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The WriteCycle®

Collaborative Writing Solution
WriteCycle® Collaborative Writing Solution

Accessible Anytime
Access Turnitin Originality
Checking tools anywhere
from your web browser at any time
using the industry’s most advanced
search technology.

Teachable Moments
Reinforce proper research
and citation methods
and deter plagiarism with Turnitin
Originality Reports.

The Turnitin Originality Report offers a “side-by-side” view of a student’s text with
highlighted matches (left side) compared to color-coded sources of matches (right side). World’s Best Solution
Instructors can make fast, informed decisions about whether or not matches With a database
are problematic.
of over 100 million
student papers, Turnitin is the only
technology capable of detecting
purchased papers, cheat sites and
student collusion — over 50% of
unoriginal work comes from other
student papers.

Turnitin® Originality Checking

Plagiarism Prevention Features and Benefits Academic Integrity
Turnitin Originality Checking allows • Encourages proper citation “I love how it is used as a teaching
educators to check students’ work • Over 12 billion web pages tool rather than simply as a way to
for improper citation or potential crawled & archived catch cheating students. My students
plagiarism by comparing it against • Over 100 million student papers understand that the responsibility is
continuously updated databases. • Over 80,000 major newspapers, on them to avoid problems rather
Every Originality Report provides magazines & scholarly journals than for me to catch them. Students
instructors with the opportunity to • Thousands of books including seem to be plagiarizing less and
teach their students proper citation literary classics less, at least by copying and pasting
methods as well as to safeguard • Printable reports from the Internet.”
their students’ academic integrity. • Side-by-side comparison.
2-Year College Writing Instructor
Spring 2009
Easy Paper Distribution
With online, anytime,
anywhere access and
automated paper distribution, peer
reviewed assignments are possible
even in the largest courses.

Collaborative Feedback
Assign sets of standardized
questions to ensure
that students receive consistent
feedback in their peer reviews.

Anonymous Reviews
When students review other students’ work, they see the full paper online, a palette of
The flexibility to choose
standard editing marks (to the right of the paper), and questions provided by the
instructor (at right) that help students to focus their feedback and provide between anonymous or
substantive comments. non-anonymous peer reviews,
along with many other
customizable options.

PeerMark™ Peer Reviewing

Collaborative Learning Features and Benefits Engages Everyone
The WriteCycle solution’s patented • Automatic paper distribution PeerMark “allows me to deliver the
PeerMark tools give instructors • Optional anonymous reviews considerable cognitive benefits of
the ability to create peer review • Contextual review marks the peer review experience to my
assignments that students use • Assessment metrics introductory class of 1,000 students.
to evaluate and learn from one • Students learn from each other Only this brilliant tool allows me to
another’s work. These assignments • Students become more engaged do so without being swamped by
provide a unique and valuable in course material administrative overhead.”
framework for students to develop • Helps students understand core
critical thinking and writing skills. course material Prof. John Mitterer, Brock University
• Accessible anytime, anywhere (Recipient of the Brock
Distinguished Teaching Award)

Standard & Custom Marks

Grade student work quickly
and efficiently by adding
editorial highlights, inline comments
and QuickMark™ editing marks
directly on the paper.

Customized Rubrics
Create and
implement fully
grading rubrics in minutes.

Track Performance
Easily analyze student
performance over time to
GradeMark provides a customizable palette of standard editing marks (at right), plus
unlimited space to provide comments in text windows. Digital comments are better than identify areas of concern, or track
hand-written comments in margins, and easier for students to read. improvement with comprehensive
statistics and graphs.

GradeMark® Paperless Grading

Grade Papers Online Features and Benefits Time Saving
GradeMark is WriteCycle’s • 100% paperless system “My teachers feel that GradeMark
innovative, paperless grading tool • Real-time grading & mark-up is a tremendous time saver, saving
that allows instructors to leave the • Track grades with GradeBook around 30% of their time in grading
days of red ink and stacks of papers • Faster than traditional grading and commenting on papers online.”
behind. GradeMark is a time-saving • Standardized editing marks
alternative to traditional pen-and- • Assess students over time Walter Loblein
paper grading, making it easy for • Fully customizable rubrics Principal
instructors to give students the • Works with all subjects Chatfield Senior High
valuable, time-sensitive feedback • Share rubrics & editing marks
that’s so essential in building quality • Export classes
writing skills.
Open Options for Integrations
WriteCycle services can be easily integrated with popular course management, or learning management systems, such

as Desire2Learn®, Blackboard®, and Moodle®, or with any class or university portal using our Open Options for Integration

package. These integrations make WriteCycle and Turnitin seem like natural extensions of the web application your

institution already has in place.

Turnitin Integrates with:

Versions with Building Blocks™
including Vista 3, Vista 4, CE6,
CE8, and Angel 6.3, 7.1, 7.2,
and 7.3

1.5, 1.6 , 1.7, and 1.8

Learning Environment 8.4

Training, Support, & Professional Development

Our team of highly trained Product Specialists is available to help you implement WriteCycle, train you to use it most

effectively at your institution, and support you and your faculty for the duration of your license. This type of support is

critical to the successful adoption of WriteCycle. We also provide several support tools and resources for users including

customized, face-to-face training sessions, online training walk-throughs, quickstart guides, training videos, user manuals,

live support through phone and e-mail, and a comprehensive searchable knowledge base, and our free WriteCycle

Academy professional development webinars.

Trusted Security
Our company is serious about protecting the privacy and security of our users’ information. We achieve extremely high

levels of security through the use of SSL encryption, redundant servers, sophisticated firewalls, multiple data centers, and

much more. We comply with the Better Business Bureau® and the Safe Harbor privacy and security standards. With a
security system that has never been breached, and a privacy policy of the highest standards, instructors and students can

use WriteCycle and Turnitin with an unsurpassed level of confidence.

Contact Us Today!
WriteCycle provides educators with the tools to effectively and efficiently improve their students’ critical thinking and

composition skills through formative writing assignments. Turnitin is successfully used by over 9,000 institutions and in

more than 110 countries worldwide. Millions of instructors and students around the world use the real time grading tools

and originality checking service. Turnitin has become a key part of how education works.

For over 10 years, Turnitin has been a market leader in providing outstanding academic learning tools to some of the

finest educational institutions. Only Turnitin has thousands of clients around the world who have vetted the quality of our

service. Only Turnitin receives over 150,000 student papers per day and has a renewal rate of over 90%. Contact us

today to learn how to make WriteCycle and Turnitin valuable resources at your institution.

Mailing Address: Secondary Education: E-mail:

1111 Broadway, 3rd Floor 510-764-7600 x239

Oakland, California 94607

U.S.A. Higher Education Visit us online:

510-764-7600 x240

Our Customers Have Spoken

“With GradeMark’s recent improvements, “My teachers found Turnitin to be user “I have used’s scan for

correcting and giving feedback is a snap... friendly and exceptionally efficient in plagiarized material for several years now,

It is easy to reduce your grading time by up ensuring a level playing field for all students. and it has completely changed the intellectual
to 30% compared to pen and paper. The I strongly encourage all administrators to authenticity, honesty, and precision in my

clipboard and rubric generator alone can look into the utilization of for students’ research writing. They can’t wait to

improve grading efficiency dramatically... My student research.” see the side-by-side analysis of their papers

students really seemed to enjoy the positive - Tommy Floyd and the articles they have quoted, all color-

reinforcement that the checkmark and smiley- Assistant Superintendent coded and numbered for matches. Instructors

face emoticons provide. Finally, having a for Student Achievement who do not have access to this program

summary panel that lists the time spent Madison County Schools often come to me, asking me to run a scan

grading and the number of total marks is an on a paper they believe to be plagiarized.

effective way for teachers to stay on track. A school-wide subscription to

GradeMark almost makes me look forward would raise the level of our students’ work

to marking!” several levels.”

- Professor James Papple - Dr. Dorothy Bushnell

Brock University Merced College

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