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Saab 9000
I 9 9 4

Saab 9000. For those who judge

achievement by performance.

The Saab 9000 is a \'c ry partic ular

kind of car. It's no t a car for people who
measure status by the yard .
aab 9000 owners ha,c discerning
tastes and opinions, and they're not

afraid to exerc ise them. We recognise

this by offering the . aab 9000 in two
body sty les. The sleek and sporty 9000
C , C E and Aero. The e legant and
refined 9000 C D, C DE and Griffin.
Each g i\'es its owne r conside rable driving
pleasure, enhanced by the knowledge
that the aab 9000 is amo ng the most
en\'ironmentally friendly cars in its class.

2 Saab 9000

Indulge your taste for the dynamic.

Saab 9000 Aero.

The aab 9000 Ae ro has the powe r

lo transport you lo a new level of contro l
and driving exciteme nt. A chassis whi ch
communicates every nuance of the road.
A d egr ee o f comfort that makes even
the longest jo urney feel too short. It has
an unconventio nal and unique approach
to des ig n and e ng ineering.
An individual style which
bal ances exci te m e nt w ith a se nse
o f responsibi lity. Our concern for
your safety and everyone's e nvironContents:
Saab 9000 Aero......................... 3
Saab 9000 CS/CSE................... 8
Saab 9000 Gnffin ...................... I0
Saab 9000 CD/COE ................ I 2
Saab 9000 ..................................... 14
Dnver's environment................. I 6
Product (eatures .......................... 18

ment is so m e thing that has a lways been a aab characteristic.

Engines ............................................. 20

Saab Trionic ................................... 22

Safety................................................. 24
Comfort and Pex1b1/ity ........ .... 28
Opuons and accessones ........ 30
Technical data ..............".............32
Equipment ......................................34
Upholstery and colours ........... 36

3 Saab 9000 Aero

Drive the road ahead with

the excitement and
environmentally friendly
traditions of Saab.

Prototype Saab,
ready to drive in 1946.

Saab 9000 Aero S

We lift the restrictions on space as

well as distance.

For Saab, comfort is not just lux ury,

it's a matter of safety. When
you cover a lo t o r distance in
a car, space and ergono mics
become ver y impo rtant.
According to America's EPA,
the Saab 9000 's interio r space
makes it a "large car''. This
The leather used in the
upholstery of our seats is
hand-selected for appearance
and feel.

space has allowed us to give

the Saab 9000 a Business Class
st andard of equipm ent.
Controls fo r all fun ctio ns arc
logica lly g ro u ped , always we ll
w ithin reach .

Electrically powere d front seats

with programmable memory on
the driver's side.

6 Saab 9000

lea the,. inte,.lo,. of the Saab 9000 Ae,.o

with special seats and upholstery with
semi-aniline inserts to keep you cool on
even the hottest days.

Saab 9000 7

Nothing so functional was ever this

exciting. Saab 9000 CS and CSE.

Enjoy the e xceptional

comfort and safety of
the Saab 9000, one of the
most spacio u s cars on
the roaa today.

Yo u o nly have to sit in a Saab 9000 CS

aa b 9 000 C

and C E. Eac h

or CSE lo sec it's a car that \!\'ill pampe r

o ffe r s a hig h d egr ee o r com fo rt and

yo u . Th e le ,e l o r indulge nce s imply

e quipme nt. aab Trio nic, o n e o f the

d epend on each dri,c r 's indi \'idual taste

m ost ad\'a n ce cl e ng in e manage m e nt

and r equirements.

syst e m s, cont ro ls

8 Saab 9000 CS and CSE


c r y aab 9000

Driving with
respect for nature.

engine from the 2.0i to the 2. 3 turbo

car of great presence, and distinction.

and new 2. 3 Ecopower.

tandard AB complements their
power with ecurity. The aab 9000
offers comfort and performance in a

Saab 9000 CS and CSE 9

Purity of form and freedom of movement.

The 9000 Griffin is a classic Saab.

Our new heat-absorbing

glass absorbs 50% of
radiated heat, keeping
the interior cooler.

A classic unde rstated saloon neecln 't

be pa rt o f th e co mm o n h e rd . The
aa b 9000 Griffin is th e natural c ho ice

i the spacious interio r and high leve ls of

com for t it o ffe rs.
The aab 9000 Griffin affords a leYel

for tho e who want indiYiduality witho ut

o f o pule nce and equipme nt that is hard

oste ntation. What makes it a typical aab

t o m atc h. Indulgent to uc hes like wool

I 0 Saab 9000 Griffin

The decision for a Saab

9000 is not so much for a
car, but rather against

or leathe r uph o lste ry (opti o nal) with

all ows you to pl an your jo urneys mo re

wood ve nee r fascia and door cappings.

effi cie ntly.

Auto matic C limate Contro l (ACC) that

allows you to elect the exact temperature
you prefer. The aab Car Computer ( CC)

Saab 9000 Gnffin I I

To demonstra t e the durability of

the Saab 9000 Turbo, a non-stop
test known as "The long Run"
was held in 1986 on the world's
fastest race track in Talladega,
USA. The outcome was 21 new
internationa l re cords.

Our past pointed out the road ahead.

The 900 0 C D and CO E fo llow a

our Trionic e ngine management ystem,

lo ng lin e o f aabs whose d es ig n mad e

help preser ve the future by meeting the

the m id ea l lo ng distance to ure r s.

to ughest e nviro nme ntal standards.

afe ty is another aab traditio n, and

standard AB is just part o f both model '
safety cguipm ent.Their eng ines , all with

12 Saab 9000 CD and CDE

The Saab 9000 is more than the sum of

its parts. It is exceptional and distinctivo
representing a truly unique way of livin1
and driving.

Saab 9000 CD and COE I 3

You can't shorten the distance, but

you can enhance the comfort.

Saab's unique electrostatic venti

lation filter which traps particles
as small as 0,004 mm makes any
Saab a safer haven for anyone
with an allergy.

The roomy interior of the Saab

can be enhanced with the luxury
of genuine leather.

The aab 9000 pampe rs its owne r

with an inte ri o r in whic h


c ry

concei\'ablc feature has been prO\ idcd .

I lowe \'cr the re is ano the r indulgence

High-quality velour upholstery

accents the Saab's interior.

14 Saab 9000

Reading lamps allow the rear

passengers to read, but don't
distract the driver.

\\'hich is just as impo rtant: space . The

space that ensures true comfort. Co mfort that seems to horten journeys and
make long-distance dri\'ing a pleasure .

Saab 9000 15

The controlled application of power.

A swivelling spotlight is ideally

placed for m;ap reading.

I 6 Dnver's environment

T h is is the command centre o f a

Saab 9000. W he re the controls arc
g ro uped logica lly and so fall t o hand
naturally. Whe re you have eve rything
at your command and your preferred
ope rating te mpe rat ure can be main-----~~~~~--

taincd by Auto mati c

Climate Co ntro l
(ACC ) vvhi c h uses a
aab-pio ncercd C FCfrce coo ling agent
R I 34a. W he re yo ur
afe ty is e nhan ced by a st a nd a rd
dri\ c r 's-sid c airbag ( passe nger 's side
is o pti onal).

The d e sign of the facia follows

the drive r's natural r e ach.

Driver's environment 17

Saab 9000 CS.

Comfort, safety and performance
in perfect harmony.
CFC-free air conditioning
with electrost atic air filter

Electrically adjustable
and heated door mirrors

The Saab9000, here the CS model, is

characterised by its technical refine
ment, its generous space and all the
typical Saab details which put driving
pleasure and safety at the forefront.
(Standard and optional equipment
vary from market to market.
Passenger's airbag not available
with right-hand drive.)
Transversely-mounted engine with Saab Trionic engine
mana1ement system

Saab Direct Ignition with one

ignition coil per cylinder

Turbocharger with

Twin h eadlamps with

separate reflectors for
main beam and dippe d

Front-wheel drive

Computer designed
A BS anti-lock brakes
4-speed automatic transmission

18 Product features

catalytic exhaust
emission control

Dual airbags
(optional for

Defroster outlets for

rear side w indows
Heat-absorbing glass
all round


Rigid safety body for high

levels of motoring comfort
and excellent roadholding

Flat luggage compartment

floor with low sill

Sturdy, protective steel

members in the doors

Electrically adjustable
front seats with memory
function for driver's seat

Automatic front seat

belt tensioner

Side-collision protection is enhanced by

reinforced side pillars and door sills

Product features 19

Insiders are the first to recognise

the forces behind performance.

The 2.3 turbo's high torque of

342 Nm means the Saab 9000
can accelerate from
60 to I 00 km/h in fourth gear in
just 6.S seconds.

aab has alway aim ed to de ig n

engines are designed to boost torque

light, compact highly effi cient eng ines.

right across the e ng ines rev range. To

A powerful e ngine need no t be large

give useful power for real-life situations

and heavy. In fact, it's a disadvantage.

like overtaking.


aab was the fir t majo r manufacturer

..... ..

... ...

technology makes

to use turbocharg ing and four -valve

the e ng ine \'Cr y

technology for everyday car . Our turbo

efficient and clean.

Saab e ngines have high
torque even at low speed
so fast overtaking is possible without changing gear.

20 Engines

A four-valve engi ne burns fuel m o re

manageme nt system and 16-valve tech-

thoroughl y, improvin g eco nomy a nd

nology they also boast very low emissions.

emiss io n leve ls.


O ur unique Direct Ig nition g ives

each cylinder its
own coil. This

The 2.0i and 2.0 turbo now

also have integrated balancer
shafts to eliminate vibration.
Right through the rev range
the y act to make this powerful 4-cylinder engine one of
the world's smoothest.

improves starting,
and as o ur DI
system has no
moving parts it is

0 " (360")



more re liable w ith lower e rvice costs.

In addition to o ur normal turbos,
the Ecopower light pressure turbo is an
engine designed to balance a good spread
of power with very low em issio n and
noi se leve ls. The Ecopower e ngine is
now available as a 2.3 litre as well as a
2.0 litre e ngine .

The 2.3i and 2.0i fuel-injected engines are

econom ical and compact four-cy linder
engines. Thanks to Saab's Trionic eng ine
The ne w S-speed manual gearbox has better
synchromesh to reduce effort when changing gears.

Engines 21

Saab Trionic. A working example

of the perfect balance of power
and responsibility.

In 1991 this award from

Germany's respected
medical journal ST ATUS
r e cognised the Saab
9000 as the most environmentally friendly car
in its class.

22 Saab Tnonic

All Saab 9000s have engines with

the Trionic management system.

We be lieve that the more we

learn , the be tte r the cars we produce. That's why over the year s
\\'e've led the world in making
greener cars. Our constant
que t ha led u to deve lop
many e lution that othe r have

adopted. It 's also led to techno logy

you' ll only find on a aab.
The new Trionic syste m now fitted
to all aab 9000 e ng in e i a prim e
example. Unhappy with o rdinary
engin e managem e nt yste m , we

e ffici e ncy with minimum e mi ss io n s.

In fact, sometimes the exhau t fume
arc cleane r than the surrounding air.

developed our own. It' the o nly system

that controls f uc l inj ecti o n, ig niti o n
and boo t pre urc (on tu rbo engine )
The microprocessor "brain"
that controls the Saab Trionic
system has greater computing
power than the spacecraft used
when man took his first step on
the moon.

simultaneously. A central microprocessor

"learn "and sto res in fo rm ation about
conditi ons as yo u dri ve. It uses this to
constantly adjust the e ng ine' state of

o matter what the conditions, the

eng in e a lways run s at m ax imum

Saab Trionic 23

It's reassuring to know your responses

are reinforced by our responsibility.


9000s h a n~ ABS (Anti - Loc k Braking

Acti\'e safe t y is the ability to pre \'e nt

yste m ) \\'hi c h pre ve nts th e \\'hee ls

an accident happening in the first place.

loc king a nd s liding unde r braking. AB

Mam facto rs in a Saab 9000 contribute

to ,o ur ac ti ,.e
sa fe t\'. Road ho lding,
handling, brakes,

fro nt-wheel dri\'e, _ _ ___.: 91111E:..;_ __ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __,,.,..."-----------<

ABS prevents the wheels locking and
sliding under braking.

all -round \'ision , stability and we ight

a lso allo w s yo u to steer \\'hile braking.

di tributio n .

Saab Tractio n Contro l ystem (TC

We'\'e always take n g reat care to

impro\'e the driYeahility of the aab 9000.

e nsure that each o ne o f the se pl ays its

It sto ps the dri\en \\'heels spinning o n

appro priate ro le.

road s whe re urface fri ctio n \'a ries , e.g.




Y T EM .

patc hes o f ice o r puddl es o f \\'ater, and

en sures directio na l stability.

The braking syste m is o ne of a car 's most

Factory-fitted mounting
points make installing a
child safety seat simple.

24 Safety


impo rtant safe ty

Passive safety is all abo ut minimising the

features. It has

e ffects o f an accide nt. In this respect

to \\ Ork pe rfect -


'" in a ll condi "

tio ns. All . aab

the safest cars in the wo rld .

aa b 9000 is recognised as o ne o f

Sensors trigger the

airbag' s inflation at the
moment of impact.


All Saab 9000s arc fitted with a standard

safe ty ha a k ay

bee n im po rtant to

aa b, th e Saab 9000 has fact o r y-fitt e d

<lri,cr's-sid c a irbag ( passe nge r -sid e

ancho rage po int fo r child safety scats,

airbag o ptio nal). In an accide nt the bag

bo th fro nt (n o t with passe nge r airbag)

is innatcd in 40 m illi cconds. Even before

and rear.

th e clri\cr mo ves fo rward in his scat,

the airbag is there to cushi on the impact.

Working wi t h th e a irbag, auto m ati c

scat belt tensio ner furthe r he lp restrain
front scat occupants. And because c hild

Safety 25

A small charge detonates to

t ighten the seat belt at the
moment of impact.

You set your own standards in driving,

but we set them for you in safety.

A Swedish insurance company

survey rates the Saab 9000 as one of the
safest cars in the world.
When you look at the
protection it offers, it's
not hard to sec why.
The passenger
of th e car is
The safety cage is designed to disperse the
force of an impact evenly, minimising its
e ffect .

by a rigid safety
cage that di sper ses the

force of a collision . This minimises its

effect. The doors have impact intrusion
beams to protect all occupants from

impact from a 1. 3-ton block of iron

side impacts. Twenty year s after we

travelling at 54 km / h. The Saab 9000

introduced them, other manufacturers

already meets this r equire m e nt.

arc beginning to sec their wisdom.

The front and rear of the car are

By 1997, the USA will

designed to collapse slowly

enforce even tougher sid e-

unde r heavy impact, absorbing

impact protection legislation.

muc h of the force. Even Saab

All cars must withstand a lateral

bumpers arc different. They arc

The Saab 9000 has
been named safest
car on the marke t
two times in a row
by Folksam, Sweden's
largest insurance

26 Safety

The entire body is designed

as a rigid steel safety
cage which protects the
occupants from outside
forces .

designed to deform o n impact. But at

speeds of up to 8 km / h they spring
back into shape.
As yo u can cc, when it com es to
your safety, we at aab leave nothing
to chance.


Safety 27

Features of the Saab 9000.

Yo u'd ex pect a ca r as unique as

the Saab 9000 to have some fairly special
features. It wo n 't di sappo int you.
On the aab 9000 C the rear scat has
a 60 / 40 plit whic h allows you to carry

someone to travel in comfort in the rear.

If yo u have a truly huge load , the

rear scats can be fo lded fl at to g ive you
,irtual estate -car capacity. On the
aab 9000 C

this is e nhanced by the

full -height t ail ga te.

extra luggage . The re's still room for

Electrically adjustable
heated door mirrors.

The 9000 CS boasts a fulllength load platform with

seats fold e d.

28 Comfort and ffexibi/1ty

Woollen upholstery designed

exclusively for the Saab 9000
is supplied by Ermenegildo
Zegna, one of the world's
leading manufacturers.

Saab scats arc suprem e ly comfortable.
D e ignecl to support you however lo ng
yo ur jo urn ey. I low cvc r, they're m o re
than simply functio nal.
The s tandard \'Clo ur upho lste r y is
comfortable winte r and s umme r. The
lux ury o f le athe r o r wool is an o ptio n.

The 9000 CD has a spec ial hatc h between the rear scats for awkward long
loads like carpets o r ski s.
The remo\'eablc rear parcel she lf
on the aab 9000 C pro\'idcs insulation
again t road noise. Thanks to its construc-

Electric windows and central

locking are standard equipment on all Saab 9000s.

tion the aab 9000 C i a quie t as an

ordinary saloon.


Comfort and ~exibility 29

Options and accessories.

Four-season comfort - with Automatic Climate Control (ACC).

Four-speed automatic
transmission with
lock-up for better fuel

The aab 9000 is o ne o f th e best equipped ca rs you can find. I loweve r,

we kn ow that aab drive rs like to
add their own individual tou ches. That's
why we ha\'e a range o f accessories made
to o ur own high tand ard s for you to
choo e fro m .

30 Options and accessories

The Saab Car Computer (SCC) seen here

in the optional walnut facia.

A touch o f class: leath e r gear

lever knob and gaiter

The aab Car Com-

ways. A leather gear

puter (SCC) offers you

lever knob and gaite r

important information

p rovide additiona l

about yo ur ca r's oper-

elegance ... and a clas-

ation, including ave rage

sic touch. The centre

speed, distance to desti-

armrest is available to

nation and speed limit warning.

provide exti-a comfort, fo lding clown to

For year -round comfort, yo u may

\\'ish to consid er Automati c C limate

help yo u re lax o n long trips.

aab t cx ti le carpe t mats protect

Control (ACC) that lets yo u select and

yo ur car's inte rior from wear and acid

maintain the interior temperature you

com fort underfoot.

desire. The sy te rn is totally CFC -free

And outside,

and uses a new Saab-pioneered coolant ,

yo u can add a per-

R 134a. You can e nhance the inte rior

sonal sty ling to uc h

comfort of your aab in other luxurio us

with a se lecti on
from o ur fine c ho ice

t./ -4

The fiv e-spoke light

a lloy wheel is just one
of many available styles.

of a ll oy w heels.
Sport y, stylish and lightweight, t hey're




the perfect finishing touc h for the b eau-

t y of you r Saab 9000.



Sit back and relax with the folding centre armrest.

Options and accessories 3 I

Comple ment your car's

interior with genuine Saab
textile carpet mats.

Technical specifications Saab 9000, 1994.

Transverse, four-cylinder, in-line engine. Cast iron cylinder block. Light
alloy, cross-flow cylinder head.
Dome-shaped combustion chambers
with centrally placed spark plugs.
Double overhead, chain-driven
camshafts. Hydraulic. maintenancefree valve depressors. Four valves
per cylinder. Two balancer shafts
equipped with eccentrically mounted
balance weights.
Engine manage m e nt a nd
emission control
Saab Trionic system that monitors
and controls fuel Injection, ignition
(Saab DI) and turbo boost pressure.
Three-way. metallic catalytic converter and Lambda-sensor.

Turbo charging
Turbocharger with watercooled
bearing housing and integrated waste
gate (boost pressure control valve).
lntercooler (not on 2.0-litre Light
Pressure Turbo).
') Turbo nd Light Prenure Turbo (Ecopower)
engines only

Front wheel drive with full synchromesh, five-speed manual gearbox or
four-speed automatic transmission
with direct mechanical lock-up in top
gear. Compact. transversely mounted
gearbox integrated with the engine
and differential.

Cool ing system

Electric motor-driven. thermostatic
ally controlled radiator fan. Engine oil
cooler on the Turbo and Light Pressure Turbo engines.

Power-assisted rack and pinion
steering. Impact-collapsible steering
Turning circle: Kerb to kerb 10.9 m.

Fue l tank capacity

66 litres.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS).
Power-a.s sisted disc brakes all round,
ventilated in front. Self-adjusting,
single piston system with floating
brake caliper. Asbestos free pads.
Mechanical action of hand brake on
rear wheel discs.

Electrical system
Alternator: 1070 W 80 A.
Battery: 12 V 60 Ah (maintenancefree).






2.290 dm'

2.290 dm'

1.985 dm'

2.290 dm'


90/ 90 mm

90/90 mm

90/78 mm

90/ 90 mm

225 hp (165 kW)

at 5500 rpm

200 hp (147 kW)

at 5500 rpm

185 hp (136 kW)

at 5500 rpm

170 hp (125 kW)

at 5700 rpm

34.9 kpm (342 Nm) at

1800 rpm

32.9 kpm (323 Nm) at

1800 rpm; aut. 30.0 kpm
(294 Nm) at 1800 rpm

28.8 kpm (283 Nm)

at 2100 rpm

26.5 kpm (260 Nm)

at 3200 rpm

1.08 bar

1.00 bar; aut. 0.81 bar

1.05 bar

0.40 bar





98 RON (minimum 91)

95 RON (minimum 91)

95 RON (minimum 91)

95 RON (minimum 91)

240 km/h

235 km/h; aut. 235 km /h

230 km/h

220 km/h; aut. 220 km/h

6.9 sec.

7.5 sec.; aut. 8.5 sec

8.3 sec.

8.5 sec.; aut. 9.5 sec

60- 100 km/h in fourth

gear 6.5 sec.; 80- 120
km/h in fifth gear 8.9 sec.

60- 100 km/h in fourth

gear 6.6 sec.: 80- 120
km /h in fifth gear 9.1 sec.

60- 100 km/h in fourth

gear 7.5 sec.; 80- 120
km/h in fifth gear 10.0 sec.

60- 100 km/h in fourth

gear 10.0 sec.; 80- 120
km/h in fifth gear 14.0 sec.

EEC rating
EEC peak torque

Max. boost pressure

C o mpression ratio
Recommende d octane
rating, unleade d only
Top s peed
Accele ration to 100 km/h
Ove rtaking accele r a t ion

32 Technical data


Sus pe nsion
Front McPherson spring struts,
chassis anti-roll bar, twin-pipe gas
shock-absorbers of low-pressure
type and integrated wheel bearings.
Rear: Straight. unsplit axle with coil
springs. gas shock-absorbers, anti-roll
bar, two trailing and two leading
arms and Panhard rod.
Luggag e c o mpartment
9000CS models: Completely collapsible back seat or 40 or 60% foldable.
Removable parcel shelf. Length with
back seat in position 1010 mm.
Length with back seat folded down
1660 mm. Volume with back seat in
position 487 dm' VOA; 448 dm1 SAE.
Volume with entire back seat folded
down 1397 dm' VOA; 1183 dm' SAE.

9000CD models: Length 1110 mm.

Long articles can be placed through
the armrest opening in the back seat.
Volume 562 dm' VOA; 503 dm' SAE.
W e ights
Weight distribution: 60% front, 40 %
Max trailer load: 9000CS models 1800
kg. 9000CO models 1600 kg.
Max roof load: 100 kg.
Kerb weight: 9000CS models about
1365- 1500 kg, 9000CO models
about 1345-1455 kg.
Max total weight: 1960 kg.

S a ab9000CD


2 .0 -LITRE

1.985 dm'

2.290 dm'

1.985 dm'


90/ 90 mm

90/78 mm

150 hp (110 kW)

u5500 rpm

147 hp (108 kW)

at 5600 rpm

130 hp (96 kW)

at 5500 rpm

2H kpm (210 Nm)


20.9 kpm (205 Nm)

at 3800 rpm

18.0 kpm (177 Nm)

at 4300 rpm




95 RON (minimum 91)

95 RON (minimum 91)

95 RON (minimum 91)

210 km/h; aut. 205 km/h

200 km /h

10.0 sec.; aut. 11 .0 sec

10.0 sec.; aut. 12.0 sec

11.5 sec.

60-100 km/h in fourth

gear 9.0 sec.; 80-120
km/h in fifth gear 12.0 sec.

60- 100 km/h in fourth

gear 10.0 sec.; 80- 120
km/h in fifth gear 15.0 sec.

60- 100 km/h in fourth

gear 12.5 sec.; 80- 120
km/h in fifth gear 20.0 sec.



at 2500

0.59 bar

' 210 km/h; aut. 210 km /h

Techmcal data 3 3

Equipment Saab9000, 1994.

.,., ., ., .,

., ., ., .,

Aero CSE




Engine variants
Standard equipment
Optional equipment. extra charge
1) Only with manual gearbox
2) Only with automatic gearbox

2.3 turbo, 225 hp

2.3 turbo, 200 hp
2.0 turbo, 185 hp
2.3 light pressure turbo (Ecopower), 170 hp
2.0 light pressure turbo (Ecopower), 150 hp
2.3 injection, 147 hp
2.0 injection, 130 hp
Manual 5-speed gearbox
Automatic 4-speed transmission (not 2.0i and 2.0 turbo)
Traction Control System, TCS
Anti-lock braking system, ABS
Power assisted rack and pinion steering
Lowered sport chassis
Steel wheels with wheel covers, 6x15"
Light alloy wheels, 6x15"
Light alloy wheels, 6.5x16"
Side impact protection bars and structure
Impact resistant bumpers (8 km/h)
Driver's airbag
Passenger's airbag
Automatic front seatbelt tensioners
Child seat anchorage points, both front (not on cars with
passenger side airbag) and rear
Front fog lamps
Rear fog lamp
Headlamp wash/wipe
Rear window wash/wipe
Anthracite grey bumpers
Colour-keyed bumpers
Rear spoiler, black (turbo only)
Rear spoiler, colour-keyed
Provision for trailer hitch
Wool upholstery
Full leather upholstery, sports trim
Full leather upholstery
Leather upholstery
Pique upholstery
Leather trimmed steering wheel and leather gear lever knob
and gaiter (manual only)
Full walnut veneer interior
Colour-keyed instrument panel
Electrically adjustable front seats, memory on driver's side
Electrically adjustable driver's seat with memory
Heated front seats, adjustable heating
Head restraints for four seats, provision for a fifth

34 Equipment


Griffin CDE CD

+ 2

0 0





... )


Aero CSE



Automatic Climate Control (ACC), CFC-free

Air conditioning (AC), CFC-free
Ventilation air filter
Rear side window demister ducts (only cars with ACC)
Electrically operated glass sunroof, tilt/sliding
Electrically operated windows
Electrically operated and heated exterior mirrors
Central locking, operated at both front doors
Tinted heat absorbing glass
Height adjustable front seatbelts
Driver and passenger vanity mirrors
Illuminated vanity mirrors
Interior light with fade delay
Front roof console with spotlight
Rear seat reading lamps
Storage compartments, front and rear doors
Storage pockets at seat backs
Grab handles, all outer seating positions
Internal trunk release
Folding down rear seat with split 60/40
Ski hatch (load through, middle rear armrest)
Illuminated luggage compartment
Closing handle inside trunk
Saab Car Computer (SCC)
EDU instrument (outside temp, fuel consumption etc)
Pictogram (open door/failed light indicator etc)
Headlamp elevation control on facia
Cruise control
Saab Audio System (incl speakers/power antenna)
CD-autoplayer (only in combination with Saab Audio System)
Power antenna
Front speakers
Rear speakers

Equipment 3 5





Griffin CDE CD







Rocky Black (K64)


Rocky Black (K33/K35)

Rocky Black (K44)

Dover (H33/H35)

Angora (H44)

Pamir 033)

Alpacka 044)



Al packa





Embassy blue


Cirrus white

lmola red

Le Mans blue

Platana grey

Ruby red

Scarabee green
Citrine beige
!ucalyptus green




... x




X = our recommended combinations

available alternatives

Check with your Saab dealer for the available trim combination.

36 Upholstery and colours

Arizona (G33)

Following traditional motorindustry practice, the leather

upholstery refers to seating
surfaces only.



Black (170)

Cirrus white (I 53)

lmola red (240)

Embassy blue ( 198)


Citrine beige (227)

Platana grey (228)

Ruby red (242)

Scarabee green (230)

Eucalyptus green (235)

Aubergine (241)

The colours shown here should

be taken as a guide only. Due
to printing processes they may
not a lways be an exact match
to the actual paint colour.

Le Mans blue (229)

Upholstery and colours 3 7

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final l'diting or thl' puhlitation (jurw
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'Pecifkation' and <'<1u1pnwnt nM) '"'')
from one marktt to thl' lll' '\t and m,1\
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furthl'r information, pil'J'l' n111'u lt
'our '>aah dtaltr '\ott t hat ">Ill<'
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,ho" car' lltttd \\1th opuonal t' '\tra
tqu1pmu11 .

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