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1.Which is the outermost planet in the solar system?



2. The SI unit of charge is__________.



3. Very HighFrequency (VHF) have __________ wavelengths.



4. Long-sight defect could be corrected by using__________ lens.


none of these

5. Deficiency of Vitamin-A results in __________.


night blindness
hair fall

6. For a fixedmass of gass at constant temperature, if we decrease volume, the pressure

A. also decrease
B. increase
C. remains constant

D. none of these

7. The lifespan of Red Blood Cells is __________ days.




1 g/cm3
1.5 g/cm3
2 g/cm3
none of these




moving-coil meter

8.The density of water is __________.

9. Radioactivity was discovered by __________.

10.A device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy is called __________.



10. D

11.The Sun is a __________.



12. The average adult has a blood volume of about __________ liters.


13. The most abundant element in the universe is __________.


Carbon Dioxide

14. The most abundant element in the Earth's crust is __________.


Carbon Dioxide

15. Each day human body breathe in __________ liters of air.


5,000 to 10,000
10,000 to 15,000
15,000 to 20,000
20,000 to 25,000

16. Deficiency of Vitamin-D results in __________.


night blindness
hair fall

17 The SI unit of "pressure" is _________.



18. The most densest substance on the Earth is __________.



19. A camera uses a __________ to form an image.


convex lens
concave lens
condenser lens
none of these

20. Which from the following is NOT a conductor?


All are conductors


11. A
12. B
13. B
14. A
15. C
16. B
17. A
18. D
19. A
20. D

11. Which from the following countries has no armed forces?

A. Niger
B. Nigeria
C. Iceland
D. Latvia
12. Who is Secretary General of NATO?
A. Lord Ismay
B. Anders Fogh Rasmussen
C. Willy Claes
D. Hillary Clinton
13. 2016 Olympics will held in ________.
A. London
B. Rio de Janeiro
C. Doha
D. Beijing
14. 2022 FIFA world cup will held in _________.
A. Qatar
B. Russia
D. not decided yet
15. European Union has __________ member states.
A. 27

B. 28
C. 39
D. 30
16. The Euro currency is used by __________ countries.
A. 17
B. 18
C. 19
D. 20
17. "Kashmir" is a disputed area between __________.
A. India and Sri Lanka
B. India and Bangladesh
C. India and Pakistan
D. Bangladesh and Pakistan
18. "Northern Cyprus" is a disputed area between __________.
A. Cyprus and Czech Republic
B. Cyprus and United Kingdom
C. Cyprus and Greece
D. Cyprus and Turkey
19. The secretary general of OIC is _________.
A. Ahmed Saleem
B. Syed Ali Mousavi
C. Prince Salman
D. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu
20. The official languages of NATO are ___________.
A. English and French
B. English and German
C. English and Spanish
D. English, French and German
11. C
12. B

13. B
14. A
15. B Croatia has become the 28th member of the EU on 1 July 2013.
16. B Lativa has become the 18th member of the Eurozone on 1
January 2014.
17. C
18. D
19. D
20. A
21. The Taj Mahal in India, was built by Mughal emperor
A. Aurangzaib
B. Shah Jahan
C. Akbar
D. Humayun
22. The Sino-Indian War between China and India was occurred in
A. 1956
B. 1959
C. 1962
D. 1965
23. The 2013 Summer Universiade was held in ________.
A. Moscow
B. Kazan
C. Astana
D. Beijing
24. In London Olympics 2012, the most medals were won by
A. America
B. Russia
C. China
D. United Kingdom
25. The River Thames is located in __________.
A. England

B. Scotland
C. Ireland
D. Finland
26. In London Olympics 2012, the gold medal, in Men's Field
Hockey was won by __________.
A. Germany
B. Holland
C. Australia
D. India
27. The Most populous city in the world is __________.
A. Beijing
B. Buenos Aires
C. Shanghai
D. Tokyo
28. US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan is
__________ .
A. Seth Jones
B. John Kerry
C. Richard Holbrooke
D. James Dobbins
29. The secretary general of OIC is _________.
A. Ahmed Saleem
B. Syed Ali Mousavi
C. Prince Salman
D. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu
30. The head of state of the United Kingdom is _________ .
A. Queen Elizabeth I
B. Queen Elizabeth II
C. Queen Elizabeth III
D. Queen Elizabeth IV
21. B
22. C

23. B
24. A
25. A
26. A
27. C
28. D
29. D
30. B
World Affairs MCQs
31. US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan is
__________ .
A. James Dobbins
B. John Kerry
C. Joe Biden
D. John Mccain
32. India has constructed Baglihar Dam on _________ River.
A. Sindh
B. Ravi
C. Chenab
D. Sutluj
33. The first Muslim Nobel Laureate was _________ .
A. Anwar Sadat
B. Dr. Abdul Salam
C. Dr. Muhammad Younus
D. Yasir Arafat
34. Qantas is an airline of __________ .
A. Australia
B. Sudan
C. Malaysia
D. France
35. AFP is a news agency of __________ .
A. Switzerland
B. France
C. Germany

D. Sweden
36. The oldest news agency in the world is _________ .
37. The headquarter of Transparency International is located in
A. New York
B. Washigton
C. Paris
D. Berlin
38. NATO is a/an __________ alliance.
A. military
B. economic
C. regional
D. cultural
39. The Suez Canal is in __________ .
A. Nigeria
B. Libya
C. Egypt
D. Palistine
40. The Suez Canal connects the __________ .
A. Red Sea and the Arabian Sea
B. Red Sea and the North Sea
C. Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian Sea
D. Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea


31. A
32. C
33. A

34. A
35. B
36. A
37. D
38. A
39. C
40. D
41. World's oldest operational space launch facility is located in
A. America
B. Russia
C. Kazakhstan
D. India
42. The first human who traveled into space was _________ .
A. Neil Armstrong
B. Yuri Gagarin
C. Sergei Korolev
D. John Glenn
43. In which country It is mandatory for all male citizens aged 1827
to serve 1 year in Armed Forces?
A. America
B. Canada
C. Russia
D. Israel
44. Which country is the world's top supplier of weapons?
A. America
B. Russia
C. Israel
D. Germany
45. Which from the following countries is NOT the member of
A. America
B. Russia
C. China
D. India

46. The President of India is __________ .

A. Sonia Gandhi
B. Dr. Abdul Kalam
C. Chidambaram
D. Pranab Mukherjee
47. The headquarter of Human Rights Watch is located in
__________ .
A. Washington
B. New York
C. Berlin
D. Brussels
48. North Atlantic Treaty, that formed NATO, was signed in
__________ .
A. 1949
B. 1955
C. 1961
D. 1967
49. World War II began by German invasion on __________ .
A. Russia
B. France
C. United Kingdom
D. Poland
50. __________ has the world's largest natural gas reserves.
A. Saudi Arabia
B. Iran
C. Russia
D. Canada
41. C
42. B
43. C

44. B
45. A
46. D
47. B
48. A
49. D
50. C
51. Secretary General UNO Ban-Ki-Mon belongs to __________.
A. South Korea.
B. North Korea
C. Japan
D. China
52. Currently, there are __________ member states of the United
A. 190
B. 193
C. 196
D. 197
53. Currently, __________ countries hold the status of Observer
States in the United Nations.
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
54. There are __________ members of SAARC.
A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8
55. Secretary General SAARC Ahmed Salem belongs to
A. Pakistan
B. India
C. Maldives

D. Bhutan
56. Which from the following countries does NOT yeild veto-power?
A. United States
B. United Kingdom
C. Canada
D. France
57. Which from the following countries is NOT a non-permanent
member of Security Council.
A. Rwanda
B. Luxembourg
C. Argentina
D. Sweden
58. Al-Jazeera TV Channel belongs to ___________.
A. Qatar
B. Kuwait
C. Egypt
D. Bahrain
59. The newest member of the Eurozone is _______.
A. Lativa
B. Croatia
C. Bulgaria
D. Cyprus
60. The IranPakistan gas pipeline is also called __________.
A. friendship pipeline
B. future pipeline
C. peace pipeline
D. unity pipeline
51. A
52. B
53. A
54. D
55. C

56. C
57. D
58. A
59. A
60. C
61. On 5 November 2013 __________ launched its first rocket to
A. China
B. Israel
C. Iran
D. India
62. On 1 December 2013 China launched its first __________ rover
A. Moon
B. Mars
C. Jupiter
D. Earth
63. On 28 January 2013 __________ sent monkey into space.
A. China
B. Israel
C. Iran
D. India
64. Taksim Square is in ___________ .
A. Cairo
B. Istanbol
C. Tripoli
D. Damascus
65. Taliban opened their political office in ___________ .
A. Riyad
B. Dubai
C. Doha
D. Musqat
66. The Chelyabinsk Meteor hits __________ on 15 February 2013.

A. America
B. Canada
C. Mexico
D. Russia
67. ___________ bought Nokia Mobile business.
A. Microsoft
B. Google
C. Yahoo
68. ___________ bought Motorola Mobile business.
A. Microsoft
B. Google
C. Yahoo
69. Man Booker International Prize 2013 was won by __________ .
A. Alice Munro
B. Margaret Thatcher
C. Lydia Davis
D. Malala Yousafzai
70. Due to ammonia leak from a cold storage unit in __________ 15
people were killed.
A. Shanghai
B. Moscow
C. Tokyo
D. Toronto
61. D
62. A
63. C
64. B
65. C
66. D
67. A
68. B

69. C
70. A
71. The fastest person of the world is __________ .
A. Kim Collins
B. Usain Bolt
C. Dwain Chambers
D. Justin Gatlin
72. The oldest tennis tournament in the world is __________ .
A. Wimbledon
B. French Open
C. Australian Open
D. US Open
73. The 2013 Wimbledon Championships Singles (Men) title was
won by __________ .
A. Roger Federer
B. Rafael Nadal
C. Novak Djokovic
D. Andy Murray
74. The 2013 Wimbledon Championships Singles (Women) title was
won by __________ .
A. Serena Williams
B. Marion Bartoli
C. Maria Sharapova
D. Ana Ivanovic
75. The fastest century record in ODI of Shahid Afridi was broken
by __________ .
A. Sachin Tendulkar
B. Chris Gayle
C. AB de Villiers
D. Corey Anderson
76. The 2010 FIFA World Cup was won by ___________ .
A. Brazil
B. Germany
C. Spain

D. Argentina
77. The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be hosted by __________ .
A. Brazil
B. Russia
C. Qatar
D. France
78. The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be hosted by __________ .
A. Brazil
B. Russia
C. Qatar
D. France
79. The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be hosted by __________ .
A. Brazil
B. Russia
C. Qatar
D. France
80. The World Snooker Championship 2013 was won by
__________ .
A. Steve Davis
B. Mark Williams
C. Stephen Hendry
D. Ronnie O'Sullivan
71. B
72. A
73. D
74. B
75. D
76. C
77. A
78. B
79. C
80. D

81. The lowest temperature ever recorded on the Earth is

__________ .
A. -83.2 C
B. -86.2 C
C. -89.2 C
D. -92.2 C
82. The lowest temperature was recorded in __________ .
A. Antarctica
B. Russia
C. Canada
D. Germany
83. The highest temperatures ever recorded on the Earth is
A. 56.7 C
B. 57.7 C
C. 58.7 C
D. 59.7 C
84. The highest temperature was recorded in __________ .
A. Los Angeles
B. California
C. Tripoli
D. Doha
85. Who is Angela Merkel?
A. Prime Minister of Germany
B. Chancellor of Germany
C. Prime Minister of France
D. Chancellor of France
86. Who is Franois Hollande?
A. President of Germany
B. Prime Minister of Germany
C. President of France
D. Prime Minister of France

87. The current director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is

__________ .
A. James Clapper
B. Thomas Donilon
C. Denis McDonough
D. John Brennan
88. On 27 February 2013 Iraq's state airline, after 20 years, begins
flights to __________ .
A. America
B. Israel
C. Iran
D. Kuwait
89. The Nobel Prize for Peace 2013 was awarded to ___________ .
A. Barak Obama
B. Malala Yousafzai
C. Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)
D. United Nations Security Council
90. The Nobel Prize for Literature 2013 was awarded to
___________ .
A. Margaret Thatcher
B. Alice Munro
C. Sir David Frost
D. Peter O'Toole
81. C
82. A
83. A
84. B
85. B
86. C
87. D
88. D
89. C
90. B

91. The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013 was awarded to ___________ .

A. Martin Karplus & Michael Levitt
B. Francois Englert & Peter W. Higgs
C. Thomas C. Sudhof & James E. Rothman
D. Lars Peter Hansen & Robert J. Shiller
92. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is the wife of
__________ .
A. Prince Harry
B. Prince Charles
C. Prince William
D. Prince George
93. The Sinai Peninsula is in __________ .
A. Egypt
B. Libya
C. Jordan
D. Syria
94. According to Forbes Magazine the most powerful man on the
Earth is ________.
A. Barack Obama
B. Vladimir Putin
C. Xi Jinping
D. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud
95. Angela Merkel was elected as Chancellor of Germany for the
__________ time.
A. first
B. second
C. third
D. fourth
96. The Prime Minister of Pakistan is __________ .
A. Shahbaz Sharif
B. Nawaz Sharif
C. Asif Zardari
D. Ishaq Dar

97. The President of Iran is __________ .

A. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
B. Hassan Rouhani
C. Mohammad Javad Zarif
D. Ali Khamenei
98. The No.1 Tennis Player is __________ .
A. Serena Williams
B. Maria Sharapova
C. Victoria Azarenka
D. Venus Williams
99. The Defence Secretary of United States is __________ .
A. John Kerry
B. Hillary Clinton
C. Chuck Hagel
D. John McCain
100. The Currency of Lativa is __________ .
A. Dollar
B. Euro
C. Lev
D. Lek
91. B
92. C
93. A
94. B
95. C
96. B
97. B
98. A
99. C
100. B
101. Which among the following countries has published the world's first Modern Slavery
Bill, recently

B. Britain
C. Russia
D. Switzerland

102. Recently, "Felipe VI" has been sworn in as the new king of
A. France
B. England
C. Spain
D. Germany

103. Who among the following has won the FIDE World Rapid Chess championship title,
A. Magnus Carlesen
B. Vishwanthan Anand
C. Teimor Radjabov
D. Fabiabi Caruana

104. Who among the following has been chosen as the next United Nations High
Commissioner for Human Rights by the U.N General Assembly
A. Prince Zeid al Hussein
B. Samuel Johnson

C. San Antonio Spurs

D. Martin Kaymer

105. Thomas Mueller, who scored the first hat-trick of the 2014 FIFA World Cup,
represents which country
A. France
B. Italy
C. Germany
D. England

106. In which among the following countries Asia's first solar-wind power system has been
inaugurated recently
A. Bhutan
B. China
C. India
D. Nepal

107. King Juan Carlos, who recently decided to abdicate, has been monarch of
A. Belgium
B. Denmark
C. Luxembourg

D. Spain

108. Which among the following institutes have gained the top slot in the inaugural "QS
University Rankings: BRICS 2014"
A. IIT Delhi
B. Beijing Institute of Technology
C. Moscow State University
D. Tsinghua University of China

109. The winner of 20th Senior National Women's Football Championships is

A. Mizoram
B. Manipur
C. Sikkim
D. Odisha

110. Recently, India has become the permanent signatory of the Washington Accord. This
accord is an international accreditation agreement for which among the following types of
educational degrees
A. Arts and Humanities
B. Medical Science
C. Engineering

D. Social Sciences


101. B
102. C
103. A
104. A
105. C
106. D
107. D
108. D
109. B
110. C

111. Who on 20 April 2014 won the Monte Carlo Masters Tennis
A. Roger Federer
B. Stanislas Wawrinka
C. Bob Bryan
D. Ivan Dodi

112. Scientist of which University on 17 April 2014 designed the world's first floating
nuclear plants
A. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
B. Purdue University
C. Wisconsin University
D. University of Washington

113. Name the new book of Hillary Clinton that was due to released on 10 June 2014
A. Living History
B. It Takes a Village
C. Hard Choices
D. A Terrible Beauty

114. What is the name of new Earth-size planet found in the habitable zone on 17 April
A. KI-238
B. KEPLER-186f
C. KOI-238

115. In April 2014, India became a net exporter of steel after how many years
A. 5 years
B. 3 years
C. 7 years
D. 6 years

116. Who won the Whangarei Rally of the FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship held in New
Zealand recently
A. Jan Kopecky, Czech Republic
B. Glenn Macneall, Australia
C. Mark Pedder, Australia
D. Gaurav Gill, India

117. Who won the OUE Singapore Badminton Open 2014 held in the third week of April
A. Simon Santoso, Indonesia
B. Deepika Pallikal, India
C. Saina Nehwal, India
D. Lee Chong Wei, Malaysia

118. According to the US Department of Homeland Security report released on 16 April

2014, temporary workers of which community accounted for the largest number of nonimmigrants residing in the US in 2012
A. Chinese
B. Mexican
C. African
D. Indian

119. Scientists of which University created the first 3D model of the malaria parasite
genome in April 2014
A. Harvard University
B. Indian Institute of Science
C. University of California
D. University of Washington

120. What is Bluefin 21 which was deployed on 14 April 2014 to find the remains of the
missing Malaysian airplane MH370 in the Indian Ocean
A. A submarine
B. A robot submarine
C. An undersea buoy
D. A robot

111. B
112. A
113. C
114. B
115. D
116. D
117. A
118. D
119. C
120. B

121. Who has been appointed as the new Union Finance Secretary on 15 April 2014
A. Ashok Singhal
B. Arvind Mayaram
C. R P Watal
D. Ravi Mathur

122. Which Indian agency has set up Sports Integrity Unit on 15 April 2014 to investigate
cases related to fraud in sports
A. Central Vigilance Commission
B. Criminal Investigation Department
C. Central Bureau of Investigation

D. Union Ministry of Sports

123. Piramal Enterprises Ltd decided on 17 April 2014 to acquire 20 percent stake in
which Indian company
A. Vodafone India
B. Shriram Capital
C. Sundaram Finance
D. Sun Pharma

124. What is the name of a new software app was developed to help the illiterate farmers
A. Sandesh Pathak
B. Messenger Reader
C. Sandesh Vahak
D. Padho Kishan

125. The European Parliament on 15 April 2014 approved the Banking Union reforms. In
this context consider the following statements. (I). To establish a new oversight system
known as the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) under the European Central Bank
(ECB).(II). A fund of 55 billion euros (76 billion dollars) will be set up to cover the cost of
closures. Which is/are correct
A. I only
B. II only

C. Both I and II
D. Neither I nor II

126. The world on 18 April 2014 celebrated the World Heritage Day to celebrate the
International Day for Monuments and Sites. What is the theme for the year 2014
A. World Heritage Convention
B. World Heritage and Sustainable Development
C. Heritage of Commemoration
D. None of the above

127. Name the person, who has been appointed as the 22nd Navy Chief of India
A. Shekhar Sinha
B. Sunil Lamba
C. Satish Soni
D. Robin K Dhowan

128. Google on 14 April 2014 bought a firm that is a maker of high-altitude solar-powered
drones to bring internet access to the remotest parts of the world and also to solve
problems related to it. Name the firm acquired by Google
A. Solar Drone Company Ascenta
B. Titan Aerospace

C. DeepMind Technologies
D. None of the above

129. Name the author of the book Crusader or Conspirator? Coalgate and other Truths
A. PC Parekh
B. Sanjaya Baru
C. RK Yadav
D. Nikhil Chandwani

130. Name the woman who has been recently appointed as the Next Chief Justice of Delhi
High Court
A. Justice Gita Mittal
B. Justice Badar Durrez Ahmed
C. Justice Reva Khetrapal
D. Justice Gorla Rohini

121. B
122. C
123. B
124. A

125. C
126. C
127. D
128. B
129. A
130. D

131. Supreme Court of India on 17 April 2014 said that the national auditor, the
Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) is empowered to audit the revenues of
A. Private Telecom Companies
B. Private Electricity Companies
C. Private Manufacturing Companies
D. All the Private Companies

132. Iran is currently in negotiations with the so called P5+1 group over its nuclear
programme. Which among the following country is denoted here as +1
B. Germany
C. China
D. Australia

133. Recently, Tennis player Maria Sharapova has claimed her second French Open title in
2014. Maria Sharapova is from
A. United States
B. Russia
C. France
D. Romania

134. A pacific island country has recently sued nine nuclear weapon states (including India
in the International Court of Justice) over failure to disarm. Identify the country from the
given options
A. The Federated States of Micronesia
B. Philippines
C. Marshall Islands
D. Kiribati

135. World's largest polluter country has recently decided that for the first time it will
impose an absolute limit on its carbon emissions. This country is
A. England
B. India
C. Japan
D. China

136. Recently, Japanese firm Softbank has unveiled a robot which can read human
emotions. The robot has been named as
A. Humanoid
B. Peeper
C. Mindset
D. Beetle

137. Recently, United States has unveiled a clean energy policy to cut carbon emission
from existing power plants by 30 per cent by the year
A. 2030
B. 2020
C. 2040
D. 2050

138. Who among the following has won the Ceat International Cricketer of the year award
for 2013-14
A. M S Dhoni
B. Shakib Al Hasan
C. Virat Kohli
D. Glenn Maxwell

139. Irish author Elimear McBride won the 2014 Bailey's women's prize for fiction for her
A. Americanah
B. The Goldfinch
C. A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing
D. Burial Rites

140. Indian Railways launched a portal on 15 April 2014 with an aim to improve energy
efficiency in Indian Railways, which will facilitate railways in saving energy up to 15
percent by the year 2020. Name the portal

131. A
132. B
133. B
134. C
135. D
136. B

137. A
138. C
139. C
140. D

141. Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) on 14 April 2014 released
theTrends in world military expenditure, 2013. According to this the world military
expenditure in real terms has declined since 2012 by
A. 1.9 percent
B. 2.9 percent
C. 2.5 percent
D. 3.0 percent

142. India born poet Vijay Seshadri on 14 April 2014 won the prestigious 2014 Pulitzer
Prize in the poetry category for his collection of poems published in 2013. Name the
collection of the poems for which he was awarded
A. The Goldfinch
B. Toms River: A Story of Science and Salvation
C. The Internal Enemy: Slavery and War in Virgini
D. 3 Sections

143. Supreme Court of India in its landmark judgment of 15 April 2014 recognised
transgender as the third category of sex. In its judgement the Apex Court claimed
transgenders as socially and economically backward. The decision came while hearing PIL

(Public Interest Litigation) in which case

A. Shatrughan Chauhan & Anr Vs Union of India & Ors
B. National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) Vs Union of India & Ors
C. Champakam Dorairajan Vs State of Madras
D. S.R. Bommai Vs Union of India

144. Who won the Women's Champion Fiberlass Texas Open squash tournament held at
Houston, United States on 14 April 2014
A. Charlotte Fish
B. Jan Koukal
C. Nour El Sherbini
D. Svante Sandell

145. Along which coast of India a 45-day long ban on fishing was imposed from the
midnight on 14 April 2014
A. East Coast
B. West coast
C. Along the coast of A & N Islands
D. Both (a) & (b)

146. A state Government has refused to repatriate all the Bru refugees lodged in six
Tripura relief camps within three months. Name the state that has refused to repatriate

the Bru Refugees within 3 months

A. Assam
B. Sikkim
C. Manipur
D. Mizoram

147. Name the report released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which has
highlighted that Arab countries will have to come up with bold economic policy reforms for
economic stability and job creation
A. Towards New Horizons-Arab Economic Transformation amid Political Transitions
B. Arab Economic Transformation amid Political Transitions - the new Horizons
C. New Horizons-Arab Economic Transformation amid Political Transitions
D. None of the above

148. Who won the Millennium Technology Prize 2014 given in the second week of April
A. Physicist Saul Perlmutter
B. Chemist Roger S Goody
C. Physicist Stuart Parkin
D. None of the above

149. Name the renowned cinematographer and Dada Saheb Phalke awardee, who died on

7 April 2014 at his residence in Shankarapuram

A. B. N. Sircar
B. V K Murthy
C. Pankaj Mullick
D. Raichand Boral

150. Which country won the T20 Women Cricket World Cup 2014
A. England
B. Australia
C. New Zealand
D. South Africa

141. A
142. D
143. B
144. C
145. A
146. D
147. A
148. C

149. B
150. B

151. Recently Iran and Pakistan conducted a Joint Military Exercise to promote the military
cooperation between Tehran and Islamabad. Where was the exercise held
A. Tehran
B. Lahore
C. Strait of Hormuz
D. Aligoodarz

152. Who won the Singapore Open 2014 of badminton on 13 April 2014
A. Lee Chong Wei, Malaysia
B. Saina Nehwal, India
C. P V Sidhu, India
D. Simon Santoso, Indonesia

153. Which Indian industrialist on 10 April 2014 was appointed as a member of the Board
of Boao Forum for Asia (BFA)
A. Mukesh Ambani
B. N Narayan Murthy
C. Ratan Tata

D. Gautam Adani

154. Who has been re-elected as the Prime Minister of Hungary on 8 April 2014 for a
consecutive second term
A. Attila Mesterhazy
B. Viktor Orban
C. Gordon Bajnai
D. Peter Medgyessy

155. Ernesto Gainza on 7 April 2014 set a new Guinness record for skydiving using the
world's smallest parachute. He belongs to which country
D. Saudi Arabia

156. What is the name of the battery unveiled by an Israeli startup on 8 April 2014 that
charges a smartphone in less than 30 seconds
A. MamoDot
B. SpeedoDot
C. Nanodots

D. Bulletdots

157. Name the first Indian cricketer, who has featured on the cover page of the Wisden
Cricketers' Almanack published in London
A. Sunil Gavaskar
B. Kapil Dev
C. Virat Kohli
D. Sachin Tendulkar

158. World Bank on 9 April 2014 projected that the economic growth rate of India for the
fiscal year 2014-2015 will be
A. 5.5%
B. 5.7%
C. 6.1%
D. 6.6%

159. The lawmakers of Spain on 8 April 2014 voted to reject the request by the authorities
of a region to hold a referendum on independence on 9 November 2014. Name the region
whose authorities have sent the referendum proposal
A. Cantabria
B. La Rioja
C. Navarre

D. Catalonia

160. Name the city which on 7 April 2014 received its first passenger train
A. Dispur, the capital of Assam
B. Itanagar the capital of Arunachal Pradesh
C. Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram
D. Agartala, the capital of Tripura

151. C
152. D
153. C
154. B
155. A
156. C
157. D
158. A
159. D
160. B

161. Name the novel of Indian American novelist, Jhumpa Lahiri's that has been

shortlisted for the 2014 Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction on 8 April 2014
A. Americanah
B. The Undertaking
C. Burial Rites
D. Lowland

162. Iwao Hakamada, the Japanese boxer was recently awarded with an honorary
championship belt by World Boxing Council (WBC). Hakamada was freed from death row
on 27 March 2014 after how many years in prison following a murder conviction
A. 28
B. 36
C. 48
D. 52

163. Name the team that won the 4th Hockey India Junior Men National Championship
2014 (Division A) by defeating Odisha 6-2 in the finals at Chennai, Tamil Nadu
A. Punjab
B. Jharkhand
C. West Bengal
D. Haryana

164. Who was recently crowned as the fbb Femina Miss India 2014

A. Navneer Kaur Dhillion

B. Koyal Rana
C. Jhataleka Malhotra
D. Gail Nicole Da'Silva

165. India was defeated by Sri Lanka in the ICC Twenty World Cup 2014 final match at
Shere Bangla stadium of Mirpur, Dhaka. Who captained the Sri Lankan side in the final
A. Lasith Malinga
B. Mahela Jayawardena
C. Kumar Sangakkara
D. Lahiru Thirimanne

166. Sri Lanka on 6 April 2014 won the ICC Twenty World Cup 2014 title after defeating
India by six wickets in the final match at Shere Bangla stadium of Mirpur, Dhaka. Who was
adjudged as the Man of the series of the tournament
A. Lasith Malinga
B. Virant Kohli
C. Kumar Sangakkara
D. MS Dhoni

167. Who won the Bahrain Grand Prix on 7 April 2014

A. Nico Rosberg

B. Vettel
C. Lewis Hamilton
D. Nico Hulkenberg

168. Ebola detected recently in Guinea of African Continent is caused by

A. Anopheles mosquito
B. Fungi
C. Bacteria
D. Virus

169. Who discovered the non-insulin drug candidate for diabetic patients in the second
week of April 2014
A. William Bayliss
B. Murray Gell-Mann
C. Arnab De
D. Paul Dirac

170. Name the footballer who was named as the Professional Footballers Association
Player of the Year at an award ceremony on 28 April 2014 in London
A. Luis Suarez of Liverpool
B. Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United
C. Eden Hazard of Chelsea

D. None of these

161. D
162. C
163. A
164. B
165. A
166. B
167. C
168. D
169. C
170. A

171. Name the recipient of the 2014 Canada India Foundation Chachalani Global Indian
A. Deepak
B. Ratan Tata
C. NR Narayana Murthy
D. Sam Pitroda

172. Supreme Court of India on 29 April 2014 rule designated an authority person to
record statement of rape victims within 24 hours instead of police officials. Name the
A. Judicial Magistrate
B. Judge of a High Court
C. Collector of the District
D. None of the above

173. National Basketball Association (NBA) on 1 May 2014 banned Los Angeles Clippers
owner for life and fined him 2.5 million dollars over an alleged racist remark on AfricanAmerican spectators in the stand. Name the owner
A. Michael Jordon
B. Donald Sterling
C. Bruce Levenson
D. Michael Gearon

174. Name the Indian-American whose name was confirmed by US Senate as the federal
judge in Illinois
A. Vijay Gandhi
B. Ami Bera
C. Vijay K Nambiar
D. Manish Shah

175. Name the city that on 1 May 2014 agreed to allow construction of a place of worship
in form of a full-fledged Gurudwara in the city
A. Johannesburg
B. Cape Town
C. Accra
D. Kisumu

176. Which film got the highest awards in different categories in the IIFA Awards 2014
A. Chennai Express
B. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
C. Shaadi ke Sideeffects
D. Aashiqui 2

177. The US Green Building Council released the list of LEED outside United States, what
is the rank of India
A. Rank 1
B. Rank 5
C. Rank 3
D. Rank 7

178. Who is the President and CEO of the Nokia

A. Satya Nadella
B. Rakesh Agrawal
C. S. D. Shibulal
D. Rajeev Suri

179. Who won the Asian Continental Chess Championship 2014

A. Rustam Kasimdzhanov of Uzbekistan
B. Adhiban of India
C. Yu Yangyi of China
D. Abhijeet Gupta of India

180. Sania and Cara Black of Zimbabwe together how many titles they won along with
WTA Portugal Open 2014
A. 3 titles
B. 5 titles
C. 1 title
D. 4 titles

171. C
172. A
173. B
174. D
175. A
176. B
177. C
178. D
179. B
180. A

181. Who won the women's doubles title at the WTA Portugal Open 2014 held in Portugal
on 3 May 2014
A. Eva Hrdinova of Cezech and Valeria Solovyeva of Russia
B. Sania Mirza of India and Cara Black of Zimbabwe
C. Vera Dushevina of Russia and Arantxa Parra Santonja of Spain
D. Hao-Ching Chan of Chinese Taipei and Liezel Huber of US

182. Name the Indian veteran trap shooter who on 2 May 2014 jumped to the third spot
in the world rankings. He achieved the rank after winning gold at the ISSF World Cup in
Tucson, USA, in March 2014
A. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore
B. Abhinav Bindra

C. Heena Sindhu
D. Manavjit Singh Sandhu

183. President of India on 2 May 2014 conferred Gallantry Awards on 55 personnel for
their distinguished service and bravery at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi. Who of the
following is not the recipient of Kriti Chakras
A. Balwinder Singh
B. Bhrigu Nandan Choudhary
C. Lohit Sonowal
D. Bhupal Singh Chhantel Magar

184. Archaeologists have discovered a granary with walls of mud-bricks during justconcluded excavation at a Harappan civilisation site. The excavation work was done from
January to April 2014. Name the place where the granary was discovered
A. Dholavira
B. Lothal
C. Rakhigarhi
D. Ganweriwala

185. Name the African country that will use India-made Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs)
in the countries Presidential Election, scheduled in November 2014
A. Namibia

B. Mauritius
C. Burundi
D. Nigeria

186. Name the person who stepped down from his role as UN's Messenger of Peace amid
the reports of his engagement with a human Rights lawyer
A. Tom Hanks
B. George Clooney
C. Will Smith
D. Bradley Cooper

187. Name the sports authority that on 29 April 2014 announced an increase of 10.8
percent in the total prize amount for the year
A. International Cricket Association
B. World Archery Federation
C. Wimbledon
D. Federation International de Football Association

188. Name the Indian who on 28 April 2014 won the prestigious Goldman Environmental
Prize for the year 2014 that is commonly called as the Green Nobel
A. Helen Holden

B. Ramesh Agrawal
C. Rudi Putra
D. Suren Gazaryan

189. Name the company that on 26 April 2014 completed the acquisition of Nokia's mobile
handset business
A. SAP based in Germany
B. Adobe Systems based in the US
C. Oracle based in the US
D. Microsoft based in the US

190. Name the former American middleweight boxer, who died on 20 April 2014 following
a battle with prostate cancer
A. Tommy Morrison
B. Rubin Hurricane Carter
C. Ultimate Warrior
D. Earl Weaver

181. B
182. D
183. A

184. C
185. A
186. B
187. C
188. B
189. D
190. B

191. Name the publisher that will publish a book Hard Choices of Hillary Rodham Clinton
A. Bloomsbury Publishing
B. Simon & Shuster
C. Harper Collins P
D. Penguin Random House

192. The Supreme Court of India has directed that woman employee of the central
government can get an uninterrupted leave for ________ years for childcare and it
includes needs like examination and sickness
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

193. Hero MotoCorp on 21 April 2014 announced that it has entered Bangladesh in two
wheeler segment through a joint venture of 55:45 with a Bangladesh firm. Name it
A. Tagaz
B. Aftab Automobiles
C. Nitol Niloy
D. Walton Hi-Tech Industries

194. The Chariman of Rajya Sabha, Hamid Ansari in April 2014 administered oath to four
members as Rajya Sabha member on four vacant seats of Odisha in his Chamber in
Parliament House. One of the four members who took the oath of the Upper House of the
Parliament is also a Chairman of IPL, name him
A. AU Singh Deo
B. Kalpataru Das
C. Sarojini Hembram
D. Ranjib Biswal

195. Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) on 23 April 2014 asked private
telecom company to immediately withdraw its controversial advertisement on Pashmina
Shawls. Name the company who has been asked
A. Idea Cellular
B. Vodafone

C. Reliance
D. Airtel

196. The All India Football Federation (AIFF) on 22 April 2014 launched the AIFF Academy
Certification to set a standard of youth development in the country, through certification
model. Which of the following is not a part of the Criteria of certification under which the
academies will be assessed and certified
A. Coaching staff and qualifications
B. Facilities
C. Training schedule, training sessions
D. None of the above

197. What is the theme of the 2014 International Mother Earth Day
A. Green Cities
B. Stand-Up For Mother Earth
C. Interactive Dialogue on Harmony with Nature
D. None of the above

198. Gabriel Garcia Marquez died on 17 April 2014 in Mexico. In which field he received
nobel price in 1982
A. Economy
B. Chemistry

C. Literature
D. Physics

199. Who won inaugural Richmond Open 2014 of Squash

A. Rachael Grinham
B. Susan Devoy
C. Tania Bailey
D. Joshna Chinappa

200. Recently, European Parliament on 15 April 2014 approved the Banking Union
reforms. The banking reforms will provide a set of rules to supervise the eurozone banks
and deal with any future failures. What was the name given to the set of the rules
A. Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM)
B. Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM)
C. Mechanism for the banking norms
D. European banking standards

191. B
192. B
193. C
194. D

195. A
196. D
197. A
198. C
199. D
200. A

201. Asian Bowling Federation 2014 was held on 19 April 2014. Who won the women's
A. Kritsanakorn Sangaroon
B. Benchawan
C. Tanaprang Sathean
D. Angkana Netrviseth

202. BMW Malaysian Open 2014 held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 20 April 2014. Who
won the tittle
A. Magda Linette of Poland
B. Zhang Shuai of China
C. Dominika Cibulkova of Slovakia
D. Donna Vekic of Croatia

203. World Malaria Day 2014 was celebrated on which day

A. 25 March 2014
B. 25 April 2014
C. 20 April 2014
D. 20 March 2014

204. Who was appointed as India's first Ambassador to the separate Indian Mission to
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) & East Asia Summit
A. Angkana Netrviseth
B. Navneeth kumar
C. Suresh Kumar Reddy
D. Susan Devoy

205. Who won the Asian Continental Chess Championship 2014

A. Rustam Kasimdzhanov of Uzbekistan
B. Adhiban of India
C. Yu Yangyi of China
D. Abhijeet Gupta of India

206. A professor of Indian origin was named as one of the ten Solar Champions of Change
on 19 April 2014 for solar deployment across America by the White House. What is the
name of the professor

A. Navneeth kumar
B. Sathya Nadella
C. Rajendra Singh
D. None of the Above

207. A company of US has developed a life-sized Atlas Anthropomorphic robot called Atlas
as a part of a challenge to create a robot that could go at the places, which are dangerous
to humans. Name the company that has developed the robot
A. Boston Dynamics
B. iRobot designs
C. Robot Operating System
D. Adept MobileRobots

208. The biennial conference of the 21-member Western Pacific Naval Symposium from 21
April to 25 April was held in which country
A. Vietnam
B. Singapore
C. Papua New Guinea
D. China

209. Name the first US male athlete to win the Boston Marathon in three decades (since

A. Wilson Chebet
B. Frankline Chepkwony
C. Rita Jeptoo
D. Meb Keflezighi

210. Name the team that replaced India from the top position in the rankings of ICC
Twenty20 rankings released on 8 April 2014
A. England
B. South Africa
C. Sri Lanka
D. Australia

201. A
202. D
203. B
204. C
205. B
206. C
207. A
208. D

209. D
210. C

211. According to the latest available data as of June 2014, what was India's economic
growth in 2013-14
A. 4%
B. 4.7%
C. 5.3%
D. 5.7%

212. Who among the following is the current (June 2014) Prime Minister of Bhutan
A. Jigme Thinley
B. Kinzang Dorji
C. Yeshey Zimba
D. Tshering Tobgay

213. Recently, which country has announced it would start an anti-terrorism partnership
fund, which will be used to help train other countries to take on rising extremism
B. Russia
C. France

D. Canada

214. What is the name of NASA's Spectrograph launched recently to study birthplace of

215. The 23rd World Economic Forum on East Asia was recently concluded in
A. Thailand
B. Philippines
C. Vietnam
D. Indonesia

216. Recently, which two countries have settled a maritime border dispute after 20 years
of negotiations
A. China and Japan
B. China and Vietnam
C. Philippines and Indonesia
D. Vietnam and Indonesia

217. Which among the following project has been awarded the 2014 United Nations Public
Service award, recently
A. Mobile Seva project
B. Kisan Card scheme
C. PDS scheme

218. Which among the following countries has won the AFC Women's Asian Football Cup
A. Vietnam
B. India
C. Australia
D. Japan

219. As per the latest data which country has replaced Mauritius as the top source of
foreign direct investment into India
A. Japan
B. Saudi Arabia
C. Singapore
D. China

220. Which among the following countries has won the 2014-Uber Cup tournament
A. China
B. Pakistan
C. Japan
D. India

211. B
212. D
213. A
214. B
215. B
216. C
217. A
218. D
219. C
220. A

221. Madhav Mantri, who passed away recently, was India's oldest
A. Hockey Player

B. Football Player
C. Cricketer
D. Tennis Player

222. Which among the following countries is hosting the 2014 Men's Hockey World Cup
A. Pakistan
B. Netherland
C. Germany
D. Australia

223. Which among the following countries has won the South Asian Basketball Association
A. Bangladesh
B. Maldives
C. Sri Lanka
D. India

224. Recently, which among the following countries has released postage stamps to
commemorate the 100 years of India Cinema
A. Brazil

B. South Africa
C. England
D. France

225. Recently, the World-Anti Doping Agency (WADA) has banned inhalation of which
gases after deciding it could be used to enhance athletics performance
A. Xenon
B. Neon
C. Krypton
D. Helium

226. Which city will host the 2015 European Games the inaugural edition of the European
A. Paris
B. Zurich
C. Danube
D. Baku

227. Recently, the first multilateral talk on Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LARs) or Killer
robots was held at
A. Zurich
B. Geneva

C. Moscow
D. New York

228. What is the name of world's first electric aircraft which has successfully completed its
maiden voyage, recently
A. Flying Fan
B. E-Fan
C. Spark
D. E-Ray

229. Which among the following countries has topped the list of World Mothers Index2014
A. Australia
B. Sweden
C. Finland
D. Britain

230. Who among the following has been named World Snooker Player of the Year
A. Ronnie O'Sullivan
B. James Wattana
C. Steve Davis
D. Mark Selby


221. C
222. B
223. D
224. A
225. A
226. D
227. B
228. B
229. C
230. A

231. Who among the following has won the Spanish Grand Prix-2014
A. Romain Grosjean
B. Nico Roseberg
C. Lewis Hamilton
D. Ssebastian Vettel

232. Recently, World Health Organisation has declared which disease as a public health

emergency of international concern

A. Tuberculosis
B. Polio
C. Malaria
D. Encephalitis

233. Which among the following parties has won the national election of South Africa held
A. African National Congress
B. Democratic Alliance
C. The Economic Freedom Fighter
D. Democratic Social Party

234. Recently, United Nations has voted to establish a Medal for exceptional courage in
the name of an unarmed UN peacemaker from Senegal
A. Eugene-Richard Gasana
B. Prince Zeid al Hussein
C. Henry Dussent
D. Mbaye Diagne

235. Recently, which among the following countries has imposed ban on import of chilli
pepper from India

A. Saudi Arabia
B. Iran
C. South Africa
D. Chile

236. Who among the following has won men's single Mandrid Master title-2014
A. Kei Nishikori
B. Roger Federer
C. Rafael Nadal
D. Andrew Murray

237. Recently, Tata Trust and which of the following banks signed a pact to work together
for poverty alleviation and rural development
A. State Bank of India
B. Canara Bank
C. HDFC Bank

238. The new protocol "Declaration on Automatic Exchange of Information in Tax Matters"
on tax data exchanges has been signed recently in
A. Geneva
B. Paris

C. Zurich
D. Moscow

239. Which among the following countries will chair ASEAN for 2014 for the first time
A. Myanmar
B. Philippines
C. Brunei
D. Cambodia

240. Among the European Union Countries, the largest investment currently comes to
India from
A. France
B. Germany
C. Italy

231. C
232. B
233. A

234. D
235. A
236. C
237. A
238. B
239. A
240. D

241. What is the name of India's own card payment network that has been dedicated to
the nation, recently
A. MoneyCard
B. RuPay
C. IndPay
D. RupeeCard

242. As per the new study conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which
Indian city is considered to be most polluted in the world
A. Raipur
B. Bhopal
C. Delhi
D. Gwalior

243. In which of the following countries world's highest tunnel for high-speed train has
been opened recently
A. China
B. Russia
C. Japan
D. Singapore

244. As per the latest study, which Jupiter's moon is believed to have club sandwich ocean
capable of supporting life
A. Europa
B. Ganymede
C. Callisto
D. Adrastea

245. The Government of India is presently negotiating a bilateral Board Based Trade and
Investment Agreement (BTIA) with
D. European Union

246. Recently, World Health Organisation (WHO) has imposed international travel
restriction on which of the following countries over polio fear
A. Pakistan, Syria and Afghanistan
B. Pakistan, Syria and Cameroon
C. Pakistan, Syria and Nigeria
D. None of these

247. According to latest World Bank report which of the following are the world's most
expensive economies
A. Switzerland and Norway
B. Sweden and Norway
C. Denmark and Norway
D. Switzerland and Netherland

248. Recently, which among the following has become the world's first Island to secure a
constant supply of electricity by combining wind and water power
A. Victoria Island
B. Honshu
C. Sumatra
D. El Hierro

249. Recently, scientists have created a world's first "solar" jet fuel under the project

named "Solar-Jet" fuel by using

A. Water and Hydrogen
B. Water and Oxygen
C. Water and Carbon dioxide
D. Water and Nitrogen

250. What is the India's ranking in the latest Freedom of the Press Index - 2014
A. 56
B. 63
C. 89
D. 78

241. B
242. C
243. A
244. B
245. D
246. B
247. A
248. D

249. C
250. D

251. Former Indian Air Force Chief N K Browne has been appointed as India's next
ambassador to
A. Pakistan
B. Netherland
C. Australia
D. Norway

252. According to World Bank report, India has replaced which among the following
countries to become third largest economy based on purchasing power parity (PPP)
A. Japan
B. China
C. Russia
D. Singapore

253. The 2014 winner of prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize is

A. Ramesh Agarwal
B. Srinivas Acharya
C. Raman Choudhary

D. Sunil Nayak

254. The "Operation Clandestine Fox" which is in news recently, is a code name refers to
A. Searching of missing Malaysian Flight in Indian Ocean
B. Russian military exercise along Ukraine border
C. A campaign to hack the Microsoft's internet explorer
D. An operation by Indian force to check Bangladeshi migrants

255. Recently, which one of the following international groupings has temporarily banned
the import of Alphonso Mango and four vegetables from India on poor quality issue
B. European Union

256. Who among the following has been named as professional Footballers Association
player of the year 2013
A. Eden Hazard
B. Luis Suarez
C. Steven Gerrand
D. Daniel Sturridge

257. Recently, which of the following firm has acquired Nokia handset business in India
A. Google
B. Facebook
C. Microsoft
D. Motorola

258. Recently, NTT Docomo has announced its decision to exit its mobile phone joint
venture with the Tata Group by selling its entire stake in the country. Docomo is a telecom
company from which country
A. China
B. Singapore
C. South Africa
D. Japan

259. The world's first museum dedicated to the pro-democracy protests in Beijing
Tiananmen Square has opened in
A. Shanghai
B. Hong Kong
C. Bangkok
D. New Delhi

260. The theme of "World Malaria Day-2014" is

A. Invest in Future. Defeat Malaria
B. Create Awareness, Curb Malaria
C. No Mosquitoes No Malaria
D. Say Good Bye to Malaria

251. D
252. A
253. A
254. C
255. B
256. B
257. C
258. D
259. B
260. A

261. Recently, which South Asian country as signed a 10 year pact that would allow US
military in that nation

A. Thailand
B. Afghanistan
C. Philippines
D. Japan

262. Which among the following state has been ranked top in creation of new jobs in the
manufacturing sector as per the National Sample Survey latest data
A. Gujrat
B. West Bengal
C. Karnataka
D. Maharashtra

263. Recently, which of the following countries has decided to deploy drones to monitor
and stop the poaching of elephants and rhinos in all its national parks and reserves
A. Kenya
B. South Africa
C. Nigeria
D. Uganda

264. Who among the following has been adjudged as outstanding "Asian Men's Player of
the Year 2013" by Asian Squash Federation
A. Ramit Tandon

B. Mahesh Mangaonkar
C. Harinderpal Sandhu
D. Saurav Ghosal

265. A new economic term GIRO is being reporting in newspapers recently, what does
GIRO stands for
A. Government Internal Resource Order
B. Government Internet Related Order
C. Government Internal Revenue Order
D. Government Internal Record Order

266. Recently, which among the following leading confectionary manufacturer has been
renamed as Mondelez India Foods Limited
A. Cadbury
B. Nestle
C. Nilagiris
D. Mother Dairy

267. Who among the following has won World Women's Senior Snooker Championship2014
A. Umadevi Nagaraj
B. Chitra Magimairaj

C. Shoba Krishnan
D. Vidya Pillai

268. According to the Global Information Technology Report 2014, which country was
placed first in terms of leveraging information and communication technologies (ICT)
A. Finland
B. Brazil
C. Sweden
D. Singapore

269. Recently, Viktor Orban has been re-elected as Prime Minister of which country
A. Spain
B. Holland
C. Philippines
D. Hungary

270. Which among the following is the NASA's moon probe, which recently crashed into
the lunar surface thus ending its operation


261. C
262. B
263. A
264. D
265. C
266. A
267. B
268. A
269. D
270. B

271. Recently, which among the following countries has conducted "Maritime Cooperation2014" multilateral military exercise to celebrate 65th anniversary of its navy
A. Russia
B. Singapore
C. India
D. China

272. Recently, a product called "Palcohol" gained widespread attention worldwide. What
does Palcohol refers to
A. New kind of drug
B. Powdered alcohol product
C. Food capsules for astronauts
D. Genetically modified food products

273. "Peace Angel 2014" is a joint military exercise concluded recently between which two
A. China and Pakistan
B. India and Bangladesh
C. China and Bangladesh
D. India and Pakistan

274. The "Yonaguni" island which is in news recently, is a inhabited island belongs to
which country
A. China
B. Vietnam
C. Japan
D. Finland

275. The Pulitzer Prize for Fiction-2014 has been awarded to Donna Tartt, for her novel

A. The Son
B. The Woman Who Lost Her Soul
C. The Goldfinch
D. The Secret History

276. Which among the following has been named 2014 world car of the year
A. Mazda 3
B. BMW 4
C. Audi A3
D. Duster

277. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who passed away recently, was a famous novelist from
A. Sri Lanka
B. Colombia
C. South Africa
D. Singapore

278. Due to lack of funds, which among the following countries has withdrawn as the host
of the 2019 Asian Games
A. Vietnam
B. Sri Lanka

C. Cambodia
D. Thailand

279. Recently, Justice G Rohini has became the first ever woman Chief Justice of
A. Bombay High Court
B. Karnataka High Court
C. Madras High Court
D. Delhi High Court

280. Recently, which of the following member countries of commonwealth organisation

announced suspending of funding to the Commonwealth over rotating chair Sri Lanka's
alleged rights abuses
A. Canada
B. India
C. Singapore
D. Pakistan

271. D
272. B
273. A
274. C

275. C
276. C
277. B
278. A
279. D
280. A

281. Recently, India and which of the following countries have reached an agreement to
include a new cross-boundary landscape in the Hindu Kush Himalayan Region
A. Nepal and China
B. Nepal and Bhutan
C. Bhutan and Bangladesh
D. Bangladesh and Nepal

282. The theme of "World Green Economy Summit-2014" which concluded at Dubai is
A. Global Partnership, Sustainable Future
B. Partnership for Better Future
C. Global Partnership, Better Future
D. Partnership for Sustainable Development

283. Manuel Valls has been recently appointed as Prime Minister of

A. Italy
B. Austria
C. France
D. Belgium

284. Recently, United Kingdom 2014 Asian award for outstanding achievement in sports
was won by
A. Virat Kohli
B. R Ashwin
C. Suresh Raina
D. M S Dhoni

285. Recently, which of the following countries has overtaken South Africa to become
Africa's largest economy
A. Nigeria
B. Ethiopia
C. Kenya
D. Egypt

286. Which of the following countries / regions was recently making news for "Sunflower
Student Movement"

A. Hong Kong
B. Taiwan
C. Tibet
D. Australia

287. "Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca" has recently become the youngest-ever president of
A. Namibia
B. Maldives
C. Malta
D. Nigeria

288. Who among the following has become the first Indian piston shooter to be rank no.1
in the world ranking, recently
A. Heena Sidhu
B. Anjali Bhagwat
C. Rani Sarnobat
D. Annu Raj Singh

289. "Heartbleed" which is being reporting in newspapers recently, is a

A. A new heart related disease
B. Software bug

C. Chemical weapon
D. New variety of cherry

290. Recently, which one of the following countries was ordered to halt its whaling
programme by the International Court of Justice
A. Japan
B. South Korea
D. Australia

281. B
282. A
283. C
284. D
285. A
286. B
287. C
288. A
289. B
290. A

291. In which among the following countries, the Multilateral Humanitarian Assistance /
disaster relief (HA/DR) Exercise, KOMODO was conducted recently
A. South Korea
B. Indonesia
C. Brunei
D. New Zealand

292. Recently, two large industrial firms viz. Lafarge and Holcim announced plans for a
merger. These two firms are specialized in production of
A. Building Materials
B. Engineering Goods
C. Petrochemicals
D. Home Appliances

293. Which among the following countries has won the coveted ICC Laureus Spirit of
Sports award 2014
A. India
B. Pakistan
C. Afghanistan

D. Australia

294. In context to astronomy, "Charkilo" which is in news recently is

A. Meteorite
B. Miniature Planet
C. Asteroid
D. Comet

295. Recently, which bank became the first state-run lender to allow withdrawal of funds
to individuals from ATM's without an account in the bank
A. United Bank Of India
B. State Bank Of India
C. Corporation Bank
D. Bank Of India

296. Recently, WHO-India has launched IVR 2020 programme to protect and increase the
number of
A. One-horn Rhinos
B. Tigers
C. Indian Bustard
D. Asiatic Lions

297. Recently, it was reported in newspaper that CERT-In has detected a new smartphone
virus which can compromise the data stored on the user's phone. The virus is named as
A. Killer
B. Ebola
C. Dendroid
D. SmartX

298. Which among the following countries clinched the South Asian Handball
Championship 2014
A. Bangladesh
B. Afghanistan
C. Pakistan
D. India

299. The name of world's first gun for woman launched recently is
A. Nirbheek
B. Shravya
C. Jhansi
D. Kalpana

300. Which among the following national parks has been nominated to UNESCO's world

heritage site status for 2014

A. Great Himalayan National Park
B. Jim Corbett National Park
C. Anshi National Park
D. Bannerughatta National Park

291. B
292. A
293. C
294. B
295. D
296. A
297. C
298. D
299. A
300. A