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Lighting control solutions

for LEED certification

Make the most of your energy


What is

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

The LEED Green Building Rating System was created to

define a green building by establishing a common standard of
measurement. It promotes integrated, whole-building practices with
the intent to raise consumer awareness of green building benefits
and transform the building market.
The LEED green building certification program is a voluntary,
consensus-based national rating system for buildings designed,
constructed and operated for improved environmental and human
health performance. LEED addresses all building types and
emphasizes state-of-the-art strategies in five areas: sustainable
site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials and
resources selection, and indoor environmental quality.

The environment & you

Environmental responsibility
Otherwise known as sustainable, green building construction, LEED certification demonstrates
the ability to use resources more efficiently. The goal is to create more energy-efficient, healthier and
comfortable buildings.
The LEED rating system applies to various types of building construction. The first chart represents
the total possible LEED points available in each category. The second chart represents the level of
certification in each category.

Total Points Available




LEED-K12 [4]


Sustainable site (SS)








Energy & atmosphere (EA)





Material & resources (MR)





Indoor environmental quality (EQ)




Water efficiency (WE)




Innovation in Design (ID)

Regional priority (RP)

Various LEED certification levels are recognized based off total points.





LEED-K12 [4]
























New construction,


Existing buildings,


Commercial interiors,


K-12 Schools,


Core and shells

Lighting control that delivers

Schneider Electric makes buildings sustainable, flexible and energy efficient. Our design and support
teams provide solutions that meld proven technology with the latest control strategies for reducing
energy cost and creating a comfortable, productive environment.
With lighting control from Schneider Electric, you can specify the exact level of performance required
to meet certification goals. Whether you need an entire campus-wide networked system or a single
conference room with multiple lighting scenes and shade control, we have the right solution.

The industry standard

Weve been designing, manufacturing and supporting results-proven lighting control for more than
20 years. Thats a track record unmatched in the industry. We have the expertise to understand your
LEED project goals and recommend the right solutions.

Getting the most from your

Getting the most from your LEED project requires a lighting control system that delivers much more
than just switching lights on and off. A properly designed lighting control system will not only
maximize available LEED credits, but also provide years of sustainable savings through a reduction in
energy usage and improved employee productivity.

Sustainable site (SS)

Light pollution reduction (NC: 1 point, EB: 1 point, CI: 1 point, K-12: 1 point, CS: 1 point)
These credits are intended to reduce light trespass from the building site, reduce sky-glow to increase
night sky access, improve night-time visibility through glare reduction and reduce impact on nocturnal
environments. Lighting control from Schneider Electric can be applied to reduce light levels, operate
shades/blinds and switch lights according to automatically adjusting sunset/sunrise schedules.

Energy & atmosphere (EA)

Optimize energy performance (NC: 1-19 points, EB: 1-18 points, CI: 1-5 points, K-12: 1-19 points,
CS: 1-21 points)

The focus of these credits are to reduce environmental impact associated with excessive energy
usage. As lighting is often the largest contributor to a building energy usage, lighting control becomes
critical to assure lighting loads are effectively managed. Lighting control from Schneider Electric can be
used to both reduce energy consumption and peak electrical demand.
Note: For commercial interiors an additional 1 to 3 points may be earned for using daylighting
controls and occupancy sensors

Enhanced commissioning (NC: 2 points, EB: 6 points, CI: 5 points, K-12: 2 points, CS: 2 points)
The focus of these credits are to assure that the commissioning process begins early in the design
process and continues after system performance verification is completed. Schneider Electric provides
a wide variety of services from initial design consultation, project management, start-up, and on-going
system monitoring and support to assure your lighting control system is delivering maximum energy
savings and performance.
Note: For existing buildings, 1 point may be earned for implementing a computer based Building
Management System to control HVAC and lighting.

System level metering (NC: 3 points, EB: 2 points, CI: 5 points, K-12: 2 points, CS: 3 points)

Its time to change the

way you think
about lighting controls. Use lighting control towards LEED
Certification. Lighting Control provides energy savings as well
as personal comfort and productivity.


These credits encourage ongoing optimization of building energy performance over time.
Schneider Electrics network-based lighting control systems can seamlessly integrate lighting control
and electrical metering functions of a building. These systems share the same communications
infrastructure and are fully able to track metered data by lighting zone, space and building.

Indoor environment quality (IEQ)

Controllability of systems and lighting (NC: 1 point, EB: 1 point, CI: 1 point, K-12: 1 point,

CS: 0 point)

Credits for occupant lighting controllability can be earned, utilizing ambient task lighting that can
be altered based on occupant preferences. Lighting control from Schneider Electric offers a host of
occupant controllability from individual offices, large open spaces, even entire buildings. Our C-Bus
keypads and touch screens blend aesthetically pleasing faceplates with powerful capabilities to
provide convenient occupant comfort. And our advanced web-based lighting controls allow advanced
control capabilities from the convenience of a standard web browser.
Daylight and views (NC: 1-2 points, EB: 1 point, CI: 1-3 points, K-12: 1-4 points, CS: 1-2 points)
These credits are allowed by providing a connection between indoor spaces and the outdoor
environment through the introduction of daylight into regularly occupied areas. Lighting control
solutions from Schneider Electric can aid your design by allowing for controllable window treatments
to be controlled in conjunction with daylight harvesting and integration of time based scheduling.

Innovation in Design (ID)

Innovation in design (NC: 1-5 points, EB: 1-4 points, CI: 1-5 points, K-12: 1-4 points, CS: 1-5 points)
These credits are available to design teams for exceptional performance above the requirements set
by the LEED Green Building Rating System. The use of innovative controls and monitoring systems
to further reduce energy use, prolong equipment life and enhance occupant comfort are examples of
areas the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) will consider.

Making the choice

There are many other ways to gain LEED certification, from water efficiency to the use of
environmentally-friendly materials. But lighting control can be particularly important because it can
touch on several areas within the certification process. Building owners interested in pursuing LEED
certification are encouraged to consult with architects and consulting engineers who are members of
the USGBC, manufacturers of lighting control equipment and local contractors.
Lighting control from Schneider Electric offers quick payback and ongoing economic benefits, including:
Energy savings
Reduction in peak demand
Increased lamp and ballast life
Improved environmental management and tracking
Increased building value
Improved employee productivity

Simple, reliable & flexible

Schneider Electrics Lighting Control Systems are designed to save you time and energy in more
ways than one. Our systems are fully compliant with both state and federal energy codes, as well as
the National Electrical Code (NEC). Our proven designs deliver lasting performance and are rated to
handle the rigors of harsh electrical environments.

Quick installation = fast return on investment

Getting the most from your lighting control system should not mean waiting for months for the system
to be installed and commissioned. Our products are designed for quick installation regardless of
new or retrofit applications. Our award winning Powerlink panel-based system can be installed in a
fraction of the time it takes to mount relay or contactor-based systems.

System simplicity
With our unique distributed system, wiring is both easy and inexpensive. Our Ethernet-based control
systems utilize the buildings existing LAN, providing immediate savings opportunities. Each system is
fully scalable regardless of the size of the application.

Sophisticated styling
Implementing a lighting control solution should not mean you have to sacrifice the appearance of
your building. Our distinctly sophisticated look will complement any dcor. Clean lines. Sleek glass.
Brushed aluminum. Going green never looked so good.

From occupancy sensors

to powerful enterprise level control and monitoring systems,
Schneider Electric offers practical, energy-saving solutions to meet
your lighting control and energy-management applications.

Lighting control strategies for LEEDs projects include:

Occupancy-based sensing
Personal control of lighting
Scheduled switching
Daylight harvesting
Shade and blind control
Astronomical switching of outdoor lighting
Demand control switching and dimming
Integration with other building systems
Real-time monitoring and verification of system performance

Lighting is one of the largest culprits of energy waste in buildings. And it takes more than just
energy-efficient lights to significantly reduce your lighting costs. Schneider Electric Lighting Controls
reduce energy costs by as much as 30%, by automatically turning off lighting when it is not in use.
Its also easy to retrofit into existing buildings; and with payback periods often less than two years,
achieve a high return on your investment with Schneider Electric Lighting Controls.

We offer the resources to

back you up every step
of the way
From initial consultation and project management to final
commissioning, our factory personnel will handle every aspect
of the lighting control system so you dont have to worry about
coordinating efforts with other third parties.

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