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This general information package has been designed to help you organize your trip, prepare for your visit
to IE Business School and get the best out of the city during your free moments


IE Business School Location


Madrid Fast Facts

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Emergency Telephone Numbers


About Madrid


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Dry-cleaning and Laundry


Dining Out

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Vegetarian Cuisine

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Kosher Cuisine


Spanish Cuisine

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Basque Cuisine


Mediterranean Cuisine

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Italian Cuisine

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The IE urban campus has a surface area of some 20,000m2 distributed among 17 buildings located in
the financial district of Madrid, known as the Barrio de Salamanca.
IE Business School
Maria de Molina 11
28006 Madrid
Tel: +34 91 568 96 10
Fax: +34 91 568 97 10

C/ Maria de Molina 11


If this is your first visit to Madrid, here are a few things you will find useful.

The official language in Spain is Spanish, also called Castellano (Castillian).


As of January 2002, the Euro is the official currency of the European Union and is therefore the currency
used in Spain. There are notes of 5, 10, 20, 50,100, 200 and 500 Euros, coins worth 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and
50 cents and 1 and 2 Euros.
Check the exchange rate at

Time Zone
GMT/UTC +1 (Central European Time)

Smoking is forbidden in Spains public and private places, including public transportation, companies,
universities etc. Larger restaurants are either non-smoking or have a non-smoking section. Smoking is
prohibited at IE including belonging parks and gardens.
The winter in Madrid is fairly cold (with temperatures of 48F, 9C, in December and January) though
dry as well. It snows occasionally, but it is uncommon to have much accumulation. The temperatures at
night frequently drop to 32F (0C).
Springtime is undoubtedly the nicest season of the year in Madrid. The days are long and the
temperatures pleasant, though it can cool down at night. Rain is not uncommon in spring.
The summer in Madrid is quite hot, especially in July and August. During those months the temperature
can reach 100F (40C). During the hot summer nights, the temperature does not cool down, making air
conditioning almost essential. Rain is infrequent during summer, though there are occasional storms.
Autumn in Madrid, just like spring, is particularly pleasant. The days are neither cold nor hot, and the
nights are equally pleasing. At the end of autumn rain is more frequent.

Local electricity is 220V 50 HzHz and plugs are European plug model with two circular metal pins.
Calling Spain
The international dialling code for Spain is 00 34.
For example, to call IE you will need to dial +34-91-568 96 00.
Medical Assistance

IE students are responsible for their own medical insurance. If you require medical assistance for a
minor complaint, you can seek advice at the pharmacy (see Page 6); for more urgent matters the nearest
hospital to IE is Hospital de la Princesa on Calle Diego de Len, 62 (metro Diego de Len).

Emergency Telephone Numbers

For any serious emergency or accidents, call 112.
Other Emergency Telephone Number

European Community Emergency Services


Madrid Information Services


Civil Protection

National Police Force


Municipal Police Force


Guardia Civil (Civil Guard)




Social Security


Toxicological Department (in case of poisoning)

91-537 31 00

91-562 04 20

The nearest pharmacies to Instituto de Empresa, with normal opening hours of 09.30-13.45 and 17.0020.00 Monday to Friday and 09.30-13.45 on Saturdays can be found at:

Calle Serrano, 112

Maria de Molina, 3, 22 and 58
Calle Lopez de Hoyos, 7
Calle Lagasca 130
Calle Velazquez, 70 (open 24 hours)

Madrid, at 650 m above sea level, is the highest capital in
Europe. The Paseo de la Castellana (which converts at the
southern end into Paseo de los Recoletos and then Paseo del
Prado) is the backbone of the city, running north-south and
connecting Madrids two main train stations Charmartin and
Atocha. The historic parts of Madrid are located between the
Paseo del Prado and the Palacio Real (Royal Palace) in the
west. The neighbourhoods south-east of the Puerta del Sol,
considered as the heart of Madrid, are packed with
restaurants, bars and cafs, giving Madrid irresistible vitality
and creating an urban centre that remains lively into the early hours of the morning.
Plaza de Espaa

Madrid is the Spanish political and economic capital. The head offices of practically all large Spanish
companies are located here along with the main subsidiaries of multinationals. Madrid has a population
of approximately 3,155,000 people. The Regional Community of Madrid occupies some 8,000 km, while
the city has a surface area of 607 km.


PLACES OF Plaza Mayor


Metro: Sol. Lines 1, 2 and 3

Madrid's imperial heart beats loudest at Plaza Mayor, the

town square designed in 1619 by Juan Gmez de Mora.
Popular as a site for autos-da-fe (the ritual condemnation
of heretics often followed by burning at the stake), it is
now given over to those who fancy an alfresco drink or

Plaza de los Toros, c/ Alcal, 237

Metro: Line 2 and 5

This enormous Moorish amphitheatre seating

25,000 dates from the 1930s. Its primary
function is as the seat of ever-popular bullfighting corridos, which take place from March
until October, although concerts and circuses are
also staged here.

Santiago Bernabu Stadium, Avenida Concha Espina 1

Metro: Santiago Bernabu. Line 10.

The Stadium takes its name from its patron, the elected President of 1943. The home of
Real Madrid now accommodates 80,000 avid spectators and has hosted the 1969 and
1980 European Cup finals and the 1982 World Cup.


Parque de Retiro
Metro: Retiro. Line 2

The largest green space in the city centre was founded

as a rural retreat (retiro) before being gradually
enveloped by urbanisation. The park is Madrids
favourite area for walks in the Rose Garden, cycling,
rollerblading, sipping coffee in the sun, even catching
exhibitions and puppet shows. The Gate of Alcal, at
the north-west corner, was built as an imposing eastboundary of the city (on the road to Aragon) and was
moved here in the19th century.

Plaza de Cibeles
Metro: Banco de Espaa

Elevated from a mere road junction to a focal point of the city, the plaza where Paseo de la
Castellana joins Paseo de Recoletos and Calle de Alcal becomes crowded with Real
Madrid fans to celebrate major matches. Some of the most imposing architecture in
Madrid is found here in Banco de Espaa and Palacio de Comunicaciones (former Post
Office Headquarters).


Museo del Prado, Paseo del Prado
Metro Banco de Espaa/ Atocha
09.00-20.00, Tuesday to Sunday
The nations largest and finest collection of international and Spanish traditional art,
including an excellent section of works by Francisco Goya, housed in a worthily grand
gallery that was patronised by various Spanish Monarchs. We strongly recommend buying
admission tickets on-line to avoid waiting in line:

The Prado Museum

Museo Thyssen Bornemisza, Paseo del Prado, 8

Metro Banco de Espaa
10.00-19.00, Tuesday to Sunday
18th to 20th century masterpieces, the majority of which are paintings, based on a private
collection. The span of works links the heavily-traditional Prado and ultra-modern Reina
Sofia, venturing from Northern Europe to America via the French Renaissance and Italian
Baroque periods.


Museo Reina Sofa, Santa Isabel, 52

Metro Atocha
10-21.00 Monday to Saturday (closed on Tuesday),
10-14.30 Sunday
Whist the permanent collection of contemporary art
(painting by Picasso, Mir and Dal as well as works
in every other medium exploited in the modern era) is
very well-presented, the building itself with an
impressive Jean Nouvel addition is worth the visit.
Palacio Real, Calle Bailn
Metro Opera
09.30-17.00 Monday-Saturday, 09.00-14.00 Sundays.
The site has seen remarkable transformation since its days as a defence-base for Toledo,
the formerly-empowered nearby city, to grandiose palace of Kings of Spain since the time
of Carlos I. About fifty of the 2,800 magnificent rooms are open for viewing.

National Archaeology Museum, Serrano 13

Metro Serrano
09.00-20.30, Tuesday to Saturday, 09.30-14.00 Sunday
Created to unite the artefacts accumulated by Spanish monarchs, the Museum continues
to gather items from within the Spanish peninsula together with Greek and Egyptian


findings, from prehistory onwards. The intention is to demonstrate the theory of Evolution
through a carefully-arranged, chronological and geographically-coherent collection.
The majority of shops are open from Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 13.30 or 14.00, and again in the
evening from 16.30 or 17.00 to 20.30. Large chain stores or shopping malls open Monday to Friday from
9.30 or 10.00 until 21.00 or 22.00. Some large stores and shopping malls also open on the first Sunday
of each month. Some restaurants, supermarkets, bookstores etc.
are open every day until 03.00h in the morning.
Public entities have a working timetable of Monday to Friday 09.00
to 14.00. Bank Services: Branches are opened from Monday to
Friday from 08.30 to 14-15h. Some banks also open on Saturdays
from 8 to 14h.

The Salamanca district is renowned for high-quality shopping on

calles Serrano, Velazquez, and everything in between (Ayala and
Hermosilla in particular). Calle de Goya is a stretch of more
accessible fashion shops, including Spanish favourites Zara and
Mango. Below are some recommendations that showcase the best of Spanish retail:


Lavinia, Calle Jos Ortega y Gasset 16

Metro Nuez de Balboa
The enticing and extensive selection of predominantly-Spanish wine spreads out below
a balcony caf where ordering coffee would be blasphemous.


Mallorca, Calle Velazquez 59

PRODUCTS Artisanal cakes, fine wines, superb cured hams are all to be found in Madrids favourite
chain of delicatessens.



El Corte Ingles, Calle de Serrano 47

Metro Nuez de Balboa/ Buses 9 and 51
For shoes, sports, toys, towels, souvenirs, etc. plus a large international supermarket is
found at El Corte Ingles.

NOTE: Almost all stores can process the Tax Free. Make sure to bring your passport. With the Tax
Free forms you would be able to get back at the airport the sales tax from all purchases made in Spain.


Dry Cleaners and Laundry

Address: c/ Diego de Leon 40

28006 Madrid
Opening hours: 8:30 to 20:30 (Mon-Sat)
Serviced they offer:







urgent services (1 hour)

What they clean

Personal items:




Wedding Gowns

First Communion Dresses

Baptism Gowns

Cocktail Dresses, etc.

Household items:




Table Cloths, etc.

Leather and fur (suede, peccary, nubuck, etc.)

Carpets, jarapa rugs, bedside rug, etc.

Curtains, see-through shades, sofas, etc.


Restaurants in Madrid


1. Al Natural Restaurant
C/ Zorrilla 11
28014 Madrid
Tel. 913694709
Metro: Sevilla
1pm-4pm & 9 pm-midnights Monday-Saturday, 1pm-4pm Sunday

Al Natural is a traditional restaurant offering Vegetarian cuisine.

The average price of a 3-course meal at the Al Natural restaurant is 25 Euros.


Al Natural restaurant started in 1994 in the heart of Madrid offering healthy fat-free meals. With over 60 plates to
choose from, in a warm atmosphere that welcomes you to relax and enjoy your stay.
Although it's not the most sophisticated of Madrid's few vegetarian restaurants, it certainly is one of the best.
The quality and freshness of the ingredients used in the kitchen are outstanding.
The subtle lighting and the carefully positioned plants create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the dining room.
House specials are Mushroom Stroganoff and Eggplant Gratin.
The restaurant has seating capacity for 70 guests distributed in three dining rooms, which are all non-smoking
They have a daily fixed menu for lunch from Monday to Friday for just 11,20 Euros.

2. La Biotika Restaurant
Amor de Dios 3
Tel. 914 290780
Metro: Antn Martn
Open every day. Nearby parking.
Payment methods: cash only

La Biotika is a modern macrobiotic vegetarian restaurant offering Vegetarian cuisine.

Vegetarian cuisine doesn't get a lot of attention in most Madrid restaurants, but this discovery is a rare
Opening east of the landmark Plaza Santa Ana, it is intimate and charming. It serves the capital's best
macrobiotic vegetarian cuisine, and does so exceedingly well.


I always begin with one of the homemade soups, which are made fresh daily, and then have one of the
large, fresh salads. The bread is also made fresh daily.
One specialty is a "meatball without meat" (made with vegetables but shaped like a meatball). Tofu with
zucchini and many other offerings appear daily.
This restaurant comes a breath of fresh air for vegetarians visiting Madrid. Creative tofu and seitan
dishes and a variety of salads and soups.
You may also buy macrobiotic products in their small store.

3. La Galette II Restaurant
Brbara de Braganza, 10
28004 Madrid
Tel. 91 319 31 48
Fax. 91 308 54 13
Metro: Coln
Price: 20 onwards
Payment method: cash, credit cards.

La Galette II is a traditional restaurant offering Vegetarian cuisine.

The average price of a 3-course meal at the La Galette II restaurant is 20 Euros.
Its interior decor and atmosphere is a successful attempt to recreate the High Romantic period with its
candlelight and baroque music. It certainly brings in a sophisticated clientele in their 30s and 40s.
This restaurant offers an interesting vegetarian menu with a few meat dishes for the less orthodox.


The salads and rice dishes are excellent and the famous house specialties are Austrian desserts and
apple croquettes.

Fodor's Review:
This quaint place will satisfy both vegetarians and nonvegetarians. In the evening it's candle lighted, and
baroque music plays in the background. Specialties include apple croquets (bchamel and apple mixed
in a bread crumb crust and then deep fried), spinach with tofu, onion soup, and cream of zucchini.

1. Naomi Grill Restaurant
Calle Pensamiento, 25
28020 Madrid
Tel. 91 571 6923
Fax. 91 449 0382
Metro: Tetun

Naomi Grill is a traditional restaurant offering kosher cuisine.


The average price of a main course dish at the Naomi Grill restaurant is 14 Euros. The average price of
a 3-course meal at the Naomi Grill restaurant is 36 Euros.
NAOMI GRILL is a Kosher Restaurant supervised by the Rabanut Harashid from the Jewish Community
Center of Madrid, Rab. Moshe Bendahan.
They can deliver meals for Shabbat to your hotel.
This is great kosher food.


1. Casa Mingo Restaurant

Paseo de la Florida 2
near Glorieta de San Vicente
Tel. 915 477918
Metro: Prncipe Po
Payment methods: cash (credit cards not accepted).

Casa Mingo is a traditional restaurant offering Spanish cuisine.

One of Madrid's many Asturian taverns where it is essential to sample some of their natural sidra (cider).


Reservations by phone are not accepted so it's advisable to pass by an hour or so in advance of your
meal to see how busy it is. If necessary, speak to the waiters - on busy days you should be able to put
your name down on the waiting list to sit at the long wooden benches.
Typical Asturian dishes are fabes con almejas (white beans and clams in a
tasty sauce) and chorizo a la sidra (spicy pork sausages cooked in cider).

2. Castellana 8 Restaurant

Paseo de la Castellana 8
28046 Madrid
Tel. 91 578 3487
Fax. 91 577 8240
Metro: Coln

Castellana 8 is a modern restaurant offering Spanish cuisine.


The average price of a 3-course meal at the Castellana 8 restaurant is 32 Euros.

This restaurant, with its avant-garde design, is located in the centre of Madrid. It has a cosmopolitan
ambience and is suitable for any moment of the day; to enjoy a good meal, or visit their cocktail bar with a
group of friends, since at night, the restaurant becomes a cocktail bar with magic shows and DJ's.
This is a modern restaurant, without forsaking traditional Spanish dishes. The menu is renewed
frequently to take advantage of fresh seasonal products. On Sundays they offer a fantastic New Yorkstyle brunch.

3. Jose Luis Restaurant

Rafael Salgado 11
28036 Madrid
Tel. 914844300
Metro: Santiago Bernabu
Mon-Sun 12.30pm-1am

This restaurant is part of a famous Spanish restaurant chain - Jose Luis.

It was founded in 1960 and is one of the more traditional restaurants in Madrid, where you can enjoy
traditional Basque cuisine, prepared in a creative way.
Jose Luis is a real classic Madrid restaurant situated close to Real Madrids Santiago Bernabeu stadium.


The food is a mix of Basque and international cuisine along with various tapas and the famous Jose Luis
pinchos of which there are many varieties. The restaurant is part of the Jose Luis Group which is one of
the most well known and well respected restaurant groups in Spain who are synonymous with quality and
great service.
Founded by Jose Luis Ruiz the group has various eateries and bars across the country along with its very
own bodega in Rueda, Valladolid. The wine list at Jose Luis includes many varieties from this bodega.
The actual restaurant is an elegant setting in plums, whites and beiges and has a large covered terrace.
The menu includes some delicious choices such as cesar salad with langoustines, beef wellington, oxtail
stew, lobster salad with mango vinaigrette followed by desserts like cappuccino ice cream served on a
brownie with caramelized fruit.
The prices reflect the quality of the food and service, therefore if its a quick, cheap meal before or after
the match youre looking for this isnt the place. However if you wish to dine in style and enjoy some
amazing cuisine, Jose Luis will not disappoint.

4. La bola
Calle Bola, 5
Tel. 915417164

First opened as a botellera (wine shop) in 1802, La Bola

developed slowly into a tapas bar and eventually into a fullfledged restaurant.
The traditional setting is the draw: the bar is original and the
cozy dining nooks, decorated with polished wood, Spanish tile,
and lace curtains, are charming. The restaurant still belongs to
the founding family, with the seventh generation currently in
The house specialty is cocido a la madrilea (a hearty meal of broth, garbanzo beans, vegetables,
potatoes, and pork).

This is the taberna in which to savor the 19th century. Just north of the
Teatro Real, it's one of the few restaurants (if not the only one) left in Madrid with a blood-red facade; at


one time, nearly all fashionable restaurants were so coated. Time stands still inside the restaurant, with
its traditional atmosphere, gently polite waiters, Venetian crystal, and aging velvet. Ava Gardner and her
entourage of bullfighters dined here. Grilled sole, filet of veal, and roast veal are regularly featured.
Basque-style hake and grilled salmon are well recommended.

5. La Arroceria 101 Arroces

Avda Alberto Alcocer 42
28016 Madrid
Tel. 914 572 757
Metro: Colombia

La Arrocera 101 Arroces is a traditional restaurant offering Mediterranean cuisine.


The average price of a 3-course meal at the La Arrocera 101 Arroces restaurant is 30 euros.
This restaurant specializes in paellas and other rice dishes, paying special attention to the quality of
ingredients used.
The range of dishes on offer is such that, as the restaurant's name indicates, they boast 101 different
The rice is home-grown by a cooperative in Tarragona and is available in the Bomba, Basmati and
Carnolli varieties, this last one ideal for risottos.
The restaurant is closed on Monday and on Sunday it opens only at lunchtime. There is a public carpark
nearby in Plaza Republica Dominicana.


1. Dantxari Restaurant
Ventura Rodriguez 8
28008 Madrid
Tel. 915423524
Metro: Ventura Rodrguez
Opened daily 1:30pm-4pm, 8:30pm-Midnight
Payment methods: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diner's Club

Dantxari is a traditional restaurant

offering Basque cuisine.
If you would like try typical Basque
cuisine such as grilled meats and
fish and flavorsome stews,
Dantxari is the perfect restaurant
for you.


The dishes are prepared in a traditional way with a modern touch. On the top floor is a collection of
antique clocks which is well worth seeing.
Dantxari Restaurant offers an excellent service and mouth watering delicacies.
Whole bread ice cream made of brown bread and brown sugar with coffee cream is one of the traditional
dishes served here.


1. La Buganvilla Restaurant

C/. Almagro, 12
28010 Madrid
Tel. 913 197 550
Fax. 913 197 502
Metro: Alonso Martnez

La Buganvilla is a traditional restaurant

offering Mediterranean cuisine.

The average price of a main course dish

at the La Buganvilla restaurant is 19
Euros. The average price of a 3-course
meal at the La Buganvilla restaurant is
40 Euros.
The La Buganvilla restaurant is located in
one of the most stylish streets in the city.
It specializes in Mediterranean food in
general and in rice dishes in particular,
with a wide selection of dishes created
from top quality ingredients.


You will be able to experience authentic paella at this elegant establishment where only quality
ingredients are used in the elaboration of freshly-cooked paella dishes.
The restaurant consists of a main dining area and several smaller rooms often used for groups or for a
more secluded environment.
The maritime theme is maintained with a subtle nautical decor, and the level of quality and excellence is
evident as soon as you walk in the door, all of which creates a very pleasant ambience to enjoy some
excellent Mediterranean cuisine.

2. Cafetech Restaurant
C/Hortaleza, 3
28004 Madrid
Tel. 91 542 5115
Metro: Gran Via
Mon - Fri: 10:30 22:30h, Sat: 11:30 22:30h, Closed Sunday & Public Holidays

Cafetech is a bistro restaurant offering Mediterranean cuisine.

Located close to the Chueca district, this modern restaurant is one of the best in the area in terms of
price-quality ratio. Their "menu del da" lunch is available for just 10, superb value for the local office
workers or visitors to the nearby shops in Fuencarral Street or Madrid's city centre.
There is a private lounge with capacity for up to 50 guests, available for group meals or company events.


Delicious breakfasts and elaborated snacks, where the guest will be able to combine preferences to
taste. There are home-made pastries, cakes (their specialty is a carrot and cheese cake with
cranberries), the chef's delicious French toast, "pastas" or the traditional Tortilla Espaola (Spanish
omelet) and other savory varieties. One of the best options is to try their menu of typical Madrileo food,
which varies every day.
Additional information:
Public parking nearby
Average price: 10-15
All major credit cards accepted
Points for Bonochef guests
Panoramic TV

3. Nodo Restaurant
Velzquez, 150
28002 Madrid
Tel. 91 564 4044
Metro: Repblica Argentina
Monday-Sunday 1pm-Midnight

Nodo is a gourmet / formal restaurant offering Mediterranean cuisine.

The average price of a main course dish at the Nodo restaurant is 20 Euros. The average price of a 3course meal at the Nodo restaurant is 50 Euros.
Nodo is currently one of Madrids hottest restaurants, offering a fusion of Spanish and Oriental cuisine
and attracts a large amount of celebrity clientele. The restaurant is ultra cool with sleek minimalistic


interiors in neutral shades and has a stunning Japanese style garden with a beautiful pond in the centre
reflecting peace and tranquility.
Nodos owner and Chef Alberto Chicote has created an innovative menu, successfully fusing East &
West with his culinary creations such as Asian tuna with Malaga white wine sauce or baby squid cooked
in its own ink.
Simple but exotically named desserts like white chocolate bombe and napolen de fresas finish off the
meal. An unusual and unique fusion of Mediterranean and Japanese cuisines, this kitchen serves up
dishes such as Tuna Tataki with White Garlic and Almond Sauce, and Revuelto de Setas (Scrambled
Eggs with Wild Mushrooms).
Dishes such as Salad with Octopus or Creamy Ravioli de Carbonara are very popular among customers
and the special Nodo box 4 course menu is suitable for those in a hurry.
The restaurant has an ample wine list which includes Spanish favorites such as Ribera del Dueros or
Riojas,and Japanese sake is also available.
You can choose to eat on the lively and noisy ground floor, or on the brighter and more peaceful first
floor. The restaurant has a special ambience created by famous architect Dani Freixes.
The service at Nodo is extremely attentive and the prices are not as high as you would expect, judging
by its ultrachic appearance and the type of customers it attracts. This really is a gastronomical journey
that will not disappoint. It is advisable to book a table in advance however as this is one hot Madrid
eatery at the moment. The big window in front of the kitchen enables you to view the cooking process.

4. La Polenta Restaurant
Plaza de la Marina Espaola, 4
28013 Madrid
Tel. 915423895
Metro: Plaza de Espaa


Restaurante Polenta is a modern restaurant offering Mediterranean cuisine.

The average price of a main course dish at the Restaurante Polenta restaurant is 18 Euros. The
average price of a 3-course meal at the Restaurante Polenta restaurant is 40 Euros.
Polenta is in a privileged setting in the oldest part of Madrid - Madrid de los Austrias - opposite the
Senate and close to the Royal Palace, the Sabatini gardens and the Teatro Real.
After enticing you with an imaginative hors d'oeuvre made from its namesake polenta, its friendly waiters
will undoubtedly recommend one of the house specialties, although the long list of tempting options
makes choosing difficult.
The menu features dishes that mix the oriental and the Mediterranean; the traditional and the innovative,
punctuated with some excellent soups.
One ordering option is the curious but clever 'encadenados' for 2, 3 or 4 people, which allows you to
choose several items from the menu at a fixed price. The restaurant is originally decorated and is both
relaxed and modern with excellent music. It's a great choice for either quick or lingering business


1. Teatriz Restaurant

Calle Hermosilla 15
28001 Madrid
Tel. 915775379
Metro: Serrano
Price per person: 30 to 40 (VAT not included)


Teatriz is a gourmet / formal restaurant offering Italian cuisine.

Teatriz is a particularly unique and stylish Madrid restaurant, located in the elegant district of Salamanca
and occupying what was previously the Teatro Beatriz theatre.
The restaurant bar is situated where once stood the stage, the dining tables sit in the space the theatre
seats once occupied and the high ceilings offer ample evidence of the restaurants origins.
The decoration of the restaurant was designed by Philippe Starck, with avant-garde decor whilst
maintaining the feel for the building's classic architecture and including soft lighting and a spectacular
fountain combining marble, gold and silver with blue light. Even the bathrooms are worth visiting!
The food reflects the spirit of this French architect and designer, with a unique and modern blend of
creative Italian-style cooking.
It is also worth checking out the selection of excellent tapas and canaps - small delicate bites, inspired
by the northern region of the Basque country.
They also offer an 'after theatre' menu at very interesting prices.

2. Via Appia
C/ Union 10
28013 Madrid
Metro: Opera
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 1pm-3.30pm/9pm-11.30pm

Via Appia really stands out among Madrids many Italian restaurants for the quality of its cuisine and the
standard of service.


Via Appia is an excellent Italian restaurant situated in the very centre of Madrid and brings the best in
Roman gastronomy to Spains capital city.

This attractive Italian eatery is fairly new to Madrid and is proving itself very popular indeed. A chic,
modern venue, the dcor is understated modernity with light wooden walls and black and white table
linens, creating a harmonious and laid back ambience.

The food is fantastic at Via Appia, a real testament to its growing popularity in the city of Madrid, with
specialties such as fresh pasta served with artichokes and clams or the saltimbocca a la romana.

For those who love real Italian cooking, reserve a table at Via Appia, you wont be disappointed.

3. Trattoria Pulcinella
Regueros, 7
Madrid, Spain 28004
+34 91 3197363
Subway station: Alonso Martinez
Open from 14:00 to 16:00 and from 21:00 to 00:00 (Fri and Sat till 01:00)


Pulcinella is an authentic Italian restaurant.

Its stylish modern interior and its superb pizzas attract a lively young clientele at night. During the day it's
pretty quiet. The menu features a wide variety of carpaccios, an excellent tiramisu for dessert and a good
selection of Italian wines.

It's on a fairly quiet street where cars are not allowed to park, but the surrounding area is a vibrant
nightlife zone full of bars and clubs.

1. El Cosaco
Plaza de la Paja, 2
28005 Madrid
Tel: 91 365 35 48


Closed on Monday; mid-day.

Credit cards accepted.

El Cosaco is a bistro restaurant offering Russian cuisine.

One of the best Russian restaurants in Madrid, this cozy little restaurant provides a perfect setting for a
romantic, candlelit dinner.

The stroganoff specialty is to be recommended, as

well as Chekov duck and blini stuffed with caviar.
Wash it all down with one of their good selection of

Bon appetite!