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Deadline: May 18th, 2010
Hosted by:
Who Should Attend • T o share successful methods of Canadian Rural Health Research
This conference will provide
knowledge mobilization Society & the Government of
opportunities for researchers, decision • T o discuss ways in which rural New Brunswick
makers, practitioners, policy makers, researchers and decision makers
graduate students, community can work together in developing
members and other stakeholders policy-relevant research and creating
interested in the health and well being evidence-informed rural health
of rural and Northern residents and policies The conference begins on September 23,
communities. This conference will 2010 with workshops and an evening
discuss current findings on rural and Abstract Submission reception. The next two days will include
Northern health issues and explore
This conference will accept abstracts keynote speakers, concurrent sessions,
means for enhancing communication
between researchers and policy in English or French poster presentations and meetings.
makers. Please submit electronically to: THemes
Conference Objectives Fredericton2010/ 1) Policy and Rural Health Research
• T o share the findings of recent and If you cannot submit electronically, 2) Health Services Organization and Delivery
ongoing research on rural health please contact the Scientific 3) Physical and Work Environments
• T o discuss intervention strategies and Committee chairperson for further 4) Biomedical and Clinical Issues in Rural
policy approaches designed to assist instructions: Health
rural residents and their communities Dr. Shelley Kirychuk 5) Population Issues in Rural Settings
in achieving the best possible health Chairperson, Scientific Committee 6) Challenges to Research in Rural and
outcomes Remote settings
• T o facilitate partnerships involving 7)  Aboriginal Health (Metis, Inuit, and
researchers and decision makers in First Nations)
new interdisciplinary research teams 8) Partnerships and Networking
9) Health Professional Education in Rural
10) Rural Health Issues in a Linguistic
Minority Context
11) Citizen Engagement in Rural Health
12) Other

General Inquiries
Canadian Rural Health Research
Society Secretariat
103 Hospital Drive, P.O. Box 120 RUH
Saskatoon, SK, Canada S7N 0W8
Phone: (306) 966-7888
Fax: (306) 966-8799

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