But, in this
instance, Sleeping Beauty must shake herself awake from fear
and passivity, and its she who does the saving, rescuing
Maxim de Winter (Tristan Sturrock) from himself and Rebeccas
curse. The absent Rebecca is a dark fairy, and Emily
Raymonds Mrs Danvers is her handmaiden, exuding a whiff of
something malevolent in her obsessive loyalty.
The real star of the show is Leslie Travers design, offering a
space where house and beach meet and where past, present

and future coil around each other like the smoke that eventually
engulfs the house. Rice uses the space brilliantly, offering an
image of Rebecca like a drowned mermaid, and turning
Manderley into a rocky obstacle course and a place where the
louche and the elegant, popular culture and snobbery, freedom
and imprisonment, all co-exist.
There are touches of sheer brilliance: the intercutting of the
discovery of Rebeccas body with a sea shanty, sung by a
Greek chorus of fisherman, should diminish the tension of the
scene but heightens it. This is a finely judged evening of high
jinks and shivers."
Just from the review most people can say is a nice, but in the
same time most people can say that it isn't nice. I don't really
like this book!
It's like one of this films which nothing else happen than what
it's planed, I like mostly surprised ends or surprising things to
happen which can't came in mind or people won't think or
whatever!! But different
than this, because here everything can by the reader can be
guess with success 99%!
Maybe the writer who was written this book didn't have what
she wanted so she started imaginate stuff which haven't

I decided not to add all films which are from the privious books,
it looks like adding all books costs a lot of pages and now all
films again and what new will be learn here?? Nothing just
repeating, I want as much as possible to be miss, I want you
not to be boneless or eyeless, to have some kind a shine, but
not to lose the follow. Because if you lose you start from the
So I decided the last five films to add so here is it!
33. Beverly Hills Chihuahua
(Do you like to watch films with dogs? Or to see
somehow like a comedy the life of a dog, and some
other animals, or somehow like a joke to be shown the
life of dog...Do you still think that dogs dont have
I KNOW, I KNOW you are again saying the lie, and now
and after and before, there arent any changes fox is
fox, wolf is wolf, they cant be changed, you are
saying that rabbits blue, yellow and other colurs are
Yeah, they are with different colour (its good somehow i
have contact with you, also and to other informations

which will be for you one big +, It will be cool to see

what will happen if you know that the vase will fall on the
ground, or that you will have dog, or that you will
become a real doctor or you willhave chance to play
games which you liked, but you cant play them now, but
in the future you will had the chance to play them (like
me in the past I was the guy who only played CounterStrike
1.6 one time, second time. I reach level in
which I learn a lot of about maps and I become cs
mapper, I learn a lot of about counter strike sites, so I
become and website administrator, I learn a lot of about
backgrounds, sounds, models, gfx, so I make an own
counter-strike 1.6, with hd skins, sounds, however I
made and sky many other things)), this problem made
for me cs 1.6 not difficult not a complicated game,
however, until up today I work on maps!
But remember never give up, we are humans we have
something which makes us incredible creatures, we can
think, we can talk is this enough??...
Its an example that I fix my drivers and now lool Im
playing world awesome games cs:go, lucius, outlast anf
many other games)
Do you like playing games?? Whatever type???
.so you will like this game. As in the book My story by
God was said something then showing the points which
will make you do agree or disagree, then saying its a lie
and all the time this happens, like information for agree
then saying its a lie Reality it was showed how the
world is build with what type of rules like for example
league of legents is bad game, gameplay sucks, there a
lot of photoshoped things in google it was awesome, but

in real world dumb game (thats my opinion to give

money for doctor mundo or whatever is it his name or to
buy heroes, I must be an idiot, there are a lot games like
this go and check them, they are available in kickass
(pirate torrent site), zamunda (the same as kick ass, but
its only bulgarian site (zamunda), its available only in
bulgaria, about,kickass I dont know!)...Dont say like
Dwin youre mother sucks, when I say legue is dumb
game or like GreenWind logic you are dumb not the
game - Hahahahaha - this will probably be my answer
dont you think this a good answer, because this is
iniche (on arabish fucked probably can be translate, but
its spell like this!...., but there is some kind of such
world, btw out is very cold, I cant write my fingers
almost stuck, its good from the shop I walked and I was
thinking for the book, (but my battery is 50%, very bad I
wont have a lot of time everything which I want,... now
is 11:31, and there 9 minutes to start the classmate
which is shoping economy, I hate this subject, lets go
on the book to go from where I am!), in street I saw one
dog which was watching the cars and making sounds
which were for things which are strange for him or
making fun, or somebody from his friends has
challenged him to make it, there were two other dogs,
probably thats his friends (who knows?)..., the sane
sound was make at me too, maybe because I was
stranger, strangers arent accept well! But when I looked
him, he stopped, like I show a world without him or a
good world or who knows or somehow I make him to
trust me, which is an fact, isnt it?
We wont here go deeper, I was on the way to school
which was after english lessons, I made everything to
lose time, + not to be late, I reach there I looked last

floor to look is there someone, there wasnt so I go on

the 3 floor in school...Not big deal, somebody was
watching me in the same some people were coming
others, were going home the same was for students and
teachers - You dont like this to hear it, either and I! Only
to hear this or hear some cartoon things, they are the
same both things I hate!
We wont play the game, I can see you naked, yeah I
can see you naked!....
We wont play the game who is next to me, who is
above me, who is under me, who is in front of me!
. Do you know whi h game we will play??? (you cant
know, its impossible to know it!), we will play fuck your
mother, (Don't be angry your mother is perfect, first
she has been divorced, second she is alone (this is the
perfect situation to use!), dont worry you will only watch
how I fuck a woman, its isnt so bad, she will like it,
everyone likes a brutal man to fuck a woman)........, Im
just joking I wont fuck her.., Are you now less
worried??...Okay I change my opinion I will start the
fucking tomorrow, do you like this idea??...
Wait, wait I saw your sister she has sit next to me no
She is playing on the phone, beautiful eyes she
have, so cute mouth, she is with a blond hair, isnt
She dont have boyfriend and she is somewhere 18-19.
Isnt this true??
She is awedome girl, and cant find the right guy who
will be her boyfriend!
This is a fact!
(Care as much as I care, give a fuck as much as I give,
see what I see, feel what I feel (somethings you know

them from the film Saw.). So whats the feeling of

hearing such things,or better to be the worst, Im your
father dont you know???
Your mother died when fucked her very brutal so brutal
that there was blood, but I didnt give a little fuck, I just
started to make the sex more and even more brutal. So
she died from this, what happen with me, Im always
next tou and watch what happens, where do you live, I
know that somehow somebody has adopted you, just to
feel better isnt this true???
Dont you believe if ask somebody about this
information his words will be bullshit, but this is a
true. Dont shy I will next to you always, I know that
you are seeing me everyday in the bus, around school,
in your apartment as neighborhood and many other
places, but you dont know that I killed your mother, Im
your father you dont know that you dont have a brother,
I have never,made you a brother. Its a illusion, he is a
fruit from fantasy, your sister died when you were 5
years old she died from cancer, but before your real
mother died we talked about adopt a girl which to few
years older than you like if you are 5, she to be 8. We
make the difference such that you to feel better, you to
play with her and this are the main reasons.
You probably now you are asking why I kill your mother,
because she was cheating, she had behavior, she was
taking drugs, she cant learn you anything, the things
which she can will make you idiot and milion other
reasons. I decided to kill her just to rescue you dont
know me and Im male (sex), you wont protect me first
because you arent sirious, second because I kill your
mother for your good, you will protect her, first
because she is a woman (awesome logic she has

mouth which can be fucked, she have a pussy in which

you can put your dick, also she has and boobs which
can make some kind a jeroff...), did I say you are
Now I will said it, I dont care what will happen, you are
genius, do you like it now?????
I will be on the same logic like you better woman,
because she can be fuck, than a male. Males cant be
fucked (which will mean mean men cant be fucked),
this is a fact and,also and strange reason.whatever to
analysis this topic or not to I will be in jail, first because
somebody has been throw from the window, because of
me, second because,I kill your mother. You know that
Im joking?? Or you dont know???
Its a joke!........, are you still sure that its joke maybe its
a true fact which you dont know and you wont ever
have the chance to know it.Im joking..
My question after this a lot of time is how you feel which
here happen???
Are you happy??? And why??? (Its a good reason this
its brilliant, I have second chance the new mother is
awesome and my father let me to fuck her
-cool)....However what do you see here in the picture in
which happen so many things???
34. Dying Of The Light
(Have you ever heard or watched this film?? I think that
you must check it out its with Nicolas Cage (do you
know this actor?? No?? Check some pictures on the
internet and try to remember...still the same answer???
Wow, from where do you come from??)...I dont have a
lot of to say in case that I said this film to
GreenHollyWood (my fucking teacher, (for the people

which dont know, who is he!)). The film is cool the end
is best of all in case you wont ever guess, what can
happen it looks everything right, but one isnt right
somebody has tried to kill main actor (Nicolas Cage),
and after few days the killer has survived, very
complicated, which will mean that there are found dead
bodies, he isnt there he is somewhere else in nice and
cool place.The killer and the victim have got a
I will only say which some kind will help you, we the
humans have vulues, the other you get it!)
Did you liked the way of the film was explained, first few
details, then you must watch it??
I think that on the exam you will have 2, first ruining my
classes, second not listen!
If you will do this I will report you to be kicked from this
school reason, bad behavior. Do you want to be
kicked??? Yes?? Okay go on this way 1-2 years more
and as soon as possible you wont have permission to
visit this school. Its a fact which is true!
35. Christmas Horror Story
(First this day called Christmas is celebrating by
Christians every year once in December. I dont know
about other type of people to celebrate this day, people
which are out of Christians. But whatever, its something
which doesnt need fuck from us...I wont have chance to
hear you on this topic about how you celebrate this
day??... With who you celebrate this day??... and many
other questions. I celebrate it with my mother, father,
dog, grandmother and grandfather, before this were the

circumstances, but nowIm without my father. As I said

my father was cheating, my mother not they were
divorced from problems which we already talk in the
privious book, they had some kind a relationship, but it
My mother keept trying until now also 12.6.2015, finding
the suitable guy, but she cant she find somebody she
was with him a lot of time, but it fail, she was fucked
from him a lot of times, I had his facebook also it was on
good way the relationship, but it fail, I said to her that
this guy isnt suitable, but we had a lot of conflicts and
problems, not only with her, but with my grandmother
and in the end it was discovered that I was right, but the
way was very widely. I most liked in the film that from killing the
devil Santa became the devil. I liked how he killed his own team
in the shop, thinking that he is Santa claus he is the good, but
somehow everything has changed, I cant just explained its
100 times better than the Rebbecca book here it was
The review will say more than here
"Although the very idea of combining Christmas cheer and
grisly gore is probably still enough to send certain people into
pearl-clutching apoplexy, Yuletide-related bloodbaths have
proven to be a popular trope for horror filmmakers over the
years. On the grand scale of big-screen Noel nastiness,
ranging from such classics as that segment of "Tales from the
Crypt" where nasty Joan Collins was stalked by a psycho
Santa, the original slasher classic "Black Christmas," the
demented cult film "Christmas Evil" (which should be seen by
every man, woman and child simply for the ending alone) the
immortal "Gremlins," to such garbage as the once-controversial
"Silent Night, Deadly Night" and the crummy remake of "Black

Christmas," the new anthology film "A Christmas Horror Story"

lands squarely in the middle.
Taking place on Christmas Eve, the film is set in Bailey Downs,
a seemingly bucolic town that is still reeling from the horrific
tragedy exactly one year earlier when two teenagers were
found brutally slaughtered in the basement of the local high
school, a building that previously housed a convent with its own
set of unsavory secrets. Because the crime remains unsolved,
ambitious teen Molly (the wonderfully-named Zoe De Grand
Maison) convinces fellow classmates Dylan (Shannon Kook),
Ben (Alex Ozerov) and Caprice (Amy Forsyth) to sneak into the
building with a video camera as part of a class assignment. At
the last second, Caprice cannot go because she is forced to go
on a trip with her loathsome family to pay a surprise visit to a
rich great-aunt and their general misbehavior attracts the
attentions of Krampus, the legendary anti-Santa who comes out
on Christmas Eve to punish the wicked in brutal fashion.
Meanwhile, the cop who found himself in the middle of the
investigation of the previous year's slaughter (Adrian Holmes)
goes out with his wife (Olunike Adeliyi) and young son to an
area clearly marked "No Trespassing" to cut down a Christmas
tree for their apartment. Alas, the kid disappears for a few
minutes and when he does return, he begins acting very
strange. While all of this is going on, Santa Claus (George
Buza) is at the North Pole preparing for his annual ride when
his elves become infected with something that turns them into
violent undead psychopaths that he must dispatch in gory
fashion. Presiding over the various narratives is Dangerous
Dan (William Shatner), an increasingly inebriated DJ pulling a
double holiday shift who rants about the true meaning of
Christmas while supplying increasingly dire tidbits about some

strangeness down at the local mall where the station's put-upon

weatherman is taking part in a food drive.
Unlike most horror anthologies, which offer up one complete
story after another (a la "Creepshow"), "A Christmas Horror
Story" tells its tales by inter-cutting its various narratives along
the lines of what Robert Altman did in bringing the stories of
Raymond Carver to the screen in "Short Cuts." Considering
that the film is the product of three separate directors and four
screenwriters, this is a fairly ambitious approach to take and the
end result is surprisingly coherent in the way that it brings the
various stories together. The problem is that by doing it this
way, the film is constantly undercutting its own ability to
generate any real suspense because whenever one of the
stories begins to generate any real head of steam, viewers are
jerked into another one and the whole process starts over
again. After a while, the whole thing just becomes an exercise
in frustration and by the end, the only real suspense comes
from the question of how the film is going to ultimately reconcile
the seemingly out-of-place tale of Santa fighting off hordes of
zombie elves with the others. (It does, amazingly, but while the
solution might have seemed like a nifty bit of outrageous dark
humor on the page, it just doesn't quite play that way on its
Would "A Christmas Horror Story" have played better if it had a
typical anthology structure? Probably not, though, as is the
case with most films of this, the mileage will vary from viewer to
viewer. The story in the school basement is pretty much a
hodgepodge of familiar spook story cliches but does benefit
from a nice performance from Zoe De Grand Maison (seriously,
that name is so great that if someone marries her and doesn't
take her name, they are a fool) and a couple of sudden "BOO!"

moments that actually work. The story involving Krampus (who

is getting his own mainstream feature this Christmas) has a
couple of nicely nasty bits but takes too long to build to a finale
that just isn't that much in the end. The one with the kid and the
tree is nicely creepy at times but is a little too gleeful in its
depiction of a little kid doing violent things and getting whacked
several times with a baseball bat in return. As for the Santa
stuff, it is fun in a dumb way and George Buza is oddly effective
as the jolly one. But as a wise man once didn't quite say, if
you've seen one homicidal elf, you've seen them all. "A
Christmas Horror Story" doesn't quite make it in the end, but if
the filmmakers were to try it again next year (if the anthology
horror indie "V/H/S" can spin off a couple of sequels, anything
is possible), I would be curious to check it out."
- You will talking in school and in to your friends abouit
this film, because its one gorgeous. I think that this is one
of the best films in 2015! Btw for Christmas which will
mean that from 1.10.2016 which is from now, before 21
days! I made a map for Counter-Strike 1.6 which is called
ka_zen_waterfight the main sound was from the film. The
other stuff were just as normal Christmas stuff. Nothing
else I just wanted to announce!)
36. JigSaw 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
(What do you think about JigSaw GreenWind said that he is a
brutal killer - Yes he is (Thats also and mine opinion), he is
really totally brutal one I like mostly the way how he kill people,
he doesnt choose random people, but people with which he
had problems, people with which he has talked, people which
want more in life. So looked reality he gives them what they
want! Dwin isnt on the same opinion about the movie he just
thing its just a normal, not very scary one and thats all - Its
nice from my view to see different comments about some stuff.

GreenHollyWood, said WOW,WOW,WOW thats one scary

movie and its so brutal that Im freak out. - I agree with him
some parts were scary and very brutal and some times it came
in mind how did they made this its so realistic that they have
been watching real killer. In other words real killing and they
just watching and nothing doing or they just enjoying how are
been killed. Not only I talk about this movie when some people
watch film they just annouce it in different places like facebook,
twitter, on the internet, on youtube, on vbox7 or in their own
book. Like in the book Dr.Sleep By Stephen King which Im now
listetining and he said somewhere JigSaw Puzzle, so Im sure
that he also has watched the film. Its nice to hear the near
future it will be available new volume of the film and the book. I
cant just wait!
"John Kramer (also known as The Jigsaw Killer, commonly
referred to as Jigsaw) is a fictional character and the main
antagonist from the Saw franchise. Jigsaw made his debut in
the first film of the series, Saw, and he later appeared in Saw II,
Saw III, Saw IV, Saw V, Saw VI, and Saw 3D. He is portrayed
by American actor Tobin Bell.
In the series' narrative, Kramer is a former civil engineer dying
from an inoperable frontal lobe tumor that had developed from
colon cancer. After a failed suicide attempt, Kramer found a
new appreciation for his life, and decided to dedicate the rest of
his life to inspiring the same appreciation in others by testing
their will to live. His methods include forcing his subjects
through deadly scenarios, which he referred to as "games" or
"tests", in which they were forced to inflict pain upon
themselves or others in order to escape. These tests were
typically symbolic of what Jigsaw perceived as a flaw in each
person's moral character or life. The Jigsaw name was given to

him by the media for his practice of cutting a puzzle piece

shape of flesh from those who fail.
Fictional character biography
Jigsaw was introduced in the 2004 film Saw through the
character Lawrence Gordon's recounting of his first killings.
Jigsaw is described as a mysterious person who kidnaps
people he believes take their lives for granted and subjects
them to "tests", usually mechanical devices rigged to maim or
kill the subjects if they fail to complete it within a certain time
period. Unlike most killers, Jigsaw never intends to kill his
subjects; the purpose of his traps is to see if the subject has the
will to live, as he hopes their experience will teach them the
value of life. In John's mind the deaths of those that fail is
justified, because those who fail to do what's necessary to
survive don't deserve life. As his victims increase, the media
dubs him The Jigsaw Killer, or simply Jigsaw, because of the
jigsaw puzzle-shaped piece of flesh that he removes from
unsuccessful subjects, which he explains in Saw II is meant to
symbolize that the subject "was missing a vital piece of the
human puzzle: the survival instinct."
Throughout the first film, his identity remains uncertain; the
unstable ex-cop David Tapp suspects that he may be Dr.
Gordon and near the end of the film, Dr. Gordon and Adam
Stanheight are led to believe it is the hospital orderly Zep
Hindle. Only at the end of the film, is it revealed that the Jigsaw
Killer was in fact a terminal cancer patient of Dr. Gordon's,
named John Kramer, who spent the entire time posing as a
corpse on the floor of the bathroom Adam and Lawrence were
trapped in.

Much of Kramer's back story was revealed in Saw II. He had

gone in for a routine medical examination, when he learned
from Dr. Lawrence Gordon that he was dying of colon cancer,
with an inoperable brain tumor. Depressed by this news,
Kramer drove himself off a cliff. He survived the suicide
attempt, and subsequently began his life's "work" of testing
others' will to live. Though he never encouraged the name,
Kramer eventually earned the nickname The Jigsaw Killer. In
spite of the intentions he had while conducting his work, he did
not consider himself to be a "killer" or "murderer" because
rather than killing his victims outright, he trapped them in
situations from which they could escape by inflicting severe
physical torture upon themselves or by killing other victims.
In Saw II, Jigsaw leaves a clue to his location at the scene of a
game. When the police apprehend him, John places Detective
Eric Matthews in a test of his own, revealing Matthews' son
Daniel is trapped in a house filled with a deadly nerve gas,
along with several people who, although far from innocent, had
previously been framed by Matthews for crimes they did not
commit. Jigsaw offers to let his son survive if the Detective
simply talks to him until the game is complete. Matthews
eventually loses patience, and after assaulting Kramer, Eric
forces him to lead him to the house at gunpoint. It is later
revealed that the events in the house took place before they
found John, and his son was locked in a safe the whole time.
Upon their arrival, Jigsaw is rescued by Amanda Young
(previously introduced in Saw), who, having survived her trap,
sees John not only as a savior, but as a mentor and father
By Saw III, Jigsaw is on his death bed and extremely
concerned over whether or not Amanda has what it takes to

continue his legacy, as the traps she designs are inescapable.

In his desperation, Jigsaw administers a final test to Young, in
order to see if she was truly capable of carrying on his legacy.
Meanwhile, Dr. Lynn Denlon, is forced to keep John alive, while
her vengeful husband, Jeff, undergoes tests of forgiveness.
Jigsaw attempts to keep Young from failing her test, however,
after breaking down, she admits that she no longer believes in
Jigsaw's philosophy, and Young shoots Dr. Denlon. Witnessing
this, Jeff kills Young by shooting her in the neck. After
explaining that this is Jeff's final test of forgiveness, Jeff slices
John's throat with a power saw. As he dies, Jigsaw pulls out a
tape player, explaining that he has abducted Corbett, Jeff's
daughter, and if he wants to get her back he'll have to
participate in another game.
Saw IV opens with Jigsaw's autopsy, during which a waxcoated tape is found in his stomach. The tape revealed to
Lieutenant Mark Hoffman that he would not go untested. The
end of the film reveals that Hoffman is in fact another one of
Jigsaw's accomplices.
Saw IV also explored Jigsaw's history, more so than previously
done in Saw II. From the story given in Saw IV, Kramer was a
successful civil engineer who got into property development,
and was a devoted husband to his wife Jill Tuck; who ran a
recovery clinic for drug users, with the motto "Cherish Your
Life". After the reckless actions of a patient named Cecil Adams
resulted in the loss of Kramer's unborn child, John became
detached and angry, which eventually led to their divorce. After
being diagnosed with cancer and attempting suicide, as seen in
Saw II, Kramer began his work, and abducted Cecil as his first
test subject, while wearing the first version of his iconic pigmask.

Jigsaw reappears in flashbacks in Saw V which detail his first

encounter with Hoffman, and explore's their relationship;
Hoffman initially killed his sister's murderer with an inescapable
trap mimicking Jigsaw's. Furious, Jigsaw blackmailed Hoffman
into becoming his apprentice as a way to 'redeem' himself,
although Hoffman eventually became a willing apprentice.
Jigsaw also appears in a video will in which he declares his
love for Jill, and leaves her a mysterious box.
Jigsaw also appears through flashbacks in Saw VI. One
flashback set prior to the events of the first film shows that it
was Amanda Young who convinced Cecil to steal drugs from
Jill's clinic, inadvertently causing her miscarriage, and John's
transformation into The Jigsaw Killer. More flashbacks set prior
to the events of the first film reveal that Jigsaw targeted health
insurance executive William Easton for one of his games,
because he had denied two-thirds of all applicants health
coverage, due to a flawed policy, including Kramer himself. In
the present time of Saw VI, Kramer shows himself on video
twice to Easton instead of the Billy Puppet (the method Kramer
usually used to speak to his subjects), so Easton could look in
the eyes of someone he let die, as he underwent tests in which
he was forced to decide which of his co-workers would live or
die. In another flashback, this time set between the events of
the first and second film, Jigsaw presents Amanda to Jill as
proof that his "rehabilitation" works, and Jill subsequently aided
him as well. A flashback set just before the events of the third
and fourth films explores the group dynamic between Jigsaw,
Amanda Young and Hoffman. Jigsaw criticizes Hoffman for his
brutal approach, and lack of compassion for the subjects. It was
also shown that Jigsaw seemed to have had a closer emotional
attachment to Amanda Young than Hoffman. Shortly afterward,
Jigsaw gave his ex-wife a key, which she later used to open the

box he gave her in Saw V. In the present, it is revealed that the

box contained six envelopes containing future test subjects, a
thicker envelope, and an updated version of the "Reverse Bear
Trap". She gave Mark Hoffman envelopes 1 through 5, but hid
everything else and later delivered the thick envelope to an
unknown person at the hospital. Envelope 6 was intended for
Tuck to carry out alone, and as per John's instructions she
placed Hoffman in the "Reverse Bear Trap"; fulfilling the
promise made, via the audio tape discovered in Kramer's
stomach during his autopsy in Saw IV that Hoffman would not
go untested.
Bell reprises his role as John Kramer/Jigsaw in Saw 3D, though
his role was extremely minimal compared to previous films. He
is seen in a flashback meeting Bobby Dagen, a man who
acquired quick fame and fortune after falsifying a story about
surviving a Jigsaw trap. Hoffman later places Dagen through a
series of tests in which he comes face-to-face with those who
knew he lied, but refused to expose his secret; all are killed in
separate traps despite his efforts to save them. Jigsaw appears
at the end of the film, where it was revealed that after Dr.
Gordon escaped the bathroom, Jigsaw found him unconscious,
and nursed him back to health. John subsequently recruited
Gordon, considering him to be his greatest asset. Gordon
assisted Jigsaw in traps which required surgical knowledge.
The contents of the package Jill left at the hospital in Saw VI
was shown to be a video tape intended for Gordon, in which
Jigsaw instructs him to watch over Jill, and to "act on [Jigsaw's]
behalf", if anything was to happen to her. It is implied that John
knew Hoffman would go rogue and stray from his ideals and
wanted him to be punished. After Jill is killed by Hoffman,
Gordon fulfills his request by assaulting Hoffman and sealing
him in the bathroom from the first film.

In other media
Saw: Rebirth
The character of John Kramer is also featured in the non-canon
comic book, Saw: Rebirth, which is set prior to the events of the
first movie. It filled in some of his history, showing him as a toy
designer at Standard Engineering Ltd. who was too lazy to do
much with his life, ultimately ending his relationship with Jill.
Saw: Rebirth also reveals Kramer's discovery that he had
terminal cancer and outlined how his subsequent failed suicide
attempt impacted his train of thought. His relationships with Dr.
Lawrence Gordon, Zep Hindle, Paul Leahy, Amanda Young,
and Mark Wilson were explored, along with his transformation
into Jigsaw. Rebirth's continuity was ultimately contradicted by
the backstory presented in Saw IV.
Saw: The Video Game
Tobin Bell reprises his role as the voice of Jigsaw in the Saw
video game. He is shown on television screens dressed in his
signature robes setting up traps for people and preaching his
lesson of life appreciation to them. He frequently advises and
taunts Detective Tapp as he traverses through an abandoned
insane asylum, usually by way of the Billy puppet..."
Yeah, Yeah I know before few minutes it came me in the mind
that I have already talk about this film, I don't give a fuck this
film deserv to be now in this place. It's just awesome there is a
comic book, a film, a book maybe and soon the new will come,
I don't know when it's annouced on the imdb. But be sure it will
be available soon, I just like how is described how is made this
story by this guy called James Wan (The Creator this film and
some other scary films). From this China guy or Japan guy I've
watched only SAW, as soon as possible I will check out and the

others, I like how he does his film! The best of all In Saw his
Characters are incredible and brutal!

37. Dumb & Dumber 1,2

(The best film of all time, Im sure that you will agree with most
of the stuff which I have said here, for example for the privous
and pre-previous. I think this film is also one of the greatest, its
a nice one first it shows how somebody has found a guy who is
like him - which I most liked also how they become friends, and
many other stuff you will understand the most from the review
The purpose of a comedy is to make you laugh, and there is a
moment in "Dumb and Dumber" that made me laugh so loudly I
embarrassed myself. I just couldn't stop. It's the moment
involving the kid who gets the parakeet. But because I know
that the first sentence of this review is likely to be lifted out and
reprinted in an ad, I hasten to add that I did not laugh as loudly
again, or very often. It's just as well. If the whole movie had
been as funny as that moment, I would have required
The movie is more silliness from Jim Carrey, who is beginning
to grow on me. It's strange. His mannerisms, instead of
becoming more wearisome from film to film, grow more
endearing. I hated him in "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective," enjoyed
him in "The Mask," and felt positively fond of him here. He
plays a limousine driver whose roommate (Jeff Daniels) runs a
dog-grooming service, although business is bad for both of
them and they live in a dump. (At one point a gangster
suggests trashing their apartment, and decides they wouldn't
notice it.) As the movie opens, Carrey is driving a beautiful but
troubled young woman (Lauren Holly) to the airport. He has
fallen instantly in love with her. When he notices that she has

left a briefcase on the terminal floor, he races into the building

and snatches it - thus foiling a kidnap ransom payment. Trying
to chase after her onto a flight to Aspen, he has a nasty
accident that is the movie's second big laugh, although not
nearly so big as the parakeet.
After developments that will be familiar to students of sitcom
and other formula comedy, Carrey and Daniels find themselves
heading west in their dogmobile (a van that looks like a shaggy
They intend to drive to Aspen, find the woman, and return the
briefcase. Along the way they have the usual obligatory run-in
with some tough guys in a diner, are pulled over by the usual
cop, and are chased by gangsters, etc., etc.
The cop gets a bad surprise when he tests what he thinks is an
open bottle of beer, but that gag misfires because its final shot
is just plain not funny. That happens several times in "Dumb
and Dumber": The movie sets up a potentially good joke (like
the one involving a megadose of laxative) and then doesn't
know how to pay it off.
The plot is lame, but that doesn't matter, because "Dumb and
Dumber" is essentially pitched at the level of an "Airplane!"style movie, with rapid-fire sight gags. Some of them work, like
the karate fight that ends with a guy getting his heart handed to
him in a doggie bag. Some of them don't, like a curious scene
where Carrey is hugging a girl and lifts the back of her skirt for
no apparent reason: It seems creepy.
For Jeff Daniels, the role is a departure from his usual deadpan
comedy roles and straight drama. He fits right in. The
relationship between the two guys creates a lot of the fun, as

they discuss their grim lifestyle and their bizarre plans to

improve it.
The elements are here for a better movie, and Jim Carrey, I am
now convinced, is a true original. In "The Mask," he had the
screenplay and production to back him up. Here, the
filmmaking is more uncertain."
Some parts were very terrible and they were in the way to sick
me other were very funny. Its nice in one point of view to have
such friends, but in other its kind a not very cool, when you see
what they do!
"During the end credits of this belated follow-up to 1994s
gleefully low-brow Dumb and Dumber, theres a montage
juxtaposing scenes from the sequel with snippets from the
unexpectedly hilarious original. Its a cruel gag, seemingly
designed to remind you how funny you once found these jokes
and how wretchedly turgid they now seem. Throughout the snot
bubbles, urine bags and ageing crotch gags of the Farrellys
latest, I counted a mere three chuckles (one of which Im fairly
sure was unintentional), leaving this several smiles shy of even
the widely panned 2003 prequel Dumb and Dumberer: When
Harry Met Lloyd.
All of which is a crushing disappointment, because frankly I
would love to have laughed all the way up to the ceiling (like
Mary Poppinss Uncle Albert) at the reuniting of Jeff Daniels
and Jim Carrey who once mined comedy gold from someone
getting ice-tongued to a metal pole. Instead, the pair go through
the old farty motions with more heft but less gusto, their faces
as saggy and world weary as the arse-cracker jokes they ply.
Meanwhile, the Farrellys, who once had a genuinely anarchic

edge, demonstrate a fatal lack of timing missing the films

comic beat by around 20 years."

Congratulations!, You are starting

Its nice to hear that somebody or group of a lot of
people are starting school. As most people know its a
place where people are educated (Im sorry that in the
privious book I didnt tell this, but here I will share this
with you).
I get the word school like


Its kind a strange idea (Or sort of strange a idea), but

whatever most people say WOW, Bro very strange

logic, it is a strage one in case who will get to this end,

if somebody has ideas how can in other way be build
like as I done it. To write me!...
A lot of people like school its place where you get
educated not only to be nerd which studies subject, but
you educated like learning things about people around
you, how the world is it really, but I doubt about the
school is wise way to spend there 18-19 years there just
to look how you lose your time with this fucking things.
When Im home I get to a lot of stuff books, audiobooks,
films and many other things which in school I can get to.
In school we watch films and whats the purpose??? I
dont see why we sometimes we watch films which
arent on the topic, for example you have class of
English, OKAY! Then you will watch films by English
Authors you can start from the Famous to non famous,
or from non famous to famous, it doesnt matter. The
main idea is to get used to it!
As I said in some of my privious book school is useless
you have a heavy bag + you study different subjects
which in the end you wont need, as I was saying the
privous book math is an example. As one woman said
me which (Im not sure about does she own it or not),
owns a shop and she said me that its useless, then I
said that the math which we will need is from 1 to 5-6
max, she didnt say like No,No bullshit or Everything
in the math is important, she said some kind a

In my words school is like 18-19 years watching every

day or not everyday, but every week or everytime on
Christmas to Watch Home alone from 1-5, the same is
Robert Kiyosaki, said in his book as I give a review in
one my books about his book Poor Dad, Rich Dad, in
which he explains everything which he knows about the
circle, about the many problems with the money, about
his expiriences and many other things. Im kind a glad
that I read this book, Its a nice book I enjoyed reading it
and in this book was said black on white that we need
math from 1-5 class, for the business. So what to say
more??? I talk a lot of about this! The only things which
left are that people listen to the crowd, if they one day
stop following them, they will succeed! - Thats what it
must be done, If I was the guy from youtube talking
bullshits and people listenning me will be very different,
If I was the guy like now out of the crowd, not a lot of
friends subscribers are small! Not only one twitter, but
everywhere, But because people doesnt want to follow
a guy without friends and WHY??? Anti-social (Is the
So here is some quotes which will help you, maybe you
know them!
- Stay calm (You will Revise)
Maybe you dont know few of them
- Stay again calm (And try to learn one new!)
IF you dont know any of this its not bad, I started from
nowhere and I still think that Im nowhere!

Because this which I know I dont know do I have and

5% from everything, because the planet is full secrets
(WHich now are on the way to be reveal), they are Nasa
stuff, they are news which happen all day, there are
hacking stuff, there are quotes from before until now
and many other stuff which maybe are endless (Are

+ Bonus (From Me)! :)

"Once you have mastered time, you will understand how
true it is that most people overestimate what they can
accomplish in a year - and underestimate what they can
achieve in a decade!" - Tony Robbins
"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into
the visible." - Tony Robbins
"The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the
expectations of your peer group. Choose your peers
wisely." - Tony Robbins
"I think self-education is the greatest and best thing you
could ever make." - Tony Robbins
"Anything can be achieved with a strong enough why!" Tony Robbins

"If you don't master money, it's going to master you." Tony Robbins
"One skill you want to master in this day and age we live
in, if you want to have an extraordinary life, is the ability
to learn rapidly" - Tony Robbins
"It's not the events of our lives that shape us, but our
beliefs as to what those events mean." - Tony Robbins
"What are you going to focus on, that's what affects
everybody's life. If you focus on what you can't control,
you're a little crazy inside, angry and depressed. If you
focus most of the time on what you don't have instead of
what you do have, you're going to be extremely
unhappy." - Tony Robbins
"The best way to deal with procrastination is to postpone
it." - Tony Robbins
"One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is
that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our
power. Most people dabble their way through life, never
deciding to master anything in particular." - Tony
"The only thing keeping you from what you want is your
story about why you can't have it." - Tony Robbins
"Every form of power comes down to language. In law,
there's all kinds of words you don't know if you're not a

lawyer and that gives them power. In business, it's the

same thing." - Tony Robbins
"In life, never spend more than 10 percent of your time
on the problem, and spend at least 90 percent of your
time on the solution.
"Knowing is not enough! You must take action." - Tony
"Personal power is the ability to take action." - Tony
Better this done repeating myself, in every part of the
book. We didnt spend time on quotes! DId we??? We
just spend tim on repeating stuff

Thats the true, like saying this everyday non-stop

Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello,
Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello,
Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello,
Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello,
Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello,
Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello,
Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello,
Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello,
Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello,
Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello,
Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello...
Which is endless and kind a stupidity, my idea isnt to do
this or to replace it with other idea. I want to show that I
know something, I have aprove myself and I want to
share this, I want to show that I have watched the film
The Mist, Stay Alive, Desperation (Which Im now
watching), maybe this sounds kind a idiotic, but and
pornography, Sushi Girl film and many other films. I want
to show that Im on the 70-something page like 72-73
page on the book The Little Book of Life which is 1123
maybe somewhere there pages, I want to show that on
the book CyberWar 20 Century 60 page and I have
read and other many articles. I want to show that Im not
the person from the Beginning!
From the first book!
My Purpose these years I which I will live as a writer,
mapper, programmist, hacker and some other stuff to be
spend on my famous. Not to be know as the mapper, but

as the writer, soon it will come along maps which will

blow your mind, my main idea is to become famous to
apear somewhere (To say Hello), and then to gone!
and one day again to apear!

"One moment the world is as it is. The next, it is

something entirely different. Something it has never
been before." - Anne Rice
"And I realized that Id tolerated him this long because of
self-doubt." - Anne Rice
"None of us really changes over time. We only become
more fully what we are." - Anne Rice
"I know Christianity; and I know I have to move away
from it and approach Jesus Christ on my own. I have to
talk to Him directly and seek His guidance and
protection as I seek to make my commitment to Him
central to my life." - Anne Rice
"The only power that exists is inside ourselves." - Anne

"Give me a man or woman who has read a thousand

books and you give me an interesting companion. Give
me a man or woman who has read perhaps three and
you give me a very dangerous enemy indeed." - Anne
"We've all got both light and dark inside us. What
matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we
really are." - J.K.Rowling (The author of Harry Potter)!
"It's not that I find it hard to meet girls - they do come up
and chat me up from time to time. Sometimes I'm
interested, I tend not to go for the prettier ones. I prefer
the quirkier types." - Rupert Grint (The redhead friend of
Harry Potter in the film)!
"Every writer must have a chip of ice in his heart." J.K.Rowling
"Evil is just a point of view" - Anne Rice
"Come on, say it again. I'm a perfect devil. Tell me how
bad I am. It makes me feel so good!" - Anne Rice
"The most difficult novel I have had to write in terms of
just getting it done was The Vampire Lestat. It took a
year to write." - Anne Rice
"When you find out there is no ultimate good and evil in
which you can place your faith, the world does not fall
apart at the seams. It simply means that every decision

is more difficult, more critical, because you are creating

the good and evil yourself and they are very real." Anne Rice
"I love the world the Lord has created; I love the
mountains, the rivers, the valleys, the skies. I love the
forests, the fields, the flowers. I love the mysteries of
evolution and dna and the big bang. I want to know the
majesties of the Lord's Creation. I cannot close my eyes
to all this. I cannot turn away from science and scientific
exploration." - Anne Rice
"If you want to be a writer, write. Write and write and
write. If you stop, start again. Save everything that you
write. If you feel blocked, write through it until you feel
your creative juices flowing again. Write. Writing is what
makes a writer, nothing more and nothing less." - Anne
"For me, places have a tremendous impact. I fall in love
with places. All of life seems different in different
places." - Anne Rice
"Do you know what it means to be loved by Death?... Do
you know what it means to have Death know your
name?" - Anne Rice
"That was my nature - going from temptation after
temptation, not to sin, but to be redeemed." - Anne Rice
"The human heart is my school." - Anne Rice

"Cities have distinct personalities. It's a matter of

knowing it." - Anne Rice
"Strong women are absolutely unpredictable." - Anne
Dont you said I agree with you (Without thinking just in
mind???) Because heard some kind a though before
few seconds!
Now I can also say that I agree with you about some
quotes doesnt have logic, other inspire you in one way,
others in other way, others show how the world is really
build up. Reading quotes from different people is the
best way to know and to find something new, than
staying an doing nothing. Or showing this people as
example, as my cousin done, she just gave different
people as examples when she was talking about topics
for life, for sucess and many other things!
Im great that by checking this quotes I read some new
stuff and then add them and then share them!
Thats one great idea, remember this I dont want to be
noone!, I dont want to do nothing for my improvement,
I want to do somethning not nothing!, I want to learn as
much as possible. I dont want to repeat anything in
my life!
If you repeat this stuffs everyday I bet 2000$ that your
life will have sucess, dont stop dreaming!

Hey, Whats up???

Happy Merry Chirstmas again and keep waiting the new
year, soon it will come its 27.12.2015. Have patience or
go and buy it. Here is some good news, in the audio
book which is called Doctor Sleep By Stephen King Im
on the 22 part, the audio is in about 278 parts as soon
as possible I will end the book. It looks nice, I like how is
described as normal its little different up to here it isnt
like the film mist which yesterday finish or the movie It
in which it were shown some kind aliens or very
interesting creatures. Which in one side really blow my
mind, I didnt though or it didnt came in mind this like
such kind of stuff are possible to be see it for example in
it in the end you understand that there is a creature in
the clown - WTF. For the people have read the book or
have watched film know what Im talking about, one very
useful tip watch always the film and then read the book,
because some times the film are little re-maken. The
Shinning is an example in the film it happens that the
guy die from freeze in the book it come fire or some kind
like this stuff I think that this will show how does it
ends the story
"In the final shots of Stanley Kubricks The Shining, the
audience sees the corpse of Jack Torrance (Jack
Nicholson) frozen to death in the hedge maze where he
tried to kill his wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall) and young
son Danny (Danny Lloyd). Then the camera moves to a

vintage photograph on the wall of The Overlook Hotel,

which inexplicably includes Jack among the 1920s
revelers. Its an indelible set of images but it wasnt
the ending that director Kubrick first envisioned. When
The Shining premiered in theaters in 1980, those two
iconic shots bookended an additional scene, of Wendy
and Danny recuperating in the hospital. This week, on a
Reddit thread titled Frames from the hospital scene
from the original ending of The Shining, a fan
unearthed three continuity Polaroids that show scenes
from the films deleted epilogue. Read on to find out
what happened in The Shinings original ending, and
why Kubrick made the last-minute decision to axe it.
The two-minute hospital scene, according to coscreenwriter Diane Johnson, was Kubricks way of
reassuring the audience that Jacks wife and son were
okay after his murderous rampage. He had a soft spot
for Wendy and Danny, Johnson explained in an
interview in Kubrick: The Definitive Edition. However,
the scene as it reads on paper, anyhow isnt exactly
a reassuring hug. The script pages from the deleted
epilogue were published two years ago on The Overlook
Hotel, an exhaustive fan site run by Pixar director Lee
Unkrich (who peppered his film Toy Story 3 with subtle
Shining references)
The scene opens with Stuart Ullman, the manager of
the Overlook Hotel (played by Barry Nelson), arriving at
the hospital with flowers for Wendy. On his way in, he

greets a nurse, who is playing a game with Danny.

When Ullman enters Wendys room, he tells her that the
police have completed an investigation of the hotel, and
they didnt find the slightest evidence of anything at all
out of the ordinary. He adds that its perfectly
understandable for someone to imagine such things
when theyve been through something like you have.
Then Ullman offers to put the Torrances up in his beach
house while they recuperate. On his way out, Ullman
tosses Danny a yellow ball a reference to the tennis
ball that mysteriously rolls up to Danny earlier in the
film, leading him to the hotels haunted Room 237.
In short, the epilogue suggests that Ullman is a
participant in the hotels supernatural evil, and that he is
a conspirator in keeping its deadly secrets. Shelley
Duvall said in Kubrick: The Definitive Edition that she
believed the cut scene was crucial in explaining some
things that are obscure for the public, like the
importance of the yellow ball and the role of the hotel
manager in the plot...." - So in the book doesnt exactly
ends like the film or there are and other examples like
The Count of Monte Cristo, I dont know where it was,
but I think that there was some kind a differences
between the book and the film and from here you get a
scar on your body which says this Always, Have in
mind check the film and the book, its nice that you now
find it or you already know it!

Know this its important, one day you will have problem,
your teacher ask you Did you read the book, you
answer Yes, she says So tell me how it ended???,
you tell her It ended with all going the hospital, she
answers No, no dear first you lied me second it ends
very different all are in the car, everything has end and
on of the passangers in the car give help to the people
which suffer, and you then say in mind WOW, FUCK
You dont want this to happen, do you??

Books I know < Books I dont know

I found it out that when somebody translates something
it isnt perfectly translated google translate is a great
example, some times it translates wrong and your
English from good like for example you dont know a
word in English you go and check it out and it shows
that this is the word you use it and it looks like it isnt the
correct one!

Yandex translate is the same, but the differences

between these two engines is that Google is born
somewhere in 1998, yandex somewhere in 2000. Now
we care mostly more about the year, it doesnt matter is
it 1998 1-st January or 2, almost everything is the same,
yeah, yeah I know maybe some updates came
somewhere, new books, new technology, but go and
fuck... This doesnt matter translators from there to now
are the same, I find it by using them in different
conversation in which I talk with Americans and other
people which know English and this come from them.
Your English sucks., Poor English, and many other
such type of comments which can smash you
unfortunately now all people are in the same opinion
wikipedia is on 7 place in case that people which are
with the most poor language write there and there are
times in which you find a lot of mistakes. Some teachers
says that this site sucks, google translate is on 1 fucked
translate its not part of my work in case I cant say that
Im great and as most people say look first yourself then
talk about the others. Its a true thing, I must be a lot of
above this, but it looks like that with or without Im bad
with my English, my english is bad level. Is it because I
use the british accent or its because I dont know good
some words, I dont know some how to say, how to spell
and mostly from here. But unfortunately I dont know!
I like such times in which my answer is I dont know, it
most situations sounds like I give up, come and jump
on my dick and you do your job. Mainly sounds like

this! Does it?? LOok now is 3:23 pm and Im here and

writing for you I had a chance to do this, to stay and
watch a movie or to play, but I didnt done this I just
came here and Started to clean my browser like for
example to clean it from some things which I have add
in favourites, I dont need them anymore so I delete
them, this is the way how I work, Im glad in on other
view, because today I finish watching the film
DreamCatcher based on the novel by Stephen King,
he is one great author he is full of vocabulary, if I get
use to this language by reading his books, listenning to
audiobooks read by different people (Which read his
books) or other books, Im sure that the main things, I
will get and from there you know what comes. Do
you????? lets to dont go so far lets go on the engines
and then maybe we wil lgo back in this topic No
comment, about this two places, I found them from You understand how bad is google in case
people which English is native say that my English
sucks then what to talk about the rate??? If we must put
google and yandex on places they are on the last
places, they are very bad!
Do you remember before few lines or paragraphs I said
that I was cleanning??
I found this so I want to share with you, its said how to
understand most of the book and how to read more fast.
Before In my mind I had this, saying WOW, it can be
fast in case it depends what kind of reader are you..,
but looks here that this change me totaly in case what I

see here you wont find in other place, however it can

help you a lot of. In case in place to read 2 books for 2
weeks you can read everyday one book for a day, by
using audiobooks .
Youve been putting off reading that book for weeks,
and youre supposed to have read it all by tomorrow.
Whether youre cramming for school, or trying to avoid
looking like a lazy bum in your book club, dont lose
hope. You can power through that tome without
forgetting everything and coming away with nothing.
Reading an entire book in a matter of hours may seem
daunting, but it all comes down to simple math. The
average adult reads around 200-400 words per minute.
The average novel ranges between 60,000 and 100,000
words total. If your reading speed is right in the middle
of the pack at 300 words per minute, and youre reading
a middle-of-the-pack novel at around 80,000 words,
youll be able to knock it out in around five hours or less.
That might seem like a lot, but its totally possible. And
you can do it without any skimming or speed reading
trickery, which can be bad when it comes to truly
absorbing information. For the most part, its possible to
read at your usual pace, absorb information at your
brains preferred rate, and all you have to do is buckle
down, make the time, and get started as soon as
The Truth About Speed Reading

Speed reading has long been a skill peddled by

supposed experts, and recently a slew of cheap apps
Read more
Find the Perfect Reading Location
Distraction is your enemy. Anything that can pull your
attention away from your book is going to increase the
amount of time you need to finish. The internet, sounds,
screens, games, pets, toys, friends, and random people
you dont know are all trying to pull you away from those
words. Even as I write this, sitting in the airport, Im
constantly catching myself people watching and losing
Separate yourself from everything. Lock yourself in a
room with a pair of earplugs, go to the most uninhabited
spot in your library, throw down a blanket in a low-traffic
section of the park. Heck, if you have no other place to
go, hide away in your car (as long as its not too hot).
Think of how much solitude youll need, then double it. If
you cant get away from distracting sounds, reach for a
pair of noise-cancelling headphones, or do what
Emerson Spartz, owner and operator of the Harry Potter
fan site Mugglenet, suggests and listen to white noise.
According to Spartz finds that listening to white noise
helps him keep focused, and even helps him read a little
Soundrown Plays Coffee Shop Noise, White Noise,
Rain, and More to Help You Focus

We've talked about how mild ambient noise can keep

you motivated and productive, but finding
Read more
You also want to be somewhere thats comfortable
enough that it wont distract you, but not so comfortable
youll fall asleep. Read at a table instead of your bed, or
choose a chair over that comfy couch. Comfortable
furniture is great for reading on, but youre not reading
for pleasure right nowyoure reading to get it done. If
youre reading at night, its important you avoid what
Thomas Frank of College Info Geek describes as the
call of the pillow. When youre near (or on) your bed,
recliner, or couch, youll be tempted to check out for a
nap. If you can, go somewhere that isnt an option and
do go back until youre finished.
Read In Intervals and Keep Active
You may be in crunch time, but you still only have so
much willpower to dedicate to a single task. When you
focus on one task for too long, you experience ego
depletion, which is your mental energy, self-control, and
willpower being wiped out. If you dont take regular
breaks, your motivation to keep reading will all but
disappear, and that will mean game over for you. So,
unless your book is utterly captivating, youll eventually
be sick of reading it, and youll need to mix things up.
How Can I Recharge My Depleted Motivation?

Dear Lifehacker, Lately I've been completely

unmotivated to do anything. Getting things done
Read more
Set a timer and read for 20 minutes, then do something
active to keep yourself energized for 5-10 minutes.
Think of it as the pomodoro method for reading. I go for
walks, do my daily exercises, play a video game, or just
blast some music and rock out for a little bit. Whatever
you decide to do, make it active, involved, and ideally
have nothing to do with the subject youre reading
about. The point is to give yourself a break so you can
come back and feel refreshed.
You can also try breaking your book up into segments
instead of timing yourself. Mark your reading intervals
with bookmarks or by noting a certain percentage. For
example, you can stick three bookmarks in your book to
separate it into four chunks of reading. Once you reach
one of the bookmarks, you can reward yourself with
something like a special snack, some video game time,
or an episode of the show youre currently obsessed
Take Notes on Everything
Staying active can help you keep focused while youre
reading too. Taking notes on what youve read, or
highlighting passages you want to remember later can
break up the monotony and help you better retain the
information. Note everything! Words you dont know, the

things you read between the lines, character

motivations, thoughts, and even how you feel
emotionally about major plot points.
Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren, the authors of
How to Read a Book, suggest you write an analytical
book review that follows these four rules once youve
finished reading:
Classify the book according to subject matter.
State what the whole book is about. Be as brief as
List the major parts in order and relation. Outline these
parts as you have outlined the whole.
Define the problem or problems the author is trying to
If you write it all down now while its fresh in your mind,
you wont have to try and remember later when your
memory is fuzzy. Come discussion or essay time, you
might have a few pages outlining your exact thoughts
If you have time to dig even deeper, take some time to
expand on your notes. You can do this after youve
finished, or even during your reading interval breaks.
Look up definitions for words you not sure you
understood, revisit the plot points that stood out to you,
and go searching online or in other texts for clarification
on what you dont understand. You can even compare
your notes with SparkNotes and CliffsNotes to see what

you may have missed. Its not ideal to rely on those

sources for everything, but it can help fill in the gaps
when you power through a book quickly.
"Study Less, Study Smart": The Best Ways to Retain
More in Less Time
When you're learning new material, it can be
overwhelming when you think about how much time
Read more
Fuel Your Reading Marathon the Right Way
It may seem like a mellow affair, but a reading marathon
will wear you out. At some point even the active things
youre doing in between reading intervals wont keep
you going at full speed. Enter everyones favorite drug,
caffeine. Downing a caffeinated beverage may not seem
like much of a tip, but theres a right and wrong way to
do it. Here are some things you may want to avoid when
it comes to caffeinated beverages:
Dont start your reading marathon with a caffeinated
beverage, unless you absolutely feel like you must.
Save it for when you really start to drag and need a pick
me up. Its like a race in the critically-acclaimed film
The Fast and the Furious: if you hit the nitrous too early,
youll crash and you wont win this race.
Dont go for a caffeinated beverage you can drink
almost instantly (5-Hour Energy, Starbucks Doubleshot,
etc.). These will pump you up, oh yes, but it will hit you
all at once. Its better to have something to sip that will

gradually introduce caffeine into your system over time.

Youre not trying to blast off into space, youre just trying
to keep focused and your energy up.
Dont drink something that has a bunch of sugar in it. A
little sugar in your coffee for taste is okay, but some of
the fancier drinks have a ton of sugar in them. Returning
to my fast and furious analogy, keep the sugar out of
your gas tank. Sugar will liven you up for a bit, but youll
crash even harder when both the caffeine and sugar
wear off.
Of course, if its early enough in the day, and you have
the time, a quick 30-minute nap might be more
reinvigorating than a cup of joe. Better yet, if you can
swing it, go for a caffeine nap and get the best of both
worlds. Otherwise stick to a gradual ingestion of caffeine
when you start to really drag.
Naps vs. Coffee: Which Is Better When You're
You feel completely wiped out, but you know you need
to push through for just a little bit longer.
Read more
Food is also important for any reading marathon. A
bunch of sugar in your coffee may not be ideal, but you
do still need some fuel to keep your mind running at full
steam. Again, there is right way to go about snacking.
User lil writergirl at the National Novel Writing Month
forums suggests some helpful rules:

Make sure the snack:

Is not greasy or wet, as this will harm the pages.
Can be eaten without looking.
Can be eaten with one hand.
Takes a while to chew, so a bag can last a long time.
The last thing you want to do is harm the pages,
especially if its a book you want to sell back after the
class ends. Dry off some baby carrots with a paper
towel, much on some dried fruit, or dig into some trail
mix. A pair of chopsticks, however, can make onehanded munching on messy snacks easily doable.
How to Get the Most Money When Selling Your
Finals are nearing completion, the semester is coming
to an end, and students are already stressing
Read more
If youre taking a break to eat pizza or other potentially
messy food, thats fine, but dont try to tame the mighty
grease while you read. She also notes that a lot of
books have what you might call boring parts where the
action drags. Those are some of the best parts for
snacking. Instead of losing interest and wondering when
something good will happen, your snack will keep you
active and satisfied enough to get through it.
Switch Out Your Phone for Your Book

If youre thinking you cant find five hours to dedicate to

reading in one day, Ive got news for you: you probably
already read that much anyway. According to a recent
study from the UKs University of Lancaster, and
published in PLOS One, the average person spends
time with their smartphone for about five hours per day.
Most of that person-smartphone interaction is reading
things like news, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,
online dating profiles, and Lifehacker. So, switch your
book with your phone.
If you can manage, leave your phone behind for the day,
or at least hide it away with airplane mode activated.
The same goes for anything you use to consume
information, like tablets, laptops, TVs, and protocol
droids. Youre in emergency reading mode, so you need
to take all of those minutes youre normally killing and
reallocate them to your book. And that means
everywhere you go! Instead of pulling your phone out
while youre waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting
to order your meal, or any other times you habitually
whip out your phone, pull out your book and read
instead. Thats a lot of time you forget you have that is
easily reclaimed. Of course, if your book is stored on
your phone or tablet, you can still use it, but keep it in
airplane mode and avoid frivolous distractions at all
Incorporate Audiobooks

Alternatively, you can choose to use your ears instead

of your eyes. Maybe you have some errands that
absolutely need to get done today. Or maybe you really
want to exercise, but cant afford to lose that much time.
Thats where audiobooks come in. Depending on your
reading speed, you may actually read faster than an
audiobook can be read to you, but theyre perfect for
filling in the gaps if youre really short on time.
For example, you could read for a couple of hours,
download the audiobook and listen to it while you drive,
shop, do house chores, and exercise, then return to
your book once you have everything done. You may
even find listening to the whole thing much easier
overall. The only downside is youll have to pay for the
same book twice if you didnt plan on listening to the
audiobook beforehand. Also, depending on what you
have to read, there may not be an audiobook version
out there. Lesser-known literature and academic texts
will likely need to be read the old-fashioned way, but if
youre reading on the Kindle app (or Instapaper and
Pocket for shorter texts), you can use text-to-speech to
listen along. It wont sound as nice as a legitimate
audiobook, but you can listen at different speeds and its
a solid option. However you manage to listen to your
book, it can save you some serious time....
I just decided first this to share then to talk,... this
audiobooks the people there read for you like one book
can be read for 9 hours or less or more it depends how

long is the book and I found it more easy that to read a

book with 1999 pages and little to be out of
concentrated, in case if you read a book in the bus there
are some kind stuff which will make you stop!
- First, the driver he drives the bus there are
some holes in the streets and the bus bounce!
- Second, people can talk to each other like
Mr.(Somebody) Hey, Jane how was your
weekened?.... Ms.(Somebody) Fine, how about
yours??, and not only they in the bus the passangers,
but some people will talk on the phone, others will play
loudly like you will hear the sounds of the phones, or
somebody will be laught all the time and this just stop
you read. You just say in your mind Stop, stop there
isnt purpose... and look after couple minutes you are
watching outside, (IF you are reading on the phone,
your phones is in your pocked), (If you are reading a
book which is on a paperback, it goes in the bag) whats
happening its kind a fact, but its true.
- Third, there is times in which you dont think
that somebody wants you to stop reading. But he
do it, by doing different things which make you to
look there not in your book and look again your out
of the reading.
- Fourth, I dont know about you but I know
about me that when Im in the car or in the bus my
brain goes in circle or I dont know how to said it
and the moving of the planet + the moving of the

cars + the bus + the people make me sick and

from this sick I just stop reading. This is again one
factor which can stop you reading.
And mainly this are this can happen everywhere not
only on the, bus but on the bench like you are in the
park and you reading somebody start talking, somebody
makes noises and you just suggest to stop. Sounds
fucked up, but its true. It can happen in home, with
family problems like your father has done something
your mother goes there she start shouting, then
somebody else enter the conversation he start to shout
then somebody else and this goes endless and one time
you stop And what happens it looks like you are
watching TV, arent you???
No, no, no its my mistake you are on the computer
watching films, then planning to watch something else,
but something happens??? What happens?? Guess???
Somebody comes in the room and make you stop doing
this like your mother or father, or your grandmother or
your grand-grandmother or your great grandmother or
whoever and you just stop watching because some of
this people like for example your mother or father say
this Stop watching films and go outside! or Stop
watching and I will give you money to go to the shop
and to buy what you want (Its kind a selfish and kind a
awesome to stop because of money, but I dont like it
anymore this process its kind a stupid, have in mind
that you arent alone. Im with you! This which happens
to you maybe happens and to other people like to me).

Its hard to believe hard to get here, but one time you
get here you will want this book to never end and my
problems to never end, but looks like as Im saying
- Now is past or the time is endless the book will
soon or later will finish
- If you look now is past its 3:48 after one
minute now 48, goes in past and comes now 49.
Its sounds fucked up, but its true. Im here
somewhere stuck in the time and I fill fuck up, by
looking the time which has left and what I must do I
cant fill in time, sometimes I fill bad, that the
holiday will end and what I will do will be nothing.
Not because there isnt snow, but reality there isnt
snow. But because I fill like I must do something
more than this, but I dont know what???
Thats one horrible problem!
As I said little above the book will end somewhere,
maybe as Harry Potter 8 end up, which is the last I
think and I think that there wont be any other parts of
Harry Potter, its already past I dont know how to
describe this feeling, the films are fill of a lot of emotions
and are saved. But they are already past, most of this
films the actors from there have died, like Chris Farley a
great start and thought that we have found the replace a
guy who will replace him, but Robin Williams died a guy
who can repalce Chris Farley this two people are the
best of all time. I dont know can we judge both actors in

case Robin, have a lot of voices Chris I dont know how

he made it, but he made people to love him!
This is what it must be done, by most actors, but more
of them do it because of the money, I think that he is
one of them. But he looks as much as possible real, I
didnt had the feeling like Look this guy looks like for
money he is doing it, he will fuck this naked girls
because they paid him, he will laugh because
somebody has paid him, The same is for Robin
Williams, I didnt had the same thought about them!
Lets make one good ending here, here is some things
which I strongly suggest, if you want to spend time on
learning the best way is to check out the stuff here
which I have provide you can check out as much as
iF you have already done this check out the Harry Potter
series, very interesting films and books you can check
out both. If you again have done this check out the
works of Stephen King, Stephen Hawking, Jan Van
Helsing and Alexsander Dumas, this authors have
interesting books!

Everywhere you can find somebody to say insults like
Hello, mother fucker, I will fuck you in the mouth,
Hey, you, the same person come and suck my dick,
fucking bitch, this you can see not only outside, but on
the films, on the music, on the internet on the books

almost everwhere, American and England and Bulgarian

and many other countries are perfect examples from
nowhere it comes a insult, maybe not only this few
countries, but everywhere!
Also they come do you know from where???
From arguments, you have a lot of negative power in
you and to clean your body from it you need just to go
somewhere and to start to abuse people like saying this
stuff above or more worst to say somebody mistakes
and to highlight on the most horrible stuff. This
arguments as Alan show in his book The Little Book of
Life, they come from nowhere like for example Why do
you brush your teeth after breakfast, is pointless and
waste of time and then something happens talking
something one word and oops we reach Hey son of
bitch selfish fucking creatuve I will fuck you in the mouth
how can you say this and again oops and look from
nowhere happens something somewhere in 80 page up
to 85 in this book was shown how it happens
I have always have asked myself why people swear
from nothing and look nothing makes something. Totaly
I think that there isnt answer, maybe if there is answer
change yourself and you will find the answer!
I cant just put this topic or left this topic like this, so I
decided for the topics which I dont have a lot of
knowledge to use some of the internet stuff so here is
what I found

Most media and social science treatments of profanity
fail to grasp the significance of its underlying
neurological, psychological, and sociocultural functions.
The term profanity generally describes forms of
offensive or vulgar speech that are scatological,
irreligious, or sexual (e.g., shit, hell, and fuck ). The
American Heritage Dictionary (2000) definition refers to
abusive, vulgar, or irreverent language. The concept of
profanity in most cultures also extends to offensive
gestures, such as the middle-finger gesture; behaviors,
such as pelvic thrusting; and forms of art, for example,
sexual content in the motion picture The Last
Temptation of Christ or modern artwork such as Piss
Christ by Andres Serrano.
The preceding works of art are offensive because they
affront religion, which is in line with the original usage of
the term profanity. From the fifteenth through the
nineteenth century profanity had a more precise
meaning, referring specifically to irreligious speech or
behavior and not merely vulgarity. Biblical taboos
restricted sacrilegious speech, as defined by religious
authorities, for example the commandment not to use
the Lords name in vain.
The word profane, according to the Oxford English
Dictionary (1989), can be traced in writing to 1483. It
literally meant outside of the church, secular, not

concerned with religion or religious purposes, and by

extension not holy, impure or defiled; as a verb it
described treating something sacred with abuse,
irreverence, or contempt. This definition of profanity is
similar to that for blasphemy, which refers to an act of
insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for
God. Blasphemy is currently understood as a pointed
attack on religion and religious figures, as opposed to
merely showing irreverence. For example, Salman
Rushdies The Satanic Verses (1988) was considered
by Muslims to be blasphemous toward Islam because of
its insulting references to Muhammad.
The concepts of profanity and blasphemy form an
integral part of European law regarding obscenity.
British obscenity laws, which formed the foundation of
American obscenity law, were adapted by the American
colonies in the 1600s. They were predicated on the idea
that offensive speech has the power to corrupt and
deprave people, especially women and children. Early
obscenity decisions in both England and the United
States dealt with profanity and blasphemy, that is,
speech offensive to religion and religious figures. In the
late 1800s there was a shift from religion to sexuality as
the basis of obscenity. Around the time of the U.S. Civil
War (1861-1865) the postal service broadened its
censorship of irreligious material to include materials of
a sexual nature (e.g., photographs or post cards mailed
to soldiers). A historical analysis by Stuart Flexner

(1976) indicated that the power of profanity to offend

declined throughout the nineteenth century, being
supplanted by sexual words and phrases in the United
States and other English speaking countries. Since the
early 1900s, obscenity cases in the United States have
dealt exclusively with sexual materials and their effects
on adults and children.
Educators regard the use of profanity as a problem of
style more than an affront to religion. In most modern
cultures profanity is regarded as substandard speech
and inappropriate in formal communication, for example
at school. The changing acceptability of profanity in U.S.
society is mirrored in motion picture language
restrictions. In the early 1900s, U.S. film censorship
boards were highly influenced by the church, and
religious profanities were explicitly forbidden. The 1939
American classic Gone with the Wind made history
when Clark Gable uttered one of cinemas most famous
lines, Frankly, my dear, I dont give a damn, resulting
in a $5,000 fine. Jay (1992) reported how language in
film was heavily censored in the United States prior to
the evolution of the rating system used by the film
industry since 1968, which permits hundreds of
profanities and obscenities in a film for adults, and fewer
in films for teenagers and young children. Offensive
language is restricted in almost all media around the
world (the Internet and satellite radio being exceptions
in most countries); censorship occurs in television,

radio, newspaper, billboard, magazine, and advertising

content. Profanity is heard more frequently in media
than obscenity, but that trend could change.
In the United States, the Federal Communications
Commission (FCC) has always regulated obscenity on
the airwaves, and following the 1978 Supreme Court
ruling in FCC v. Pacifica Foundation, expanded its
scope to include indecent speech, defined as patently
offensive references to sexual and excretory functions.
Pacifica was based on a complaint by John Douglas, a
member of the Planning Board of Morality in Media,
about a radio stations afternoon broadcast of George
Carlins comedy routine Filthy Words, which featured
seven words not allowed on television. In the early
2000s, conservative political action committees in the
United States (e.g., Parents Television Council, Morality
in Media) pressured the Federal Communications
Commission (FCC) to ban religious profanity from
television and radio. Since 2003, the FCC has vacillated
on whether fuck is universally obscene or not,
depending on the context. The FCC originally ruled that
fuck was not obscene when pop singer Bono uttered
the word at the 2003 Golden Globe Awards. The
commission reversed itself in 2004, ruling that it was
obscene. When ABC broadcast the World War II film
Saving Private Ryan in 2005, the FCC allowed the
offensive speech because soldiers naturally used
profanity and obscenity in the heat of battle.

As profanity came to be seen as less offensive than

sexual obscenity, profanity became more common in
public places, on television, on radio, and in
newspapers. Timothy Jay (1992, 2000) published data
indicating that profanities are among the most frequently
spoken swear words; they are learned in early childhood
and persist into old age. Peoples feelings about
profanity often depend on their view of religion.
Religious people are less likely to use profanity than
non-religious people, and religious people are more
offended by profanity in the media than are nonreligious people. Some religious people are more
offended by profanity than by obscenity; for example,
Jay (2005) documented how religious working-class
women will frequently use obscenities at work but are
reluctant to use profanities. Restrictive attitudes toward
profanity have led to complaints about profanity in
popular media. Although religion-based complaints are
predicated on the notion that children will be harmed by
profanity, there is no social science data to indicate that
profanities are psychologically harmful to listeners.
It is normal for people to use profanity, but its use
depends critically on the social context. Brain damaged
patients may have difficulty suppressing profanity. Jay
(2000) has demonstrated both the universality of
profane speech and behavior and the culturally
determined nature of profanity by observing the
behavior of Tourettes syndrome patients. Tourettes

syndrome (TS) is a motor disorder characterized by

uncontrollable movements (e.g., grimacing, head
turning, or arm flailing) and vocalizations (e.g., yelling,
grunting, or swearing). Uncontrollable obscene gestures
and movements (copropraxia) and speech (coprolalia)
occur in 25 to 30 percent of Touretters, and tend to
feature the most socially inappropriate behaviors in a
given culture. What a Touretter produces during a
seizure depends on cultural and developmental context.
English-speaking Touretters might utter obscenities
such as fuck, cunt, and mother-fucker, brandish the
middle finger, or act out vulgar behaviors such as
simulated masturbation. A young woman with TS in
Kuwait is more prone to expose a naked leg, a gesture
forbidden in her culture. Japanese and Chinese TS
patients are more likely than English speakers to utter
insults based on ancestral allusions (e.g., aunt fucker ).
Touretters in countries where religion is dominant are
more likely to use profanities (e.g., holy mother ) than
Touretters from more secular countries. Coprolalia in the
form of sign language also occurs among members of
the deaf community with TS.
Originally meant to denote an offense toward religion,
the term profanity now refers to a broader range of
offensive speech and behavior, which is regarded by
many people as too coarse for public use. Contextsensitive social science interpretations of profanity
support a less restrictive view of profanity.

Its kind a fact or not, I dont know but some swearing

come from home, from outside like for example I drop a
item down and came from my mouth FUCK, fuck, fuck
fucking item how can now will fall down, Just fucking
awersome or you make with your partner sex on
publick there are around children and they see you are
making and they see this Her: OOo, swetie go, go go
gooooooooooooooo, push little more harder, wow, more
harder, make me to cry, please make me fill that Im on
the third planet.... or lets say this Dirty phrases to turn
him on in bed:
You feel so good on top of me.
Just hearing you breath in my ear sends shivers down
my spine.
I love just touching your body. It feels incredible.
I wish we could just stay in bed forever.
Just like that!
I love being your little minx in the bedroom.
I want to taste you.
Keep doing that.
You're going to put me over the edge.
You're making me too turned on.
Dirty talking phrases to build sexual tension:
When you're not in bed, you can use dirty talk much
more subtly and discreetly to build sexual tension and
also keep your man thinking about you (for hours and
hours) rather than just instantly turning him on like with

you would using the previous dirty talk phrases. Try

these examples to build sexual tension with your man:
I can't wait until we're alone, I've got a special surprise
for you!
Seeing you in those jeans is making me want to jump
If we weren't out in public, I would be doing some very
naughty things to you right now!
I wish we could just leave this party/movie
theatre/concert and go somewhere private. I am just too
Don't look at me like that, you know it turns me on.
You know I wore this skirt/these jeans just for you.
As you can see, the first group of dirty talk examples on
the previous page were all about turning your man on in
the moment so that sex is hotter, while the second
group is all about building sexual tension with your man
to keep him thinking about you and wondering what you
have planned for him.
If you want to learn more dirty phrases like these ones,
then you'll find them in this detailed video tutorial where
I'll teach you what to say and why.
Or with other words using dirty words and the children
absorb this words and then it came in mind From where
do they know this words???, How have they learn
them, dont ask this questions dont be the first idiot or
the last, the answer is in you. You made this people to
be like now what you see them, you makee them killers,

you make them just to be more agressive if you must

blame somebody, blame yourself!

They come first, then the swearing. I have find that one
argument done or you have attacked somebody very
well he lose words and from losing words it comes the
agression. Dwin Situation is a perfect example, I use
against him his words, thats one original way to break
someone and what happen???
He just get agressive and grabbed my neck As Alan
said in arguments there isnt winner!
I dont see whats the purpose of arguments, I dont
know arguments in the average class and poor class
which doesnt exist insults and maybe and in rich people
class also there are such arguments. Who knows I dont
know I dont spend a lot of time on such type of stuff my
school with Dwin is the perfect exam, and GreenWind
(The Arabian guy is a perfect example), we
unfortunately we arent anymore friends such like
before, but and before we werent for few words
exchange, facebook friend and without going outside. I
dont see what type of friend is this, I know one of this
which is just with you to see what you know and what
you dont know and to laugh at you and then to tell to
the other peoples a falsity guy. Thats very suits, what
kind a friend is to laugh at you because you dont know
word on your own language which isnt English or

Arabian, I dont see whats funny and he also dont

knows I dont know guy who to knows everything, even
and the teachers dont know a lot of words!
We are humans as we can accept we cant be the most
genius people and in the same time to do dumb stuff
and then comes in mind so how we are ginus in case
we do dumb stuff?? Its bullshit we are world dumb
humans ever exist, we can sign (Which is gift), we can
talk (Which is gift), and many other stuff we can do
which animals cant do. CAN THEY SING??? (Dont
laugh, Im asking you???) or to talk???
THe anwer is no!
Lets make the world better place stop the arguments
which make us bad people arguments with swearing
and from nowhere like ALANs example, this arguments
are useless and pointless!
I will left this topic what people do what they want
monkeys left as monkeys, people which jerk hard stop
to jerk off. This people which are whores they cant stop
to be whores!

10 Success Books That People In Their

Thirties Should Read

Sounds nice, topic most people must pay attention on

films and books not on this fucking outside meetings or
to troll somebody works as one student in my class
does. In place of this he can do this
our twenties are behind you. You have a job and
responsibilities, but you know theres more to life.
Youre looking for inspiration for that next great idea,
getting ahead in your career, improving your
relationships, being more confident, and finding
Heres how to earn 20 years of experience in seven
Read books.
Easy, right? Yet few people do it.
Reading books sets your learning to light-speed. Its an
indespensible, transformational life hack.
Friends of mine who know I read at least one book per
week often ask me, Whats your favorite book? and
Who inspires you the most?
Here are 10 of the very best books that you MUST read
if you want to ramp it up and get ahead.
1. The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business by
Josh Kaufman

The Personal MBA

Spend $100,000+ at a top-notch business school or
learn the same (or better) for 10 bucks. Kaufman takes
years of business knowledge and distills a massive list
of books and concise descriptions of key concepts into a
single, powerful book.
His bold premise? You dont need an MBA to be
successful in business. In fact, much of what is taught at
prized business schools is outdated, and none of it will
guarantee you anything. More of a reference and less of
a narrative, The Personal MBA is a timely business
school hack if you want to skip the line.
Although he does cover traditional topics such as
marketing and finance, Kaufman also delves into human
psychology and systems, two of my favorite topics. Ive
gone back to this many times to brush up on concepts
like scarcity, habits, testing, and automation.
2. I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi
I Will Teach You To Be Rich
First, get past the scammy-sounding title. Then read it.
This is the book that made me question everything
about personal finance (and, honestly, more than that).
Written by the successful and always unconventional
Ramit Sethi, this book smashes every truth about
personal finance.

Sethi illustrates through common sense and testing why

cutting lattes is a stupid way to save money. Instead, go
after the big wins like your car and negotiating down
your bills. Spend extravagantly on the things you love,
and cut costs mercilessly on the things you dont.
You need a set it and forget it system to automate your
finances. You only need to spend a few hours every
month on investing. You can only save so much; but you
can earn infinity think about both sides. This book is
stuffed with fresh insights like these.
3. The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth by James
The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth
Written by James Altucher, one of my favorite writers
and podcasters, this book is chock full of unconventional
advice on how to navigate the new world of todays
economy and understand the hard truths youll want to
grapple with if you want to be successful.
Based on its title, you might think this book is about
money. Instead, the principles here are rooted in human
psychology and Aluthers open-eyed view of todays
idea-centered world. These principles are applicable to
many areas of life from relationships to personal
development. And Altucher gives it to you through the
authenticity of his personal experiences.

My biggest takeaway was this: Write down 10 ideas

every day. Its something Ive started doing, and its
starting to turn me into an idea machine. If you want a
new, actionable take on success, read this book.
To learn more about one of my favorite themes in this
book, read my in-depth review here.
4. The Social Animal by Elliot Aronson
The Social Animal
This is the book on human behavior and how people can
be persuaded to do just about anything. Aronson has
revised this book every four years since it was first
published in the early 1970s. One of the key takeaways
is that calling people who do extreme things crazy
ignores context. If we can understand the situation, we
can prevent such actions in the future. Arsonson
explores the use of propaganda and aggression, but
also love and interpersonal sensitivity.
The reverse is also true. If you deeply understand
human behavior, you can change the situation and
environment to improve yourself and others. Ive applied
some of his insights to how I communicate with family,
friends, and colleagues.
A word of warning. The book is priced more like a
textbook, so if you can find a used copy for less, go for
it. Either way, its worth having this in your collection.

5. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Considered a classic, this very inspiring book by Covey
explores deep painful problems problems that quick
fix approaches cant solve. His premise is that to
change yourself, you must change your mindset. The
seven habits are based on internalizing universal
principles that lead to happiness and success.
Like many of the books on this list, its really about
psychology. How we think but, more importantly, how we
Our paradigms, correct or incorrect, are the sources of
our attitudes and behaviors, and ultimately our
relationships with others.
Savor this one and refer to it often. My favorite habit is
Think Win/Win, in which both sides can gain value from
a relationship. This abundance mentality has never
failed me.
6. The Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday
The Obstacle Is the Way
In this book, Holiday introduces you to stoicism through
personal anecdotes and stories. Stoicism is a
philosophy that goes back 2300 years and is centered
on how you behave rather than what you say.

In other words, take action. You will fail more than

anyone else. Learn, and be better for it. Let go of your
preconceived notions of failure. This philosophy has
served the most successful figures in history. Holiday
From the stories of the practitioners well learn how to
handle common obstacles Because obstacles are not
only to be expected but embraced. Embraced? Yes,
because these obstacles are actually opportunities to
test ourselves, to try new things, and, ultimately, to
Successful author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss wrote
an excellent in-depth review here if you want to learn
7. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
Steve Jobs
This is the ultimate biography of Steve Jobs, the
controversial but supremely successful founder of Apple.
Learn about his intense and polarizing life based on
interviews with the people who knew him best. This
book has countless lessons on human psychology,
viewed through the extreme lens of Jobss personality.
For example, Jobs didnt want to give away the
computer his friend Steve Wozniak created, which later
translated into the premium price his products

demanded. The lesson? Customers value what they pay

I was fascinated. Couldnt put this one down. Youll find
out about Apple, NeXt, and Pixar, his volatile personal
life, how he treated others, and the genius behind his
(mostly unilateral) business decisions.
8. The Art of Communicating by Thich Nhat Hanh
The Art of Communicating
What is a book written by a Buddhist monk doing on my
list? Its just so refreshingly different. What separates
this from others in the self-improvement genre is its
completely unique perspective.
Rather than delve into science, psychology, or detailed
tactics for the myriad ways we communicate, Hanh
focuses on practices as simple as mindful breathing and
walking. He describes scenarios you can relate to, from
family arguments to workplace meetings, and how
coming home to yourself, listening, and communicating
with love can make a huge positive difference.
This extends to the written word, as well:
What you read and write can help you heal, so be
thoughtful about what you consume. When you write an
e-mail or a letter that is full of understanding and
compassion, you are nourishing yourself during the time
you write that letter.

I like this book is because we sometimes get lost in a

jackhammer of activity that distracts us from truly
hearing each other. Hanh reminds you to step back and
be mindful. Be generous. Talk to yourself (but not in a
crazy way), and you will connect with others.
9. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol
People often say, its all about your mindset! when it
comes to {fill in the blank}. But few people can tell you
exactly what that means or how to take action to
improve your mindset.
Thats where this book comes in. Dweck tears apart the
psychology of why were different and suggests it comes
down to two possible mindsets: fixed and growth.
With a fixed mindset, you believe things are this or that
and your traits are what they are. With a growth mindset,
you can improve and nurture your qualities through
effort and persistence. And doing this leads to new
actions and thoughts. And these lead to great ideas.
Dweck asks:
How can one belief lead to all this the love of
challenge, belief in effort, resilience in the face of
setbacks, and greater (more creative!) success?
Read this book to find out.

10. Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others

Die by Chip and Dan Heath
Made to Stick
The last book on my list is about sharing your ideas.
Although I could have listed some excellent public
speaking books (classics by Dale Carnegie for
example), I chose this one. Its about how to
communicate your ideas effectively, and the advice is
both counter-intuitive and easy to implement.
Here is one of my favorite quotes:
Almost no correlation emerges between speaking
talent and the ability to make ideas stick The stars of
stickiness are the students who made their case by
telling stories, or by tapping into emotion, or by stressing
a single point rather than ten A community college
student for whom English is a second language could
easily outperform unwitting Stanford graduate students.
The takeaway is that telling a simple, emotional story is
more valuable than your physical delivery at getting your
idea across. It really doesnt matter if you have so-called
speaking talent or not. Some of my best speeches were
on-the-spot and from the heart. They were personal
Whats your story, and how will you tell it?
Final Thoughts

I wish you all the best in your search for success.

Reading these books will help in a big way.
Reasons why I love to read:
Reading for an hour every day can put you in the top 1%
of international experts and income-earners
Reading exposes you to thousands more ideas than you
will know what to do with
Reading can be relaxing, stimulating, or pleasantly
distractingtake your pick
Need more ideas?
Search online for {blank} favorite books, where {blank}
is your favorite successful person
Ask people you know and admire for recommendations
Search forums like reddit and Quorum for best books
for {blank} questions
Have you read any books on the list? What are your
favorites? What else would you have included?

8 Business Books That Will Totally

Change Your Mindset

This is one of my favourite articles, its very useful and

most people just skip it and Im interested why???
Because its long and they dont like long articles or
what??? If people spend on such type of stuff it will be
Sometimes you need a quick inspiration to adjust your
mindset. Here is the list of 8 books which can do just
that change and adjust your mindset.
You can read them in a day or two because most of
them are little tiny books Though all of them carry a
very strong message. They are all like bombs packed in
the tiny package of a box matches no, they wont harm
you but they will blow your mind.
Some concepts of the books might even contradict each
other. And such a selection was made on purpose: to
see different aspects of success and then to find out
what works best for you.
1. Screw It, Lets Do It
Screw It, Let's Do It
If you feel you are sometimes overcautious and you
have hard times to make quick decisions then thats a
book for you. The author is Sir Richard Branson, the
CEO of Virgin Group also known as Dr. Yes. And this
Yes thing is the whole philosophy of the book: no
matter how big the task is, how impossible it looks in the

beginning just say yes and go for it! Once you start
doing it you will figure it out somehow.
We live in a society where being overcautious is
regarded as a sign of wisdom. This book will teach you
that trying to find reasons for doing things is much better
way than trying to find reasons for not doing it.
2. The Lazy Way To Success: How to Do Nothing and
Accomplish Everything
The Lazy Way To Success
The title of this book might mislead you thats just one of
the books promoting the hype. But thats not the case. It
is highly inspirational, very revolutionary book and
definitely worth reading especially if you are a
The author Fred Gratzon, once long-haired hippie,
describes his specific way of success. He actually
managed to established two highly successful
businesses (an ice-cream company and a
telecommunication company with over 1100 employees
and $400 million in annual sales). Both of them, he
started from the stretch, with no money, no business
experience but with a different logic.
The book describes:
that changing the paradigm is the most efficient way to

the laziness: it is not about doing nothing but doing what

you love to do
that hard work is not the only option
3. Rhinoceros Success
Rhinoceros Success
This book written by Scott Alexander is all about
charging: charging at a full speed towards your goal. It is
a complete opposite of the previously mentioned book
The Lazy Way To Success. Read both of them and then
find out what works best for you.
Rhinoceros Success highly promotes taking actions and
being consistent. According to the author rhinos are
synonyms for highly energetic entrepreneurs, while
cows and sheep are mediocre folks who let the life just
pass by.
After reading this book, you will feel like you are a big,
thick-skinned rhino charging at full speed through all the
obstacles on your way to success.
4. The American Millionaires Have Spoken
The American Millionaires Have Spoken
The book was actually written by non-American author,
Petra Skarja, a young entrepreneur from Slovenia
(where on Earth is that?!? okay, its a small country on
the border with Italy got it? and it happened to be my
country, too)

Again this is one of the books written in a light tone but

with a strong message you can apply straight away: be
entrepreneurial even if you havent got your own
business yet!
Start applying entrepreneurial ideas in your daily life,
think, breath and move like an entrepreneur and you are
not far away from your first (or second, or third,)
business. Yes, you might fail a few times and that is the
second good thing you will learn from the book: failing is
part of succeeding.
5. The Science Of Getting Rich
The Science Of Getting Rich
CAUTION: This is one of the books which can drastically
change your life!
This all-time classic was written more than 100 years
ago by Wallace D. Wattles but while reading it you think
it was written just recently the ideas there are so fresh!
This is one of the books which I have read in one go
(with no eating and drinking in between) and I still read it
regularly because I just cant get it enough. No wonder it
was the basis for the well-known book The Secret.
It will teach you that everything, every success starts
with your mind and you taking actions. You change your
mind and you change your destiny. So the question is
how to change your mind

Well, I wont tell you Because you just have to read it!
6. Dont Eat the Marshmallow Yet!
Don't Eat the Marshmallow Yet!
This book, written by Joachim de Posada is based on a
simple experiment which was done on children: They
were offered sweets and were told that if they wait some
time they will get even more sweets. Some decided to
go for it, some ate all their sweets straight away.
Years later, their lives were tracked down and the
experiment showed hmm, you know me, I wont tell
you that.
Take a book and find out what an interesting result came
out of the experiment.
The book is all about self-control. It tells you what is the
difference between success and failure and that small
things can make a big difference.
7. The Richest Man In Babylon
The Richest Man
Another classic of the books on this list written by
George Samuel Clason.
If you are struggling meeting ends of the month then
thats the books for you. It will teach you some essential
secrets every successful entrepreneur follows, like:
keep your expenditures down even when you
experience the boost in your business

make money work for you (not the other way around)
invest hardly in yourself and only then in your business
Read it and you will learn many more success
8. Delivering Happiness
Delivering Happiness
Deliberately, I placed this book at the end of the list.
Because at the end of the day, what we all strive for?
Isnt that happiness? We all want to be happy!
The book tells you just that. If we all want to be happy it
is quite obvious that delivering happiness is the best
business on Earth. Being focused on making your
customers happy will make your business flourish as
nothing else. It is all about giving massive value first and
the money will come as a bypass product.
The book was written by business wizard Tony Hsieh,
the founder and CEO of Zappos, a company well-known
for its ever-evolving business system and constantly
delivering happiness.
NOW, TAKE ONE OF THESE BOOKS from the list in
your hands and expect: changing your paradigm,
expanding your mind, going through obstacles like a
rhino, achieving success and yes, happiness!

15 ways successful people approach

life differently
Maybe the main problem of the people is that they are
lazy, if they were less lazy and spend like me like for
example on year 250 films to watch for the all year or
more. To spend time on reading books, then can read
books which are hard as Robin Sharma somewhere
something like this that if you read dificult stuff you will
succeed or something like
this he said. Better check out his books and videos
which are available in his official site and on youtube
there he has some tutorials which I yesterday checkout
and are very useful
this which he says he has used it so... You get it few
videos to check out by him I'm sure that you will inspired
in one way or in other way he makes a short journey
around one place with plane in one of his videos.
Yesterday I found about him and I just check some of
his videos like "Robin Sharma - How I Beat
Procrastination" in which he spend 17 minutes rough
said which is a short vide and he explains how he has
beat it. So here
is what I said as a comment
"I like the first few minutes are just awesome, I'm
reading such type of books and reality looks we really
live somebody else wants. Somebody says his

mistakes, then he say go there and be this and what

and what you become this and after few years you
discover is useless like my teacher said to me study
more languages, learn more. Not only your main and
English, but and other like russian and german and what
we look reality I go to USA OR United Kingdom and I
decide there to live, before that I have spend learning
this languages and now let's imaginate that I know 4-5
and what there I will use mainly max 3 (rough said, but
there are and cases which and 1 is possible just to use),
and for what are the other languages which I have
People which will check out this video, it's very
important here which I want to highlight first - think
positive (Which will mean not to think like "I can't own
this car", "You can't manage this business", "You can't
run this company" (this is negative). What he wants
Robin Sharma to say is to think positive, the same think
was said also and by Robert Kiyosaki in the book "Rich
Dad Poor Dad".
However, he also says that we use
subconscious - 95%
conscious - 5%
Which reality is a fact!
I'm interested, how about the diet to be like reading,
listening and trying challenges like for period of time
read a book, to try to read it more faster and to
understand it... Or to to try as much as possible books

to read or I don't know, in the place of tidy my bed or

other stuff to do stuff like reading...??...
Most mainly everything Agree with him, most of the
people can't go from one good level to other without the
prepare or to be willing...Also it's nice that you gave 3
examples 3 books which I'm sure useful, also I will just
follow you on twitter it's enough for me, I'm sure that you
went on this ways. I desbelieve that you lie about this,
it's true expirience, and it's nice for giving a free book!
It deserv "Thanks", so THanks!"
So if you read this comment and then check out the
video you will found it out what's about! Also you will find
that he has a good English and he is a famous person!
Many other stuff about him like he is writer!
In one of his videos for 2014 he made a video in which
he gives powerful tips it's called "Robin Sharma on
"Powerful Tips for a Successful New Year", very nice
video. Just check it out! Most which make me
impressions is that we must be not resonable people
they adapt to the world which means that what world
does and they also do it. We must be unreasonable
what we do, world to do! That's how most people are on
big position they just use this in other words like this
The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the
unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to
himself. Therefore all progress depends on the
unreasonable man. -George Bernard Shaw
When is about quotes repeat them, when you are
somewhere unconscious - Of Course!

When you said in mind you will change your way, in

other words think positive not negative. Dont take it like
this "I can't afford this car", "I can't Manage this
company", "I can't do the impossible" - and many such
type of examples
take it positive like
"I can have this car it's one great and soon it will be
mine", "I can reach the impossible" (Perfect Example is
Robin Sharma he from his mouth said that he can
reach the impossible and he can done the impossible, if
he can and we can) Or as my Father was used to say
and my mother also they said "Everything is possible,
the only
thing which is impossible to be born again and to
teleport backward!". So by founding this book which I'm
sure it has changed you in case the book was build and
effected by the films which
I watched and the books which I read!
"Robin Sharma on My 3 Best Keys To Super
Productivity" - one very nice video!
It shows that all negative and everything we must make
it productivity, perfect example is the stress when you
have stress you get productive. A lot of stuff were said
So here is what he has said in his site also you can find
it out in youtube!
"17 Tips to Double Your Productivity In 14 Days
By Robin Sharma
Author of the #1 bestseller The Leader Who Had No

17 tactics to reach your productive best

Im in Trinidad and Tobago, finishing up an intense but
fulfilling tour through Latin America. Yesterday I spoke to
the leaders of the government of this resource and
culture-rich nation. As well as to 350 schoolkids on
Leading Without a Title (heres a link to a newspaper
review of the event with the kids). I realized how much I
love teaching kids about leadership.
I wanted to share 17 of the tactics Ive learned that I
know will help you lean into your productive best in this
age of dramatic distraction:
17 Tips To Double Your Productivity In 14 Days
1. Turn off all technology for 60 minutes a day and focus
on doing your most important work.
2. Work in 90 minute cycles (tons of science is now
confirming that this is the optimal work to rest ratio).
3. Start your day with at least 30 minutes of exercise.
4. Dont check your email first thing in the morning.
5. Turn all your electronic notifications off.
6. Take one day a week as a complete recovery day, to
refuel and regenerate (that means no email, no phone
calls and zero work). You need full recovery one day a
week otherwise youll start depleting your capabilities.
7. The data says workers are interrupted every 11
minutes. Distractions destroy productivity. Learn to
protect your time and say no to interruptions.
8. Schedule every day of your week every Sunday
morning. A plan relieves you of the torment of choice

(said novelist Saul Bellow). It restores focus and

provides energy.
9. Work in blocks of time. Creative geniuses all had 2
things in common: when they worked they were fully
engaged and when they worked, they worked with this
deep concentration for long periods of time. Rare in this
world of entrepreneurs who cant sit still.
10. Drink a liter of water early every morning. We wake
up dehydrated. The most precious asset of an
entrepreneur isnt time its energy. Water restores it.
11. Dont answer your phone every time it rings.
12. Invest in your professional development so you
bring more value to the hours you work.
13. Avoid gossip and time vampires.
14. Touch paper just once.
15. Keep a Stop Doing List.
16. Get up at 5 am.
17. Have meetings standing up.
Stay Productive and Make Your Work Matter!
Kindest regards,"
Unfotunately, I don't know a lot of about him. I just found
him on the internet and it looks like he is born in 1965
and he has 2 pages of books, also heh as youtube
channel which has a lot of subscribes!
and rough said that's all!
...Now I just check out the article from 1 to the 15 rule
and I found it very useful I read it with speedreader with

speed 250 words per minute. For which we will talk

and it is shown famous people what they do like
Einstein and other people like him!
Don't forget to check out the journey!
"Robin Sharma on "The 6 Quiet Rituals of Enormously
Successful Humans" check out this video one very nice

This post by LinkedIn Influencer Jeff Haden originally

appeared on LinkedIn.
In many ways successful people are just like
unsuccessful people.
They come from all sorts of backgrounds, all types of
demographics, have all levels of education and
experience and expertise....
In many ways successful people are the same as
everyone else.
Yet look closely and you'll see that in certain key ways,
they are very, very different.
Here are the qualities that set exceptional people apart:
1. They hate playing politics.

Successful people can't stand playing politics and to

some degree, people who play politics. They don't care
about jockeying for promotions or trying to be "right" in a
A successful person's primary focus is on solving
difficult problems and accomplishing cool things.
2. They love when others win.
Politically motivated people hate when other people
earn praise or recognition; they instinctively feel that
diminishes the light from their star.
Others aren't competitive, at least not in that way. They
want to be recognized, but their accomplishments don't
preclude others from doing great things, too.
They want everyone else who does something
awesome to get recognized, too.
3. They desperately want to see ideas come to fruition.
Maybe they love to dream up their own ideas. Or maybe
they love to help others build out their ideas. Either way,
successful people want to make things happen new,
exciting, crazy, groundbreaking things.
Successful people don't want to manage what already
exists; they want to create what doesn't exist yet.
4. They're meta-thinkers.

Successful people spend a lot of time thinking about

thinking. They like to think about the best way to think
about a goal or challenge or problem. They like to think
about how to think differently and develop a different
angle or approach or perspective.
They like to think about thinking, because when they
find new ways to think, they find new ways to act.
5. They prefer to make or enhance the rules.
Meta-thinkers instinctively evaluate every rule and
look for ways to improve it.
They prefer to figure things out. They see rules as
problems to solve or challenges to overcome.
6. They believe nothing is sacred.
Successful people don't say, "Well, that's just the way it
Instead they never feel what is must always be,
because perspectives can be shifted. Laws of physics
can be broken. Conventional wisdom may not be
wisdom at all.
Even when something huge stands in their way, they
know there's a way around it they just need to figure
it out. Changing a paradigm makes new things possible.
7. They love solving problems.

Successful people constantly look for problems to solve:

sometimes little, sometimes big, sometimes technical,
sometimes business- or team-related.
Drop them into a static situation and they'll create
"problems" they can solve.
8. They're great at self-assessment.
Why? They constantly evaluate what they do, and then
work hard to be even better tomorrow than they are
More than anything, successful people are honest with
9. They embrace nontechnical feedback.
Successful people readily take input from others. And
they definitely don't put up barriers to feedback
feedback, especially critical feedback, is just another
problem to solve. Becoming better is more important
than their egos.
That's because they don't see feedback as threatening
they see feedback as enlightening. Plus they know
they need a lot more feedback on interpersonal skills
and personal growth than on technical skills.
Why? Technical issues are obvious. Because they are
constantly self-assessing, successful people know their
technical limitations better than anyone else. But what
other issues might be standing in their way?

(If you see what they need to improve on and tell them,
you become their hero, because now they can solve a
problem they weren't aware of.)
10. They actively create their future selves.
In general, successful people realize they are often their
own worst enemy. They don't see themselves as
controlled by external forces; they think the barrier
between what they are and what they want is almost
always them.
So they're constantly trying to be better tomorrow than
they are today even if the people around them wish
they would just give it a rest.
11. They adore taking things off their plates.
Look at pictures of Albert Einstein and you would think,
"Dude never changed clothes?"
Nope but he did have a lot of identical clothing. He
didn't want to waste brainpower figuring out what to
wear every day.
Successful people have a similar tendency to
systematize, not to be anal but to take small and large
decisions off their plate so they don't have to waste time
thinking about them. So they eat similar things, wear
similar clothing, and create daily routines. They organize
so they don't have to waste brain share on things that
don't really matter.

But don't confuse creating routines with being

compulsive. Successful people will change a routine the
moment they see a flaw or an opportunity to make an
There's method to the apparent madness you just
have to look for it.
12. They're awesome at leveraging self-reward.
Successful people almost always do the things they
have to do before they tackle the things they want to do.
They use what they want to do as a reward.
And that means the more things they have to do, the
more they'll get done.
(But that doesn't mean they're great at celebrating
success. Because they're constantly trying to improve, a
"big win" isn't big it's simply the outcome of all the
things they did to make it come true.)
13. They believe they're in total control
Many people feel luck has a lot to do with success or
failure: If they succeed, luck played a part; if they fail,
the odds just didn't go their way.
Successful people feel they have complete control over
their success or failure. If they succeed, they caused it.
If they fail, they caused it.
14. their egos don't suffer when they fail.

Successful people don't see failure as a blow to the ego.

Failure can be fixed. A future self will figure it out.
Failure is just another problem to solve.
15. They do everything with intent.
Like Jason Bourne, successful people don't do
"random." They always have a reason for what they do,
because they're constantly thinking about why they do
what they do.
They're not afraid. They're not emotionally attached to
ideas or ways of doing things.
They just want to be better and to make the world better.
And best of all, they know they can and will.


What to say maybe more people don't like this method
and aren't used to it. But I'm I just spend time not
writting not playing games and just spend time on twitter
reading news, about the space,
about 2015 pictures with Obama, checking out facts,
checking out tips, checking out videos like Robin
Sharma or other and trying to get the most important the
stuff and then

to collect it and then to put it here. So I'm here new and

nice to see you in the new year I must be greatful,
Happy First Snowfall today it fall snow. I don't know how
was it because (God today have the
enough money and has bought snow... Or let me guess
that's not snow that's sperm from his jerking off. He just
masturbates and the sperm falls down and we think it's
snow and went it goes to our mouth
he just laugh's with Santa Claus because they see that
you have snow in your mouth you get it.... Maybe
because Santa claus was on jam and he can't move
and without Santa claus God can't work...Whatever,
stop the laughs jokes away.
Let's be sirous!
I'm very interested in how did it went the New Year, did
you visit new people, did you see something new, how
you will remember it and if it was horrible why??
My First day before chirstmas the Jesus Day, famous as
(Christmas Eve). It went so, so good better than
Christmas one. On Christmas Eve I found when I was
eating after
few minutes a hair on one of the foods and guess one
what around the tutti-frutti (Sounds like a funny word I'm
not sure was it this the word for some kind a soup with
fruits???) and sarmi and my bread.
There I saw the hair, about Christmas it went very bad
than the others. There wasn't the special salads like
Snow White and Russian salad, there was only few stuff

and coca-cola as usual. We eat not together, but alone I

next to my computer my mother
in the room with me and my grandmother and
grandfather. I don't know maybe they the same, I don't
know why like this went the great day, there wasn't
present however and christmas tree I think if we must
judge the day it was the most horrible christmas of all
years. I don't remember Chrismas without
presents, do you remember such??? I don't remember
Chirstmas without snow tree (We are just going on the
210 page on this book, it so fast get to such page. In
one time I just say in my mind "It's impossible to
complete this book and from where I will find information
and in other
time look me I'm here and I'm writing). There were some
good moments which we can't say that were bad, I
watched interesting films like "Stay Alive" and "The Mist"
(THe Mist By Stephen King (It was a great movie!).
"Stay Alive" I don't know by
who was it made, but it's a nice. I strongly suggest to
check it out!
The worst the privous year there was kid champagne
and for adults champagne. And we enjoyed the day, it
was with my father and mother they were still together
this year was very different, because there wasn't snow
+ there wasn't champagne, there wasn't a big choices
like for example
2-3 salads, nuts 2-3 types and many other such type of
stuff. Like for example it's not against the rules if we just

mix the kitchens by putting China and Japanese food on

the table, there were a lot of choice how can be
improved, but it wasn't improved (I don't very feel good
one of my eyes is red - Totaly FUCK UP!... It's just 7:12
Was it from the new year staying on the computer until
2-3 - WOW! So from here comes when did you went to
bed??? In 23 and saying I can't stay or when???
Whatever, I fill like fucked, maybe I'm not alone maybe
there are more worst moments than this, but for me is
very worst I know guy who is the same place, but his
parents aren't divorced, just his father has went one
place and didn't get back and when he got back he
didn't had anything in his hands like present. TOTALY

How I Learned to Read 300

Percent Faster in 20 Minutes
Before I start one of the fucked up stuff is that this year
and 2015 the holiday will be until 4 January (NEXT
YEAR which means) if your holiday have started on
December 23 2015 (YEAR), it will end on 4 January
(2016). WOW FUCKED Up is it, and in this place your

shift's holiday will be doubled it will be one week. WTF

BEFORE it wasn't like this
it was to 6-7 January and the shift was normal. WHY
THey didn't done this making more holidays not just
small it, if they will small it why don't they delete it???
It's not fair, some people have been on holiday since 1-2
weeks before us has started their and maybe will be
very long than ours. FUCK YOu, FUCK YOu. I Hate
Maybe for you 20 minutes 300 words sounds nice, but
for me is not nice why not to be 250 words per
minute??? Isn't it better than the privous?? THan 20
minutes I'm sure you will like this for one minute than
20 minutes!
but let's see what happens in 20 minutes!
"How much more could you get done if you completed
all of your required reading in one-third or one-fifth
the time?
Increasing reading speed is a process of controlling
fine motor movement -- period.
This post is a condensed overview of principles I taught
to undergraduates at Princeton University in 1998 at a
seminar called the "PX Project." The below was written
several years ago, so it's worded like Ivy-Leaguer
pompous-ass prose, but the results are substantial. In
fact, while on an airplane in China two weeks ago, I

helped Glenn McElhose increase his reading speed 34

percent in less than five minutes.
I have never seen the method fail. Here's how it works...
The PX Project
The PX Project, a single three-hour cognitive
experiment, produced an average increase in reading
speed of 386 percent.
It was tested with speakers of five languages, and even
dyslexics were conditioned to read technical material
at more than 3,000 words-per-minute (wpm), or 10
pages per minute. One page every six seconds. By
comparison, the average reading speed in the U.S. is
200-300 wpm (one-half to one page per minute), with
the top one percent of the population reading over 400
If you understand several basic principles of the human
visual system, you can eliminate inefficiencies and
increase speed while improving retention.
To perform the exercises in this post and see the results,
you will need: a book of 200+ pages that can lay flat
when open, a pen, and a timer (a stop watch with
alarm or kitchen timer is ideal). You should complete
the 20 minutes of exercises in one session.
First, several definitions and distinctions specific to the
reading process:

A) Synopsis: You must minimize the number and

duration of fixations per line to increase speed.
You do not read in a straight line, but rather in a
sequence of saccadic movements (jumps). Each of these
saccades ends with a fixation, or a temporary snapshot
of the text within you focus area (approx. the size of a
quarter at eight inches from reading surface). Each
fixation will last one-fourth to one-half seconds in the
untrained subject. To demonstrate this, close one eye,
place a fingertip on top of that eyelid, and then slowly
scan a straight horizontal line with your other eye-you
will feel distinct and separate movements and periods
of fixation.
B) Synopsis: You must eliminate regression and backskipping to increase speed.
The untrained subject engages in regression (conscious
rereading) and back-skipping (subconscious rereading
via misplacement of fixation) for up to 30 percent of
total reading time.
C) Synopsis: You must use conditioning drills to
increase horizontal peripheral vision span and the
number of words registered per fixation.
Untrained subjects use central focus but not horizontal
peripheral vision span during reading, foregoing up to
50 percent of their words per fixation (the number of

words that can be perceived and "read" in each

The Protocol
You will 1) learn technique, 2) learn to apply techniques
with speed through conditioning, then 3) learn to test
yourself with reading for comprehension.
These are separate, and your adaptation to the
sequencing depends on keeping them separate. Do not
worry about comprehension if you are learning to
apply a motor skill with speed, for example. The
adaptive sequence is: technique; technique with speed;
comprehensive reading testing.
As a general rule, you will need to practice technique at
3x the speed of your ultimate target reading speed.
Thus, if you currently read at 300 wpm and your
target reading speed is 900 wpm, you will need to
practice technique at 1,800 words-per-minute, or 6
pages per minute (10 seconds per page).
We will cover two main techniques in this introduction:
1) Trackers and Pacers (to address A and B above)
2) Perceptual Expansion (to address C)
First: Determining Baseline
To determine your current reading speed, take your
practice book (which should lay flat when open on a

table) and count the number of words in five lines.

Divide this number of words by five, and you have your
average number of words-per-line.
Example: 62 words/5 lines = 12.4, which you round to
12 words-per-line
Next, count the number of text lines on five pages and
divide by five to arrive at the average number of lines
per page. Multiply this by average number of wordsper-line, and you have your average number of words
per page.
Example: 154 lines/5 pages = 30.8, rounded to 31 lines
per page x 12 words-per-line = 372 words per page
Mark your first line and read with a timer for one
minute exactly -- do not read faster than normal, and
read for comprehension. After exactly one minute,
multiply the number of lines by your average wordsper-line to determine your current words-per-minute
(wpm) rate.
Second: Trackers and Pacers
Regression, back-skipping, and the duration of
fixations can be minimized by using a tracker and
pacer. To illustrate the importance of a tracker-did you
use a pen or finger when counting the number of words
or lines in above baseline calculations? If you did, it
was for the purpose of tracking-using a visual aid to
guide fixation efficiency and accuracy. Nowhere is this

more relevant than in conditioning reading speed by

eliminating such inefficiencies.
For the purposes of this article, we will use a pen.
Holding the pen in your dominant hand, you will
underline each line (with the cap on), keeping your eye
fixation above the tip of the pen. This will not only serve
as a tracker, but it will also serve as a pacer for
maintaining consistent speed and decreasing fixation
duration. You may hold it as you would when writing,
but it is recommended that you hold it under your
hand, flat against the page.
1) Technique (2 minutes):
Practice using the pen as a tracker and pacer.
Underline each line, focusing above the tip of the pen.
COMPREHENSION. Keep each line to a maximum of
one second, and increase the speed with each
subsequent page. Read, but under no circumstances
should you take longer than one second per line.
2) Speed (3 minutes):
Repeat the technique, keeping each line to no more than
one-half second (two lines for a single "one-onethousand"). Some will comprehend nothing, which is to
be expected. Maintain speed and technique-you are
conditioning your perceptual reflexes, and this is a
speed exercise designed to facilitate adaptations in

your system. Do not decrease speed. One-half second

per line for three minutes; focus above the pen and
concentrate on technique with speed. Focus on the
exercise, and do not daydream.
Third: Perceptual Expansion
If you focus on the center of your computer screen
(focus relating to the focal area of the fovea in within
the eye), you can still perceive and register the sides of
the screen. Training peripheral vision to register more
effectively can increase reading speed over 300
percent. Untrained readers use up to one-half of their
peripheral field on margins by moving from first word
to last, spending 25-50 percent of their time "reading"
margins with no content.
To illustrate, let us take the hypothetical one line: "Once
upon a time, students enjoyed reading four hours a
day." If you were able to begin your reading at "time"
and finish the line at "four," you would eliminate 6 of 11
words, more than doubling your reading speed. This
concept is easy to implement and combine with the
tracking and pacing you've already practiced.
1) Technique (one minute):
Use the pen to track and pace at a consistent speed of
one line per second. Begin one word in from the first
word of each line, and end one word in from the last


COMPREHENSION. Keep each line to a maximum of
one second, and increase the speed with each
subsequent page. Read, but under no circumstances
should you take longer than one second per line.
2) Technique (one minute):
Use the pen to track and pace at a consistent speed of
one line per second. Begin two words in from the first
word of each line, and end two words in from the last
3) Speed (three minutes):
Begin at least three words in from the first word of
each line, and end three words in from the last word.
Repeat the technique, keeping each line to no more than
one-half second (two lines for a single "one-onethousand").
Some will comprehend nothing, which is to be expected.
Maintain speed and technique-you are conditioning
your perceptual reflexes, and this is a speed exercise
designed to facilitate adaptations in your system. Do
not decrease speed. One-half second per line for three
minutes; focus above the pen and concentrate on
technique with speed. Focus on the exercise, and do not
Fourth: Calculate New WPM Reading Speed

Mark your first line and read with a timer for one
minute exactly. Read at your fastest comprehension
rate. Multiply the number of lines by your previously
determined average words-per-line to get determine
your new words-per-minute (wpm) rate.
Congratulations on completing your cursory overview
of some of the techniques that can be used to accelerate
human cognition (defined as the processing and use of
Final recommendations: If used for study, it is
recommended that you not read three assignments in
the time it would take you to read one, but rather, read
the same assignment three times for exposure and
recall improvement, depending on relevancy to
I strongly doubt about it!
WOw, wow I know this trick I learn it in my lessons it's
about to read the first line then the last and to try to get
what's about or something like this. Check it and read it
carefuly and you will find it out I think that this talks
very a lot of
(Example: 154 lines/5 pages = 30.8, rounded to 31 lines
per page x 12 words-per-line = 372 words per page)
One of the favourite topcis is this I most liked the "8.".
And I'm now using it and I enjoy using it you can put
what type of speed you want it can be 250 speed words

per minute or even speed what you want like 300 or

500 or 10000 you put it. It's a nice free tool I like it!
check out the site
You probably dont remember learning to read as a
child. But the way we were taught to read when we
were in our infant years has little relevance to how we
should read as an adult. Whereas the slow methodical
method may work for youngsters who are grappling
with the basics of words and sentence structure, adults,
who often need to process a lot of information in a
short time, need a completely different method of
reading. Learning to read faster is one of the best skills
to develop as an adult, saving you time as you study,
research, and sort through your inbox. Read on for
some great tips on how to read faster.
1. Learn How to Scan
The most important skill you need to develop if you
want to read faster is scanning. Many adults find
scanning difficult because it feels counter-intuitive.
After all, when we were taught to read, we were taught
to pay attention to every word in a sentence. However,
much of this is unnecessary, because research shows
that our adult minds have an amazing ability to fill in
information gaps.
For example, look at the following piece of text:

After this experience she decided that she would never

again date men from Mediterranean backgrounds, no
matter how great they looked or their accents sounded.
It simply wasnt worth the pain.
By drawing out and focusing on only the highlighted
words, I am saving myself the effort of processing
every word, and allowing my brain to fill in the
missing information.
2. Only Read the First and Last Sentence of Each
According to Abby Marks Beale, Americas #1 Speed
Reading Expert, people who write to convey
information generally follow a fairly tried-and-true
formula. That is, to start each paragraph with a topic
sentence that introduces the paragraph and gives an
idea of where that paragraph is headed. As paragraphs
in publications like science and academic journals can
contain a lot of information, youre wasting your time
reading all of it if you are already familiar with the
topic. Next time youre faced with a daunting text, try
reading the first and last sentence in each paragraph.
Chances are you wont miss much.
3. Turn Off the Voice in Your Head
Another habit we picked up when learning to read in
grade school is to sound out words, often from reading
aloud. Even as adults, most of us retain this habit to
some extent, as over the years, we have become so used

to hearing the word in our minds. The problem with

this is that it takes up unnecessary time, because we
can understand a word more quickly than we can say
One way to eliminate the voice is to read blocks of
words (as mentioned in point 1), as its much harder to
vocalize sets of words than single words.
Simply eliminating this voice can drastically increase
your ability to read faster. However, this techniques
does tend to reduce your enjoyment of a well-written
text, so you can turn it back on for your favorite crime
novelist or poet.
4. Use A Pointer
Often when we read, we tend to regress, or go over
and read the same material again. This is usually due
to poor concentration, and results in losing the flow of
what your are reading. This is a waste of time,
especially when the information youre re-reading isnt
really necessary. But you can cut down on regression
by using a pen as a pointer. Train your eyes to follow
the pointer, and this will help you to avoid skipping
5. Dont Multitask While Reading
One of the worst reading habits is reading while
watching TV, listening to the radio, or even allowing
mental interference to distract you from what you are

reading. If you want to read faster, you MUST cut out

the distractions and focus solely on the task.
6. Use Soft Eyes
According to experts at Mind Tools, inefficient readers
tend to focus on each word, working across each line.
This is inefficient because your eye can actually take in
about 1.5 inches at a glance, which includes five words.
You can also engage your peripheral vision to expand
your gaze and take in even more words. You can
achieve this by relaxing your facial muscles when
reading and allowing your eyes to soften.
7. Ask Yourself Questions About the Text Before You
This technique is used by teachers to improve reading
comprehension. But its also a good way to help you
read faster. If you have some idea about what useful
information can be taken from the text, make yourself a
set of questions and then read quickly to find the
answers. This will definitely save you time spent on
looking through useless information.
8. Try Speed Reading Software
Many speed-reading techniques can be done manually.
However, there is always the temptation to fall back
into old habits. If you are serious about learning to
read faster, you may want to check out software like
Spreeder, a free speed reading training course
designed to improve reading speed and

comprehension. It uses methods like pointing, but does

it electronically, and is a great way to increase your
reading speed.
Living in the information age, we are often bombarded
with information we simply dont have time to process,
but if you take these suggestions on board and practice
them regularly, youll learn to read faster and cut
down on the amount of time you waste on information
overload in no time.

The Best Story Of All TIme!

I dont know is it one of these in which we can say that
this story is real, but unfortunately I watched the film
which is based on this story. The film was nice 1:41:18
was long the film, its was one nice one, I enjoyed I
dont know about you what do you like, dou you know
this film, have you watched it and many other question
which can come along!
I dont know from where to start to say look I liked the
film, today I jerk off (I havent jerk off, since 5-6 days.
And today I jerk off), all stuff here are true, I liekd the
film, I jerk off (I dont know why I start jerking off, was
it from the tiredness and when Im tired, I must jerk off.
I just today drank one Energy drink and eat some stuff
outside from one of the big shops, Im talking about
Billa, however I met an old friend who I havent seen

since a long time ago (little more details), I just bought

on the way to home handkerchiefs!). I decided little to
walk after 3 hours and something or 2 hours and
something math everyone will go crazy Im talking
about 2 or 3 times 60 minutes. ITS WOW! and
FUCKED UP. Unfortunately I miss school my mother
will write a note which will be used for removing my
lates since today 1.6.2016!
ITs little fucked up I didnt first fill well I felt like my
head will explode and I fill like I having been spinning
on the carousel and everything from my mouth will go
outside, kind a sick lets say. My ass hurts me very
strong, becuase to sit and study so much and even the
teacher suggests more lessons and more time and this
means my ass will die!
From the words you can feel what has happen how I fill
and from here I just decided to take a break. I need it,
after 8:00 going to math in other words my math start
at 8:00. I wake up little hard after a good dream lets
say not the perfect, but average lets say (Maybe in
other topics we will talk about my nightmares and
dreams and to share some other books and films it will
be interesting. But not now! Later!.... Lets go on the
topic!). And I get there by the bus at 7:50 so 10 minutes
more earlier. So in mind I said I will finish in 10:00
Its fine few hours just, they will gone in no time
(Before I get to the stop and then to the bell to ring. I
felt little sleepy in the bus in case to wake up
somewhere at 6- something and however to try to walk

at 7 on the streets it kind a fucked up and its not near

Its very far from home maybe 10-11 stops from me to
there and its a very long distance!
The most bad stuff were, I werent on school Its no so
bad, I dont like today subjects, I dont like school in one
point of view, in other school is very important as most
people will say (some doubt about this other not), its
kind a topics which has different choices. Which will
mean that somebody can doubt, other not! Most people
will say 50-50%, or some people will say that they dont
know or they arent sure. Maybe there are a lot of
choices I dont know how much are there or arent
Its kind a uknown, so here is it its 8:33 pm and the
holiday has end or one day break has end, my mother
called our classmate which fix leaves, which control the
class. Im not sure about how is called this type of
people the position on which she is now,...whatever
leave it as it is. The nice thing there is a virus around
the world which make people sick and other kind of
stuff, now before few minutes my mother called our
classmate (Main Classmate (Lets put the position like
this)), she said that there is such virus, she said that her
mother has called her and has got it, she said that the
few neighborhood around her got this virus, so look my
mother will write one fucking note and look my lates
today or miss wont exist in place where there are miss
and lates. Im glad that like this it went everything!

- Lets go little far, lets take break from this

topic or topics maybe some people are glad that
hear my opinion or other that share with them my
daily life (Like what I like?, what I do? WHat I
read? Why I do it?...) and rough said this mainly
and other stuff are not so often said for example
for some topics I paid only in one book in the
others not. Maybe there were cases in which I paid
attention not only in one book about this topic, but
in others like for example. First is Books, then Film
which are 100% used almost in all maybe I start
from the 1(not like here) or the second like here
how I started the book. Like

1. Bookname

2. Bookname(2)

3. Bookname (3)

4. Bookname (4)
- The same for films like this 1,2,3,4 which is
endless if I can say this for now. As far as I reach it
will be endless, then it will have end, now the book
series doesnt have end, so it can be said its
And other topics were repeated! Maybe you have
already saw it!
So here is a review from the book, but I didnt read the
book I watched the film. But the Film review its kind a
not enough and its short and I dont think that you will
get most of the stuff so here is it

This book was fantastic. Anyone dealing with any kind

of mental illness needs to read this. Heck, anyone who
knows anyone or knew someone who had a mental
illness or saw someone with one on TV or in a movie or
even just walked past someone who looked glum, needs
to read this.
The novel follows 15-year-old Craig: he is depressed
and suicidal. He attends a prestigious school which he
spent months and months studying and working
towards however, since the day of his welcome letter,
he's never been happy. The school is just stress and
grades, he's struggling to keep his head above water
and admits himself into the mental health ward. The
synopsis sounds cringey, teenagery maybe even
predictable but it's not. The title sums it up perfectly:
'It's Kind of a Funny Story' because it is. Never have I
wanted to laugh at a character's cynical humour while
wanting to cry over the bleakness of his life. I was
emotionally invested and, more so, emotionally torn.
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Reading this book was beneficial to me, I felt like I
could entirely relate to Craig and that he was just a
male and American extension of myself. Vizzini's
writing was immersive and real to the point where
three days since I started this review, I'm still trying to
write it and give it the justice it deserves. Craig felt like

an actual teenager instead of an adults idea of a

teenager which, in reality, is just plain wrong: his
friends were relatable and problems were ones
thousands and thousands of teenagers have to deal
I understand that nowadays mental illnesses are faked
and glamorised into a perverted way of attention, this
book shows the harsh reality of depression, bi-polar
disorder, schizophrenia, self harm and so many other
mental illnesses which nowadays are just worn as a
token for attention by people who just don't
understand. Everyone needs to read this book and see
what its really like to have these life preventing
illnesses. I especially liked the concentration on
depression being an illness, the same as cancer or
chicken pox. It's not just a person deciding 'oh hey, I
want to be sad today', it's a chemical reaction and
should be treated with the same care and dignity as
any other. I think that people forget this so much and,
especially with teenagers, blame other things or rule it
off for you just being 'moody'. Mental illness is not
something to dismiss, it's life threatening, and this book
showcases this in such an amazing way which needs to
be shown more widely in every day life.
Shortly before I finished the novel I discovered that
Vizzini committed suicide himself: my heart sunk and I
couldn't help but cry. In a way I felt like I shouldn't
have benefited from the book and that I shouldn't have

enjoyed it. It just shows that depression has an effect

which can stay with you for life and I hope that this
book will continue to prevent such sad endings.
It looks like its true story here in the end is said that he
dies, so maybe is true story and cant live the life again,
by telling detail by detail. So reality looked by doing
this process you kind a play this again, like with a
magic wand you become young and your life goes the
same way as it has happen. In other way I cant say its
funny as it named in the film and the book also,
however in goodreads is said this
That he is Born: 1981 4 April
And he has died: 2013 13 December
The same in the google engine, however in amazon is
said last book 2014 published (It sounds interesting), in
goodreads he has a lot of books, which shows that he
has talent. Its kind a interesting why did he done this,
if this isnt true is it possible to die from writer drugs. I
hear that there are drugs for writers from Stephen
King in his book How to write: Memoir and Craft, in
the biography (Category: Biography), which is in
about 38 maybe or something like this chapters in
which he show his life, when he started writing, why he
started. When he made an engagement with his wife.
He show that he started from nowhere like poor child
and with coins receiving. He also shows his fun
moments with Dave (His Brother), unfortunately his

name and his Brother name are saved, however and

his wife name also. THats one very interesting point in
dont go so far)...

I will work on the continued it will be something like 6
Volume part 2, because here Im worried to dont lose
something or to lose my work. Always is possible and
what then to cry like a baby or to be worried like I lost
my work on bookrix and I still cant log in with my
facebook just to take what I need, Im very sad that I lost
very interesting parts which I dont have somewhere
elese written. Its kind a fucked up! BUT WHATEVER
Better second part than nothing, Im sure soon I will give
you and the second part!
Enjoy the Book!