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There are two sides to every story, you just have to listen. In the
book Bifocal, written by Deborah Eliss and Eric Walters, this quote
means that Every person has a different point of view, you just cant
judge them by there differences. These quotes represent the main
theme of Bifocal, which I think is accepting differences. I think that
the theme of Bifocal is accepting differences because throughout the
entire book, citizens of other races are being accused and targeted for
racial conflicts, and there point of views are not being accepted by
others because of their differences.
In Bifocal, the police frequently target Haroon for answers about the
terrorism problems in there high school. In the book, detective Moffett
(a detective on the terrorist case) and the police threaten to accuse
Haroon of guilt if he does not answer their questions. On page 55
detective Moffett says Haroon get in the car unless you want us to
think you have something to hide. Also on page 264 Haroon tells
detective Moffett to Charge me with something or leave me alone
because I have nothing to hide. These quotes demonstrate the theme
because detective Moffett and the police are targeting Haroon because
of his race will not accept the fact that Haroon has nothing to keep
away from authorities. Also detective Moffett and the police use
Haroons race difference as a way to incriminate Haroon.
In Bifocal, on Halloween night, Kevin and the football team vandalize
specific houses in the neighbourhood. Some of the houses they choose
to vandalize are Mr. Perkins, (An annoying school teacher that dis
appreciates football players) and the Streetsville High football coach,
(A rival football coach). They also vandalize Haroons house brutally.
On page 249, Steve and Jay have a conversation reflecting on
themselves about the night before. The eggs were one thing. But the
potsthat smashed a window. I couldnt get that out of my mind last
night, Steve said. I felt bad, she didnt deserve that and neither did
her family.
She? Whose house was it?
That girlthe one Kevin was arguing with.
The one from yesterday. The one with the black burka. Zana, I
gasped. That was Zanas house. Kevin choose to vandalize Zanas
(Haroons sister) house because Kevin had got into a harsh racial
argument with Zana and Kevin thought Zana was trying to prove a
racial point with her burka. Also on page 242 after Haroon pulls up on
his driveway, he yells I just want a quiet life and rips off Zanas veil
and hurls it to the ground. This quote expresses Haroons emotions and
this quote means that Haroon is tired of the way Muslims are being

racially profiled. These quotes represent the theme accepting

differences because Kevin can not accept the way Zana stands up for
Muslims and Kevin thinks its okay to vandalize Zanas house because
of her difference.