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IMP: Thought process


Will not start directly by thinking through framework

Ask questions, even if you know about the product,
(dont give robotic feel to interviewer)

Think of various use cases/users, who can use the
List them out
Demographics , age, salary,

Behavior , like travels 4

times a year, goes on
vacation with books
Needs and goals

Select best 2-3
Think about there requirements and needs, which can be
incorporated in the product/feature
Think about the requirements required by each user..(user
If evaluating the product then think about available features
and are they meeting current requirements/needs of
Cut, through prioritization
Which use is more important and to be focused
5) List solutions
Reversal method: for example: to create a new car buying
experience and user dont have time to travel to the car..
Solution: provide test drive at users home.

Evaluate tradeof
Customer satisfaction, revenue or profits , market
penetration etc
Summarize your recommendation (if required)

Linkdin feature of endorse

Job seekers
HR- shortlisting for interview , connections making abilities
of a candidate, relevant skill sets.
Job seeker- putting skill sets on a page, increasing
credibility for a role,
both are important
4* problems

Credibility, fake
skills can be
approved by
friends, relatives



Its a clever way of

get more profile
User-friendly- one by
one and single push
button (time saving)
Increasing or
maintaining User
retention rate time

May not produce quality

Lacks way to verify
what is actually true

consuming for user to

recreate the profile
User engagement and acquisition
Job seekers
Userfriendly- one by one and single push button (time saving)
Increasing or maintaining User retention rate time consuming for
user to recreate the profile

Q 2) your favorite product.


In terms of utility, I use my iPhone the most.

Exclusivity, look and feel, design, touch is smooth.
iOS 8, upgradable to iOS 9.2
Apple A8
CPU Dual-core 1.4 GHz Typhoon (ARM v8-based)
GPU PowerVR GX6450 (quad-core graphics)
Type LED-backlit IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors

at 60, you have 60 frames a second, things should move
smoothly. At 30, its 30 frames, giving things a little more
jerkiness to them, it takes in a little more light, and gives
it more of a film like appearance... Generally, shooting in
60fps is preferred
I use Macbook so it is wasy to transfer file from mac to iphone or
vice versa .

Cupcake (1.5)

Donut (1.6)

Eclair (2.02.1)

Froyo (

Gingerbread (

Honeycomb ([a]

Ice Cream Sandwich (

Jelly Bean (

KitKat (, 4.4W4.4W.2)

Lollipop (

Marshmallow (

It never gets slow even after multiple updates as compared to the

android phone, which I was using earlier.
1 GB ram is still faster than the 2 gb of android
Long battery life
Garbage collection process of android. It takes 4-8 times memory to
run an application.
Photo album- automatic location name feature.
Attracting more customer
EMI option offering for the first time monthly installment payments on direct sales
and a new lease option.
apple is meeting the challenge head-on by offering to finance the phone for as little
as $27 per month, or allow customers to lease on an annual basis to upgrade to a
new phone each year. It was not known if Apple would expand the program to nonUS customers.

Most people want to upgrade their phone on a relatively short timeframe, like at
least every 2 years but it is not true for ipad because 1 gen ipad still can do the
same thing as new ipad does. Maily for browsing, reading and other
feature are not the primary one for ipad.

Shortening the cycle 1) Some analysts say Apple's moves may boost sales by shortening the upgrade
cycle -- allowing customers to get a new iPhone each year on relatively easy terms.

2) Think outside-in as smart branders do. Begin with your customer first
(outside), then figure out how your can improve your product or service to
meet that customer need (inside). Ask yourself, "What would make your
product easier to use for customers?" and "How can you make the customer
experience special and differentat every touch point?" Think of the customer
experience holistically. Don't stop with the product design, but look at the way
it's sold and displayed in the store or on your website, as well as the customer
service experience with your call center. Make sure that the customer benefits
your product offers are crisp and clear in all your marketinglike the iPhone
tagline above.
3) Apple has found its own ways to hype the sense of faux scarcity.
It did not have enough phones available when it went on sale. Just
one hour after the iPhone 5 went on sale for preorders on
September 14, 2012, the Apple website reported that heavy
demand had necessitated delayed delivery. Adding to the illusion of
scarcity was the fact that you could only preorder the phone, and
lines were long. The tactic worked. Not only did the iPhone 5 set a
record for first-day sales, even two weeks after the iPhone went on
sale, it was on a back order of three to four weeks, prolonging the
difficulty (and desirability) of owning one