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Thuvaaragan Kuruparan

Our production company, HTR Productions, has come up with
a five minute long short film called Broken. As our
main target audience are young adults, we will market the
product mostly on the Internet. This is because most
teenagers and young adults are always on the Internet and
this would mean that it is easily discoverable and
accessible to them. The more accessible it is the faster
the product will across to the target audience. Some of
the ways we can promote the movie is by creating a
twitter page and YouTube page. We also aim to market our
production at cinemas, televisions and also magazines.
Magazines are another great way of promoting our
production as many teenagers read them and therefore it
will gain much attention. We think that as a group we
should do as much as possible to aim the production at
the correct target audience and use all the methods of
promoting the production to succeed in that.
Target Audience
Our target audience is young adults and therefore our
production being certificated as 12. The socio economic
group that we aimed our production at is E to B. This is
because our target audience is mainly students, who come
under E as they are mostly in education and also the
people that are around 30 years old who mainly come under
B as they will not be earning large amount of disposable
income. It will also be marketed at young adults who
enjoy watching dramas such as Forrest Gump and Frida. As
a group we hope that we receive a good response from our
target audience. As the production is a drama, we also
aim to alarm them so that the production meets is generic
conventions. This can be done through not only the
filming but also editing and sound.
Our product should become popular through the mediums we
use to create awareness of it such as the marketing we
hope to use; the internet, Twitter, YouTube, search
engines such as Google, Facebook, etc. This would
increase awareness of our production and the more
exposure it has, the more our target audience will know
of it and as will others. Also, the internet is easily
accessible to all. It will also mean we can gather more
feedback as it will be well known. Other ways we can

Thuvaaragan Kuruparan
create awareness is on television (Film4, Channel 4
Media Language
Our aim is to follow many of the conventions of a drama
film as it will give or target audience a sense of
reality. This should be done by using sound, editing and
lighting as they are really important when creating a
drama production, if all three are done to a really good
standard, the production can be as great as planned, and
it will have an emotional effect on the audience. Also,
the shots used in our production will add to drama due to
it being slow and helping portray the main characters
Furthermore, the location and actors/actress in the
production should be of the same or at least a similar
age group as those that our production is targeted at.
Moreover, sound is also extremely important, to help the
audience show sympathy for the character.
The name of our company is HTR Production and our
production will be shown across most mediums such as the
internet, television and magazines. This allows us to
reach our target audience not only within the UK but also
internationally, which is what we hope to end up
We will be presenting our characters stereotypically as
this will help our target audience relate to the final
production. An example of this is our main character
whos is disabled and is on a wheelchair. He is
represented as vulnerable, alone, helpless, hopeless and
depressed; which is what disabled people are
stereotypically associated with. We think that this
portrayal of the character will help us even more on
getting our point across to the audience and have tem
sympathize for the main character.
We have decided to with the genre drama. This is due to
the fact that we, as a group believe that it sparks
interest within our target audience as well as it being
able to be informative and it also leaves us with many
options as to what the opening sequence could be based

Thuvaaragan Kuruparan
upon. We used many different films and extracted a few
ideas e.g. the editing of sound and/or shots used in
order to make the final production effective and
appealing. We aim to follow the codes and conventions of
a drama. We also decided to leave the five minute short
film a cliff hanger, wondering what happened and thinking
about the causes of not paying attention while driving
and crossing the road as well as what a disabled persons
life is like. Our location can be classed as
stereotypical as it is set in a care home, outside of a
hospital and also the tube station. This may make our
production seem more relatable and realistic and would
have the audience feel sorry for the main character as
well as lure them even more into the film due to its
believable nature.