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Thuvaaragan Kuruparan

What is representation?
Representation is the description or portrayal of someone or
something in a particular way. However, today this definition
can be said to be completely different to other people. Also,
these representations may be completely different depending
Age - People may be represented in terms of their age
e.g. the elderly is helpless and require a lot of
attention or the young are deviant and always in hoodies
causing a nuisance.
Gender - Females may be presented in terms of them being
weaker than males and males vice versa, males are known
to be strong and fierce.
Background/Social Class - People may be represented in
terms of their social-class or background.
Ethnicity/Race - Representations may be used to depict
peoples race, e.g. all Asians own a corner shop or all
black people have a strong liking for chicken.
An example of a theorist Laura Mulveys theory is based on The Male Gaze. She says
that films represent women as passive objects of male desire.
Therefore, audiences are forced to view women from the point
of view of a heterosexual male
bell hooks theory is based on The Colour Codes. Women are
considered more desirable and fit better into the western
ideology of beauty. Black women are objectified and sexualised
in hip-hop, reflecting the colonialist view of black women
(sexually disposable.
John Bergers theory builds on the Male Gaze as he states
that Men look; women appear. Women are there solely for the
objectification of themselves within all platforms of the
He also criticises western culture and focuses on depictions
of women.

Thuvaaragan Kuruparan

Representation of our main protagonist Daniel is a 19-year-old white male. He is a double amputee who
lost both his legs in a car accident. He lives with in London
with his parents and our representation of him is negative;
which allows our audience to empathise with him and his
difficult life. It could be argued that the character or
Daniel is a stereotype of teenagers as before he lost his
legs, he was a rebel who smoked and drank from a young age
and also stole from shops.
Daniel being depressed and helpless may also
in terms of his representation as he is a
However, it may actually be argued that more
or not, feel the same way and therefore it
representations. The character of Daniel can
audiences that what was aimed at.

be a stereotype
double amputee.
humans, amputees
created multiple
relate to wider

Finally, Daniels clothing is arguably the typical attire for a

teenager as he is wearing a tracksuit and is looking scruffy.
This emphasizes on how he doesnt really make an effort to
look good, suggesting that he is giving up with life.