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RE: New client request - St Vincents Rd Banyo - Dan Brian 0411792515


Friday, 9 April 2010 12:05:56 PM


Received message now.

Confirming that our fees for the Detail Survey; Proposal Plan; Identification Survey and staking of new boundaries would be $2480 (incl GST). We aim to have the plan to you by next Tuesday 20/4 and can supply a copy direct to The Planning Place if required. We will phone at least one day in advance to confirm site access.


Merv O'Reilly

O'Reilly Nunn Favier

Consulting Surveyors PO Box 896 KINGAROY Qld 4610 Ph 4162 2647 Fax 4162 5599

From: Dan Brian [] Sent: Friday, 9 April 2010 11:37 AM To: 'Dan Brian' Cc: Subject: RE: New client request - St Vincents Rd Banyo - Dan Brian 0411792515

From: Dan Brian [] Sent: Thursday, 8 April 2010 4:35 PM To: 'onf@sbsurveys.comau' Subject: New client request - St Vincents Rd Banyo - Dan Brian 0411792515

Hi Merv,

Thanks for the chat, I want this house at 198 St Vincents Rd Banyo to be split into 2 x 10m frontage lots with the existing house moved and raised depending on which side is closest or best suited to the sewer and storm water connections (still finding out)

Can you please give me a time and price or invoice to pay so I can get a survey for the existing house and land levels and peg the boundaries on the two new lots we’re proposing as you would recommend. Please note, the block at the adjoining rear has been split similarly in the last 5years if that helps as have a few others on the street.

Call me any questions look forward to working with you. As discussed priority is key as we’re up against a

June deadline for local contribution increases so I’m busting my butt to try and beat it – I’m sure you understand the joy of trying to negotiate with council processes which I am just learning is torture.


Dan Brian


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