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Synchronous Marine Generators

PM004 EN RevB, Mar 2007

Product notes

What is the AMG marine generator?

The AMG marine generator is a state-of-theart synchronous generator for demanding
applications in marine power plants.
It has been designed to comply with the
requirements of the classification societies and
to meet customer needs.
Advanced design methods (3D design,
FEM simulation), combined with extensive
experience as an alternator manufacturer, have
enabled ABB to optimize the electrical and
mechanical performance to meet customer
Longstanding working relationships with the
leading piston engine manufacturers provide a
solid basis for smooth integration of alternatorengine sets.
Vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) of
the complete winding system gives it the
strength necessary to meet all the mechanical
and electrical stresses encountered during
operation. This strength, combined with the
rigid construction of the rotor with salient
poles, makes AMG marine generators very

Customized integration to the

power system
The most common application for the AMG
marine generators is in engine-generator sets,
where the generator is mounted with a piston
engine and thereby forms part of the vessels
power plant. They are always dimensioned
according to customer specifications.
Reactance levels are tuned to the customers
needs to match the short-circuit capability of
the switchboard and requirements regarding
voltage variations.
AMG Marine Generators are also available
for shaft generator applications, either direct
driven or coupled to a gear box.

Output vs. speed at 6 kV and 50 Hz

Frame sizes 710 - 2500 (IEC)

Voltage upto 15 kV
Power range upto 50 MVA

Synchronous speed (rpm)

Main features of the AMG marine generator

Synchronous generator with brushless excitation
Rigid construction with flange mounted or pedestal bearing
Temperature rise / insulation class F/F (std)
Totally enclosed, water cooled (IC8A1W7/TEWAC) with possibility of emergency cooling
as an open machine
Protection classes IP23, IP44 up to IP56
Freedom to determine direction of main connection
Latest design digital AVRs
Designed according to applicable IEC regulations
Available with following certificates:

LRS, DNV, GL, BV, NK, KRS, Russian Maritime, CCS, ABS, US Coast Guard, RINA
Supplied for wide range of different vessel types:

cruisers, car and train ferries, ice-breakers, multi-purpose tankers,

LNG tankers, ice-going vessels, supply vessels, drilling rigs
Wide range of application specific accessories, both standard and optional

After Sales Services

ABB has built a global presence through
its worldwide organization and network of
carefully selected partners. We aim to provide
active support to all our customers at every
stage of the project and beyond.


Copyright 2007 ABB. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice.

Product notes

4 - 30 poles, 50/60 Hz

Output (MVA)

PM004 EN RevB, Mar 2007