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GPS Location Rooster

Final year project proposal

Awais Ilyas
Muhammad Waqar Tahir

Supervised By

Ms. Sumaira Nazir

Mr. Adeel Siddiqui

Submitted for the partial fulfillment of BS Software engineering degree to

the Faculty of Engineering


Jan, 2012
Table of Contents

1. Introduction..
2. Backgrounds
2.1. Exisisting systems
3. Objectives and application areas
4. Project specifications/features
5. Proposed plan for implementation
6. Deliverable outcomes..
7. Resourse requirements
8. References
9. Certification

1. Introduction
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With the growing use of mobile phones & smart GPS devices are
becomes very reliable and easy way to find desire location. GPS
applications are accurate and reliable. Phone based GPS applications
are better than personal navigation devices. It is believed that, phone
based GPS systems have the ability to do much more complex tasks
that would be impossible without a wireless data network. Now a days
GPS system is helpful application. It helps to find desired location
according to requirement [1]. It provides continuous guidance and
automatic rerouting, even if the network connection is lost.

2. Background
Most cell phones in the market include GPS capability. That's a
remarkable change. Just a few years ago, standalone GPS devices,
were stick on the windshield with a suction cup. These devices were a
boon for anyone sick of getting lost, using paper maps, or printing out
MapQuest directions, all of which were driving distractions and
potential safety risks [3].
Now cell phones can do the same thing for most customers. Some
smart phones even come with free navigation applications. That means
no up-front price, no monthly fees, and no map or database update
costs. The free applications include Google Maps Navigation, which
runs on Android smart phones such as the Motorola Droid X and
the Samsung Galaxy, and Nokia Ovi Maps, which runs on recent
Symbian-powered devices providing basic navigation facility in it [6].


Existing System

The existing system, GPS Wakeup is an alarm clock which warns the
user when he/she gets close to your destination. It is the application for
location reminders on the street or in the metro. It needs to register for
an online service. This application only accepts GPS positions. It doesn't
show the current distance to the destination. Use both GPS and
network towers to alert the user when you have arrived at a location

3. Objectives and Applications Areas

As the name implies, Location Rooster allows reminding nearby desired
places through GPS. Application main objective is to give alarm on
specified location that has dynamically set by user in it. Location
Rooster will be very helpful to identify the desired locations while
travelling. With the help of this application the user can pre-defined
their destinations. This application works on maps. It provides offline
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mapping from the map which is already saved in application as well as

online mapping from Google map.
Location Rooster gets the Latitude and Longitude information
from GPS and displays the exact (or nearest, at times) location in
Google Maps and give reminder and voice alert.

4. Project Specification/Features
The project specification and features includes:

Location updating which enables users to receive alerts when a

desired destination is nearby.

Open a dynamic map that displays your location in real-time.

Sets the Latitude and Longitude information from GPS, using

Google map API.

Add new location from the map by adding Longitude and

Latitude value of that particular place.

Sets reminder message and voice alert on desired location.

It provides offline from the stored map as well as online mapping

from Google map.

Continuous navigation provides alerts when move away from


It allows adding and removing location reminders and also helps

to save favorites locations.

The larger storage of a secure digital card allows the user to fit
the maps on the phone.

User friendly interface of application will provide easy and

reliable access of locations and setting on it.

Select the Navigation icons from the launcher to start quickly and
pick a destination.

5. Proposed Plan for Implementation

Our work through this project can be broken up into the following
Requirement Specification
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Requirements gathering phase will be completed in 10 days after the

start of the project.

Application Designing
Design process includes developing technical solution of the viewing
maps and locations, uploading and retrieving data to and from the
Google maps API. Design phase will be completed within a month.
Application Development
After the successful completion of the design phase, development
phase will start and will be completed within 3 months approximately.
Project progress reports will also be submitted and on the completion
of the project, the final report and complete documentation will be
generated almost in a month.
Project Gantt Chart/Time Lines
Following are the task and their time lines:

Figure 1: Project Gantt chart

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6. Deliverable Outcomes
The outcomes of the project will be in the form of Android application
software integrated in every Android based mobile operating system,
along with the detailed documentation of the project.

Figure 2: Android OS phone

Application View



7. Resource Requirements

Android mobile required to run the client application that is develop in

Eclipse to access. From development point of view we need following

(Java Development Kit), A java software development environment
from sun. It includes the JVM, compiler, debugger and other tools for
developing Java applets and applications. Each new version of the
JDK adds features and enhancements to the language.

Eclipse IDE
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Eclipse is an open platform for tool integration, Eclipse provides the

framework for combining disparate tools into a single integrated
application with a seamless user interface. New tools are integrated
into the Eclipse Platform and its user interface through plug-ins that
extend Eclipse's facilities and provide new functionality.

Android SDK
A software development
create applications for
the Android
Android SDK includes
with source
development tools, an emulator, and required libraries to build
the Java programming language.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express 2005 or


SQL Server Management Studio is an integrated environment for

accessing, configuring, managing, administering, and developing all
components of SQL Server. SQL Server Management Studio
combines a broad group of graphical tools with a number of rich
script editors to provide access to SQL Server to developers and
administrators of all skill levels.

Action script using Adobe Flash CS 5

Action Script is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language
that is designed specifically for applications animation. Originally
released with Macromedia Flash 4 and enhanced for Flash 5, Action
Script is a sophisticated version of the script language introduced in
Adobe Flash CS5.

Net Beans IDE 6.9

A Java-based development environment (IDE) and platform originally

developed by Sun. It includes user interface functions, source code
editor, GUI editor, version control as well as support for distributed

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Android GPS mobile phone

Apart from the above two things, we also require:

Google APIs Add-on

Android Virtual device Targeting Google APIs

8. References
The following documents and websites have been referred to whilst writing this

1. Google Mobile Google Maps Navigation
2. Android phones in Pakistan
3. Geekers magazine
4. The Code Project The development resource
5. Android10 organization
6. Android and Me
7. GPS WakeUp

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Ms. Sumaira Nazir



Mr. Adeel Siddiqui

Co- Supervisor


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