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Scene 1: Picture of Kishkindha

Once upon a time in ancient India, there was a kingdom called Kishkindha, the
land of monkeys.
Scene 2: Palace BG: Vali= Maggi appears, both disappear, Sugreeva=Yippee,
both disappear, Angada= Wai-Wai, Knorr, everything disappears,
Their king was the mighty Vali or Maggi, ably supported by his younger brother
Sugreeva, aka Yippee. Vali and Sugreeva, along with Angada who was a minor
player supplied all the bananas or instant noodles to the monkeys.
Scene 3: Demon photo, shifts to Vali defeating Dundubhi
One day, Vali is challenged by a demon called Dundubhi. Vali defeats Dundubhi
without too much fuss.
Scene 4: Mayavi vs Vali. Show rotten bananas. Shift scene to cave.
But that night, Dundubhis son, Mayavi challenges Vali to a fight. He claims Valis
bananas contain too much lead and MSG. Vali follows Mayavi to a cave and a
long fight ensues.
Scene 5: Closed cave (if possible) & Sugreeva, speech bubble appears when his
dialogue comes
Sugreeva, fearing that Mayavi may come for him next, puts a rock over the
mouth of the cave and starts walking back to Kishkindha <Sugreeva> Now that
Vali is gone, I can actually take over Kishkindha </Sugreeva>
Scene 6: Empty/bare palace room with Sugreeva in it.
Sugreeva returns only to find Kishkindha in shambles. The citizens of Kishkindha
were now suspicious of bananas and only a few agreed to buy them anymore.
Although Sugreeva was now king, there wasnt much of a kingdom.
Scene 7: Show marketplace. Then show instant noodles packet, then cover it
with substitutes one by one
Many monkeys preferred buying honey from bears, insects from birds and berries
from jungle-dwellers. In other words, after Maggis ban, the instant noodles
segment is under threat from substitutes like plain noodles, vermicelli, pasta,
spaghetti and so on. Sugreeva is also in a tussle with Angadha over market
Scene 8: Sugreeva and Jambavan
Unsure of what to do, Sugreeva comes to Jambavan.
<Sugreeva> Listen, I want to win back Kishkindha, I want people to believe that I
am a powerful ruler
<Jambavan> You need to perform a 5C analysis of the situation before forming a
<Sugreeva> What?
<Jambavan> Just trust me

Scene 9: Show 5Cs. Context show maggi ban

There are 5 things you have to consider. Your customers, your company, the
context, your competitors and your collaborators. The context has already been
set, so lets start with your customers. Theyve stopped believing in Kishkindhas
bananas after Vali was taken away. The monkeys of Kishkindha are actually
moving towards honey, berries and insects. At this point, you have some
believers, some sitting on the fence, some monkeys waiting for Vali to return and
some monkeys willing to give you, Sugreeva, some time. Youve got better
collaborators than your competitors do. Maintain relationships with Jambavan
and the lot. You wont regret it. They are your strength. You are the son of the
Sun-God, Surya feast on that. Youve plenty of resources to throw at any
problem. Finally, your competition is of two types: intra-segment and inter
segment. Intra-segment competition includes other instant noodle brands like
Angada. Inter-segment is from other products like Jatayu.
<Sugreeva> So what do I do?
<Jambavan> Extend your product. Diversify into kingdoms outside of
Sugreeva thought about this. There were many kingdoms around Kishkindha that
were baying for its blood. Maybe conquering those kingdoms because would be
the better move. But how? He asks Jambavan.
<Sugreeva> How do I start diversifying?
<Jambavan> I shall tell you 4 things to make this successful.
The first thing is to focus on your product. Introduce different regional flavours.
Sell bananas on banana leaves to attract monkeys from the southern side.
Rasagulla flavoured bananas will attract the eastern monkeys. Sell oranges and
say theyre bananas to get the Nagpur monkeys. Make sure all these bananas
have different skin colours to make them distinct. Deer-flavoured bananas for
Sita would sell. And so would Sita-flavoured bananas for Ravana.
Also, bring in new products such as Rama, Lakshmana, and Shabari. All of you
form one alliance. Rama will be for honey, Shabari for berries. You can be for
bananas. Lakshmana will be for insects. You capture the bears and jungle folk
market along with the monkeys. Sure, there are many players in these markets,
but youve been king, youre backed by the sun. You have the brand that the
others dont.
Second, maintain your current prices or lower them slightly. Ensure a healthy
relationship with Jambavan for a constant availability of your stock for the jungle
folk. Make sure Jambavan gets a healthy share and offer him discounts on bulk
orders. You could offer him extra honey with every banana trees worth of
product he purchases and whatnot.
Third, monkeys think bananas are unsafe. We need to change that. Youre
currently holding an open grievance council. Thats good. But how does that tie
in with you giving away a rock or some bark with the bananas? We need to have
an integrated, consistent message, that we are healthy and safe. Let people gain
visas to Lanka for some exercise with a certain number of banana skins
collected. Sponsor yagnas at Rishyamukha. Employ a brand ambassador who

stands for health and virility such as Hanuman. Organize crossings across the
ocean to establish your product range as one meant for healthy living.
Finally, make sure Jambavans cave stocks your product in prominent places. You
could even paint berries on Shabaris hut so that passers-by know whose berries
shes offering. Strategically place products in locations where a certain type of
customer visits. For example, you cannot put Valis favourite bananas in
Rishyamukha. The skinny bananas are a good choice since sadhus frequent it
more often. Golden berries and golden honey in Lanka would be an appropriate
strategic move as well. Monkeys will buy anyones honey, so we need to market
this well.
</Group 9>
The next day, Sugreeva comes running to group 9.
<Sugreeva> Valis back! He killed Mayavi, hes broken out of the cave and hell
be back in Kishkindha by the end of the year! </Sugreeva>
<Group 9> Dont worry, youve Rama and Lakshmana. You can handle him
</Group 9>
After a bitter struggle, Sugreeva was able to hold his own and best Vali thanks to
the diverse allies he had. Sugreevas food became the talk of the town. His wide
range and low prices ensured that he became the king of a prosperous
Unfortunately, monkeys got so used to low prices and variety that they refused
to believe in the concept of inflation. Which is why in our time they steal any kind
of food.
But thats beside the point. Our recommendation for Yippee, aka Sugreeva, is to
diversify in the instant foods segment and not confine itself to the instant
noodles segment, i.e. Kishkindha. Given ITCs massive profits and revenues, this
is quite feasible. Maggi, aka Valis return would provide a challenge in the instant
noodles segment, but even without his return, the strategy should be the same.
Valis return only expedites the process.
In the end, were pretty confident that Sugreeva was the one shouting Yippee,
not Vali. Remember the Ramayana? Who ended up as the King of Kishkindha?
Not that this story has any resemblance with Ramayana. None at all. No
plagiarism. Okay, bye!