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Electrical engineering student with experience as a privately contracted military maritime instructor and six years
of outstanding performance and achievement in the United States Coast Guard, earning three promotions,
numerous personal awards and excelling in roles of leadership and responsibility. Accountable, ambitious, and able
to remain focused in complex and rapidly changing, dynamic environments. Offering top-quality workmanship and a
clear, alert and participative presence in any setting. Excellent social skills and the ability to connect with people
through genuine, hospitable relationships.

Experienced in effective conflict resolution, operational risk assessment and incident response, employing various
methods of leadership and cooperation to ensure overall organizational effectiveness. Strong instructional and
interpersonal skills used to promote efficiency and comfort in external and internal relationships. High levels of
stamina and concise, systematic analytical skills. Computer, database, and communication systems fluency. Well
versed in inventory management and product procurement.


Maritime Instructor , working with a foreign military organization to ensure comprehensive and effective
training of Coast Guard students in an Advanced Seamanship course of study. Responsible for daily training in the
classroom and in the field, utilizing a translator to communicate with non English speaking students. Compiled
student personnel files consisting of daily written assessments, weekly exams, and counseling documentation.
Participated individually and with a team, using Microsoft Office software, in front-line curriculum development
and assessment tools. Maintained excellent communications with both the client and the student to ensure
expectations were properly delivered and achieved.
Federal Boarding Officer , responsible for managing boarding teams in various applications of federal law
enforcement. Conducted hundreds of vessel inspections, with an emphasis on systematic examinations, boarding
team safety, efficient communications, and intercultural understanding. Compiled complex and voluminous case file
packages used in successful arrests of individuals and seizures of narcotics and property. Proactive training and
oversight of subordinates professional growth with an emphasis on independent decision-making and interpersonal
Field Supervisor, accountable for multiple Coast Guard response-boat platforms and crews. Ensuring successful
completion of Search and Rescue, Drug Interdiction, Anti-Terrorism, and Marine Environmental Protection
missions. Certified as a Patrol Commander for high-profile maritime event security and unit liaison for major
catastrophes. Responsible for safety of the crews and vessels assigned, making split-second decisions with small
margins of error in a dynamic, dangerous marine environment. Coordinated communications between field units
and operational headquarters using high levels of focus and expertise to avoid confusion and promote efficiency.
Generated work lists and supervised completion of assigned tasks, promoting occupational safety and operational
risk management techniques.
Operations Management, in charge of ensuring the successful completion of all unit operations as a direct,
command representative of Coast Guard Station Little Creek. Authorized to draft and release intra-Coast Guard
unit messages and conduct Public Affairs interviews. Accountable for all unit personnel and property, consisting of
approximately twenty personnel, five response-boats, numerous weapons and ammunition, and five acres of unit
property and facilities. Responsible for the deployment of assets, coordination of inter-agency operations, and
submission of daily reports of unit status and operational capability. Access to FOUO and CLASSIFIED
information, possessing a SECRET security clearance and FEMA Incident Command System 100, 200, 600, 700, and
800 certifications.

Southern Polytechnic State University
Department of Electrical Engineering (Projected Graduation December 2017)
University of Texas San Antonio
Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology, Cum Laude
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Federal Boarding Officer
Coast Guard Leadership and Management School

Marietta, GA (Jan 2014 Present)

San Antonio, TX (2009-2012)
Charleston, SC (2010)
Portsmouth, VA (2012)

Abu Dhabi University Knowledge Group
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (2013-2014)
Advanced Seamanship and Tactical Coxswain, Maritime Instructor
United States Coast Guard, Station Little Creek
Norfolk, VA (2009-2012)
Boatswains Mate, Second Class
United States Coast Guard, USCGC JARVIS
Honolulu, HI (2008-2009)