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Delta iFlow

Delta iFlow chairs are designed to exceed the most stringent of all
tests – intensive day-to-day use in classrooms.

Style, comfort, practicality

The Delta iFlow is an innovative chair designed for day-to-day use in schools
that adds style and extra cushion, for pampering comfort in the classroom.

iFlow brings comfort

The Delta iFlow is a robust tubular-steel frame chair. The seat and backrest
are moulded by the iFlow principle: a double walled construction of
polypropylene that adapts itself to the body’s contours. Lateral grooves and
a distinguished surface pattern allow a constant stream of fresh air between
the seated person and the surface of the chair. This results in a greatly
improved sense of comfort, especially on warm days. The back has a double
ergonomic curve and a widened top surface designed to increase comfort.
The curve also doubles as a handle that increases safety. All connections of
the seating components to the frame are discretely integrated and hidden:
a sleek, safe and durable solution.

Delta iFlow

iFlow has a practical sense of style

The Delta iFlow comes in a variety of colour choices. Colours of the frame and
seat can have a vibrant contrast or seamlessly match. Colour selection can
create a whole new ambiance in the classroom. The clean lines introduce a
contemporary professional look in the classroom. They emit an impression
of high-end professionalism. The sleek minimalist lines are never obtrusive
to the eye -even when many chairs are packed together. iFlow chairs are
stackable and can be placed on the desk top. This facilitates easy cleaning
of the room a great deal. The surfaces of the seat and back are hygienic and
easy to maintain. These chairs prove themselves to be practical and easy
to handle.

Design for today, design for tomorrow

The iFlow collection offers a sustainable and durable design. All components
are designed for intensive use during a long period of time: tamper proof,
yet designed for easy disassembly when required. The main materials are
fully recyclable. on every occasion 03
Delta iFlow

The Delta iFlow can be ordered in five different chair sizes (seat height 34cm,
38cm,42 cm, 46 cm and 50 cm), in accordance to international standards, thus
appropriately fitting pupils of all ages and even adults, so all rooms in the school
931 941 can be equipped with a single chair design.
But feel free to integrate all members of the iFlow family into your environment.
The iFlow shell coordinates with iFlow Delta and is offered in a variety of frame
options that correlate to the activity of the user.


iFlow anthracite -
iFlow olive -
iFlow orange -
iFlow light gray

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