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Industrialization vs.

Protection of Environment
Industrialization is the process in which a society or country (or world) transforms itself from
a primarily agricultural society into one based on the manufacturing of goods and services.
Individual manual labor is often replaced by mechanized mass production and craftsmen are
replaced by assembly lines. Characteristics of industrialization include the use of
technological innovation to solve problems as opposed to superstition or dependency upon
conditions outside human control such as the weather, as well as more efficient division of
labor and economic growth.
With rapid industrialization air pollution, greenhouse gases emission, global warming,
climatic disasters, water shortages, drinking water contamination, freshwater and marine
pollution, deforestation, and other environmental problems are becoming serious threats to
the wellbeing of mankind in this age of industrialization. There are various wide-ranging
effects, as well as serious consequences, of industrial pollution on the ecological balance of
the atmosphere.
With the industrialization developing rapidly, the technology and the economy are turning out
to be extraordinarily advanced. Peoples life comes to be comfortable than before.
However, the tendency people cannot ignore is that the environment on the earth is now
changing to worse. The industrialization not only brings economic developments but also
loads of
negative sides to mankind such as global warming, air pollution and water
First of all, industrialization developments give rise to greenhouse gases which include
carbon dioxide and methane. A series of consequences are caused by high content of the
greenhouse gases. The content of carbon dioxide in the air and temperature are rising. The
earth is not appropriate for human being to live anymore when it rises up to a certain extent
one day. Furthermore, what serious results greenhouse gases bring about is ice thawing and
ocean levels rising and coastal pain flooded. It is time that scores of trees should be
supposed to be planted and being green like using fewer cars more walking is strongly
advocated. More environment friendly fuels should be used in the vehicles and most
important of all there is an acute need of replacing fossil fuel by green energy sources.
And global warming is not the only one consequence of industrialization development. In
the second place, it also produces copious numbers of harmful gases that contributes to air
pollution. Furthermore, cars emission which makes the air not as fresh as before is also the
chief culprit to this pollution. Even though air is such a significant object to mankind
making people feels comfortable, numerous industries which have no strainers burning the
coal release exhaust gases which contain sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides. These acid
gases will lead to acid rain which is severe air pollution destroying the structure of soil.
Hence all industries must implement mechanisms to purify the gases so as to nullify the effect
of the harmful gases of must find a way for the safe disposal of the materials.

With the rapid industrialization, fast depletion of the natural resources and raw material has
also been emerging as a major effect. Rapid industrialization calls for more energy hence
deforestation and excessive use of non-renewable resources also has been serious problem. If
the natural non-renewable resources are depleted at this rate after few decades there will be
none left for us and our future generation to use. We must ensure that the resource use is
sustainable and find a better alternative for the energy such that the deforestation is
To protect the environment not only the government but the people must also be aware and
strict rules and regulation must be implemented against industrial pollution to minimize it.