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Course Information Sheet 2015-16

Visual Arts
COURSE NAME & CODE: Grade 12 Visual Arts: AV14M

Erin Cater

Department Head: E. Cater

Curriculum Chair: D. Dupuy


EXTRA HELP: Teachers are available by appointment

Course Overview: This course focuses on the refinement of students skills and
knowledge in visual arts. Students will analyze art forms; use theories of art in
analyzing and producing art; and increase their understanding of stylistic changes
in modern and contemporary Western art as well as art forms from various parts of
the world. Students will produce a body of work demonstrating a personal
approach in building their portfolio.

Texts and Resources: The Annotated Mona Lisa, by Carol Strickland and
John Boswell

Sharepoint: Search for course: AV14M to view class site and course documents. All
course content is housed in the OneNote Library. Please connect to the OneNote and follow
the Course Plan.

Units of Study:
UNIT 1: Drawing from Life Observational Drawing
Hours for this Unit: 12 hours studio time
UNIT 2: Painting: The Canadian Landscape
Hours for this Unit: 12 hours
UNIT 3: Drawing: The Cinematic Scale
Hours for this Unit: 6 hours
UNIT 4: Assemblage Sculpture: TBA
Hours for this Unit: 4 hours
UNIT 5: Art History- Surrealism/ Fantasy: Childrens Story Illustration
Hours for this Unit: 8 hours
Expected Online Hours (outside of class): 1 hour online research
UNIT 6: Printmaking: Textile Pattern
Hours for this Unit: 5 hours

UNIT 7: Art History: Social Impact

Hours for this Unit: 2 hours
UNIT 8: Independent Summative: The Personal Piece (* Option of using
this project for S2 Global Scholar Assignment)
Hours for this Unit: 13 hours.
Expected Online Hours (outside of class): 2 hours research.
UNIT 9: Art History: Expressionism
Hours for this Unit: 2 hrs
UNIT 10: Painting: Expressive Self Portrait
Hours for this Unit: 13 hrs
Expected Online Hours (outside of class): 2 hours research.
Ongoing Yearly Journal
Hours for this Unit: 15 hrs online. Planning, research, documentation of
development of work, technical practice.
Ongoing Art Criticism:
Hours for this unit: 4 hours
Homework Drawings: The 20 Hour Drawings.
Hours for this Unit: 40 hrs
3 Significant drawings will occur over the course of the year. Although class time
will be given for these, the bulk of the work will be completed on the students own


Assessment for learning and assessment as learning will be used in a
diagnostic and formative manner to improve assessment and ultimately,
inform the student and the teacher about future learning. Teaching
strategies will include activities such as goal setting, student self-reflection,
peer-critique, observations, conversations and ongoing feedback.
Assessment of learning are the student products that are graded by the
teacher for the evaluation of the students overall performance.
Term Work- 70%
Studio Work (note Units of Study above) = 60%
Homework Drawings/ Journals: 10%
Summative Assessment = 30%
- Final Exam S2 Art Show = 15%
- The Personal Piece (Summative Project)- 15%
Global Scholars Assignments:

Description and Timing:

1. The Independent Summative: The Personal Piece



Please refer to the following link:

Department Homework Policy:

Students may be asked to complete formative (non-evaluated) homework to keep
pace with in-class projects. It is expected that this work will be completed according to the
deadline set by your teacher. If assigned project is not completed by the due date, students
should expect an after school gating, where they will have the opportunity to complete
their work.
*Repeated failure to complete non-evaluated homework or evaluated assignments may
result in teacher recommendation for mandatory extra help

Late Policy and Academic Honesty Policy:

Journal assignments and independent drawings are to be completed largely independently
with some use of class time. When due dates are missed a deduction of 10% per day applies
up to 50% until the work is submitted.
This policy also applies to all in-class projects.
Please refer to Curriculum Guide located on
All students should have signed the Academic Honesty Policy with their advisor.