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In Class-Essay


In both the Sixth Sense and The Demonologist, there are many
supernatural beings that interact with humans in the real world. The main
difference between these two works lies in the motives of these supernatural
beings, as the demons destructive actions are looking to inhabited people
that would be in contact with David. Or these demons within another body
collective convince David of the existence of demons, and the ghosts actions
are looking for resolution. These differences are best shown through the
analysis of the downfall of Marco Ianno, the journey of David Ullman, and
the relationship between Malcolm Crowe and Cole Sear.
The destructive nature of demons can be illustrated through the downfall of
the life of Dr. Marco Ianno. In chapter 10 the initial meeting between David
Ullman and Marco Ianno occurs. Marco is described as a new voice, coming
from the rear of the hall. Kindly and sympathetic. An accented voice
belonging to a man who was advancing with sure purpose and a familiar
smile so that, when he stood next to me and took me by the elbow, I
seemed to have known him all my life (Pyper 108). This quote shows that
Marco was a very nice and friendly person. This however changes as time
progresses, and this is best shown through Davids experience at Santa
Croce. David starts to describe Marcos appearance, saying He is soaked
through with sweat. His shirt clinging to his back, dark moons under his arm.
His breathing. A hoarse rattle so deep it seems to be drawing air to
somewhere other than his lungs (Pyper 54) This quote shows a different
Marco Ianno that the reader had seen before, hes appearance looks like hes
deteriorated, consumed by the demon that it inside of him. This
transformation shows how demons are destructive beings.

The Destructive ways that demons have can be also illustrated through the
life of David Ullman. A teacher highly respected that with his critical study
about demons and Miltons Paradise Lost, have taken him to Ivy League and
various academic conferences around the world. Davids knowledge is shown
when hes analyzing Miltons work, saying: The mind is its own place, and in
it self Can make heaven of hell, a hell of heaven. That is John Milton,
speaking through Satan, his most brilliant fiction. And I happen to believe
the old fellow----both old fellow--- have got it right (Pyper 7). This quote
shows how David examines and explains how Miltons Poem is related to
demons and shows how smart he is with his professional life. As the story
progresses David life starts to change and his work is being questioned and
his beliefs. His life changes when he starts to make wrong decisions, and this
is shown when he says: right now Im riding in a dead mans vehicle. A
man I killed (Pyper 269). This quote shows how David falls into a state of
craziness and madness that lead him to kill a person, looking for his
daughter, and his beliefs are being questioned by events that occurred in his
life, like when the man in the chair said to him: You most prepare for an
education in what frightens you (Pyper 59). In this quote its shown how the
man in the chair tells David that his belief is about to be in challenge and he
must be ready for what it coming in his future.
The relationship between Dr. Malcolm Crowe and Cole Sear shows how
ghosts are looking for help and resolution instead of destruction like demons.
This can be seen when: one of the ghost that appears to Cole is a little girl
named Kyra that is looking for help when she is murdered. At the wake of
Kyra, Cole goes to her room and she grabs his leg and give him a box that
Cole has to give to her dad. Within the box, there is a videotape that shows
how the stepmother keeps Kyra sick by poisoning the food, this is shown
how ghosts are looking for a resolution and relief after they are dead, giving
the last will they had before they can rest in peace. Another way to see the
relationship of Dr. Malcolm Crowe and Cole Sear, is when Cole says to
Malcolm: Maybe we can pretend like were going to se each other
tomorrow. Just for pretend. and Dr. Malcolm says: Im going to go now
Ill see you tomorrow, Cole. This two quotes shows how Cole makes a really
strong relationship with Malcolm which he didnt had at the beginning of the
film, showing how close a human being can make a serious relationship with
a ghost.

In my conclusion, demons are supernatural beings looking for destruction,

which is well explain on my analysis of the downfall of Marco Ianno, and the
Journey of David Ullman their life changes with the interaction and
destructive power of the demons. Instead ghosts have boundaries, they not
looking for destruction like demons their looking for resolution or giving help
to people, in this case the relationship of Malcolm Crowe and Cole Sear.
Malcolm give Cole help to overcome his fear, within that help he receive that
resolution that he was looking for at the end of the film.