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Submitting in partial fulfillment of the requirements

For the Award of the Degree of

Jiya Sharma




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I have selected Future Value Retail (Big Bazar) as the organization for my internship during
this summer. I have approached the manager to request for the permission to do internship.
The store manager was convinced with my explanation and gave permission to do internship.
Future Value Retail Ltd. Patna. It was a two weeks internship starting from 21 st May, 2015 to
6th June, 2015. Working Days: Monday to Sunday and timings from 11 am to 6 pm. But I
stayed back in office along with my mentor till 7pm on certain occasions.
During the period of my internship, I have visited all the sections in the store but was
primarily working at the Customer Service Desk. I have interacted with people working in
different sections in the store and have primarily participated in their day today business
activities for the purpose of study and understanding the practices.
Mr.Neeraj the store manager took me to Mr.Suraj, my team leader on the first day for the
induction program. The HR manager explained me about the activities of the store, rules and
regulations, policies and major departments.
The second day onwards my internship started with observing the facilities and practices of
the store. My internship started with understanding the basic working process and customer
handling at the store. But I mainly worked at Customer Service Desk. My team leader was
very helpful and friendly, he explained me about the works done at CSD.
Day after another I learned many things like making the credit note or in which situation the
cash is refunded, how to talk with the customer and convince them. How to build the
relationship with the customers. And how the others facilities are processed.
Big Bazaar provides facilities like free alteration of clothes purchased from store, free home
delivery within 48 hours on a purchase of 1000 and above and free gift wrapping. I learned to
do all these things and also to maintain the book keeping as all these is practiced at CSD .
During the two weeks of internship at Big Bazaar I came to learn many things and basically
the attitude and behavior of the executives sales person and everyone there along with the

managers. I have seen different types of customers with different attitudes like many of them
were aggressive some were polite. And dealing with all these customers is a tuff work to do.
In my last days I have also learned the overall work and intention of other sections like
loyalty, cash counters etc. And had an idea of their works. And this is how two week passed
very soon and I learned lots of things there. And now am having brief knowledge about the
works done there and it was a good experience for me. And lastly I enjoyed working at the


About Future Value Retail:

The Future group is an Indian private conglomerate, headquartered in Mumbai. The company
is known for having a significant prominence in the Indian retail and fashion sectors, with
popular supermarkets like Big Bazar and Food Bazar, lifestyle stores like Brand Factory,
Central, etc. and also having notable presence in integrated food and FMCG manufacturing

Future Retail (initially Pantaloons Retail India pvt. Ltd. (PRIL)) and Future

Lifestyle Fashions, two operating companies of Future Group, are among the top retail
companies listed in BSE with respect to assets, in NSE with respect to market capitalization.
The group is currently developing over 50 malls and consumption centers across the country
and has for ies Future Groups vision is to, deliver med a joint venture company focusing on
mall management with Singapore-based CapitaLand, one of Asias largest property
companies Future Groups vision is, Everything, Everywhere, Every time to Every Indian
Consumer in the most profitable manner. The group considers Indian-ness as a core value
and its corporate credo is - Rewrite rules, Retain values.
Future the word which signifies optimism, growth, achievement, strength, beauty,
rewards and perfection. Future encourages us to explore areas yet unexplored, write rules yet
unwritten; create new opportunities and new successes. To strive for a glorious future brings
to us our strength, our ability to learn, unlearn and re-learn our ability to evolve.
The motto of Future Group, to not to wait for the Future to unfold itself but create future
scenarios in the consumer space and facilitate consumption because consumption is
development. Thereby, it will effect socio-economic development for their customers,
employees, shareholders, associates and partners. Their customers will not just get what they
need, but also get them where, how and when they need. They are not just posting
satisfactory results, they are writing success stories.


The organization structure of Big Bazaar is in the form of a hybrid organizational structure
where president is the head and then the vice president and below them comes the marketing,
HR, category manager finance manager and operation head and below them are the
marketing head, HR head, category head, finance head and store manager.


Isse sasta aur accha kahin nahi!

Big Bazaar has clearly emerged as the favorite shopping destination for millions of its
consumers, across the country, its success is a true testament to the emotional bonding it has
established with the Indian consumer, on account of its value offerings, aspirational appeal
and service levels.
Shop till you drop! Big Bazaar has democratized shopping in India and is so much more than
a hypermarket. Here, you will find over 170,000 products under one roof that cater to every
need of a family, making Big Bazaar Indias favorite shopping destination.
At Big Bazaar, you will get the best products at the best prices from apparel to general
merchandise like plastics, home furnishings, utensils, crockery, cutlery, sports goods, car
accessories, books and music, computer accessories and many, many more. Big Bazaar is the
destination where you get products available at prices lower than the MRP, setting a new
level of standard in price, convenience and quality.
If you are a fashion conscious buyer who wants great clothes at great prices, Big Bazaar is the
place to be. Leveraging on the companys inherent strength of fashion, Big Bazaar has
created a strong value-for-money proposition for its customers. This highlights the
uniqueness of Big Bazaar as compared to traditional hypermarkets, which principally revolve
around food, groceries and general merchandise.
Boasting of an impressive array of private labels, Big Bazaar is continually striving to
provide customers with a complete look. So be it mens wear, womens wear, kids wear,
sportswear or party wear, Big Bazaar fashions has it all!

Food Bazaar

Across India, food habits vary according to community, customs and geography. Food
Bazaar, through its multiple outlets addresses this. At the same time it offers best quality
products at wholesale prices to a wide cross section of the India population. Food Bazaar
effectively blends the look, touch and feels of the Indian bazaar with the choice, convenience
and hygiene that modern retail provides. The food and grocery division of the company was
launched in 2002-03 and has grown to 47 stores nationwide at the end of the current financial
year. Most stores are located within Big Bazaar, Central and Pantaloons and act as strong
footfall generators. There are separate stand-alone Food Bazaars as well. The business
contributed just fewer than 50 per cent of value retailing, and about 20 per cent to the
companys turnover during 2005-06. Food Bazaar offers a variety of daily consumption
items, which include staples, soaps and detergents, oils, cereals and biscuits. On the product
category side, the primary segregation is done on the basis of staples, fresh produce, branded
foods and home and personal care products.


Future Group shall deliver Everything, Everywhere, Every time for Every Indian Consumer
in the most profitable manner.

Future Group shares the vision and belief that their customers and stakeholders shall be
served only by creating and executing future scenarios in the consumption space leading to
economic development.
They will be the trendsetters in evolving delivery formats, creating retail realty, making
consumption affordable for all customer segments - for classes and for masses. They shall
infuse Indian brands with confidence and renewed ambition.
They shall be efficient, cost- conscious and committed to quality in whatever they do. They
shall ensure that their positive attitude, sincerity, humility and united determination shall be
the driving force to make them successful.

Indian ness: Confidence in themselves.

Leadership: To be a leader, both in thought and business.

Respect and Humility: To respect every individual and be humble in their conduct.

Introspection: Leading to purposeful thinking.

Openness: To be open and receptive to new ideas, knowledge and information.

Valuing and Nurturing Relationships: To build long-term relationships.

Simplicity and Positivity: Simplicity and positivity in their thought, business and

Adaptability: To be flexible and adaptable, to meet challenges.

Flow: To respect and understand the universal laws of nature.


Human resource department

Finance department

Marketing department

Logistic department

Sales department

Customer service department

Administration department


The HR department of Big Bazaar is very dynamic. Employees are the biggest
strength and asset of any organization and the HR dept realizes this very well
.This is very evident from the way the HR department handles all its
employees. They take utmost care to select, train, motivate and retain all the










employees. For any hr activity one of the major activities is recruitment of

the employee. The following are the main sources through which big bazaar
recruit it employees. Sources of Recruitment)
Consultancy Services: For top level management, employees are recruited
through private consultants.
Walk-ins: This is the main source through which Big Bazaar recruits its









department for job vacancy.

Finance Department Finance is the life blood of any business. The Finance
department of Big Bazaar performs a few basic functions, such as preparing
the Stores Income and Expenditure Statement giving full particulars of all
items. It also prepares the budget for expenditure at various levels on
different items. This department is also responsible for deciding and giving
the weekly, monthly and yearly sales targets and the margins for all the
departments separately. The Finance department is also responsible for

collecting and depositing the cash received in the companys bank account
daily. Review of Performance: The Company crossed $1 billion turnover mark
during the year under review, having recorded a robust growth in both the top
line as well as in bottom line.
It's said that people need to hear an offer at least seven times before they buy.
That concept certainly works against the single step marketing method. The
Marketing department is responsible for marketing of Big Bazaar s products
through different media like TV, radio, newspapers, banners, placards etc.
The marketing department has to decide and identify the most effective
medium to attract the customers to Big Bazaar thereby increasing the sales.
The department has to design creative and attractive advertisements through
which the companys products can be promoted to the customers. The
company has to visit different companies and has to enter in tie-ups for all its
advertisement campaign. The marketing department also consists of another
separate department which is known as Visual Merchandising. Visual
merchandising is an art by which a retailer makes the store talk to its
customers. The colors, signage, lights, look and feel, everything is taken into
account. It is very important to figure out what is the story, the picture, the
idea that is being sold to the customers. Another concept that was
incorporated in Big Bazaar from the beginning was that of Category
management as opposed to the brand merchandising practice that is followed
by many retailers. Category management is based on the belief that a
customer walks into a store looking for party shirt or a formal trouser, rather
than a particular brand. Therefore the store is designed according to the
categories like mens formal wear, womens western wear or a casual wear.
Within the organization too, teams were divided according to the categories
that they managed, rather than the brands. Big Bazaar wanted to have a
complete bouquet of products in each category at different price-points,
design, fabric, size and color. The objective was to create traffic drivers
within the Store rather than make brands compete with each other. Focusing
on categories also helped to achieve a level of perfection within the specific










arrangement in the Store with respect to their nature. The basic function of
this department is it divides the Store into some departments based on the
nature of the product and also within the department it decides how the
products should be arranged keeping in mind the customers taste. It also
arranges the products to attract the customers and also ensure easy
availability of products.
Logistics is a very important department of Big Bazaar. It is responsible for
procuring the stock of all the products of the different departments. The
logistics department receives the goods from the warehouse. The logistics
department receives the stock of different goods and verifies the quantity and
quality of the goods with the particulars given in the Goods Received
Statement which it receives along with the stock. Then it checks for any
damage in the stock received. If there is no damage in the stock, after
recording it in the Stock Inward Register dispatches the goods to the
respective department taking the signature of the Departmental Manager. On
the other hand if there is a damage in the goods or if the goods do not match
the details given in the Goods Received Statement, it enters in the Stock
Outward Register and sends it back to the warehouse along with a Goods
Returned Note giving full information regarding the reason for returning back
the goods and the defect or damage in the goods. The logistics department
receives two truckloads of stock every day. It is the respective departmental
Managers who place an order to the Zonal head office through e-mail for
stock of goods when they feel that the stock has to be replenished. The
logistics department works in complete coordination with all the other
departments to ensure that the stocks are received and maintained properly.
This department is responsible for the collection of sales amount i.e., cash
sales. There are in all 25 cash counters in the Store. There is a Head Cashier
to whom all the cahiers report and submit the total sales amount collected

throughout the day by the cashiers. In addition to cash all leading credit and
debit cards are accepted at no extra charge. Also Big Bazaar vouchers and
Sodexho coupons are also accepted. A cashier at the time of opening his
billing counter will be given an opening balance of Rs.1000. The cashier has
to ensure that all the offers applicable on respective products are given to the
customer in his/ her bill. Also if any free items are given on some purchases,
it should be informed to the customer clearly. After the billing is done, the
cashier has to pack the products neatly in a plastic cover according to the
customers needs. At the time of closing the billing counter, the cashier has to
give a statement of cash, with all particulars of different denominations of
cash, amount collected through credit cards, amount collected in debit cards,
amount collected in Sodexho coupons & Big Bazaar vouchers and also
amount collected through Credit Notes.
Customer Service Desk (CSD) As the name suggests this is the separate dept
which mainly focuses on customer service like if a customer finds difficulty
in finding any product, if there are any customer complaints, they are also
looked into, any customer assistance etc. is also provided. There is also an
Exchange Counter where if a customer is dissatisfied or wants to exchange
the product he/ she has purchased for any reason , the customers can
exchange them within 15 days of their purchase. When a customer brings a
product for exchange, the product is first received and checked if it is used or
deliberately damaged or tampered with. If it is in an acceptable condition,
then the customer is issued a Credit Note for that amount (products price).
The customer can then purchase any product for that amount or just take back
the money by cashing the credit note at a cash counter. If the customer buys a
product less than the amount in the credit note, the difference amount will be
returned to the customer and on the other hand if a customer buys a product
more than the amount in the credit note, the customer will be asked to pay the
difference amount. This department is also responsible for announcing all the
offers running in the store on different products throughout the day. This dept

also does gift wrapping for any product if the customer wants it at free of
The dept also collects customers opinion / feedback for continuous
improvement in their service. The ultimate aim of this department is to help
and satisfy the customer in every possible manner and makes the customers
experience memorable.
The Store administration comes under the Store Manager. Its functions are
store maintenance, housekeeping, security etc. The store maintenance is
concerned with the proper running of the store in co-ordination with all the
departments. It also has to ensure proper back up power supply in times of
power cuts. The Housekeeping is concerned with keeping all the departments
of the Store clean and neat all the time. Covers and other wastes should be
properly cleaned and the floor is swept regularly to keep it clean. The
Security section is concerned with the security of the entire store. Security
department keeps a vigilant check on all the people entering and departing at
the various entry and exit points in the store. They also maintain all the
registers like employees attendance register, stock register, visitors register
etc. They check all customers bill before letting them out of the store. They
ensure orderliness in the store and prevent shrinkage or pilferage of goods to
minimize the loss arising out of it. The housekeeping and security are outside
agencies employed by the store on a contract basis to take care of the
respective functions.
The Administration department also has a separate section known as
Information Technology. This department is responsible for the maintenance
of all the systems of the Store; all billing machines their functioning
networking with the master machine etc. If there is any problem with the
machine in any department in the store, then this department comes into
function. This dept integrates all the systems in the store and properly
maintains all of them.

It provides an opportunity to the customers to be a member of profit club. Therefore they
have to give the amount of 10000 and they will be benefited with extra 2000 and can shop
for 12000 which is valid for a year.
Customers can also be the mini profit club member as in this they have to give 5000 and
they will be benefited with extra 1000 that is they can shop for 6000.

This basically provides a sim card to the customers of Big Bazaar which later profits
the customers with the balance of 30 rs on every purchase of 1000 and above.
This is a payback card which customers can use on purchasing anything for adding up the
points. Which can later be redeemed and the points can be utilize for purchasing purpose at
free of cost.
There are special offers opportunities provided to the students being the customer at the
store. As they get 10% of discount on clothing or fashion and 5% on food bazaar and
stationary items. So now they can easily enjoy their shopping.


The concept of Wednesday bazaar was promoted as hafte ka sbse sasta din initiated in Jan
2007, the idea behind this scheme was to draw customers to stores on Wednesday, the day
when consumer presence is usually less. According to the chain, the aim of the concept was
to give homemakers the power to save the most.
The concept is mega saving was introduced in the year 2006 as a single day campaign with
promotional offers across the company outlets. Over the years, the concept has grown to
become a six-day biannual campaign.
Introduced on 12 February 2009, the great exchange offer allows customers to exchange
their old goods for big Bazaar coupons can be redeemed later for buying brands new goods
from Big Bazaar outlets across the nation.
Fashion @ Big Bazaar
This the Indias largest fashion destination. Where all kinds of clothes are available like
ethnic wear, kids, denim and party wear.
In this section of Big Bazaar foot wears and different fashion products are available
where customers can easily purchase the products of their choices.


This section contains food and groceries items. Which is very much in demand and needed
by the customers. So the sales here are quite high.

In this sections all the products that comes under the home decor are available. The

products like bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains and other accessories are there for
customers conveniences.


This section contains the home ware appliances and the required products which has a
demand by the customers.


Beauty products of different brands are also there in the store. Handled and promoted by
different brand staffs. Brands like lakme, Himalaya, LOreal, garnier etc.


The report reveals that there is huge scope for the growth of organized retailing and
improvement of Big Bazaar Store in Patna city.

With the changing lifestyle, modernization and westernization there exists a huge scope
for the growth of Big Bazaar store and is therefore a threat to unorganized retailing.

Big Bazaar store are able to provide almost all categories of items related to food, health,
beauty products, clothing & footwear, durable goods so it become quite easier for the
customer to buy from one shop and hence is a convenient way of shopping when
compared to unorganized retailing.

Aggressive Marketing is the key to increasing the market share in this area, since the
market has a lot of potential both in terms of untapped market.