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There are multiple parts to the doctrine/practice of Icharism. The

second part of the doctrine focuses around the "divine self" or what
I sometimes refer to as "the sleeping self". This practice is the art
of connecting with one's own divine being, that is unawakened,
this being is where all the knowledge, and power of the individual
is located. I refer to this as the "sleeping self", because the
individual's consciousness is not with that being, it is in the vessel
of flesh and blood that walks the Earth. This is because the divine
either cannot set a physical presence upon the Earth (or perhaps no
planet), or possibly just choose not to, as their influence is present
without their physical bodies.
One can view their fleshly vessel as a physical apparition,
however, this body regardless, is still merely mortal, and when
dead, the conscious essence will return to its sleeping body.
Although one cannot obtain divine consciousness on any world,
the divine subconsciousness can be accessed, provided that one
creates the appropriate rituals, plus the time and practice is put into
it, and when done, you can find a whole lot more about yourself,
that your mortal body could never have imagined.
My divine being "The Black Widow", is referred to by the name
"Ekinog" in Uixtaric, or "Ek' Inoc" in Huitztec (for now we will
use Ekinog), and is who I connect with to write my works, as well
as to perform much of my rituals and other practices within the
Arachnomicon, as well as my discoveries. More information will
be given on her later.
However, upon every statement on the part within the doctrine, one
must not mistake this for "humanism", as "humanism" is in my
personal opinion a cancer that worships the mortal embodiment as
being "godly". There is no part of Icharism that views the mortal
body as such. In the doctrine of Icharism, the mortal body serves
the purpose of obtaining knowledge, power, growths, and other

desires to obtain initiations, and is to be discarded when the time is

correct, because after such has been accomplished, there is no
further use for it.
The connection is primarily made by one being centered, aligning
all 10 points of meditation (you read correctly, there are 10 points,
not 7). A perfect alignment cannot be made if the individual is in
spiritual flux. Icharism is a doctrine of balance, such as that one
must maintain a balance between the gods, and their divine self, as
not only Icharism, but all forms of Occult focuses on building up
the divine self in one way or another. This is because of the
demand for balance, but also because we are born of the gods, and
their power stimulates the power that we inherit from birth, and
this power is not only used to connect with the gods themselves,
but with our divine beings, which sleep and dream for the day that
the consciouss essence will return to it. We know this essence as
the "Soul".
"Ekinog" is generally only worked with in Icharism, and represents
many different things. For example, she is a representation of the
power of women, and her venom represents the overcoming of
obstacles. "Ekinog" is born of the union of Lilith and Samael.