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Center of Seremban in NEXT 10 years

(Updated May 2015)
Friday, May 15, 2015 Property Malaysia (Info) , Property Malaysia (News) , Property
Seremban (News) is forecasting the Center of Seremban in the next 10 years will be S2 Height
and it's surrounding!
The forecast is base on the major townships, commercials, shopping malls, and future development in
Seremban. The most active and significant projects like Bandar Sri Sendayan (BSS) by Matrix
Concepts, S2 Height by IJM Land, Bandar Ainsdale by Sime Darby Property, Bukit Kepayang by GUH
Properties and Seremban 3 (Unicity Mall) are going to be in shape and maturing in the next 5 to 10
As we can see the trend of town development in Seremban is actually shifting toward the North-West
area of Nilai and KLIA. Additional to this, the High Speed Rail (HSR) Seremban Terminal will be
located in Labu, which we expecting more attraction of development under Sime Darby Vision City
land bank.
The future land banks owned by the major properties players are our concern in term of successful
management and in line with their original master plan. If the development of Bandar Sri Sendayan,
Sime Darby Vision City (SDVC), Bandar Enstek and the balance of Sime Darby Future Development
Land Bank toward the Port Dickson area are excellently built, we can foreseen, the so call "Center of
Seremban" is going to move slowly toward the Bandar Enstek Area.
At the time, we are not sure whether we should continue calling Seremban City as "Seremban City".

Bandar Sri Sendayan FDI magnet

By | March 4, 2013 6:30 PM MYT
TAKE the North-South Expressway towards Seremban, the capital of Negeri
Sembilan, and about 10km from the town centre is Bandar Sri Sendayan.
The developer, Matrix Concepts Holdings Bhd, has its hands full to make the
developing township first featured by City & Country in 2011 not only
appealing to investors, but also meet market demand and fulfil the state's
aspiration in attracting foreign direct investments (FDI). Bandar Sri Sendayan has
attracted an impressive RM2.1 billion worth of FDI to date.
The township, with a gross development value (GDV) of RM5 billion, sits on 5,233
acres of freehold land and will take 10 to 15 years to develop. BSS Development
Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Matrix Concepts, is overseeing the project, made up of a
residential and recreational component (35%), commercial and institutional
(10%), industrial (20%), a Royal Military Air Force base (14%) and an orchard
Matrix Concepts chairman Datuk Mohammad Haslah Mohammad Amin tells City
& Country that 314.6 acres in the 1,000-acre industrial estate, called Sendayan
TechValley, have been sold to date to nine companies from Taiwan, China, Japan
and France. The parcels were sold at RM12 to RM26 psf.
"A few international companies from Austria, Germany, US and the UK are also
interested," he says. "The Austrian and UK companies are big and their
requirement in terms of land space is also huge. They are looking at 50 acres of
land each, and have budgets of not less than RM600 million."
Some 676.5 acres in TechValley are available for sale, with the developer keeping
485.1 acres for future projects.
About 20% of the industrial land for sale will be used to build detached industrial
lots, semidee lots and other industrial components, to be launched in the third or
fourth quarter.
Haslah says that since 2004, the amount of FDI flowing into Seremban has
increased as Negeri Sembilan becomes increasingly investor friendly. In 2011,
the state was ranked third for attracting FDI into Malaysia. The Malaysian
Investment Development Authority (Mida) has been heavily promoting Sendayan

"The reason why all these foreign companies have come to our township is that
we have the only industrial estate in Negeri Sembilan," Haslah says. In terms of
industrial area size, TechValley is larger than the industrial estate in Bandar
Enstek at Sepang, Selangor.'
Matrix Concepts is putting in a lot of effort to make TechValley appealing,
planting greenery along the roads and putting up cycling paths. It spent RM9
million to add a 15km natural gas line to the TechValley with the cooperation of
Gas Malaysia Bhd. This was to accommodate a request by French company
Messier-Bugatti-Dowty but Haslah says this will benefit other companies that
require an alternative source of energy.
A wholly-owned subsidiary of Safron SA a multinational aircraft and rocket
engine, aerospace component and security company Messier-Bugatti-Dowty is
the world's largest manufacturer of aircraft landing gear. It is involved in the
design, development, manufacturing aof all types of aircraft landing gears,
wheels and brakes. The company plans to manufacture aero brake discs in
Sendayan TechValley.
Another reason why Sendayan TechValley is drawing foreign companies is that it
is only 90km from Port Klang, Selangor, the main gateway by sea into Malaysia.
It is also near the Nilai Inland Port.
The land price is another factor as the cost in Negeri Sembilan is still in the
double-digit range at an average of RM26 psf, compared with RM100 and above
in the Klang Valley.
Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Utama Mohamad Hassan also takes the time to greet
foreign investors, which helps to reassure them of the state's commitment, says
The developer is also banking on companies that are moving into the industrial
area to spread the word and attract others to set up shop there.
"Messier-Bugatti-Dowty is the third largest conglomerate in France," says Haslah.
"Since this is its first venture into Asia-Pacific, we're hoping other companies will
follow suit."
The developer hopes to keep the momentum going. Haslah suggests that Mida
and other agencies play a more active role in helping to attract FDI, for example,
by highlighting recent events on the international front that can work to
Malaysia's advantage. These include the recent floods in Thailand and the
dispute between China and Japan over the Senkaku islands.
"One reason why Nippon Kayaku, an air-bag manufacturer, decided to invest in
Malaysia was because of the recent Japan-China island dispute," Haslah says.

Tension between the two countries soared after the Japanese government bought
over the Senkaku islands from its private owners in September. That caused
violent demonstrations in China, with protestors even setting fire to Japanesemade cars.
"We should take advantage of foreign situations such as these," says Haslah.
"Other situations, like the Thai floods, should also be used to our advantage."
The other Japanese companies that have decided to set up their plants in
TechValley are Akashi-Kikai/Daihatsu Motor (electronic auto transmission),
Daihatsu Motor (automotive), Meditop Corp (M) Sdn Bhd (medical equipment,
Hino Motors (truck assembly and engine block) and MBM Resources/Mitsubishi
In terms of residential property, demand in Bandar Sri Sendayan is strong,
particularly for 1-storey terraced houses. The first residential launch was Nusari
Homes, launched in 2008.
"All of our buyers are owner-occupiers and not speculators," Haslah says. "That's
why our price appreciation is gradual ... over a period of five years."
One-storey terraced homes at Nusari Bayu 1, launched in 2008 for RM82,000,
were going for as high as RM103,888. in 2010. Two-storey terraced homes at
Nusari Aman 2A, initially sold in 2009 for RM208,000, could fetch for RM224,301
in 2011.
The most recent launch was the Ivanix Park Homes @ Idaman Bayu 2, in October
Since 2012, there has been a shift in the buyer profile, with 40% of the
purchasers from the Klang Valley. Previously, buyers were mainly from the
Seremban area.
"They are coming here because of the improved infrastructure and convenience
of the Kajang-Seremban Highway (LEKAS), North-South Expressway and the
eventual Senawang-KLIA Expressway," says Datuk Lee Tian Hock, group
managing director and CEO of Matrix Concepts. "This accessibility allows them to
work in the Klang Valley and live in Seremban."
As Bandar Sri Sendayan slowly transitions from offering medium-end products to
more high-end projects, real estate values in the surrounding areas are expected
to benefit.
Upcoming facilities

According to Lee, Bandar Sri Sendayan's growth has been tremendous. "Over the
past one year, we have undertaken two projects the 1Sendayan Club and
Matrix Global Schools."
1Sendayan Club is a leisure and business club on seven acres of freehold land
that is scheduled to start operation in 2014. It offers an Olympic-size swimming
pool, Jacuzzi, water-sports station, tennis and badminton and squash courts. The
club will also have a bowling alley, as well as a games room, gymnasium, food
and beverage outlets, and other amenities.
Purchasers of the township's residential units will be offered free membership
and be given the option of renewal after a certain period. Membership will also
be open to the public.
Matrix Global Schools will have a private primary school, a secondary school as
well as an international school offering the Cambridge syllabus from pre-school
to year 13. The school complex sits on 20 acres and will have an estimated builtup of 550,000 sq ft. Expected to be completed by September 2014, it can
accommodate 2,100 students, with the first intake slated for 2015.
Lee says the schools will be managed by Matrix Concepts' new education
subsidiary, 1Sendayan Education Sdn Bhd. A consultant with a 20-year track
record in education management has been engaged.
"Seremban has never had an international school," says Lee. "We found that a lot
of professionals working in industries and international manufacturing facilities
would rather stay in the Klang Valley because of this."
Another pull factor Lim is proud of is the green space that has been allocated
within the township. The government's guidelines state that 10% of a land that is
developed must be allocated for green space, but in Bandar Sri Sendayan, 30%
has been set aside. That includes a two-acre orchard belonging to Federal Land
Development Authority (Felda) settlers. This means the township will have a
green lung of some 1,600 acres.
The developer had purchased nearly 4,000 acres from Felda settlers for Bandar
Sri Sendayan. The compensation package involved a 50% cash payment, a 1storey bungalow with a land area of about 10,000 sq ft, and a 2-acre orchard,
said to be worth a total of RM600 million. Some 90% of the township's
infrastructure has been completed.
About 12 projects are under construction, comprising 2,079 units of 1- and 2storey terraced houses as well as shopoffices. The overall take-up rate is 92%.
Some 4,483 units will be launched between 2012 and 2016.
The developer is also looking at creating some mini-theme parks but these are
still in the planning stages according to Lee.

"As Bandar Sri Sendayan reaches full maturity in 2019, we anticipate a

population of 100,000 made up of both owner-occupiers and those working in the
township," says Lee.
Matrix Concepts owns 2,500 acres in Negeri Sembilan and Kluang, Johor, that will
last it until 2019.
Haslah says the company will keep an eye out for land in the Klang Valley and
hopes to have a presence there someday.
Matrix Concepts was established in 1996 with core activities in investment
holdings, property development and construction. The group has completed and
sold 15,000 residential and commercial properties with a GDV of RM1.8 billion to
date. Completed developments include Taman Gadong Jaya in Seremban, Taman
Intan Perdana in Port Dickson and Bandar Anggerik Tenggara in Johor.
The company has received the Securities Commission Malaysia's approval to be
listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia and expects to make its debut in the
first half.
According to its prospectus, it will issue 62.5 million new ordinary shares worth
RM1 each with an offer for sale of 37.5 million ordinary shares.
This story first appeared in The Edge weekly edition of Feb 11-17, 2013.

City&Country: Cover Story-- Bandar Sri Sendayan on the rise

By | November 26, 2011 4:00 PM MYT
Bandar Sri Sendayan in Negri Sembilan may not have been a familiar name to many. But
that changed earlier this year when the government announced that the Royal Malaysian Air
Force (RMAF) base in Sungei Besi would be relocated to the township.
The Sungai Besi airbase will make way for the Bandar Malaysia integrated development
being undertaken by 1Malaysia Development Bhd (IMDB). 1MDB will also develop the new
base on a 750-acre tract that was acquired recently from Menteri Besar Inc of Negri
City & Country recently took a drive from Petaling Jaya which took just over an hour to
view the 5,233-acre Bandar Sri Sendayan township. The developer is BSS Development
Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Matrix Concepts Group, in a joint venture (JV) with Menteri Besar
Inc of Negri Sembilan, the investment arm of the state government. The township has an
estimated gross development value (GDV) of RM3 billion and is to be developed over 10 to
15 years.
According to news reports, the tract was a Felda scheme that was originally planned to be
developed back in 1996 by Malaysian Helicopter Services Bhd (now known as MHS Land
Sdn Bhd) via a JV with the Negri Sembilan State Development Authority. The Felda settlers
sold almost 4,000 acres of land, valued at about RM557 million, but the project came to a
halt during the 1997 economic slowdown.
A new deal has been worked out for the settlers, involving 50% cash payment from their
land, a single-storey bungalow with a land area of about 10,000 sq ft and a 2-acre orchard
plot. The compensation package is said to be worth about RM600 million. Instead of just
cash, the state government wanted to ensure the settlers not only received monetary
compensation, but also get a bungalow as well as agriculture plots for recurring income. This
way, there wont be problems when the money runs out several years down the road, Matrix
Concepts founder and executive chairman Datuk Lee Tian Hock tells City & Country.
Matrix Concepts is no stranger to the state, where it was incorporated in 1997. In March that
year, it launched its first project in Bahau comprising residential and commercial
properties with a GDV of RM35 million in a JV with the landowner.
It went on to develop larger projects including Taman Gadong Jaya in Seremban, Taman
Intan Perdana in Port Dickson, and Bandar Anggerik Tenggara in Johor. Since then, it has
completed and sold some 18,000 residential and commercial units in Negri Sembilan and
Johor worth RM2 billion. Besides Bandar Sri Sendayan, the developer is currently
developing a 900-acre township in Kluang, Johor, called Taman Seri Impian, with a GDV of
RM1 billion.
The JV with the state to develop Bandar Sri Sendayan was the result of a tender process
back in 2006, which involved other big-name developers. Seremban-born Lee says: We
knew from our experience and our network that we would pull through ... So far, whatever we
have planned, has materialised. We are very hands-on and familiar with the authorities here.
So, while you can say it was a big risk for our company to take on such a big township, it
was actually a calculated risk.

The freehold Bandar Sri Sendayan is not far from the more familiar Seremban 2 township; it
is just a short drive from the Jusco shopping centre in the latter, or about 7km from the
Seremban toll. On our recent visit, the township was bustling with land-clearing activity and
construction work.
Lee, a graduate in housing, building and planning from University Sains Malaysia, says
1,500 units of properties have since been completed and delivered. The township, which will
offer mainly medium-cost housing, will eventually have a total of 5,000 units, he says.
Seremban, he says, has always been overshadowed by Kuala Lumpur. We want to make
sure that Seremban grows as a satellite city together with Kuala Lumpur. We have been
entrusted by the state government to develop something different so we want to develop
Bandar Sri Sendayan to be the Damansara of Seremban.
Integrated township
Bandar Sri Sendayan comprises industrial (17%), residential (35%), commercial (7%),
agriculture (21%), TUDM (15%) and education (5%) components. Leaving aside the tracts
allocated for agricultural land for the setttlers, the 750-acre commercial tract sold to RMAF
and about 1,000 acres for industrial purposes, Matrix Concepts will still be left with about
2,300 of the original 5,233 acres to be developed.
Lee says the main state administrative offices will be relocated to the township in the next
three to five years on a 55-acre site. Under construction is a 5-storey Syariah Court
Matrix Concepts general manager (corporate division) Teow Kim Siong tells City & Country
that a petrol station and a local fast food chain have been built just beside the Syariah Court
Complex. We need to provide some facilities for such a new township, he says.
Residents and those working in the township can also look forward to enjoying a 26-acre
park the Sendayan Green Park.
Adds Teow, We are trying to make this an eco-friendly township. There are plans for an
amphitheatre, viewing deck, gazebos, fitness centres and many more to come within the
green park.
Commercial component projects include Sendayan Metropark fronting the main road
(Persiaran Bandar Sri Sendayan), comprising 2- and 3-storey shopoffices that were
launched end-2010 and are currently under construction. There are also 25 units of 2- and
2-storey shop offices called Nusari Biz, priced from RM508,000, that have seen a take-up
rate of 95%.
Also under construction are the Medan Nusari Community shops which includes a food
court, in the middle of the residential precinct. Says Teow, This is a place where people
dont just come and buy stuff ... they can bring their family and theres a courtyard inside for
the children to play while the parents shop. The food court will be maintained by the
All 46 units of the Medan Nusari Community shops have been sold since they were
launched in 3Q2010 at slightly over RM200,000. Recent secondary transactions have seen
the units sold for about 40% higher, or over RM300,000. A corner unit sold for over
RM400,000 recently changed hands for over RM700,000. The community shops are
expected to be completed by the end of this year.

As for the residences, Teow says the current launch features single-storey semidee units
with built-ups of 1,800 sq ft, priced at about RM359,000, and 2-storey link homes of 2,300 sq
ft at a little over RM300,000.
There are plans for high-end residential homes to be launched next year, with indicative
prices of around RM1 million to RM2 million. This marks a strategic move for Matrix
Concepts, which is known more as a developer of low to medium-cost properties, into the
medium high-end segment.
Close to the 180-acre high-end residential precinct will be the 100-acre Merchant Square. It
will offer boutique shops, small office versatile office (SoVos) and boulevard shops. We will
also own and operate a private school here as well as a 2-storey 180,000 sq ft clubhouse
called 1Sendayan Club, Teow says.
Matrix Concepts managing director Ho Kong Soon says construction on Merchant Square
will start in 1Q2012. Details for 1Sendayan Club are being ironed out now. We are looking
at offering our high-end residential purchasers free club membership for a few years, he
adds. Facilities include a spa, bowling alley, therapeutic salt-water wading pool and partly
covered Olympic-size infinity swimming pool.
Another commercial hub to be developed at a later stage as the township matures is the
proposed Icon Park on a 116-acre tract. Plans are for small office home office (SoHo) units,
an exhibition centre, two floating restaurants separated by a lake and a cultural village,
among other features.
However, the developer hopes to begin infrastructure work on an exhibition centre, called
Istrade, within Icon Park by the middle of next year.
We will build and own the centre and lease it out. We are targeting lifestyle and fashion
boutiques, and leather and designer goods, household, DIY, medical and pharmaceutical
outlets so we can control the quality of the tenants, Ho says.
As for the 1,000-acre industrial component, it will be known as Sendayan TechValley, Teow
reveals. We want to make it eco-friendly so people who work there will not find a typical
factory area, what we normally see in an industrial area. We will have pedestrian walkways
and a lot of green, which will make people feel more relaxed, he says.
Infrastructure work for the industrial area is expected to be completed within the next six
months. The first factory to be built there, on a six-acre site, will be for a pharmaceutical
company. The groundbreaking ceremony was held in July. Two international companies are
currently in the midst of inking deals to build factories in the township.
Among the pull factors for industries, says Teow, are the good road transport network and
proximity to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, low-cost carrier terminal and Kuala
Lumpur city.
The industrial development will have its own waste management centre.
On the relocation of the RMAF air base in Sungai Besi to Bandar Sri Sendayan, Teow says:
We understand RMAF is in the midst of coming up with the development plans and we hear
work will begin some time next year. Local residents were concered about noise but as
reported, it will solely be a training and academic centre, with only helipads. The developer
was unable to reveal how much the 750-acre tract was transacted for.
On the prospects for the property sector, Lee says based on the population growth, Malaysia
still needs new homes. The demand depends on locations such as the Klang Valley, Johor

and Penang. So it all depends on your strategy and the reputation of the developer. The
property outlook is good and pretty buoyant for the next two years due to the demand, but of
course it also depends on the global economy, he says.
As for Matrix Concepts, while it will be kept busy with Bandar Sri Sendayan, it is also looking
at developing landed residential units in the Klang Valley within the next three years.

Matrix Concept Undertaking 4th Phase Of Bandar Sri Sendayan

SEREMBAN, Oct 14 (Bernama) -- Matrix Concept Holdings Bhd, the developer of Bandar Sri
Sendayan (BSS), is now undertaking the fourth phase development at the township.
BSS in Sendayan is a mega comprehensive township being developed on 2,118 hectares
(ha) of land comprising residential, commercial, institutional and industrial properties.
Matrix Concept Group managing director and chief executive officer Datuk Lee Tian Hock
said so far, the residential and recreational components were 35 per cent complete,
commercial and institutional (10 per cent), Sendayan TechValley (20 per cent), TUDM
Academia (14 per cent) and orchard and others (21 per cent).
"In terms of housing, to date we have completed and delivered to buyers some 4,000 units
of various types namely single-storey terraced houses, double-storey terraced houses and
semi-detached houses.
"Among the residential estates that have been completed are Nusari Bayu, Nusari Aman and
Idaman Bayu while Hijayu is under construction.
"Our houses continue to attract buyers from Negeri Sembilan and the Klang Valley due to its
strategic location in the Klang Valley conurbation.
"According to plans, we will build a total of 12,000 housing units overall in this area and the
projected population is about 120,000 upon completion by 2020," he told reporters here
For the main commercial area at Sendayan MetroPark, some 38 units of shophouses had
been fully sold and another 53 units have been opened for registration.
The other components available at Sendayan MetroPark are Sendayan Galleria, petrol
station, restaurants, Shariah Court Complex, supermarket as well as indoor futsal and
badminton court.
Lee said besides the residential estates, BSS also provides various facilities including
private international school and club house.
Among the facilities and infrastructure that are under construction in the fourth phase is
Matrix Global Schools (MGS), which is the Sendayan Education Hub.
"MGS is another development component but with the education concept, which will be built
within the integrated business centre on 40.47ha land," he said.
MGS which is being developed under the Sendayan Merchant Square component will
feature a private school and an international school.

"We expect this to be fully completed in September 2014 and start operations with student
intake in 2015. Both private schools will offer education concept in accordance to Cambridge
"To develop the Sendayan Education Hub on 8.09ha plot, the company has spent as much
as RM180 million," he said adding the company targeted to fully complete the works for
infrastructure and facilities under phase four in five years.
"That is our target for Sendayan Merchant Square component in which various infrastructure
and facilities will be located such as Central Piazza, supermarket, retail outlets, boutique and
hotel, before entering phase six for Sendayan IconPark development," he said.
On Sendayan TechValley, which is a hi-tech industrial park with excellent infrastructure
network, Lee said the project would span 404.49ha of freehold land.
He said to date 70 per cent of the area had been sold and among the foreign companies that
had built their factories there are Hino Motor from Japan, Messier-Buggatti-Dowty (France),
Keen Point (Hong Kong), TMC Metal (Taiwan), Akashi-Kikai Industry (Japan), Meditop
Corporation (Japan), Nippon Kayaku (Japan) and Schmidt + Clemens (Germany).
The other development in BSS is Sendayan IconPark on 46.94ha of land, which offers
various facilities including exhibition centre, apartments and cultural village.
According to him, BSS will also house the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) complex on a
303.52ha site to replace the Sungai Besi air base in Kuala Lumpur.

Bandar Sri Sendayan, Sendayan

Bandar Sri Sendayan is a mega self-contained township that is being developed on 5,233
acres of land which comprised of residential, commercial, institutional and industrial
properties, strategically located in the Greater Klang Valley, near Seremban, with a GDV
worth RM5 billion.
Bandar Sri Sendayan is expected to have a population of 120,000 people once it is fully
developed in estimated 15 years. It is an area that provides lots of township amenities and
various facilities surrounding the area, lush green landscape with park and the area is easily
within reach. It is located adjacent to the RM2 billion Seremban 2 development project, at
least 4 kilometres southeast of the Seremban town centre.
Bandar Sri Sendayan is also being gazetted within the Level 1 National Growth Conurbation;
collectively known as the "Kuala Lumpur Conurbation" which encompasses mainly Kuala
Lumpur, Putrajaya, Shah Alam, Klang, Nilai, Seremban, Port Dickson where Bandar Sri
Sendayan is gazette in this Conurbation. This Level 1 National Growth Conurbation is part of
the strategy under the Malaysia economy blue print to achieve a developed state status by the
year 2020. Bandar Sri Sendayan's development is definitely in line with the Malaysia national
policy to achieve this national goal.
Bandar Sri Sendayan is a mixed development project designed with single-storey terrace /
link houses, double-storey terrace / link houses and also semi-detached houses. It comes with
spacious built up area that ranges from 969 to 1,332 square feet, along with three or four
bedrooms and two or three bathrooms. The low density enclave provides is residence with
peaceful living lifestyle which is very suitable for raising your children and also relaxing after
a long day at work.
Bandar Sri Sendayan is strategically located at central region along the west coast of
Penisular Malaysia with easy access to expressways such as the North South Highway
(PLUS) with just a mere 5 minutes drive via the Seremban toll exit, the Utara Selatan
Hubungan Tengah Highway, plus also able to use toll-free road that leads to the LCCT and
KLIA airports (within 35 minutes drive), Seremban (within 10 minutes drive), Port Dickson
(within 20 minutes drive), Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.

In addition, Bandar Sri Sendayan also provides its residents with convenient access to public
amenities and township facilities such as having close proximity to the International
University College of Nursing, adjacent to the Proposed City University of Science &
Technology, schools, banks, market, clinics, shops, restaurants and eateries, convenience
store, petrol station, eateries, courier services.
Bandar Sri Sendayan is also located adjacent to Seremban 2 New Township that already
provides you with the Aeon Seremban 2 Shopping Centre, Tesco hypermarket, City Park
Lake Gardens, Seremban Court Complex, District Police headquarters, State Fire Brigade
headquarters, along with established neighbourhood which include Green Street Homes, Sri
Carcosa, Central Park, Emerald Park, Garden Avenue, Vision Homes, S2 Heights and Park

Property Details
Name: Bandar Sri Sendayan
Address: Sendayan, 71950 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Developer: Matrix Concepts Holdings (a JV with Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan
Completion Date
Idaman Villa: 2008
Nusari Bayu 1: 2010
Nusari Bayu 2A: 2011
Atiya: 2011
Idaman Bayu: 2011
Nusari Aman 1A (Argenia): 2011
Medan Nusari Shops: 2011
Nusari Aman 2A (Amelia & Miconix): 2011
Nusari Aman (Cosmoxia & Cosmonix): 2011
Nusari Aman 1B (Natronix & Natronia): 2012
Nusari Bayu 3 (Helonix & Helonia): 2012
Nusari Biz Shop Office: 2013
Nusari Bayu 3II (Helonix & Helonia): 2013
Metropark Shops (Phase 1): 2013
Type: Terrace, Superlink, Semi-Detached & Shop Office
Tenure: Freehold
No. of Units
Idaman Villa: 531
Nusari Bayu 1: 1159
Nusari Bayu 2A: 359
Atiya: 18
Idaman Bayu: 178
Nusari Aman 1A (Argenia): 236
Medan Nusari Shops: 46
Nusari Aman 2A (Amelia & Miconix): 241
Nusari Aman (Cosmoxia & Cosmonix): 56
Nusari Aman 1B (Natronix & Natronia): 515
Nusari Bayu 3 (Helonix & Helonia): 261
Nusari Biz Shop Office: 25
Nusari Bayu 3II (Helonix & Helonia): 219

Metropark Shops (Phase 1): 38

Nusari Aman 2 (Velonix & Velonia): 472
Nusari Aman 2 (Veloxia): 18
Nusari Aman 2D (Tritonix): 128
Nusari Aman 3A (Kriptonia & Kriptonix): 139
Nusari Aman 2B (Florenix & Veloxia): 90
Idaman Bayu 2 (Ivanix ParkHomes): 56
Hijayu 1B (Bentonix & Bentonia): 229
Hijayu 3D (Alwinix & Alconix): 534
Hijayu 1A-2 (Castora 1 & 2): 299
Hijayu 1A-1 (Balista 1 & 2): 367
Hijayu 3A (Dextora 1 & 2): 565
Land Area: 5,233 acres
Built-up: 969 - 1,332 sf
Launch Price
1-Storey Terrace: RM140,888 - RM175,888
2-Storey Terrace: RM249,888 - RM439,888
Single-Storey Semi-D: From RM349,888


Matrix Global Schools

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bandar Sri Sendayan
Sendayan Green Park
DTempat Country Club
Sport Facilities
Olympic size swimming pool
Children pool with play station
4 indoor badminton courts
Fully equipped gymnasium
Aqua gym
Sauna & steam bath
10 lane bowling alley
Other Facilities
TV room
Children play room
Reading room
VIP holding room
Food & Beverage Outlet
Seafood restaurant
Banquet hall (accommodate 800 pax)
Japanese restaurant
Coffee house
Bar lounge
Bowling alley snack bar
Other Retails
Hair and beauty saloon
Pro shop
Arcade room

Convenience shop
Bowling accessories shop
Medan Nusari Commercial Area
Hospital Seremban (15 minutes)
Columbia Asia Hospital (10 minutes)
AEON Shopping Centre (7 minutes)
Petrol station
Police station (8 minutes)
Fire station (8 minutes)
24 hours convenience store (5 minutes)


Bandar Sri Sendayan in Sendayan is without a doubt a modern and stylish mix development
within a comprehensive township having low density, quality environment along with lush
greenery and verdant parks and peaceful surrounding which is suitable for raising your
children as well as for newly married couples.
The main components of Bandar Sri Sendayan is residential and recreational (35%),
commercial and institutional (10%), Royal Malaysia Air Force Academia and Training
(14%), Sendayan Tech Valley (20%) and Orchard: Green Zone (21%). It is a little wonder
that it was awarded Sense of Place World Awards Sustainable Township of The Year 2013.
As a self-sufficient township, Bandar Sri Sendayan comes equipped with its own 100-acre
integrated central business hub for its community. The Sendayan Merchant Square comprises
of boutique retail outlets, dining facilities and boutique hotel, among others. The building is
set against tropical boulevards with planned vista and lush trees to creating a buzzing and
lively surrounding. Offering more than the standard requirement 10% greenbelt, the green
acres in the area 21% of the total township development.
Also planned for operation in Bandar Sri Sendayan is d'Tempat @ Sendayan, a three-storey
premier family and business club that is scheduled for operation by 2014. Sitting on a sevenacre land, the club offers variants of facilities, among them being olympic-sized swimming
pool, spa, children water play station, tennis court, badminton court, squash court, bowling
alley, table tennis, games room and gymnasium. It has already been awarded provisional
Gold Medal Certificate upon Design Assessmant (DA) stage of Green Building Index (GBI).
Bandar Sri Sendayan will also offer a top-notched education centres with its own Matrix
Global School, modelled after a British residential school concept. The school is expected to
be able to accommodate 2,500 students within its 20 acres of land area. It is expected for
completion by September 2014 and to start operating by 2015. The private primary,
secondary and international school will adhere to Cambridge-standard syllabus, from Pre-

School to Year 13. It will provide a full campus learning environment facilities ranging from
auditorium, lecture theatres to music rooms, recording studios and a performing arts centre.
The Bandar Sri Sendayan township will also house its own commercial and hi-tech park to
the residents. Metropark, one of the main commercial area has already seen the set up of 5storey Syariah Court Complex, Sendayan Galleria and KIP Mart hypermarket. The place has
already been structured to welcome more financial institution, educational centres,
showrooms, specialty stores, retail outlets and F&B outlets.
Bandar Sri Sendayan, as part of 'Kuala Lumpur Conurbation', has set up Sendayan Techvalley
that spans over 1,000 acres of freehold land. The visionary hi-tech park comes with excellent
infrastructure network with ready gas pipeline to cater to incoming business opportunities.
Focusing on sustainability, renewable resources, new technology and advance
communication service and facilities, Sendayan Techvalley is the answer for major economic
zone location. At the moment, the place has experience Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from
Japan, France, Germany, China and Taiwan.
As part of 'Kuala Lumpur Conurbation', a lot of investors are seeing a lot of opportunities in
Bandar Sri Sendayan. Being within 35 minutes' drive from KLIA and LCCT is also another
factor to its impending success. Catering to both business and family upbringing, the
township is expected to be able to draw in new families and young professionals. It will
create an opportunity for young people to afford landed properties and larger homes, as well
as Sendayan TechValley creating job opportunities to the residents.