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Hadith No: 14, Kitaabul Imaan

Hazrat Abu Hurairah  reported that the Prophet  said, I
swear by Allah in whose power is my life, that none from
amongst you is a true believer until I am more beloved to
him that his father and his children.
Hadith No: 15, Kitaabul Imaan
Hazrat Anas  reports that the Prophet  said, None from
amongst you is a true believer until I am more beloved to
him than his father, children and the entire mankind.
About the Narrator
The Narrators have already been discussed briefly in an
earlier Hadith. Please refer to the said Hadith to briefly
find information on the Narrators.
Brief Explanation of the Hadith
Love refers to the attraction and submission of the heart
towards someone. The Annotators of Hadith have
mentioned that there are two categories of Love. One is
called Tabi'i and is based on natural habitual affection and
the other is Jibil'li which is based on instinctive affection.

Man has no real control over love of this nature. These

categories of love are however not being implied in this
Hadith, since here, the Prophet  referred to love as
Imaan and Imaan is that which is within ones control. The
second thing is that Imaan is based on intellectual
acceptance as well, since man uses his intellectual
capacity to accept Imaan. This is that which is being
referred to in this Hadith. There are three reasons for love
that is accepted through intellectual capacity: The first is
based on beauty and elegance, the second is based on
kindness and generosity and the third is based on virtue
and perfection. These three are found in such an exalted
level of perfection in the Prophet  that such perfection
cannot be found in any other creation even in its lowest
The Prophet  is totally unique in all his exquisite
qualities. This must be understood in the sense that no
creation can be equal in any way possible to any one of
the attributes of the Prophet . Allama Bauseeri has
stated in his Qasida Burdah as follows:
The Prophet  is pure of anyone being equal in any way
to his exalted attributes. The quintessence of beauty that
is present in the Prophet  cannot be divided.
Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Haq Muhadith Dehlwi states, The
Prophet  is the mirror of the Divine Beauty and Divine
Perfection of Allah. Thus, since the Holy Prophet  is the

complete embodiment of the entire reasons of love, no

other can be equal to him in any way. It now becomes
necessary according to intellect that one must love the
Prophet  more than anyone else and that he must be
loved more than everything else in the universe.
The annotators have generally regarded the words None
from amongst you is a true believer to refer to complete
Imaan and in further explaining this, they have mentioned
that true and complete Imaan is based on accepting that
the Prophet  is the greatest and most revered in the
entire creation.
As for the issue of love, then it can be possible that one
can have in his heart much respect for someone and at
the same time not as much love, just as the love of a son is
in the heart of his father. The father can love his son more
than his teacher and yet the excellence of the teacher in
his heart, can be more than that of his son's, but this
explanation in reality is due to the absence of difference in
both these forms of love. Now, that the interpretation of
love is accepted as based on intelligence, then one must
accept that true Imaan is this alone, that one should love
the Prophet  more than everything in the universe.
That, which has been mentioned in the Hadith of Hazrat
Umar-e-Farouk  that the Prophet  asked him, O
Umar! What is your condition? Do you love me alone or
do you love anything else. He replied, I love you and I
love my wealth and children as well. The Prophet 

struck the chest of Hazrat Umar  and then asked, What

is your condition now? He said, The Love for my wealth
and children has gone away, but love for myself is still
present. The Prophet  again struck his chest and asked,
And Now? Hazrat Umar replied, O Prophet of Allah. The
love for everyone else has left my heart. Only your love is
now present in my heart. The Prophet  said, Now, your
Imam has been completed.
In this Hadith, the love here refers to Muhabbat-e-Tabi'ee,
that according to human nature he had the love of others
in his heart and through the blessing of the Prophet  all
that love was removed and only the love of the Prophet 
was prevalent in his heart. The Prophet  caused him to
be drowned in his unique being (faani) and blessed him
with lasting closeness to himself.
In conclusion, it must be noted that if love refers to love as
it is in its general context then definitely Imaan would
have to refer to complete Imaan. The objection to this
would be that love is natural and not really within ones
control and Imaan is within ones control. The answer to
this is that a believer should continue to remember the
Prophet , his attributes, his blessings and favours to an
extent that he seizes to love according to his nature and
instinct anyone more than the Prophet . This would be
referred to as complete Imaan.