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. When a feeder window is installed on

the top of building to lead the feeder
cable into the room, it must be sealed

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. The antenna jumper and the feeder cable before the feeder
window must have waterproof bends.

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. When the feeder cable is bent on the top of a building and then
extended downward along the wall, the protective means should
be used for the parts of contact with the wall corner. When the
feeder cable enter to room along the roof, the feeder clips should
be used to fix the feeder cable.

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Lightning-proof and Grounding

. The lightning-proof arrester must be earthed according to

specification for GSM macro base station. All ground cables are
connected to the outdoor protection ground bar of equipment room
after collecting.

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Lightning-proof and Grounding

. The outside grounding bar must be wiped off rust and cleaned
dirt before they are connected, in order to ensure their reliable
connection. The outside grounding bar must be anticorrosion
and antirust processed by using self-spray paint or other
protection materials after they are connected in order to ensure
their long-term good contact. Each connecting terminal should
be installed correctly and firmly together with flat washers and
spring washers.

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Lightning-proof and Grounding

. The feeder grounding clip is directly fixed on the steel sheet of the
tower perfectly. The installation of this clip must accord with the
standard requirement. The antirust, anticorrosive and waterproof
measures are adopted for the grounding clip and reliable connection.

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Lightning-proof and Grounding

. When the tower is more

than 60 meters, add a
grounding clip to the
feeder in the middle of
the tower.

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Lightning-proof and Grounding

. The feeder cable should be earthed at three points at least between

the top of tower and the equipment room (within one meter away from
the platform on the top of tower, within one meter between the tower
body and the outdoor cabling ladder, and within one meter between
the feeder cable and the feeder window). The feeder cable is tied
firmly at the grounding points and has perfect waterproof treatments.

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Lightning-proof and Grounding

. If the length of feeder cable from the tower to the room on the
roof (or cabling ladder) is more than 20 meters, a lightningproof protection grounding clip should be added on the roof
(or cabling rack).

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